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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hold the Presses -- This is Incredible 2.0 Recap

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday we began discussion of comments attributed to former Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. He served in the U.S. House for ten years and in the Senate for ten more before retiring in 2015.
Bearing in mind that we still don't have confirmation that Harkin actually said all this, if even a small part of this is typical of what members of Congress think and are taught about our history, we are in a heap of trouble and they, like everyone else, need to be brought up to speed.
The first off-the-wall idea was that the Constitutions and the Federal Code went out the window because of the 1933 bankruptcy and going off the gold standard.
Let's try to get this in perspective.
We contract for certain governmental services with the British Territorial United States and its corporations. This would be analogous to contracting with a Property Management Corporation that also has subcontractors that work for it: a carpentry subcontractor, a lawn mowing contractor, a trash removal contractor, a snowplowing contractor.... got the picture?
So the trash removal subcontractor went bust in 1933, stopped accepting gold as payment, and started offering I.O.U.'s in lieu of paying for its debts.
That really has nothing much to do with us, does it? And it doesn't change what we are owed in terms of services by the parent Property Management Corporation, either. Our contract with them is still the same and it is their problem how they are going to get the trash removed. Not ours.
It's the same thing with the 1933 bankruptcy. They stopped accepting gold as payment. We paid in silver instead. They started using I.O.U.'s instead of paying for their own debts. That's on them. And on their Parent Corporation. Not us.
We are the Employer in this situation, and what is owed to us is owed to us regardless of how the Parent Corporation or their subcontractors operate or what they do with their money, and if they don't provide the service, we simply take out the trash ourselves or hire someone else.
What we recently discovered was an outrageous and undisclosed ploy by Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposing that we "gift" ourselves and our assets as collateral backing the debts of their failed trash removal company---to underwrite their I.O.U.s. And then we discovered the actual means by which they extorted all these "gifts" under color of law.
So the dirt is all on them and none on us, thanks. This whole debacle is now back on the laps of the Queen and the Pope, who are the Principals responsible.
We are their Priority Creditors by several country miles as a result of all this malfeasance, fraud, extortion, and racketeering under color of law, and their only hope is that we agree to settle this without blowing them off the face of the Earth.
The Constitution(s) owed to us are not affected by their bankruptcy, and all the debts they piled up "in our names" without our knowledge and free consent are fraudulent, going back to 1860, because, as we have discovered, 1933 was not the first round of this chicanery.
The other idea that the Senator exposed is the idea that the Federal Code somehow went "out the window" because of the bankruptcy and end of the gold standard being used by their corporations.
What happened in fact is that a Municipal Corporation doing business as the "UNITED STATES" came in and took over the trash removal contract by a process of "assumpsit". That is, nobody at the Parent Corporation asked us, they simply moved in a new subcontractor to continue taking out the trash. We have no contract with the "UNITED STATES" but because we received the trash service from them, we assumed the contract and paid them for it.
But assumption of contracts swings both ways.
We assumed and paid the contract under the provisions of the actual Constitutions, and the assumption that they owe us in return is that they are continuing to operate under the Constitutions and according to their published rules, codes, and regulations.
Any deviation from that quid pro quo is not allowed, and in order for it to be allowed, they would have to make a very substantial Public Notice and Public Disclosure regarding the "sun setting" of the Federal Code. They would also have to stop publishing the Federal Code and stop using the Federal Code for administrative purposes and stop referencing it in court cases and stop repealing and amending and adding to it, too.
Anything else would, as I explained, amount to knowing and purposeful constructive fraud by the members of the Congress.
We have seen plenty of evidence of fraud and wrong-doing by the Congress and its members as a whole, but if Senator Harkin didn't understand these facts and circumstances after twenty years in Congress (and Tom Harkin was by far not the dumbest man in Congress) -- the only thing we can conclude is that the men and women in Congress are being misled by their legal advisers and dumbed down so that they make wrong decisions based on wrong information.
It is up to us to inform them and hold them and their Parent Corporation sponsors-- the Queen and the Pope-- feet first to the fire. Get out your pens and paper, Campers, and send this to the appropriate Congressional Delegation that is supposed to be serving your state of the Union.
You might also drop a line to:
Office of the Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
Post Office Box 19519 - 2500 CM
The Hague The Netherlands
The "US" is not a party to the Hague Conventions, but they are party to the Geneva Conventions, and any enslavement racket involving securitization and personage of living people under color of law, especially innocent Third Parties who were never involved in their "wars" in the first place, is a major faux pas.
We would, of course, like full recognition of our claims against them and the deplorable fraud that has been practiced against our States and our People, by treaty partners who owed us far, far better treatment and whose bacon we saved through two World Wars.
Let all the innocent American blood shed at Bull Run and Gettysburg, at Flanders and in the Argonne Forest, the boys who gave their lives in North Africa and Normandy, in Germany and Japan and Okinawa and Korea and Vietnam---- let their blood rise up and reproach the very souls of the criminals responsible for this -- if they have souls. And if they do not repent, may they come to a swift and certain end without the protection of man or God.


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  1. Leland,
    You say i have comprehension problems?
    Did you happen to comprehend the last paragraph of the above article?
    "Let all the innocent American blood shed at Bull Run and Gettysburg, at Flanders and in the Argonne Forest, the boys who gave their lives in North Africa and Normandy, in Germany and Japan and Okinawa and Korea and Vietnam---- let their blood rise up and reproach the very souls of the criminals responsible for this -- if they have souls. And if they do not repent, may they come to a swift and certain end without the protection of man or God."
    "If they have souls?"
    This does not bother you at all, this again raises no questions?

    1. All life forms r Souls first CJ. How they eventually recognize themselves as Soul can take countless lifetimes, of course ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    2. should u care to pursue conversations pertinent to whatever dear CJ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’›

    3. I thought that when The Almighty gives us the breath of Life (Spirit) and breathes it into our bodies (made of dust / matter), we become a living being (a living soul).

    4. Soul with a physical body, yes...then those dream bodies @ the same time we use when visiting St. Paul's various higher vibrational heavens life after life ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ฅ

  2. Would like you all to start seeing the contradictions, the confusion, and Yes,yes,yes the lies and misleading scripture references.
    Found (was led to) this this morning:

    New Human New Earth Societies.

    Do any of you recall this? We are not humans?
    "And Eve is why you are part of "Mankind" and not "Humans" A direct quote from this article:

    Do you also remember how Anna was possibly going to take some time off, spend time with family, get caught up on stacks and stacks of paperwork? ("Living Law firm Work?"
    Well she has not been quiet. She has written approx. 72 articles in the last 30 days. So how much True "Living Law firm Work" has she got accomplished?
    Oh , and yes we need your $$$ to keep granny in new shoes.

    1. From Anna Von Reitz:

      I write very quickly and it is not any commentator's guess as to how I get all this information to share?

      You think we sit on our butts and this all just floats by?

      What a foolish thing to think, when the evidence of our vast efforts is right in front of your eyes.

      I think you just need to go home and study the Good Book some more.

  3. Anna Von Reitz is mistaken about her her ending comments above as u correctly pointed out a follower.

    Thank u for posting about her contradictory error.

    "First, and foremost, I love you all.  All.  Even the Bad Actors. Our Father has purposed that all will be saved and not one left behind.  Remember that.  Not one.
    Remember this, too--- that love is the most important thing you can give, and I give it freely to each and every one of you reading this today.  "  YEAH!๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ค☻^

  4. As for your ongoing ridiculous biblical nonsense adherences a follower...that is your problem this lifetime...not mine whatsoever ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    1. Armus is in reference to UCADIA being deleted here yet once again ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I for one have never claimed that status...!! How in the hell can you have 300 million people living in a country all being Soverign (Kings)..!!

    When you live amongst that many people, the most you can have is 80% freedom, not 100%...!!
    A soverign with some disabilities and limitations...we don't all live on farms with our next door neighbor 3 miles away....In Calif. we all live on top of one another which is bound to cause trouble if someone doesn t want to be reasonable....!!

    Me, I'm happy if the courts would just recognize my statustatus as an American non-citizen National....!!

  6. Worth repeating:

    "Vanity IS at the core of ALL this FEAR-"FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL" based programmed mental worldly "mind games" of this man-made "BEAST System" delusion played upon and being played out by our own weak, physical, narrow and shallow mindedness. Time to See it Now, Take responsibility Now and consciously choose to Change it Now!" We


    vanities (plural noun)
    excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.
    "it flattered his vanity to think I was in love with him" · "the personal vanities and ambitions of politicians"
    conceit · conceitedness · self-conceit · narcissism · self-love · self-admiration · self-regard · self-absorption · self-obsession · self-centredness · egotism · egoism · egocentrism · egomania · pride · haughtiness · arrogance · boastfulness · swagger · imperiousness · cockiness · pretension · affectation · airs · show · ostentation · vainglory · braggadocio
    denoting a person or company that publishes works at the author's expense.
    "a vanity press"
    the quality of being worthless or futile.
    "the vanity of human wishes"
    futility · uselessness · pointlessness · worthlessness · purposelessness · idleness · fruitlessness · profitlessness

  7. Idiots. Idiots abound and grows worse by the day.

  8. So many levels of idiocy since WW2 r being exposed daily by those who have done the research however๐Ÿ’ฅ๐ŸŽถ

    "The author spends a few weeks perusing the literature, which he summarizes in this 18,000 word article, and concludes that the Holocaust story relentlessly hammered into the public consciousness by Jewish-owned Hollywood and media is a load of baloney. He suspects that when the lie comes crashing down, a political earthquake will ensue.

    "I wouldn’t be surprised if our current Holocaust narrative eventually suffers that same fate (total collapse), perhaps with unfortunate consequences for those too closely associated with having maintained it."

  9. Anna - you keep referring to 'The Queen and The Pope'. Should it not be 'The Crown' (which is the 'City of London' incorporated corporation in the square mile, and 'The Vatican' (which is Vatican City) the incorporated corporation.