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Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Wage of Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

The wage of fraud is confusion.

Let's straighten out everyone's thinking right here and now.

No actual government can be incorporated.

The reason for this is that the moment you incorporate anything, a charter is issued by another, different sovereign entity---thereby subjecting it to the authority of the other sovereign.

Scotland can't issue a charter for the actual government of America.  At most, the nasty vermin can infringe on our international copyright and create a commercial corporation doppelganger.  Which is precisely what they did in 1868 and what they are trying to do now.

And as for Keith Livingway and T-Roh they are trying to capitalize on the original Scottish fraud of 1868, trying to say that they bought an interest in that defunct Scottish commercial corporation and therefore now own America.

Good luck with that bull crap.

"The United States of America, Incorporated" created in 1868 in Scotland was chartered by the Scottish Government, not the American Government.

And this defunct Scottish entity owes us a helluva lot of money.  It's just a matter of how hard we want to press the issue of their fraud at this late date. Bank of Scotland, do you hear me?  BIS? 

As you can see, it isn't even possible for any entity incorporated by any other government to be our government.

And it is the same way for the "United States of America" Inc. chartered by the Roman Catholic Church in Delaware in 1925.  That entity is subject to Delaware, which is obviously not able to act as "the" government of this country. 

There is one and only one lawful government of this country still standing in international jurisdiction, and that is The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the member States ---- Wisconsin, Kentucky, Maine, Texas, and so on. 

The Universal Postal Union knows that it has contracts with the unincorporated version so none of the idiocy being promoted by Keith Livingway  and "T-Roh" will be honored.

A incorporated entity acting "as" a government is not a government.

Because the fraud artists created all these deceptively named incorporated entities in foreign countries there is a lot of confusion.  Most recently we have had to deal with "The Republic of the United States of America" (France) and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (Scotland--- again!)

But all these incorporated impostors are not our government and can't be our government.  They are merely identity thieves trying to get a governmental services contract by a process of "assumption" long after we have told all of them, including Keith Livingway's group, thanks, but no thanks. 

All this fraud has to end.

Apparently, some officers in the military thought that because there was a "Grand Army of the Republic" that there had to be "a" Republic, but in fact, the lawful government of our country in international jurisdiction is now and has always been a Federation of States (not a Confederation of States of States) operated in tandem with state Republics---- fifty of them. 

So, please, everyone, get your heads clear on the subject of sovereignty and subjection.  Incorporated entities are always 100% of the time subject to a sovereign entity.  I think all Americans can agree on the fact that our government is not now and never has been chartered by Scotland or France.

Let's bring all this confusion to a halt and end all the fraud as well.


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  1. I have watched all the T-ROH probrams of Kieth Livingway. His definition of fascism is a corporation play-acting as a government. This definition goes all the way back to the original George Washington constitution.

    There is no way "The United States of America", referred to by Kieth Livingway, is a corporation play-acting government. This is by the T-ROH's own definition of fascism, very clearly made, on the T-ROH programs. Livingway and "The United States of America" are important parts of the "freedom" movement.

    This corner of "freedom" movement squabbling must stop if Anna or Kieth, both white-hats, are to get traction on the network of corporate global control, the REAL fascist threat controlling and destroying America.

    Stop squabbling. Get it together, America.

    1. What is with the Trump bashing in your last article Anna? No one said Trump was perfect. No one is saying Republicans haven't been as corrupt as the Democrats in the last 100 years. Trump couldn't run as an Independent because this system is totally rigged. Hillary and her Corporate donors and deep state operatives behind her were suppose to win. That's why your seeing all this chaos in the background. The Deep State is going down along with it's banking system. That's why Trump hung a picture of President Jackson behind him in the oval office. God is the one in control now and these evil satanist know it. There have been many attempts on Trump's life since he took office. Do you really think he's part of the cabal if they want him dead? Your the one that needs to wake up to what God is doing right now.

      I suggest you read Mark Taylor's book "The Trump Prophecies" if you really want to understand what God's plans are. Or you can go to "" and look at all the prophsies yourself. I don't see Trump as a Republican or a Democrat. He is neither, but he had to choose one and the closet to God's plan. That definitely wasn't the Democratic party who has turned into full Fascist regime and global mindset.

      Kim Clement is another prophet who just died a few years ago that also said Trump would be used by God to bring about peace and end this corruption. You have to be spiritually blind not to see what Trump is doing to change this country and the whole world. He's calling out the Fake news, exposing the FBI, CIA, and all the other 3 letter agencies. He's forcing the demise of the central bankers and they all know it. There are over 50k indicticments now ready to be unsealed beginning in Jan 1, 2019. The executive order he signed in December 21, 2017 makes it possible to take the assets of anyone involved in child trafficking and human rights abuse. That would be all of the deep state players. I could go on but I think you get the point. There is a revival going on and you better get on board or you'll miss the train. This is our last hope for freedom. If you want to demonize someone, demonize Obama the Antichrist and Hillary the witch who constantly puts our current President down for saving and protecting all Americans from illegal immigrantion.


    3. Awakened, if you are referring to this article, it was prefaced and shared by Paul, not Anna:

      "How To Identify The People Who Truly Do NOT Get It
      I don't always agree with my friend Chuck Baldwin, but on this topic he is dead right.
      I found this latest article on Chuck Baldwin Live here:

      Paul Stramer"

      No "Trump Bashing" by "Anna" here that I've ever recalled. Just education for Trump and All.

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now

    4. I investigated T-ROH. It is an incorporated entity and is clear by their documents. It sounded good but as Anna has reiterated several times and the Clearfield Doctrine clearly describes, Incorporated entities are not government and their charters do not have any authority over anyone other than their employees. True US CITIZENS may fall under some of those charters but are we really Citizens of FICTION?

      True patriots have no standing as members of incorporated entities. Don't take that Route. They may have good intentions but to form an entity under pirates is to join them. USA INC under Scotland is owned and operated by Britain. Look it up. I have those Documents printed to show the uneducated.

      As Anna has stated, this is all very confusing and we must all have our senses on high alert.

  2. "The United States of America" is a word, word order, capitalization, punctuation, and computer-password-sensitive international-name-handle.

    1. include "space" sensitivity in the above description.

  3. Paul Stramer didn't allow comments on his in general excellent recent Chuck Baldwin link reposted below:

    What my old acquaintance (Chuck) failed to mentioned is that Q anon is the greatest military intelligence operation in modern times.

    This Christian NeonRevolt follows Q anon possibly the best of Q followers imo most of the time.

    Because of the Hatch Act...Q anon hasn't posted for 23 days until yesterday:

    Q anon has repeatedly said, "Israel is last!" something Chuck Baldwin would heartily have endorsed before Trump ever arrived on the scene☇

    I believe CJ has recently nailed Trump's surreal plans on the birthright issues of non American natives & then someπŸ’˜

    [C. Johnson has left a new comment on the post "Yes, He Can and No, He Can't":

    Rog, I can not answer for sure what Trump is doing....But let's take a look for a second, to see what we can demise.
    He hugged the American Flag...the flag without the gold fringe which is the flag of the U.S.
    He continues to say: 'I'M A NATIONALIST!" Well, what is a Nationalist [non-citizen of the U.S.}
    What does he continue to do? Take a sledgehammer to the U.S.....THE GOVT OF THE GLOBALIST AND THE GLOBALIST AGENDA.
    What does he continue to say and do..." WE ARE GOING TO GIVE THE COUNTRY [NATION..NATIONALIST] back to the People.
    What is the best way to give the Nation back? Cancel all U.S. Birth Certificates...we should have never had them to begin with. Now, think, what happens if those birth certificates are made null and void? Then all the American wealth in held in trust comes back to American, all debt is cancelled and the globalist won't be able to crash the market on us and leave us all holding the bag. He will have crashed the markets on the globalist and left them holding the empty bank. A crash is coming, who is going to win in the crash is the only question. But, for certain, a civil war, between trump and the globalists is occurring. It's all about the coming crash...Trump knows they are after the Trust...he's trying to stop it, by disavowing their claim. That's what it looks like, is it?]

    Thanks to everyone for ongoing civil behavior here with the exception of UCADIA...the guy who 'legally' ripped off Frank O'CONNOR's magnificent website to further his own nefarious purposes.


    1. πŸ‘πŸ’£πŸ’₯now that aI can understand, and agree with.

    2. Leland I would like to add one more subtle(powerful) observation of Trump and Pence in support of your observations above.
      I don't know how many of you saw it, but there was one video of Trump and Pence sitting at a table being filmed by the Media.They both had a water bottle on the table.during the interveiw suddenly, deliberately,in sync together, they slowly picked up their bottles of water and sat them on the floor, and continued the interveiw as if nothing had just occured.
      ....??? Odd right?
      Not at all. It was a mesage sent.To Debbie Wasserman.( that women makes my skin crawl).
      ...Wasserman means water in German.
      Sometimes symbolism rarely heard by people who love to use words is POWERFUL.

      Debbie Wasserman, the deal is of the table!

      Trump is many things, also a master chess player...but stupid, is Not one of them.

    3. Thatman,Trump reads everything. Nothing gets signed until he has done that and knows exactly what is expected. He is a "freak" for details. When I first heard of Trump...I watched a interview, documentary on him and the relationship between his plane and his pilot. His attention and communication to detail is beyond question. That among several other things he is known for by people who get him, that I won't go into detail about... is what made me know, now that is a man, I get and would like to stand behind.

    4. I certainly hope Trump is getting the Big Fraud and will step in to Help Americans.

      I am however very distressed over his continued push to escalate the wars going on. Sending our sons and daughters to take away the freedom and lives of the people on other lands in the name of our freedom is not acceptable. At least dont lie to our soldiers.

      Gaining back "money" or Credit can not possibly make up for the loss of lives.

      As for immigration, each man they turn into a US CITIZEN solely benefits the corporation, creating another slave. If those people knew what was truly going on they wouldn't want to have their babies born on this soil.

      It makes me physically ill knowing I created this mess for my children and even more so that they don't believe me or at least not enough to file the paperwork to claim their true nationality.

    5. Annie, who has convinced you that You made this mess for your children?? This mess was already made before you were ever born.
      We were misled to believe our Leaders were honest; afterwards, we find out they are nothing but Liars bound for hell right where they belong.
      Good men have tried to fix this since the 40's but these evil folks have blocked it all this time.

      Stop beating yourself up. You and your children are all in the same boat together. Cling together, stick together now. Dont let your fervor of this matter divide you. That would be regrettable.

  4. Does any of this have to do with Free Masons and the Scotish Rite Free Masons?

  5. This is a battle between Good and Evil going on. Its no surprise. Evil will appear to be winning.....for awhile. But then in the End, Good will oppress Evil altogether.


  7. Very good article and great comments. I feel priviliged to be here and read them. Thak you

  8. Republic archives

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  10. I have been telling everyone who will listen, corporations have zero autonomy, the one holding the corporate charter calls all the shots.


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