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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Day Nine, Grandma's Christmas

By Anna Von Reitz

People sometimes ask me how I got to be so smart.  I prefer to think of it in terms of ---how did everyone miss this?

Now, it's true that I continued to educate myself throughout my life.  I didn't just leave school and never pick up another book, so that is probably part of the story--but,  I actually think that it also has to do with a peculiar kind of mindset that is more common among mathematicians and scientists.

Here is an example of it gleaned from the Christmas Card rack:

"Christmas is a strange season. We sing songs in front of dead trees and eat candy out of our socks." --- John Wagner

There's a dispassionate observer in me that doesn't have a dog in the fight. I can just stand back and look.  And when you do that, it's surprising what you see both in terms of forests and trees. 

This Christmas is going to be different.  No big family dinner.  Probably no Christmas tree, either.  Darn few presents, if any.  I just don't have the energy and "heart" and money for it after all that has gone on here---- but Christmas will come anyway, just like it came for the Whos down in Whoville.

Christmas for us is a time to remember the widows and widowers, the elderly, the sick, the prisoners --- all those who feel forgotten and alone and left out.  It's a time to make sure children have what they need as they face a long winter, not a time to con them with lies about Santa Claus.

So I am writing Christmas cards to men who are falsely detained and imprisoned, away from their families and friends for no good reason.  I am stocking up depleted shelves at the food bank.  I am "making my rounds" to the elderly and the sick and the widowed.  I am lighting my one little candle in the dark.

Mother Theresa was right.  It's not the grand gestures and tons of money that matter.  It's the small things done with love that add up, and that create happiness and peace of mind. 

So I look at our one tattered string of Christmas lights that are still hanging on our porch rails and which, thanks to my husband plugging them in, are shining their bright colors against the December night ---- and I smile.

It's not just what we do at Christmas, it's what we do all throughout the year.  No doubt that is a big reason that I don't feel the stress most people do, and just plod along being pleased with whatever I can do, to smile a little brighter and be a littler kinder this time of year.

That's what I am doing in the midst of the earthquake disaster, and it's what I recommend to all of you.  Just call it quits to all the craziness and be at peace. Wait for the season to come to you. Watch for those times when you can be of service and notice all the people around you, some of whom need some extra care.

Last night as I was leaving the grocery store I stopped to stuff a fiver into the collection pot for the Salvation Army.  When we had the Miller's Reach Fire disaster, they were the first group that came to help and they were the last to go, and now with the earthquake, here they are again.  If I have any change at all in my pocket, their bell-ringers never go without a donation. 

The man doing the collection was old and black as coal and he had been standing there alone ringing his bell for a long time, with all the busy, distracted holiday shoppers rushing past him.  I was the only one in that whole big crowd to stop and fumble with my purse and smile at him as I folded the bill and stuffed it into the familiar metal pot.

"Thank you!" he said.  I paused and looked him in the eye, and said, "Thank you, for being here."  He gave me back a tired smile and a look of rapid understanding. He was standing there for you and me and everyone else, doing our good works for us. 

That's why when I hear the bell-ringers of The Salvation Army, I don't cringe and look away; in fact, I lift my head and feel a little lighter, as if some unseen yoke shifted off my weary shoulder.  There are good people in this world. They might not be fashionable, but they are true, and day after day and year after year, like the Gideons, they quietly serve their mission.


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  1. Wow, I got that feeling. I have thanked them when I see them for years and set that example for my children. I don' get how everyone " misses this " either .
    The truth set me free about all this years ago. At times I feel like the only one , other times I feel in the vast minority. How do we awaken all the others to the truth and their true selves that lie dormant in every man woman and child ?

  2. i believe many of us have been led astray through several generations. On the surface there are to dominate story lines taking place, Jesus and santa, they seem to have become entwined by the world, and neither one are entirely correct.
    An eye opener was searching for the origins of "christmas" and christmas tree traditions in america. Go search!
    And yes a couple of verses that will also cause one to ponder: Jeremiah 10:1-5 and in Galatians 4:10-11
    Now try to stop, try to pull away from the world,the worldly. Look at all those of the world who join in these celebrations. Are they of the set-apart?
    How many birthdays and christmas events did we witness the disciples and apostles of Christ attending and or promoting? How about easter? When you start seeing the groups who began these 'traditions' you will see more clearly.
    And remember try not to let your left hand know the good of your right hand, do not blow your own horn to much.

  3. Earthquake Swarm Strikes Off Vancouver Island Coast, Eastern Tennessee Activity

  4. Yes!! Anna We Are One in Accord every moment Now!! God willing, We will be loading our "Sleigh on wheels" full of Love for All and sharing our Gifts In Good-Will wherever we are led to this season. Its All Good Now, and We Are truly Grateful to have the Clarity in our capacity, ability And Will-ing-ness to share unconditional loving Spirit and pure kindness where its needed Now.

    Much Gratitude, Love, true Awareness and Joy-filled Peace Be For All Now

  5. C,

    Great scene to be sure! I found the document which is being used as the presumption to determine ones "poll", "Election", yes as in political standing. The mystery is over, look at the application for the BC and tell me what you see? Who is John Galt!


    Salvation Army receives $1.5 billion bequest
    The Associated Press
    WASHINGTON — The Salvation Army announced Tuesday that it is receiving the largest gift ever given to a charity — a donation likely to exceed $1.5 billion from the estate of Joan B. Kroc, widow of the founder of McDonald’s Corp.

    Salvation Army officials say the exact size of the gift won’t be known until administration of Kroc’s estate is complete, which could take several months.

    The gift is for development of community centers across the country, similar to the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center that opened in San Diego in June 2002. The Kroc center offers educational, recreational and cultural arts programs.

    1. I sure hope and pray that the "Salvation Army" does the right thing with all that money...!! Instead of corrupting it which is easy to do with a lot of money ...!!

  7. I used to give until I read about the practices of the Salvation Army coming solely from the Bible (which has been changed and changed again, and changed again, men with agendas). "As of 2016 the organisation will not appoint homosexual people to posts as ministers, preferring individuals..."

  8. I am not Unknown, as listed by this website. I am Fifi Covfefe, and I commented, "I used to give until I read about the practices of the Salvation Army coming solely from the Bible (which has been changed and changed again, and changed again, men with agendas). "As of 2016 the organisation will not appoint homosexual people to posts as ministers, preferring individuals..."

  9. So it seems that everyone has forgotten about the victims of Hurricane Michael that decimated the panhandle of FL. I live as far west in FL as you can and Hurricane Michael was headed our way. Its trajectory was altered by a front pushing it east of us. The people are still shell shocked. The damage is in the billions. We raised $4500. in my church and I have taken teams over there to a town called Springfield (265 mile round trip). We have provided 1000+ full bag lunches that we put together in the kitchen of my church, tons of clothes, cases of water, baby diapers; 400+ bags of Panera Bread goodies (my wife and I pick up Panera leftovers every monday nite for the last 15 years and go into the low income areas of Pensacola and dispense them. They now go to Springfield folks. Plus a jar of peanut butter and jelly!! Prayer for all is important. Hearts are open. People have lost everything! Winter is setting in. The people have asked for blankets and winter clothes. My heart breaks every time I go there, which is 11 times now. Funds are dwindling. A videographer went with us a few weeks ago. The link sends you to a 7 min. vid. Tax deductible donations can be made online to, my home church (New Testament Fellowship). A Go Fund Me site has also been set up. Here's the link to the vid: May the Lord continue to richly bless you!

  10. I agree with Anna. I also think a lot of people are checking out the materialism of Christmas. I also understand why Anna does not do politics. I am with her. Here is an article regarding the Long Defeat. I hope it is encouraging.

  11. I believe Californians are right there with you this year. No christmas for them either what with city after city being burned out by DEWs, whole buses full of children dead in their seats burnt alive. Same with cars full of people, now skeletons in their burnt out and melted cars. My heart goes out to all who are grieving this year.

  12. What is now Christmas was a move on the part of the historical Church to occupy the pre-christian honoring of mid-winter, or winter solstice. This was a time of respect for loved ones who walked on, tending to those in need, releasing things and attitudes that no longer served and expressing gratitude for the good times AND the hard times of the past year. In that way, there was room for the gifts of the new year that returned with the light. Like the lines of vital force that Anna wrote of in earlier posts and the tidal pull of the moon on the waters, the solar 'tides' of the seasons bring in new Life, grow it to maturity, and descend it into rest. These rhythms have been acknowledged by earth peoples in various ways down through the generations. It wasn't some 'woo woo' thing.. it had to do with the food supply. For a longgg time there was no global food transport. If you were out of rhythm it was a tough winter. If you were lazy it was a tough winter. If a volcano blew halfway around the world, you may not know WHY spring was late but you knew it was and it was guna be a tough winter. Butcher all the extra livestock and be willing to go hungry before you eat the seeds for next years planting. Who eats last when it goes there? The sick? The old? The kids? We have no cultural parameters for these conditions. The guys with the biggest ammo stash get the goods and the women who know how to grow food? A word of kindness and a little generosity goes a long ways. It reaches deeper and travels farther than another pretty/sparkly.

  13. Yes, Awe-mazing, priceless Insight Shared Mae Dawson, Thank You!!!

    "These rhythms have been acknowledged by earth peoples in various ways down through the generations. It wasn't some 'woo woo' thing.. it had to do with the food supply."

    This IS precisely HOW the Dark "LORD" of Man's mind Divides and "CAPITALIZES" on WORLDLY "TEACHINGS" and "FALSE WITNESSING" through "COMMERICIALIZED" Churches and Governments "SYSTEMS OF BELIEFS" for complete Dependency and complete control OVER Mankind's minds and living lives. No original Innate Intuition from Soul-Spirit Heart-mind Allowed or it's Stereotyped and Labeled by these DEAD ENTITIES AS BAD, BAD, BAD and "Spiritual Woo-Woo" lol!!!! Its time to See this Clearly Now and Grow a Pure "Pair" to Clear ALL this Smoke and mirror illusions and all the dark spirited conditioned emotions based IN FALSE FEAR leading us into this faithless "MASS theft/Destruction" of our Organic True Power and Pure Wisdom Within Now!!! Its Time!! Let Go Of the "Commercial Worldly Masks of "Limited" Beliefs" Once and For ALL!! We Got THis!! So Grateful Now!!
    Tis Now the Season to Spread Awareness and Assist In Clearing others to Awaken Within:

    Christ-Mass-Awakening 2018

    I Love You
    I'm Sorry
    Please forgive
    Thank You
    Repeat +++

    Much Gratitude, True Awareness, Unconditional Love and Plentiful Peace Be For All Now

  14. Thank you for mentioning the Atlas Shrugged Movies. Watched all 3. To bad Anna's location couldn't have been hidden.


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