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Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Siege of Seal 7

By Anna Von Reitz

I have had people questioning my instruction to join the spiritual battle to dissolve what is called the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island, so I will explain more.

Our world is ordered by energy first and matter accrues according to energy.  

When a man dies his energy returns to the realm from which it came and gradually disperses on Earth  but if this energy is bound by certain religious practices known to ancient peoples, the energy does not depart. It forms a Seal. 

Over 20,000 Druid priests and British rulers are interred and sealed in this way on Bardsey Island. 

These people believed that they were creating a vast Army of the Dead to defend the British Isles.  The echoes of this belief continue to this day in such popular stories as The Lord of the Rings and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Witches and wizards still summon the dead of Bardsey Island in times of national catastrophe and still believe that this is a rational thing to do. 

In fact it does not protect England, but it does do two other things. It interferes with the natural cycle of life and it creates a "Plug" called a "Seal" in the free flow of energy to Africa. 

Earth has energy conduits that function like blood vessels in our bodies.  What would happen if you cut down the flow of blood to your left leg by 80%?  Your leg would atrophy and wither, if not die. 

What the English people did on Bardsey Island was to block a large percentage of the energy that would normally flow to Africa, and crippling Africa then also serves to cripple the entire Southern Hemisphere---South America, Australia, and Antarctica are all adversely impacted.  

That's why the plug--- the Seventh Seal-- on Bardsey Island has to be released, dissolved like a chunk of rock salt blocking a pipe. 

The way to do this is to become aware of the fact that this is happening and why it is happening and release the imprisoned, bound souls.  Bid them peace. Let your own peace wash over them like a wave in the ocean and picture this giant clot of energy, the Seal, gradually dissolving, melting away, until it is completely gone and the free flow of energy to and through Africa is restored. 

This is necessary preparation to make the Sahara bloom again and to restore the balance of the Earth's ecosystems.  It is also a necessary "repair" for the Family of Man. 

When you first become aware of the energy conduits and the factual existence of such things as manmade seals it may cause you some discomfort because of your own religious beliefs, but this is really no different than dissolving a piece of rock salt in a pail of water. 

Neither the water nor the salt are destroyed.  No harm is done.  Things simply change form, are released from rigidity, and allowed to flow naturally onward at last. 

In the same way, the souls that have been bound in that time and space will be released from rigidity and be able to flow onward. It won't harm them. It will be a blessing and a release. 

England will no longer have its standing army of the dead, but it will have no need for them, either. A more humane and wiser magic has come to Earth and the Old Ways can depart. 

Once the siege of Bardsey ends, similar "Unbinding" work will begin at Verdun in France, at Carthage in North Africa, at Balbeck in the Levant, at Constantinople, at Jerusalem and at Rome.  As each Seal is released the Earth will gain in health and happiness and people will become more aware of their inner spiritual knowledge and heritage.  This will then also help reconnect us to All That Is and end the stagnation and alienation that has been a plague on the Earth. 

When people can again feel the flow of life, they will understand it and cherish it more. When the honorable dead are allowed their peace, we will also have peace on Earth. 

So let our love and wish for peace wash like the waves of the sea over Bardsey Island and as the seal there begins to fade and break, know that yes, vast change is coming to the Earth-but it is not change to be feared.  It's change for the good, for the health, and for the happiness of all. 


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  1. Once these seals are dissolved then this applies...."the significant number is seven , it is not the end, it is the beginning." Spoken into the ether Aug 3 2002. On the 7 th day = rest.Eternal. but 9 is completion July 31, 2018 @ 5: 15 EST plus or minus. 15

  2. Anna Said: "When a man dies his energy returns to the realm from which it came and gradually disperses on Earth but if this energy is bound by certain religious practices known to ancient peoples, the energy does not depart. It forms a Seal." THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE PAGANS BELIEVE!!!!
    You have also said that you agree with Pope Francis, a practicing homosexual and Homosexual Activist, that there is no hell. I want you to view this video>>>
    The man speaking has seen it and so have millions of others yet you continue to deny the truth of our existence.

    1. Star,please supply the proof that Francis is a practicing homosexual. I told a chap that the sun is the father to the mother Earth as in the evaporator of the waters and the condenser and it falls and is the sacred water that ignite the seed in the mother Earth that sustains us. Turn it off, see what happens. e told me I was a pagan and had to be fully immersed in water and accept Jesus as my lord and savior or I would not get to heaven. Remember, the centurion wanted to see if Jesus was dead so he drove a spear into his side at the 5 th rib on the right side and out came blood and water. I grew up on a farm and we butchered many an animal and if you drove a knife into the beast and it was dead, no blood and water came out.This is hell for the righteous.The leftist want the righteous to turn left. Anna has free will just like everyone. Video's are man made d
      elusion as well. I had one guy who spent 27.5 years studying scripture and he told me to watch a video from 1983 where an old nut tried to say the flood was a local event and not over the entire Earth/Egypt.I asked it they sand bagged numerous cubits higher than the highest mountain and if Cain was on a cruise or something. la la land. He says the catholic church is Canaanite because Cain did not die in the flood. After 27.5 years he did not know what a scepter was.Beware of the brotherhood. Romans 13, there is no higher authority than God and we all have free will even Anna and that makes her equal to all thus # 2 from her perspective..44000 religions can't be wrong. 7200 feet of scripture also can not be wrong. What is happening is spirituality vs secularism. If it was not fr Constantine in 325 AD, not one spiritual being would be living in this hell. Heaven to the left, they love blood and think money is real.

  3. Soul is eternal.

    Soul can trap its lower bodies in countless illusions for countless lifetimes thus creating certain psychic phenomenon similar perhaps to the Western Wall (the Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem, but that is psychic energy, not neccesary SPIRITUAL.

  4. From Catholic Theology as published in the Baltimore Catechism #2
    This is what real Catholics believe.

  5. And here is the Catholic view of Welsh history specifically of Bardsey Island.