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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Like I Said Months Ago -- It's Not the Russians, It's the Brits, Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Just a reminder to those who insist on thinking of the British Government as friendly and sane.  

Want to know who really interfered in the last election?  The Brits. 

And how did they interfere?  By trying to prevent Trump's election, and then by trying to undermine his presidency.   

Always they are at the bottom of the dog pile. Always.  It is always some aspect of the British Government at fault, doing the dirty, provoking the stinking outcome, stirring the pot, interfering, stealing, lying, cheating, and involving us in their bad behavior:  


  1. Repost🎯

  2. One must remember that BAR attorneys often call themselves Esquire, which is a "title of nobility" aligned with "the Brits", forbad to act in official government positions, as they are truly foreign agents. No wonder America is so messed up... these foreign agents have been working diligently against Americans in many forums :(

  3. Both Peter Trotzok and Lisa Page were caught on camera in London.
    They met with Christopher Steele who was an ex-MI6 agent to write up the false dossier paid by Hillary using Fusion GPS and rubber stamped by Judge Ohr. So yes, England is definitely involved. But this is now a global cabal were dealing with and England is no longer the kingpin, there just part of the central banking system now, like everyone else. The central banking system has control of all 3 branches of gov't and all political gov't of every country. England just turns out all the Attorneys in the World to help the global agenda move forward.


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