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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Motors Running

By Anna Von Reitz

Well, well, well! I have finally struck a nerve!

Who knew that the lobbyists had taken charge in DC? Who knew that the police are all acting as Pinkerton Agents? ---aka, hired mercenaries operating under color of law?

I did. I thought everyone knew. But that has proven to be a mistake on my part in the past, so I just thought I'd mention it in passing, and now this is creating a hullaballoo, too.

Apparently, my comment that we should call the Republicans the Capitalist Lobby and the Democrats the Communist Lobby for clarity was the real knee-thumper yell-producer.

Rather than go all "Politically Correct" and apologetic, I will add that changing the names and the understanding of people about which party is which, might also clarify things better for the politicians themselves.

In recent years the Satanist Vermin among us have been pulling their old tricks of infiltrating the ranks of the opposition and pretending to be their opposition.

Thus we have "RINOs" and "DINOs" --- people who are "Republicans in Name Only" and "Democrats in Name Only" and while some of these individuals appear to be genuinely confused or to honestly straddle traditional party lines, most of it is just Satanic horse-play to cause trouble and confusion and see how far they can get.

Renaming the political parties for what they truly are would bring attention to the fact that no, we shouldn't have political lobbies running our government and if you are going to join one, they really should make the effort to trim their gig lines and sell an honest product.

Truth in advertising and all that.


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  1. Republicrats and Demopublicans!

  2. Right on the mark dead center once again!

  3. As well as British Territorial Contract Services INC, British Washington DC Municipal Cntract Services INC, Private Banking Cartel INC, Private Intelligence Agency INC, Private Bureau of Investigations INC, Private Justice Courts INC.

    1. Well, it looks like everything I sent to Trump on his website, How to make America Great again, he is actually in the process of doing...I told him to get rid of the completely, and he is forcing them to be audited...!! Next, he finally realized that our "intelligent " agencies makes sure the "deep state" is its primary focus keeping it in place, so he is going to take apart all those agencies, because we can never trust them anymore...and before he's next election he is also going after our main problem....the traitorist courts and judges....!!!
      Everything I told him he should do ...he is doing it...!!

      It's really not that difficult if you think about it logically....!!

    2. I meant to say the IRS he is auditing and going to get rid of...!!

  4. Democrat and republican both 527 tax exempt organizations

  5. DIM oCRIPS , , and , , RIP BLOODlicans

  6. Outlawing political parties would be a huge improvement over the current corrupt system. While we're at it, lets throw out the bankers too.


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