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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Get It Together, People

By Anna Von Reitz

I can't believe some of the nonsense I am hearing. Cart in front of the horse doesn't begin to describe it.

For beginners, people living as British Territorial "inhabitants" have no standing, right, or power to organize anything pretending to represent this country. 
We are here, present, acting for ourselves now. 
No "representatives" needed, thanks.

This is the reason why you all have to make your declarations of political status and move your Good Name back onto the land jurisdiction of this country officially BEFORE you can set up and operate a lawful Jural Assembly.

British Territorial "inhabitants" function as "persons" and when they set up a court they act as a "Jural Society". Okay? Two different groups, two different political statuses, two different jurisdictions. 
They occupy a part of the sea jurisdiction and the rest of us, the "people" as opposed to the "persons" occupy the land.

Without land, you don't have a country. 
Without a country, you have nothing to stand upon, therefore, you have "no standing". 
Without land, you are just a "legal fiction entity"--- a "person", a business, a THING -- with no port to call home, no Public Law, and no way to operate effectively in your own best interest.

There is no such thing as "Nation States" as in "Nation States Assembly" or "Congress" or anything of the sort. Never mentioned in any historical documents, no history, no standing to act for any State of the Union. Just something someone heard and misunderstood and then bulled ahead without thinking and tried to apply.

I cannot stress enough that there is a logic to everything. There is a history to everything. And until you have it straight, you can't build a solid foundation to act upon.

International law is thousands of years old. It has its own conventions. It has definitions. A "nation" is not a "state, through several "nations" can occupy a "state" and we sometimes talk for convenience sake about nation-states, there is no such thing as a Nation State in international law and it is completely silly to think that you are going to found some new "Republic" on verbiage you pulled out of a hat and made up that has no history, no provenance, and no authority as a result.

In international law, it's first in time, first in line. The government of this country in international jurisdiction has been established for over 200 years and has never changed, never been affected by all the frou-frou-rah and changes and disasters of the so-called "Federal Government" which is a subservient government under contract to provide nineteen services as a subcontractor.

The "Federal Government" as is well-known operates under "Delegated Powers" --- well, folks, who or what do you think "delegated" those powers? And obviously, if there are "delegated powers", that implies that there are "non-delegated powers", too? 
The entity that delegated those powers was The United States of America [Unincorporated] and when the subcontractors go tits up, as they just did, and we step forward to receive back our Delegated Powers as we just did--- guess what? By Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers return to us, not some new version of federal contractor that wants to get a new contract by assumption.

There is no way that some Johnny-come-lately cobbled together effort made by British Territorial Citizens dba "Republic" can "stand for" this country any longer. That part of our history and that kind of usurpation is over.

The actual living people who are not "persons" and not "citizens" of the watery realm have shown up and taken back their "delegated powers" and are here to conduct their own business. 
We are not confused and we are not deceived. We don't mistake any foreign wannabe subcontractors for our own land jurisdiction government and we won't accept any more British or French cuckoo bird operations usurping against our actual government and pretending to "represent" us. 
We woke up. All the way up. And now, Federales, you need to negotiate a new contract --- not try to bluff your way into usurping against our lawful government again. 
The United States of America is the sovereign government of this country in international jurisdiction and it always has been and God-willing, it always will be. We operate as States populated by people, not as "States of States" inhabited by persons. 
Furthermore, we are the ones who hold and are owed the credit side of the ledger --- the National Credit our country is owed. The "Federal" entities only have access to the debt side of the ledger and responsibility for paying the National debt. 
So if you want to get through this and have jobs and be free of the debt, wake up! 
We are your employers. 
We have the money and credit to pay for your services and discharge your debts. All you can do is go ever more deeply into debt and keep on bankrupting yourselves in the vain hope of bankrupting your way to prosperity. 
So thanks, but no thanks, Nathan. We figured out the schtick. Another version of the same old crap won't do.


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  1. and try they will. It is difficult to learn that Santa is a fiction and some have difficulty with that.

    1. Try the easter bunny.. A male rabbit running around with the eggs from a female chicken.. What a pervert and sexual predator๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ but hey good excuse....

  2. C. Johnson, of all posters, you are the best! Thank you!

  3. Remember this one? The History and current status of the Whitesnake.
    Check this out, & There are no coincidenses!
    Dragon energy unleashed.
    Open your eyes people!
    The GOP Needs an Infusion of Kanye's Dragon Energy
    6 days ago - Kanye's dragon energy is being unleashed, and we must not fight this phenomenon. Like Trumpism, it must be something that is developed ...
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    Pretty good video below:

  4. C. I agree. I have always been suspicious of any title, be it citizen, Citizen, or national, any kind of national. A national is one who pledges allegiance to a nation or a state. A nation is a group of people with a similar culture who have drawn a line around a geographical location and declared this is our territory, like a wolf peeing on the rocks and trees. They set up a state which governs the territory much as the alpha wolf does.

    But, why would the creator(s) of a thing pledge allegiance to its creation? The State owes its existence to the people who created it. I, for one, am tired of states insisting on attaching labels to its creators. You must be this or that to have standing. I have news for them, I am Man and as such I am superior to ALL man's creations. I choose to associate with and be a participant of a particular nation because I prefer the way the people of that nation have decided to organize their affairs. I have standing within that nation because I am one of the people who created it and allows it to exist. Any other requirement is an arbitrary edict of a State or government, if you will, trying to usurp my sovereignty.

    That includes the right to exclude those who are not part of my nation, much like the wolf excludes the neighboring pack.

    This does not, however, grant permission to the state to violate natural law no matter what nation a man chooses to be part of.

    Better to call oneself one of the people of a particular nation than to assume a title or label concocted by the State to hobble its creators.

  5. Thank You C.Johnson!
    The capacity to learn is a gift...The ability to learn is a skill... The willingness to learn is a choice. Its time Now, choose wisely!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

  6. Frankly, Im sick of all this 'municipal, land, sea, air, people vs. person' Word Game. To me it is utter nonsense and similar to picking out needles from a haystack kind of thing.
    And the ''who we are'' bullcrap. Who doesn't know who they are; whats up with all that. What a way to wile away one's life.

    It really is pretty simple to figure out; satan is the god of this world, and isn't that pretty obvious? And so I am just saying he has designed all this stupid stuff and intends to occupy your life with it; making it a puzzle for y'all to figure out and now we have a bunch of people playing his game.
    Playing tit for tat. Hell, take it to the world court and nip it to hell in the bud and be done with it; why go about this the long agonizing way.
    Time for an out and out lawsuit doncha think, otherwise yer gonna be here for decades at this rate.
    Just sayin'

  7. Thanks for posting CJ. I ALWAYS read everyone I can find๐Ÿ–’

    Kim who?๐Ÿ˜…

  8. C. Johnson , it is NOT "AMERICA", , , It's "America." Thank You very much !!!

  9. Lee Wanta has said long ago that he will happily pay off the national debt and also pay the full price for the Wall..........but 'they' will not let loose of his Trillions that he is in charge of as the Ambassador appointed by President Reagan. This is what has been happening even AFTER the Court ruled in Wanta's favor.

    That Court Order was issued at least 3 or 4 years ago as I recall, and you see, if an Ambassador cannot get this done, then Anna what chance do you really think You have?
    Folks, don't hold your breath.

    1. Wanta (or his associates) recently responded in Ben Fulford's latest report...I will find it for u now as I cook my soft boiled farm eggs๐Ÿ–’


    2. Ambassador Lee E Wanta
      Ambassador Lee E Wanta #411272

      Thank you ” Fellow Americans ” for actually caring for Our Great Nation _ America, Once a Constitutional Republic.

      Mandated Authority : 92 U.S. 105, 107 ksi536 / kbf373 / S-31-IANO U.S Customs Service

      2018-10-22 10


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