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Monday, November 26, 2018

More Than Two Billion Years Ago

By Anna Von Reitz

More than two billion years ago on a group of planets attached to the Sirius B star system lived a race of warrior priests.  Think of them somewhat like the Jedi-- except that in addition to their abilities as warriors and philosopher priests they were also scientists and mathematicians of great ability. 

Next door to them in cosmic terms lies the star system of Orion, home of the Aryans.

The Sirians conquered the Orion star system and began a genetic breeding program to make super soldiers out of the Aryans. 

They built in a lot of special features--and bred out the ability for anything but binary "either/or" thinking.  The Aryan super soldiers were also bred to thrive in atmospheres of fear and death, and developed an ability to siphon energy from the terror and misery of the dead and dying. 

So those were the beginning two castes-- the Sirian warrior-priest-scientists and the Aryan super soldiers.  

Later they conquered the Pleiades star system and subjected the people there to act as Merchants and Traders for them. 

Members of all three castes came to Earth and set up a planetary civilization somewhat similar to the Hindu Caste System still practiced by Hindus today. 

So some of you have been faithfully concentrating on the mental and emotional discipline of melting away the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island and have become aware of what the energy blockage of thousands of "bound souls" feels like. 

Now as we continue past Bardsey Island and pass the healing wave of energy over the European Continent you will notice that there is a giant blockage over Rome itself.   The entire city is built on human bones and blood.  You can still view the catacombs and once you start to think about all the charnel houses and "holy relics" and venerated corpses in Catholic Churches it will become apparent that a Death Cult is involved in all of this. 

That Death Cult and the system of numbered "seals" created by this Death Cult is a holdover from the Aryan super soldiers -- as it served a double purpose. 

Remember that these bred-for-battle beings feed off the energy of fear and death and dying. By encapsulating large numbers of dead bodies and binding the dead and dying souls to these locations, they were not only using them to block the Earth's energy conduits, they were creating food caches for themselves. 

So when the seals are removed two benefits are achieved-- we restore the balance of the Earth's energy system and deprive the Aryans of their food sources. 

There is a similar food cache in New York City and another Seal there, that was formed by the miserable bodies of 15,000 largely Negro slaves who were worked to death to build the city and whose bodies were piled up like cord wood and left to rot along the ghastly corridor of Wall Street.

You will find the same thing in Washington, DC-- again, literally thousands of largely Negro slaves were worked to death to build that city and they were dumped into huge pit graves.  The entire Capitol Mall is a giant bone pile soaked in blood and the energy of all those miserable people is bound there, forming another Seal. 

For all those of Negro descent it is a special calling to bid these ancestors peace and love and comfort and to release them at last by melting away the Seal that binds them to that time and space coordinate. 

If you wish you can all certainly "choose" your target for your greatest attention -- start your healing "wave"  concentration in NYC or Washington, DC instead of Bardsey Island if you feel drawn to do so.  Those seals have to be released, too.  

If you are Italian, you might want to start by focusing your healing and releasing power on Rome first and foremost.   

Think of all the innocent dead, collected like a squirrel collects nuts, and bound as food source and not allowed to rest or journey on for hundreds and in many cases, thousands of years? 

We have the power now to free them all and help force the remaining Aryans out of hiding. Without easy access to their stored  "food" caches and being constantly disturbed by our concentrated will to heal the Earth and release those seals and the souls trapped by them, the remaining "nests" of Aryans (sometimes called "Archons" by mistake) will be forced out, captured and transported back whence they came all these many years ago. 

Yes, Virginia, this is a spiritual and energetic war going on, and your good will and compassion and mindful intention to heal the Earth and release these seals is needed.


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  1. Anna, isn't that nice. With all of the need for valuable information that so many of us need, i.e. could use to help us with our daily personal-lives and business needs, what in-the-hell-does-this-article-do-to-help-us? NOTHING!

    Anna, quite some months ago I talked to you and then e-mailed you, asking if you could make some info, explain the meaning of, available for all of us. Info that could be used by many. I told you that I had a very large group that I'm in contact with, on a fairly regular basis, and that I had been telling them of your blogs. They were interested, as I am, but that they needed more, specific, information, but you said, that with so much to do, you just didn't have them time. But then you find time to do this useless crap.

    I have noticed that you say much, but validate very little!!!

    Anna, you seem to be off center. Get back on track. I told you that I have been in the study and application of law (never a member of the BAR) of the for the past 44 years, and that I could and would be willing to help you. You passed that off as if not interested and not needed. Really, Anna? Once in-a-while, I enjoy your articles, they have valuable information,i.e. info that can be used, in a practical manner.

    1. You are acting like a little child who doesn't understand physics and only wants to learn the alphabet. The clogged energy and suffering of the Earth and its Peoples is metaphysical first and physical second. If you understood this you would understand the need for treating the root causes and grasping at least the broad outlines of cosmic history as well as our own "national" dilemma.
      Open your mind, Calvin, because that is the key to unlocking your heart. When enough people do this, the problems you seek to cure will disappear like last year's dandelion fluff. The deceivers won't be able to deceive any longer and the whole planet will be purged of corrupt courts, politicians, and insane military leaders.

      So what came first? The chicken or the egg? The corruption of the courts or the corruption of the minds and spirits of the men operating the courts?

    2. In actuality Anna is more on track now then ever. Anna has pierced nearly every veil known in human consciousness. She can see the very core of truth as do more of us everyday. It’s called awakening, not just about law but our very existence.
      The very core of evil plaguing this planet as well as our multi dimensional reality. The fact is knowing how we got here is necessary if we are to rid ourselves and our planet of these evil beings. Collectively we have all much work to do in raising our global vibrations.
      Earth is living entity and is destined to ascend, we can ascend with her or become vibrationally incompatible. Free will;)

    3. Calvino, Firstly, Anna has provided a means of dealing in the daily. Re-claim your political status. It would appear that your 44 yrs of study have been along the wrong path if you haven't come up with solutions to date. Help Anna by getting your people on board with the American National status. Then help them to manoeuvre through the courts with Anna's tips of posts past.

      In the end, the spiritual war that is happening is the long term solution to defeating the inbreds of the heads of the snakes. Taking away the source of their survival by releasing the energies they have stored. It will also help reduce their ability to continue this mass suffering and death they have professed in plain sight through the Agenda 21 et al.

      In the end, recognize that this is HER blog, post and time to do as she pleases. Be more kind in future.

    4. Yes, wholeheartedly agree evancruz1!! The "Masks" have absolutely been broken and there IS No "thing" left to attempt to vainly hide behind for False Appearances/Graven Images of "NO Real/DEAD THING" or man-made "immunities" from "Corporate Body Politic" Falsely creating destructive, thoughts, behaviors or deeds any longer!! The Almighty Author/Principal Source of All Creation and All Heavenly hosts Are Leading our Divinely lighted Souls Now!! So Grateful!!!

      Much Soulful Gratitude, Pure Love, True Awareness and Faithful-Eternal Peace Be For All Now

    5. Agreed Dan, Thank You! Dan are you still doing "Life Coach" work and writing Inspirational articles for others publicly? Your public profile has an old blog info from 2011, and some of the Article Titles were compelling, but the links were no longer available...bummed. I would love to see some of your work and share it with others, if you are willing to share Now. Let me know. It's Time to Go Big Now!! No More playing small!!
      Thank You for your consideration!

    6. Calvino, you are right, this is all nonsense. The rest of you just prove how gullible and misguided and deceived you all are. You have fallen for your false self importance and deceived to think You have such power to 'heal'.
      I cant stop laughing at you 'little wanna be gods'' and this is just another extremely worthless article promoting Cultism with absolutely No foundation whatsoever. Yet, y'all believe it, lol.

    7. Dear Anna,when I came to the big island of Hawaii I came to Laupahoehoe Beach point.
      I was told there was good energies there to heal.
      So when I get there and step out of my van,I immediately start feeling so much pain from Souls still bound there in pain.I cried for 20 minutes I'm a psychic EMPATH.
      I walked over to a memorial where I found out why!
      A nuclear blast in the Aleutions 1946 caused a Tsunami that killed 25 Children,adolescents & adults.
      I grounded my feet and spread my arms and called upon the great Spirit and I to heal them with love and release their Souls from suffering.
      Love you

    8. There are NO trapped souls. The soul immediately leaves the body upon death and returns to God and He decides where it belongs for all eternity; either in eternal Life with Him, or in outer darkness.
      The soul was created by God and it is foolish to think he allows it to be buried in the ground, or burned up on an oven, or in the ''lost and found' somewhere. So your thinking that 'you' released them is a delusion on your part. No person was put in charge of any Souls.

  2. Wow. First time I've ever heard that explanation - and it makes sense, much sense

  3. Wow,Awe-mazing Anna, Thank You!!! We are clearly hearing and Sharing this harmonious calling to All Living-Willing Souls Now!!! Thank You Anna for sharing this written explanation, it IS greatly Appreciated!!!

    Awe-mazing Writing By E.T. Tishbite For All Living Souls:

    Much Gratitude, True Awareness, Pure Love, and Faith-filled Peace Be For All Now

  4. The Orion wars are still ongoing, service to self vs. service to others. The lower 4th dimensional astral realm is bursting with naughty demons ready and willing to take your being to a special self created hell. This is absolutely a war on consciousness as Anna points out. Much effort has been put in to the conscious numbing toxicity in our food, water, and air. Don’t trust ANY major corporate food companies. Read all ingredients and do your homework.

    Stay away from fluoride, carrageenan, high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, aspartame, and sucralose at all costs. Most people’s pineal gland calcifies by the time your 12 years old. All by design... we ain’t in the 60’s anymore;)
    The quality of our food has diminished substantially.

    Become a voice in stopping the highly unlawful practice of Weather modification AKA Geo-Engineering. This has been going on for over 5 decades unknown to most. Though over 30 million people have visited Dane Widdington’s site,
    Have doubts about this subject...?
    Look up American Elements/weather modification. (Smoking gun)
    They are involved in making the toxic soup you and everyone you know and care about is breathing. This is NOT an area in which to keep your head in the sand, it’s reaking havoc on our planet. This effects all life on Earth whether you believe or not.
    Thank you Anna!

    1. evancruz1....Stay away from floride, high fructose corn syrup, , GMO's, etc...
      That is nearly impossible, and reading labels is useless because none of the labels are true either, or they convienntly leave out ingredients that people know are harmful...!!

      If the earth needs to heal, then so do we. And the best way to do that is with frequencysfrequency and vibrations using a revival of Rilfe technologies. And now there are devices being sold on Amazon that uses Rilfe technologies to cure people from everything from.hesdaches to cancer...!! Although, they can be quite expensive....!!!

      And as far as justice is concerned, it will always be flawed if run by people...No one can judge someone's heart...certainly not a judge. We need a whole new way of thinking when it comes to having any type of court system, because it will always be used by people with power and protect hugh Corp. CEO's from prosecution and the banks...we have to remove the human factor out of the equation...!!

  5. I really hate all the misinformation out there. The Sirians were those who destroyed the Earth and the Queen of Heaven's Living Library, messed with our DNA and bodies, and have given us false teachings. They were the ones who made sure that all the information before they made us slaves to serve them was destroyed and killed all who knew the truth. Rediscovery has been hard but confirmed. Learn the truth through Wes Penre Papers.

    1. At least we know they are not gods, just extraterrestrials existing in the same dualistic 3rd dimensional reality.
      Just masters of of science and genetics, and certainly void of moral or ethical compass.
      At least as they were hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Annunaki are credited for screwing up at 3 planets we know of, their own, Earth, and Mars. Reptilians have been even more destructive but what would you expect from a race of beings that would view you as food. Regardless of what species of being they are their actions as our will ultimately define them.

  6. The Sirians are both "good" and "bad" ---- it was their "War in Heaven" that started all this, but they are also the ones who have chosen to end it. They are taking responsibility for everything that has happened and doing their part to clean it up. Blaming now does not help.

    1. Agreed Anna!! All the worldly trained "blaming and Shaming" Serves No Good-Will, never has, never Will. All IS Be-I-ng healed and Restored to its Rightful Order as intended Now!! So Grateful for these Awe-Mazing experiences We are Truly Seeing Now!!

      Much Gratitude, Pure Love, True Awareness, and Faithful Peace Be For All Now

      Ps. Sent a package your way (Your Box#) filled with Love from Arizona today!! InJoy and many blessings for you and your's Always!

  7. Rothschild’s getting out of the trust business...

  8. Anna is right on ...
    Calvino, when you comprehend that earth is alive as your physical body is alive then you understand what Anna is speaking to us.
    When capillaries and arteries are clogged in the physical body, one is sick. The flow of blood is blocked from vital organs that desperately need nutrients and minerals to sustain life. An example is my own physical body was not functioning at optima health this past summer. I chose an Acupuncturist to help me back to optimal well-being. He explained the body capillaries are very small compared to arteries & veins. And, these tiny veins make up 80% of veins in the body and easily clogged. If any of my veins are clogged from toxicity then I have aches and pains that can eventually kill me. So acupunture treatment opened up any blockage in capillaries, veins & arteries so energy can freely flow to vital organs. It puts life back into the physical body. And, the result is I have my energy & strength back and free of aches and pains
    Yes, Mother Earth is sick because of lack of free flowing energy and need a healing to gain her power to be free from any and all blockages & clogged entities.

    1. Wake up there is nothing at all wrong with the Earth. Its the PEOPLE in it that is all that is WRONG with earth. Its easy to see that People are refusing to look at them Selves as being The Problem. And by promoting all this junk, You simply continue to add to the very problems You continue to promote. But of course, deceived people cant see that they are like 'a hamster running in circles in a cage going nowhere''.

    2. People are susceptible to unseen negative influences, you are not awake unless you know this. So yes people are the problem but it began long before we of the here and now came along. We the people of now are in charge of consciousness clean up duty.
      So lead, follow, or the get out of the way!

  9. Jordan Maxwell, Please raise your hand.

  10. I think Anna is saying that if you do world work, you own problems will fade and the “what to do” then comes effortlessly.

  11. We need analytical thinking to beat the deep state in courts we want to restart common law courts and we get more Aryan basking .for one thing Arians produced the finest minds the world has ever seen . Bach , Batovean , Stinez,Plank, Maxwell , Tesla,plato,Pythagoras ,Divincie,.
    Aginst the fraud Einstein .

  12. There are no “aliens” in the terms that you guys are using. There are evil spirits that are in a different dimension, but they are allowed access to our “realm”, so to speak. The Bible makes it very clear that there is a firmament above the terra firma that we live on. No flesh body can get past that firmament.

    There is a spiritual war going on; rulers and principalities in high places. Satan‘s minions are the ones that have dominion here now. Satan himself will be here de-facto soon enough. When he is here you will know it! He’s coming here to first, fix the deadly wound to the one world political system, and second, set himself up as the ruler over the church and government, then claim to be Jesus Christ come to save everybody, and expect everybody to follow him. It is my opinion and the opinion of others that he will even have the wounds in his hands, feet, and the mark from the spear that pierced his side whilst on the cross.

    God and his angels and Satan and his demons are all in a different dimension. Have you not read that once Jesus had transfigured and been to the Father, that upon his return he showed himself to his disciples by just appearing in the place where they were meeting without using the door?
    He still had substance but was in a different dimension.

    The Bible clearly showed that Gods throne could be contained in one of the highly polished bronze machines mentioned in Ezekiel. They could look through the portholes and see it.
    If God has access to these machines, do you not think that Satan and his minions can also use these machines? It all depends on who is piloting it as to whether it is good or evil.

    Everything that is happening now is clearly laid out in the Bible, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Most people do not.


    Out of all the people that read these blogs and comment on them, I have actually found only (2) two people that have claimed to have completed Anna’s paperwork and are willing to try and help other people do the same.

    Only 2!
    Think about that for a minute let that sink in.
    All the people that supposedly or on the national assembly call, all the people that are supposed be a Michigan General assembly all the other people that visit this blog another blog like this. But only two people are willing to step up, that is a travesty!

    One of them has helped me with some paperwork and given me lots of resources to work with, The other person has not responded to me in any form or fashion yet, even though they were on an internet-based talk radio program twelve days ago and said that “they would freely respond to anybody that contacted them.” For me it has now been 7 days and all i hear is crickets.

    Somebody needs to build a site dedicated, and password-protected, for those of us that are actually completing this paperwork, and set it up so we can all exchange information privately.

    Yes, yes, This is Anna’s blog and she has the right to publish whatever she wants no matter how strange it may appear to the rest of us.
    Hey Anna, I just wish you would focus on helping people reclaim their political status instead of going off on weird science fiction stories that really have no basis in reality or fact, unless that person is into the occult.
    More detailed instructions will be a big asset. If you’re worried about safety and security, you could require that anybody that has done the first few steps send you a copy of what they have already done to prove it! As an example, you complete topic 560, you could send somebody what you recorded to prove it.

    1. @ Fruit Inspector
      "Quote:"Hey Anna, I just wish you would focus on helping people reclaim their political status instead of going off on weird science fiction stories that really have no basis in reality or fact, unless that person is into the occult."

      I think Anna said it well earlier: ""So what came first? The chicken or the egg? The corruption of the courts or the corruption of the minds and spirits of the men operating the courts?"" Fiction? Occult? No basis in reality or fact? Before your tongue can wag your brain has to engage, if that isn't spirit what is it? If you believe there are evil spirits, then you must believe there are beneficial spirits.

      Quote: "Somebody needs to build a site dedicated, and password-protected, for those of us that are actually completing this paperwork, and set it up so we can all exchange information privately. "

      I nominate you to set up the site dedicated. Then you can have all the knowledge first hand ahead of everyone else.

      Anna has enough on her plate and no funds to allocate to the cost of creating and maintaining one as you describe.

      Perhaps talk to Calvino, he has 44 yrs into law and should be able to adapt Anna's editable forms for you. Create a site on Wix, with a forum plugin or something like that.

      I would set one up but I am Canadian and no one would follow the format just on that fact alone, not because it wouldn't work.

  13. To be clear, this is the Lincoln County Watch blog and belongs to Paul Stramer who is the admin for the blog.

    It's just that I promised Anna I would publish her stuff as she writes it, even if I don't agree with what she is writing in a particular article. So I have my "bully pulpit" so to speak, if I want to exercise it, and I have the unenviable job of moderating the comments section, and Anna does some of that also whenever she can.
    I also own the domain name where I keep a running index of all of Anna's articles exactly as she has written them, in effect being her publisher for those articles.
    She writes things as she see them, and I write what I see as the truth also. It's up to the reader to discern what we write according to your own knowledge. All either of us can do is present and persuade. We write our opinions, and nothing more. So use the comments sections on each article to voice your opinion and above all keep the discussion civil, and on the issues, and avoid uncharitable personal attacks and foul language. See our guidelines at the top of the page in blue.

    1. Kelli, you are just about the biggest Bully that comes in here. Just look at your own comment here ! You just continuously show that you are incapable of understanding much of anything, so let me straighten you out:
      Your 'poor rose sweat'' posted bulldung new age worthless crap and it got pointed out for the sake of keeping gullible folks from falling into that mess.
      Secondly, Paul did NOT say ANY of what you are accusing him of. The problem is that you have next to zero reading comprehension skills; you can't seem to digest what people are saying........Ever. You are consistently going way out in left field.
      Time for You to go take a good long look in the Mirror and start admitting all the shortcomings You have an endless supply of.
      You happen to be guilty of just about every thing you try to lay on others. Open your eyes!

    2. I appreciate your interesting plan. Poetic and a good read.

  14. I know, people in Scientology with high OT/operating minds can help and release trapped souls of dead body people, animals. I do not recommend to join official so called Church of Scientology as it is, unfortunately, infiltrated by evil creatures in people`s bodies. Instead, you can find Scientologists who left this now-evil org and they are connected and helping each other and all who want to learn about this GREAT Technology.


  15. Here is a link to free download Scientology Technology books and to see if it is for you.

    Here is a link for some lecture by Ron Hubbard:

  16. Anna does all the ones Hitler killed linked to the Ley Lines also?

  17. I mean that has to be cleared too please!

  18. In support of Anna's perspective, I'm fond of the concept that everything vibrates, including our bodies, and our senses receive and interpret vibrations of specific frequencies. It seems only reasonable to consider that through cultural variations, DNA, spiritual training, or extended Grace from our Creator, those entities, events, and conditions that are obvious to one may be invisible to another. We all bring something of value to the table or we wouldn't have found our way here. We don't have to agree on the details to get on with our part of the Work. Anna has been pushing on our unconscious agreement as to the Nature of Reality from day one, encouraging us to get conscious, look behind the 'presentation' and be responsible for ourselves and our relationships. I'm over 70, my income is $580, my overhead is $1500. Every month I manage to get by. I'm still chopping wood and packing water. I haven't done my paperwork. Thank you, Anna, for this post. I knew about the Vatican and the catacombs, and knew the wars have been feeding IT, right up to the weaponized immigration of Europe from the south, and the same move being pulled here on our Mexican border, as well as some of the economics behind those moves. I didn't know about
    Bardsey Island, but wondered why some of the old teachings about a balanced and respectful relationship with the Earth never made it down the generations. I didn't know about Wall Street or DC, but it makes sense now. I'm familiar with the enduring grief in Indian Country, that many of us seldom get a glimpse of. I came in as part of the post-war baby boom and watched most of my genetic selection get chewed up in Vietnam. I support this prayer.

  19. I listened to Manly Palmer Hall describe energy grids around the planet and added that any action taken involving another where one benefits due to the others loss creates toxic energy. There are so many people or were as it changes, who take the benefit of others loss, ( slavery). Book of Enoch says anyone doing this, like being a parasite upon others, will not be counted amongst the living in the Book of Life.
    At times the energy has been really positive and healthy, artistic creative times, happier, more happy celebrations, better weather and more build up of good energy, the planet as well is healthier, trees, water etc. Lately bad energy like Bardsey Island and necessary part of the "grid" are toxic, weak and plugged. Love, caring, sharing, kindness, giving and along those lines. All the death and stuff, wars, killing other horrendous events are creating disharmony. Think of listening to the Earth with a giant ear. Would it sound pretty and in tune?

  20. "But the modeling concepts in clay part seems like it would actually be OK, especially if you're the artistic type. There was one kid who would spend hours crafting the most beautiful sculptures. He got in trouble for it, of course. Delphi does not encourage that kind of artistic sensibility. The supervisors literally told him to make stick figures just like everybody else. That poor kid didn't last long. His final act of rebellion was to purposely fail the examination for the human anatomy course. (All Delphi students always get 100 percent on their exams. If they miss a question, they are required to restudy it until they pass.) This kid intentionally messed up his answers about the reproductive system so badly that he was required to represent that system in clay. His response was to sculpt the most fabulously pornographic depiction of Michelangelo-level copulation ever created.

    He was expelled from the school."

    1. "Delphi, of course, puts the literary works of Mr. Hubbard right up there with Shakespeare. If you have not had the misfortune to read much Hubbard, then I will spare you the misery and let you know that his writing is terrible. Hubbard's abominable Mission Earth books feature aggressively bizarre stereotypes like Miss Pinch and Miss Candy, two psychopathic lesbians who have sex with dogs, and Torpedo Fiaccola, a mobster hitman who psychiatrists have turned into a necrophiliac. But don't you dare laugh at it😅ibid


  22. "So what makes these schools ‘Scientology’ schools?
    The student graphing, heavy focus on clay demos, and the self-study checksheet-checkout method were all devised by L. Ron Hubbard. These are exactly the same study methods that are used in a standard Scientology church courseroom.
    The discipline and punishment methods are also those used in Scientology churches. Students are taught at a very young age to write reports on the doings and wrong-doings of others, including themselves, and give these reports to the disciplinary officer, called the “ethics officer”. Some believe this creates a safe environment where students apply discipline to themselves and each other, but this causes other students to feel unsafe, stripped of privacy, and unable to trust their peers.
    Punishment is also meted out “the Scientology way”. Students who get in trouble are sent to see the ethics officer. Typical “reform” activities include having the student write down every wrongdoing he can think of that he has ever committed, and give this report to the ethics officer. The ethics officer keeps these reports in the student’s file. Students are also often asked to “do conditions”. For more information about conditions, go here.
    Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, while Scientology schools bill themselves as non-denominational, anyone who persists in expressing a reluctance to participate in the Scientology-heavy aspects of the curriculum is punished or expelled. There have even been one or two reports of well-behaved Scientology children getting thrown out of Scientology schools because their parents were in trouble with the church."

    1. "Is there much drug / alcohol abuse at Scientology schools?

      Happily, no. In fact, as hard as it may be to believe in this day and age, drug and alcohol abuse rarely happens on campus. Scientology kids are very, very opposed to drugs, and are even hesitant to take mild painkillers. This attitude, coupled with faculty encouragement for students write reports on the misdeeds of their fellows, are key factors in creating this drug-free environment." Ibid 😂

  23. "Sea Org members make a lifetime commitment to Scientology by signing a billion-year contract that is officially described as a symbolic pledge.[14] In exchange, members are given free room and board, and a small weekly allowance. Sea Org members agree to strict codes of discipline, such as disavowing premarital sex, working long hours (on average at least 100 hours per week)[15] and living in communal housing, referred to as "berthings".[16] They are allowed to marry, but must relinquish their membership if they have or want to raise children.[17]"

  24. Scientology? Really Leland? There have been too many heresies to count since Jesus Christ walked this earth. This is just another one. Started in 1952. Really? Claims to be a religion, yet has no specific teaching about who or what God is? And we are supposed to take this seriously? You have got to be kidding.