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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pedigree of the IRS

By Anna Von Reitz

For all those who need to know, this is what the IRS is and what it does and who it does it for--- I quote Pao L. Chang for convenience sake: 

"The Internal Revenue Service is considered to be a Bureau of the Department of the Treasury; however, like the Federal Reserve, it is not part of the Federal Government. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS, et al., CV-93-405E- EJE - U.S.D.C.D.I; Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148, page 5967; Reorganization Plan No. 26; Public Law 102-391---and is in fact incorporated in Delaware ...." ("Internal Revenue Service" was incorporated in 1925, the Municipal "IRS" was incorporated in 1933.) 

"It is pointed out that all official Federal Government mail is sent postage-free because of the franking privilege; however, the IRS has to pay their own postage, which [again] indicates that they are not a government entity." 

"They [the Internal Revenue Service/IRS] are in fact a collection agency for the Federal Reserve, because they do not collect any taxes for the U.S. Treasury.  All funds collected [by the IRS working under color of law  "as" a Treasury "Bureau" and collecting funds under false pretense as the funds are collected under what appears to be a Treasury presentment] are turned over to the Federal Reserve. If you have ever sent a check to the IRS, you will find that it was endorsed over to the Federal Reserve."

"The Federal Reserve, in turn, deposits the money with the International Monetary Fund, an Agency of the United Nations (Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, page 816.) where it is filtered down to the International Development Association (see Treasury Delegation Order No. 91) which is part of the "International Bank for Reconstruction and Development" --- commonly known now as the World Bank."

Bottom line --- the so-called "Internal Revenue Service" is not now and never has been a part of our government and has been deceitfully misrepresented as such by our British Territorial and Municipal United States subcontractors. 

At the bottom of the dog pile which progresses from the U.S. Treasury to the Federal Reserve to the IMF to the IBRD ---- we find what?  Ah, the World Bank.  

Karen Hudes' erstwhile Dropbox Fixer and sometimes employer.  

Please note that the Federal Reserve, IBRD, and World Bank are the Secondary Creditors that forced the "United States of America, Incorporated" into bankruptcy in 1933.   

And also note that the IBRD and the World Bank are the ones who, in 2000, following the settlement of the bankruptcy, showed up and lied through their teeth and without anyone giving any Notice to the actual Priority Creditors (The United States of America, the American States and People) claimed that all our assets were "abandoned" --- including approximately $387 billion dollars in gold that FDR confiscated from the American People under color of law as "surety" backing the bankrupt "United States of America, Incorporated" bankruptcy. 

Also please note that the bankrupt governmental services corporation doing business as the "United States of America, Inc." was fronted by the Roman Catholic Church as a religious non-profit. 

Ms. Hudes is still holding onto our gold and pretending to be our Trustee, even after we entered our objections (according to our Constitution no Bar Attorney can hold any position of trust) and collapsed any such "Trust" by directly presenting the Bill of Lading issued by the actual Priority Creditors. 

Let me interpret this situation --- these banks caused the problem, then profited from it under false pretenses for sixty-three years, and afterward lodged false claims of abandonment against the bankruptcy surety assets as Secondary Creditors.  And they are still holding onto gold and other assets that rightfully belonged to your great-grandparents and grandparents and parents and now, also, to you. 

And now, to bring it all back "Full Circle" ---- the IRS got its start back in the 1100's in France and England, when the Pope (acting as Pontiff, of course) started collecting an income tax called "Peter's Pence" which was a special collection to support the cost of the Crusades, collected every April 15th.   It was collected by members of the Dominican Order, the same nice people that brought us the Inquisition. They continued to pop up as Privateer organizations on the sidelines of every war thereafter, as this was the Holy See's way of supporting the cost of all the Pontiff's war-mongering. 

The Civil War was no different.  The "Internal Revenue Service" back then was issued Privateer licenses and Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and they operated out of Puerto Rico and other Island bases, preying upon both Northern and Southern commercial vessels.  Nice, huh?  

Just special.  

Things got reorganized after the Civil War and they moved onshore for a brief time, only to be repelled and sent packing by our more sentient ancestors, back to their base in Puerto Rico. After 1904, they were allowed back to operate on our shores via the Insular Tariff Cases, and particularly Downes v. Bidwell and Hooven and Allison v. Evatt--- for the express purpose of collecting from Municipal United States employees only.  By 1916, the Pontiff was busy financing another war--- World War I, so sympathetic war-mongers in Congress acting without a quorum majority on Christmas Eve, passed the "Sixteenth Amendment" to their corporate "Constitution"---- and set the wolves loose on the innocent American Public. 

And then came World War II.  

Things got "tight" for the Pontiff again.  He couldn't collect enough from all those corporations and employees and dependents that were legitimately "U.S. Citizens" so the war-monger in Congress came up with another plan: The Victory Tax. 

The Victory Tax wasn't a tax at all, really.  It was a charitable donation toward "the war effort".  American workers signed up by the millions and agreed to donate an amount equal to that paid each month by federal civilian and military employees and to have it deducted from their paychecks.  The wording of the "Victory Tax" was vague and the sunset clause on this arrangement was the "end of the hostilities". 

Most of us understand that the "end of hostilities" came in September 1945, but the Internal Revenue Service kept right on collecting from all those millions of American workers who had so patriotically "volunteered" to donate to the war effort.  If anyone objected, they were told that there was "still a war on"----- the Cold War.  

Since then we've had every kind of "war" you can think of --- wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on wars, as well as innumerable other conflicts ---- like Vietnam, like Iraq I and II, like Afghanistan..... and to hear the "Internal Revenue Service" talk, we are still volunteering and still obligated to be docked larger and larger percentages of our earnings in support of a Victory Tax.  

How about this?  A "War on Con Artists" and especially a "War on European Con Artists"?  How about a nice big boot on Dominican Order rump?  

And all the members of Congress that have mindlessly, ruthlessly, undeniably furthered their power and paychecks by glutting on the extortion and racketeering profits rolling in from all this? 

For the life of me, I don't understand why General Kelly and General Mattis and General Dunford don't have Karen Hudes hanging upside down by her thumbs, why they aren't helping us recoup our assets---which would far more than pay for their services---? 

Why aren't they arresting at least all the Bar Members usurping upon our lawful government and occupying seats in Congress?  They have cause to know that no Bar Attorney can hold any Public Office or hold any position of trust in our government.  It has been this way since 1819.  Think they'd get the news? 

And what is this nonsense of "Political Parties"----groups of lobbyists occupying Congress as "Representatives"?  We are owed Fiduciary Deputies elected by the People (House) and State Legislatures (Senate).  Not two colors of Tobacco Lobby on speed. 

Why aren't our military geniuses arresting and deporting all these undeclared Foreign Agents---- especially "IRS" employees--- and shutting down the phony Treasury Bureau?  Instead of just stupidly standing here and letting these robbers steal and coerce and harm the people of this country---the same people they are hired to protect? 

I have a Big Question for the members of the "U.S." Congress---whichever "U.S." that is, and for all the employees sucking off this gigantic crime and for the Pope and his minions, too ----- 

Just how long do you all think that you can abuse your employers and bite the hands that feed you, and get away with all this crap, before it all comes home to you? 

Hell, no, I'm not "volunteering". 


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  2. great new you are so right thanks

  3. Meanwhile the UN and the military industrial complex continue with their assualt of California for the America 2050 agenda
    Pre meditated arson, displacement and or murder of the people and not one dam payed of general or any of congress or the senate does or says a word
    The UN 'climate change' 'global warming' swindle continues as they modify the weather to drown people out, burn them out, or just plain force them off the land
    And while this is all going on you have the Rockefeller Foundation building their resilient cities through yet another private orgaization
    while DHS, FEMA, local, state and federal agencies and your news agencies continue their psychological war on the people
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I have un-volunteered over a year ago and discharged over $440k of alleged tax debt to date with letters back form them that they have closed my case, using Anna's surrender your fed person process, posting #928 on her website. I have even defeated a certification by the IRS to the DOS to cancel my passport for $321k of supposed tax debt. Within 3 weeks I received a reversal letter of certification stating that the DOS could no longer cancel my passport for outstanding tax debt and to save this letter for future reference. Be sure to do the complete process which is 1) send Mnuchin your letter to set up your private TD account using your RM number, Form 56 appointing him as your fiduciary, and authenticated COLB endorsed over to the treasury, 2) send copies to both IRS commissioners in DC and Holtsville with your letter telling them that you have retired from all presumed federal service and hereby revoke your election to pay federal taxes nunc pro tunc ab initio pursuant to their own statutes, 3) acquire your NAME account via 1096, 1099-A and 1040-V to IRS CID and send Copy B back to the treasury. All this can be done in 1 day once you have your authenticated COLB and you can immediately start discharging all alleged IRS debt as soon as you have deposited all of the above with the USPS which is just another arm of the US corporation. If this has not worked for you then you need to retrace yours steps to make sure you did not miss a step. Many have done steps 1 and 2 but neglect the final step 3 and then wonder why it doesn't work. The bottom line is that you have to properly setup your account before you can use it. This only makes sense.

    1. Yes! Thank you 1freeman!! You and your positive thoughts and peaceful process contributions have been missed Indeed!!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now

    2. 1FreeMan.....from what I have gathered, Trump has already FIRED Munchun , but it isn't known yet...Now I know how Trump works...!! Mine of us could figure out why Trump surrounded himself with ex- Goldman Sachs lackys...!! It's because he wants to know how they operate...!! However, in this case, Trump had already placed an angle brachlet on Munchun for some reason, which already tells you he didn't trust him...Well Munchun took it on his own to go to Saudi Arabia to cut a deal for billions , but for the Corp. US, and not America...!! That was the last draw for Trump...!! I don't know who he has in mind yet but Munchun is history...!! That is at least part of the reason for your success 1FreeMan....if you were trying these things 20 years ago, you would be in just happened to get lucky on your timing for everything you have done...right place at the right time...!! Now try your luck at foreclosures..!! Or if your house isn't paid for yet, demand the Bank come up with the original NOTE, or vacate the morgtage completely and send all my payments back plus interest for your fraudulent practices...!!

    3. James, it does not matter if Mnuchin is fired because the fiduciary responsibilities will simply transfer to the next Secretary who occupies that office. Luck had nothing to do with this. I just followed Anna's process which anyone can do that wants to do something about their situation. We have found the easiest way to overcome foreclosures is to take the land right out of their jurisdiction by utilizing a joint process of acknowledging and accepting the deed and bringing forward the land patent. The key here is to get it recorded as a Corrective Deed.

    4. 1FreeMan...who is we..!! This is only one site I comment on..there are dozens of others and i have heard every argument from several different sites and everyone is still having trouble keeping their homes...and these people are incredibly smart...!! Winston Strout just recently lost his case with the Supreme Court and sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison..

      The entire court process is a "Constructive Trust", in which the judge is supposed to be the Trustee and you the benificiary. Instead, he tries to manipulate the defendant into being the Trustee and the judge and court the beneficiary...!! When Trump finally changed our court system to "Common Law" Courts again, I still have my court cases and I will sue the "do do" for all those court cases for millions...for FRAUD..!! And by then everyone will know our courts and judges were pulling fraud the entire time.. And I will have the right to have a jury of my "peers" as a guarantee that the prosecutor cannot win ...!! No one in govt today can be our fiduciary because govt is all Coporate...only a "Real Man or Woman" can be our fidiciary...!! Just like an attorney cannot be our fiduciary because all we become are "wards" of the court after that...!! Where is this site that talks about foreclosure wins..!! I want to check it out...!! No one on this site has gotten any relieve from forecloseures...!!

    5. To get a "Corrective Deed" takes a court order, because the county recorders office will not file it without one, at least not in Calif. And I'm sure it's the same in every State..!!

    6. So from what is said in this Article, it seems that all the work involved to finally get to file the 843 Forms for Refunds is useless, since the IRS no longer has our money, but shipped it off to other crony crooks in the food chain.

      I have come to learn that filing for Refunds from all previous years of taxes paid, appear to be refused by the IRS. After filing a few 843 Refund Claim Forms, they have just finally responded for one of them which was for the year 1993, saying:

      ''we cant process your claim for the tax period listed (1993).
      The Tax Court previously considered the examination of your tax return at your request. The Tax Court closed that examination based on the last examination report you received. That determination was final and we cannot reopen or reconsider your case''

      So that is the kind of response you will get by filing the Form 843. I never received any such response from the Tax Court that stated they had closed anything. What they did say is that they had No Jurisdiction. So you see they respond with a lot of jargon which tells me nothing, gives me nothing to respond to as it actually tells me nothing.

      I sent a copy of the Court Order of no Jurisdiction along with my Form 843.

      1FREEMAN, so there is my ''test run' for you and yours. It was a total waste of my precious time gathering all of that up, writing to Tax Court, and hunting up and filling out the Form 843's (I did maybe 6 or so, only).

    7. 1 FreeMan, as for your claim of ease in having success with your paperwork and ''winnings'' - - I seem to think you had much help by hiring the LLF attorneys and by developing somewhat personal relationships with them, that you probably have gotten additional input from them.
      Furthermore, if you owed round half a million dollars in taxes, then you must have had multi-millions in earnings. This is why you are not very good at understand or even comprehending how ''the rest of us peeps live''.

    8. No it does not. If there is an error in the name, property description or any other error in your deed, you have the right to file a Corrective Deed nationwide. Since you never acknowledged and accepted your deed, that is an error. Go look at your deed. Where is your signature as the grantee? It's not there, is it? So then you never accepted your deed and you are in limbo and considered a tenant on your property paying Quit Rent (taxes) as a tenant and are not the owner. For example, if you are married, then your deed is filed as tenants by the entirety. Tenants, get that? Not freehold owners. In a CD, you list the Grantor as your exact NAME grantee as it is listed on your prior deed and then list your proper Name as the new grantee. So your straw,an is granting the property to you as the real man. Your consideration is a constitutional $25 in silver or gold which is below any realty transfer tax if this applies in your state. You also change your property description to metes and bounds, trees and rocks landmarks, surrounding neighbor's, etc., instead of lot and block numbers and add "Covered under Private Indemnity Bond (Anna's bond number). If you can locate your land patent or letters patent or land grant, you can bring that forward and claim the benefit of it by affidavit. The acceptance will work w/o the LP but the LP is a double barrel shotgun to lock it in. Look up "Accept the deed and be the owner" by Rob Ryder on YouTube. His process is accurate but the one thing that he does not mention is that you have to file the whole CD as an affidavit and have it recorded as a deed or they will simply file it under miscellaneous and have no effect. We have seen several success already and I personally assisted a couple who got their CD filed last Friday as a deed. This was after their home had already been sold at sheriff's sale. They are now literally home-free. PS: Winston was railroaded. They decided that long before they even tried him. He said so himself on several occasions that if they target you for prosecution, you don't stand a chance.

    9. Abby, I have always told everyone that I hired a LLF lawyer. But I will tell you this that I typed out the step by step process myself directly from Anna's directions and had him look over my shoulder to make sure that I did my paperwork correctly. He did not do it for me. As a matter of fact, I corrected an minor oversight that Anna had left out which is to date the signature on the red stamp. You don't have to make a lot of money for them to clobber you with penalties and interest over the last 13 years. What's there to not comprehend or understand about your position? Don't you realize that your exemption account is unlimited and the same as mine?

    10. Abby, on your prior post, you are on your way. You need to collect all of these responses for your claim in US CFC. The more rejections, the more your claim. Respond to this letter by telling them that the tax court concluded that the IRS had no jurisdiction because they admitted that they had not filed filed a notice of deficiency or determination for the specified years and therefor had no authority to initiate collections and must refund your taxes remitted in error with interest.

    11. 1FreeMan, I will do that. I began this trek about 4 or 5 months ago and sent it to the same IRS address I would normally mail any tax return without payment, which in my case was Fresno. It was quite some time before they finally responded saying they needed 60 more days; then they notified me they sent it all to their office in Utah, and needed more time. Then Just in the middle of Oct. I received this ''final' response from their office in Philadelphia.
      So it appeared to be a ''hot potato' being shuffled around, and even so, it was a very shallow response which did not at all relate with any credence given to the Tax Court Order.

      Furthermore, when I got this 'final response' of Oct., last month, it was sent to me by registered mail which I had to sign for, but was only for the one year, 1993. I have yet to see why they only did one year, and am expecting the rest to come in a similar matter. But generally, IRS only deals with one year in any one Letter/communication.

      I definitely get the feeling they are tap dancing here, maybe even squirming a little.

    12. Correction: It is actually article 639. The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance
      The other article 928 is for expatriation. Sending Copy B to the treasury closes the loop and sets up the account. You can just drop it in an envelope and send it or send a note telling them you have acquired this account and enclosed is their Copy B and include a copy of your Mnuchin letter.

    13. 1FreeMan, I see you discharged tax debt but is it possible to also discharge or pay off a mortgage balance using this process ? Thank you for any assistance, Susan.

    14. Hey Ready, technically yes, but I have only seen one person do this successfully but the sheriff still sold her house at auction and wiped,the foreclosure case off the books. Nevertheless she used a similar process when she received her notice of eviction and defeated it. One month later the case was cleared from the record as if it never existed and she is still in her home.

    15. PS: Abby, be sure to send certified copies of your pleadings along with the the court order so you can point out to them exactly where where you challenged there non issuance of notices of determination and deficiency.

    16. And there motion to dismiss based on this.

    17. Ready, if you want to do this, I would get a current payoff statement from the servicer and treat it just like an IRS tax statement together with your last mortgage statement. AFV both with Anna's red stamp, separate the coupon and put the stamp on the coupon as well. Send everything to IRS CID with a 1096/1099-A/1040-V and send the Copy B of your 1099-A back to the servicer with a letter telling them that you have acquired the account and for them to coordinate directly with CID. Be sure to make the bank the borrower and not the servicer on your 1099-A. Maybe even send another copy of the letter and Copy B directly to the bank. Then submit redacted copies of all of this to the court with a Notice of Settlement telling them that this account is now settled and to dismiss the case with prejudice and eliminate the record. If they do not respond, you can take the next step to order the CUSIP report on the case and file this number on forms 8281, 1096, 1099-OID and 1040-V with IRS in Ogden, UT. This directs the tax bill directly to the court for payment and forces them to eliminate the case off the books to,"prove" to the IRS that there is no case to pay the tax on.

  5. I work as a consultant at a public school system. They wanted me to come work for them, but I didn't want to go under contract, so we came to a agreement that I was strictly on consultant basis. Many reasons, one of which is the fact that if I did sign a contract, I would then be an "employee" of a state entity. Subject to taxation. So, I work the same hours as I would under contract, but no tax hassles. At the bottom of every "invoice" I give them each week to get paid, the following text appears:
    "This document constitutes an exchange or barter of one commodity for another; Technician's time for monetary value. No increase or "income" was generated as a result of this exchange."
    I have worked here for 8 years under this same condition. I have not filed state or federal income tax the entire time I have been here. 2009 was actually the last year I ever filed. The federal still thinks I owe them from 2010 and they bring it up again every couple of years. The last time they were serious, I just simply asked them to show me a copy of the contract we had that they were allowed to ask me to pay them, signed by both parties in wet ink signature. I included some of the maxims of law. "All law is commerce. All commerce is contracts. No contract, no law."
    So far, they haven't bothered me again. I did get a call the other day from some nut claiming to be from the IRS. They asked me my name and etc. I told them I wasn't giving them any information until they identified who they were. (Giving your name initiates a verbal contract.) After a few minutes of persistence, I did get them to identify that they were from the IRS (I noted the number). At that point, I told them that I only deal with this type of thing in writing and thanked them and told them to have a nice day and hung up. That has been two months ago and still no more contact. After we hung up, I called that number back and some lady answered and identified herself as an IRS representative. She asked what I wanted and I told her that I had just received a call from that number and was just verifying that it wasn't some scammer calling to get me to send money. The interesting thing with all this is that the call I received and also the lady that answered the call when I called back in were just like a call to technical support. Very broken, middle-eastern dialect, pseudo English. Hard to understand. So, was it truly the IRS? Or was it actually a scammer posing. The truth of it is that whether or not they were actually IRS is irrelevant. They were scammers either way!
    Ya'll have a GREAT DAY

    1. "This document constitutes an exchange or barter of one commodity for another; Technician's time for monetary value. No increase or "income" was generated as a result of this exchange."

      Thank You Doug for this Priceless contribution and Living "Disclaimer" shared for All here! Awesome story too!!

      Stay True, Stand Strong! Living Victory Is Ours to Declare and choose Now

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now

    2. Read the definition of income in the statutes. It has nothing to do with an individual's labor and only applies to corporations. When you exchange your labor in whatever capacity for money, it is considered an even exchange and is not an increase which is what the definition of income is. Income (or loss) = money received - cost of goods sold.

    3. As long as we continue to use their satanic (monopoly) money in any fashion we are complicit
      The country needs to produce it's own currency period
      Once they shut the debit cards off and the supply of the fiat money then what?
      This is where their solution (the rfid chips) comes in to play
      Videos all over the web today about the UK implementing the rfid chip for everyone - this is no accident and has been planned by the very bankers that created the monopoly money problem to begin with
      You see how that works
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. must be one he'll of a teacher for the school district to hire you on that basis, because they are definitely corporate and highly regulated....what are you teaching...!!

    5. Doug, I fail to think that any employer anywhere today, would hire anyone and then allow that hiree to dictate the terms of their employment. Where I live, that would never work. They would just say we will find someone else for the job, then what? This would be especially true in any State gov. job.
      I have worked in payroll and in Accounting and Accounts Payable and Receivable, and there would be some special accommodations needed, in order to make arrangements for consultant/employees and also a 1099 would be required, so I don't quite see how they would easily agree to your terms of ''employment''.

      It would also require a company or state facility like that, to make adjustments to their annual Budget, not to mention having to answer possible questions that might come from the School Board.

    6. And how are the schools, school boards and teachers paid? By taxpayers. hmmm. And i suppose Doug is also a victim just as Anna and all her followers?
      Do any of you see a contradiction here?

    7. Hey Doug! Thanks for posting here your outrageous story! I especially love the IRS possible scam part since both possibilities r still a scam💛🎶

    8. Abby; you apparently don't understand Doug's situation. Doug is deemed an independent contractor. As such, the party paying Doug is not required to withhold. The language on his invoice doesn't affect the school district one iota, but rather, puts the burden on the criminals to prove there was a "gain" involved, subject to tax. The school district no doubt still deducts sums paid to Doug as expenses so, the acid test will be, if and when, the criminals try to collect from Doug.

    9. Jack, yes I do understand how Doug's situation is different. What I am saying is that when his Invoice is paid to him, it is the same as any other Bill and is therefore a Payable. And when a bill is paid, to,say....ABC company, then at the end of the year those Vendors are to be given a 1099 Form, ordinarily.

      And so Doug's payment would also require the company to issue him a 1099, which then they are mandated to send to the IRS the same as all other Forms of payment, such as paychecks. Companies do not want to get into any trouble with the IRS, lol, so they do as they are told.

      1099's have a space for SS # or EIN# and it ultimately comes back at whoever got paid, regardless of how they got paid, of for what.

      Yes, I fully understand the Company Doug ''works for' is not responsible for taking out any taxes or any other deductions - - however they have other ways of reporting such payments - the 1099.
      I should add though that the 1099 is not supposed to put SS # on them, but somebody at the IRS created a space for it anyhow, hoping it will intimidate companies to fill in that space, thinking they must do so. Not true, but ........

      Maybe Doug can tell us if he is issued a Form 1099, and how he handles that.

    10. P.S. I am for all workers to be 'employed' in this same fashion as Doug has done.

  6. One more thing I would like to point out about Trump that no other patriot or anyone else has every done to change our justice system....he is ordering that so called crimes only dealing with possession of drugs cannot be sent to jail...!! Now you need to to go one step further judge Anna.....take his start and totally decriminalize drugs completely.....not even a ticket...!! Then you won't have all these high speed chases which put innocent people in danger because the cops are escalating the problem by chasing people all over the city's and counties...then if a cop kills someone by chasing someone, instead of the cop being charged with that crime, they pin it on the guy evading the cop...when it's his fault in the first place for chasing someone at high speed.....absolute stupidity...!!

    1. james; if true, then Trump must do so by an Executive Order because only the legislative branch is empowered to make law, albeit this power has also been usurped by various alphabet agencies. Do you have a cite, regarding this Order by Trump?

  7. Ever hear of the Fraternal Order of the Police - they take a separate oath to their charter and they have no obligation to the people - none
    They have their own private little club just like the lawyers and judges do too
    I would wager to say that the fire departments are also part of a private membership association as well as they have been able to opt out of 5G being installed around their stations
    And while everyone goes to work for their monopoly money and pays their taxes this is what is going on around the country while they pass it off as 'climate change' 'global warming' to herd you in to planned FEMA Mega City SMART Cities in stack and pack concrete jungles and yes make you pay more taxes to breathe too
    Purposely burning down California for their America 2050 plans
    People of CA been fighting for years to keep their property over this so if they don't comply they just burn it down - you see how this is working
    You can bet they probably did the same thing in Texas and other states across the country and they are all working together, the cops, the courts, the judges, all of them in their secret little societies
    Same thing with SMART meters on your house if you don't comply you will be dealth with or you will be charged extra monopoly money to have a different meter
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Yes, I know the cops have a special club and the courts protect them, but doesn t make it right...!!

  8. If anyone out there wants to ask these people the questions above, here is a link to all their addresses:

  9. 1Freeman, thanks you for sharing your success using post # 928 docs! Your successes are motivating. I located post 928 and will get them perfected and recorded. I have the same issue with alleged tax debt unlawfully applied to the NAME by incorrect application of IRS code-statues. I will review the 3 steps you shared and the forms you showed. I may have some questions as I am not sure about some of the acronyms in your instructions.
    RM number

    In the light!

    Galatians 5:1
    Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

    1. Hey Regulator, love your tag verse. If the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus frees me from the law of sin and death.
      RM = Registered Mail
      COLB = Certificate Of Live Birth as opposed to a BC = BIrth Certificate
      Post your email if you need any help offline.

    2. Regulator, did you note that 1FreeMan corrected his cited article to #639? Good luck and please let us know what happens.

    3. My email is
      I located 639, thanks for the correction and replies!

    4. My pleasure. Just sent you an email.

  10. So we should not pay taxes yet they are our employees?
    Donald Trump is the greatest thing going yet we should not vote, nor participate in the system.
    Yet 'they' and the military work for us.
    is that the gist of it?

    1. Who is the "they", to whom you're referring? The agencies, ( IRS, FBI, CIA, BLM, DHS, etc.) are all for-profit, corporations. These corporations are under contract, presumably, to the corporate US, Inc. As such, it's the US, Inc.'s responsibility to pay for their services. The income tax does not pay for any services rendered by the US government...PERIOD! 100% of income tax is paid to the Federal Reserve as payment of debt for the fiat money counterfeitted by the Federal Reserve and then borrowed by the US government! All services rendered by the US government, (defense, infrastructure, etc.), are paid with taxes collected by the US government via imposts, duties, and excise taxes. The federal income tax is, and always has been, a huge fraud perpetrated by treasonous foreign agents, i.e., those in the federal government, working in a criminal conspiracy with the international bankers!

    2. a follower, Jack is correct here. Our income taxes do not go toward paying for anything for The People. It is just pouring money down the toilet. So,no, we should not pay 'income taxes'. Also, look at how 1FreeMan explained it.

    3. If they are our employees, how do they get paid?

    4. They help themselves to federal debt against taxes collected.

    5. This is why they pass new "bills" all the time.

  11. Its easy to see that everything is now so entangled, worse than a spiders web, that cannot be untangled because nobody can even find the beginning from the end of the web. And on top of all that, mens hearts are deceived and deceiving, full of dishonesty and deviousness, who love being the way they are. When there is this depth of deception and selfish ulterior motives among such a vast amount of mankind, how can anyone even fathom any 'fixing' ever being done by Man.

    I would even guess that .0000001% of you has any idea of the true underhanded workings going on in california. Wait till you see; china is involved;why do you think the politics of calif. has gone rogue anti-american, communist and so adamantly anti-trump? This is all far more nefarious than most of you can even imagine right now. And I am guessing that as soon as ''the southern invasion force' hit the barbed wire, all hell will being to show its ugly face and a new kind of ''fire' will start and go wild.
    America is already gone.

    1. California is the major test for Agenda 21/30/50. The Rothschild's have a controlling interest in and/or own, PGE which is behind the criminal activities if burning Californians from their homes. There is also credible evidence that DEW's are being used to initiate the highly unusual burning and results of which are not consistent with a normal forest or other naturally occurring fire. It's also speculated that Smart meters are a contributing factor. The fact that insurance companies are refusing to insure any homes rebuilt in the burn areas, as is also the case on the east coast where the recent hurricanes caused tremendous damage, tells you that these insurance companies are in cahoots with the PLAN, just as they F'D us over on the so-called, Affordable Health Care" law!

    2. I grew up on a farm, and it was common knowledge that all the farmers would rake up piles of brush and brambles and burn them. Ive seen dozens of them and I know what an ordinary lit brush fire looks like; it is rather slow to burn, is not fast burning and takes awhile. They were always watched carefully to make sure they did not go further than intended. They would be very easy to put out before they really got much flame.

      Ive also seen them when they were hard to get ignited, so a little gasoline was used, and especially if they wanted to speed them up. That particular type of flame is vicious and travels very fast.
      This is they same type of flaming and viciousness we see in these calif. fires.

      As teenagers our clubs used to have activities such as weiner roasts along with marshmallows. A small fire had to be built and get some hot coals going from the wood, and it took a bit of time for that to happen. We've all seen these in movies, taking place on beaches. So if you recall those and then look at calif. on fire, you know what is going on there. Its a no brainer. It is just not possible for fires to get out of control like that....if they are normal fires, even with santa ana winds.

      cube, truth bites ya?

  12. i'v know this for some time BUT not in this perfect detail; great job anna !! this country is on the verge of being taken back thanks to you and other patriots ! ken o keefe has mentioned this in many of his presentations and it is time TO STOP PAYING THESE SOB'S ; PERIOD !! .

  13. Great, now we know the particulars on the IRS fraud. Instead of just saying I am not going to volunteer anymore, how about showing us a step by step process that will get these thugs out of our lives and out of our pocket books. We need solutions Anna, not history lessons.

  14. How long will they keep doing this, you ask? Until Jesus starts pouring down fire and brimstone on them, from above.
    (for those who think Im kidding; stay tuned.)