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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Just So Everyone Knows FOR Sure....

By Anna Von Reitz

An international plot was afoot to bring false claims against us and against our government, enabling the foreign plotters to essentially "inherit" America --- our land, our labor, our assets --- as the "presumed beneficiaries" and creditors of our estates.  

In the same stroke, this would disinherit us.  All of us. 

They intended to lump Canada and "the US" as defined by them into one entity and operate it as all as a puppet government under the oppression of the "UNITED KINGDOM, INC." 

That isn't going to happen, but it is still a pitched battle.  

I am fully lashed up and so is The Living Law Firm bringing forward our objections and our claims in behalf of the actual American States and People and the lawful government they are owed.  We have zero time or resources now for anything else, and are in desperate need for funds. 

People have to travel.  People have to buy certified copies of public documents.  People have to do all sorts of things that cost money in support of this effort, and until it is done and over, all the resources that are naturally ours and naturally meant to support our government are balled up in bankruptcies that actually have nothing to do with us.  

All this has to be done by Mom and Pop using Cookie Jar Money.  You, me, and the family dog have to pull together. 

Above and beyond reporting and documenting the Gross Breach of Trust that has been perpetuated against us by the British and French Governments and to some extent by the United Nations and the UN Corporation, there is a very urgent process that has to be engaged if we are to fully restore our government.  

These are the steps:

(1) Reclaim your Trade Name and return it to its natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born.  Use the Deed of Re-Conveyance process described in Article 928, "Editable pdfs" on my website, to lay claim to your Good Name and Estate.  

(2) Create and/or join your County and State Jural Assemblies.  This assembling of the Body Politic of the actual States of the Union then allows for action to be taken in behalf of Maine, Alabama, Wisconsin, et alia. 

(3) Once these members of the Federation of States are assembled, they can reconstruct the "missing" national-level Confederation of the States of States --- The State of Maine, The State of Alabama, The State of Wisconsin -- and renew the full and proper operation of the Federal United States.  

(4) Meantime, the actual States that are members of the Federation of States can convene a Continental Congress and take care of long overdue business, such as the actual enrollment of the the Western States as full Federation Members. 

There is some general misunderstanding about this, with people thinking that because there is both a "Federation" of States and a "Confederation" of States of States that these have to be opposed or somehow in conflict.   Not so.  The States of States belong to the States as "doing business as" entities.

There is also some misunderstanding about the order of reconstruction activity, to the effect that the Confederation has to be restored before the Federation, but that isn't possible.  You have to have a Federation before you can establish a Confederation, and you will observe that in fact our Federation of States, The United States of America [Unincorporated] was established in 1776, and the original Confederation of States of America was formed five years later, in 1781. 

By calling the States to Assemble, The United States of America --the unincorporated and sovereign government in charge of our shared international jurisdiction-- is requiring a roll call to establish a quorum to do business.  

Your participation in assembling your State is Ground Zero and this is the Eleventh Hour.  

We don't need huge numbers of people (though we would like that) who are qualified to speak for their States of the Union.  A minimal quorum of thirty to thirty-five qualified Electors are desired, but in a pinch, even one qualified Elector can invoke the power of the entire State under The Last Man Standing Rule. 

To be a qualified Elector of your State of the Union and of The United States of America (bear in mind, these rules have not changed since 1860 and can't be changed until we convene a Continental Congress to change them) you need to: (1) be able to prove that you had ancestors who were here and either born on the land of a state or fully naturalized State Citizens prior to 1860; (2) that you are a landowner; (3) that you claim your birthright political status; (4) that you are at least 21 years of age; (5) that you are a free man --- not indentured or enslaved -- which was generally assumed for Caucasians; (6) and are male. 

Our research indicates that contrary to what was believed initially, race was not the controlling issue prior to 1860 with regard to Elector status.  Any man could always be an Elector, so long as he was not enslaved and not indentured. His status as a Free Man was the controlling issue.  Women were never Electors though they could own land and other property.  Until a legitimately formed and styled Continental Congress can make changes, these are the rules and we need to abide by them.  

That doesn't mean that you cannot or should not join your State Assembly if you aren't able to act as a qualified Elector.  The Electors need the support and insight and assistance of everyone else to do their jobs.  Electors are Fiduciaries for their States and bear a great responsibility.  The rest of us can help them by doing research, building the supporting organization, providing transportation and meeting spaces, even cleaning the toilets and fixing lunch.  There are a myriad needs and tasks that need to be fulfilled and there's nobody here but us chickens to do it all.  

All those Federal and Federated State and incorporated County Employees that are ultimately on our payroll to provide us with "government services" operate in a totally different jurisdiction and literally can't do any of our actual work of self-governance for us.  

Our initial efforts to organize the States located a minimum of a few men in each of the pre- 1860 States sufficient to make the claim in behalf of the States. This supplements earlier work done to establish the continuity of the evidence of our lawful government from before 1860 to today by the Nation States project and numerous other efforts.  

To get connected to the National Assembly effort send an email with your County and State as the subject line or visit and sign up for the State forums at .   Create a new topic in your state's introductions section and introduce yourself.  In no time you will be talking to people from your own state and hopefully, your own county.  

In a pinch, you can contact 

And for more help and information there is also a Thursday night teleconference call at nine o'clock Eastern Standard Time each week.  The number is 1-712-770-4160 and the participant code is 226823#. 

It's important to be prompt and on the call at 9 P.M. because they take Roll Call at that time, and States that aren't represented by living people get left out and are not part of the Quorum Count.  

Recent events have resulted in all the Delegated Powers returning to The United States of America, which delegated them to the Federal United States in the first place.  

This came about by Operation of Law.   The Federal United States was secretively moth-balled after the Civil War and both the Territorial United States and Municipal United States entered bankruptcy, so all three levels of the Federal Government were vacated. All Delegated Powers automatically reverted to the Delegator of those Powers----the land jurisdiction States doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].  We have agreed to work with Mr. Trump in the interim on a quid pro quo basis, but have not accepted any assumption of contract.  

More than 200 years have come and gone.  A great many things have changed and others have stayed the same.  We are faced with the urgent need to restructure, restore, reconstruct, revitalize and to some extent, redefine, our government.  That process requires participation by those enabled by birth and free will to step forward and assume the responsibility.  

If your country, your flag, your traditions, your home, your safety and that of your family means anything to you, then it is time to step to the plate, grab an oar, and shove. 

Make the effort to correct your political status and then join and get your County and State Assembly up and moving as part of the National Assembly. And if you can, have some pity on me and the members of The Living Law Firm who have been in the field non-stop for decades, unpaid, working to protect and preserve our Ship of State from the international pirates who have so nearly succeeded in literally stealing America.  The current circumstance is straining our resources to the utter limits and we need your help --in all respects-- if we are to succeed. 
Send cash donations via PayPal to: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  Send information --- historical documents, government publications, case citations and other bits and pieces that you consider important to:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o 1336 Staubbach Circle, Anchorage, Alaska 99508.  

My phone number, email, and other contact information remains the same, but please don't ask me take any time or do any work above and beyond what I am already doing right now.  I am aware of the many terrible and improper actions of the various court organizations in this country and the criminality of many corrupted institutions which give rise to illegal foreclosures, human trafficking, false tax claims, chem trails and so much more.  

All I can tell you is that millions of people are in the same boat, and that the best way to address all these many problems is by restoring your own lawful government.  If we fail to do that, there will be no way to stop the rest of it.  So, get your ducks in order and firm up your resolve.  Be sure that I am here doing my part and I am depending on you all to do yours.  

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. con·fed·er·a·tion
    noun: confederation; plural noun: confederations

    an organization that consists of a number of parties or groups united in an alliance or league.

  2. Pilfering by judiciary /bar/carpet baggers old people are prime targets with thair nest eggs.

    1. bubba, Oh Please! Stop assuming all old people have a nest egg.

  3. Anna, if you have agreed to work with Mr. Trump in the interim on a quid pro quo basis, has he agrreed to work with you as well? It would be nice to know if he and his administration are cooperating.

    1. 1Free, good question. I too have wondered about this. I've asked previously what Trump's response was to the offer of Position.
      I've stated in another comment what my guess is, but guessing is not fact. It is time that it is made clear.

  4. I am the communications secretary and I handle connecting the contacts with coordinators for the assemblies. South Carolina has at this time 6 contacts. James Parks is the coordinator. I have not seen an email from you to the email address and you have not created an introduction post introducing yourself. Here is the link to create a new introduction topic.

  5. If the Federal corporations are bankrupt and insolvent and if the state de facto corporations are satellites of these Federal corporations, are they not also insolvent and without authority to act? There should be a transparency here to know where their funds are coming from to continue to operate, and if they are just rogue entities continuing to plague the people for their resources to stay afloat.

  6. It seems that everyone just ignores what Walter Burien of the CAFR1 website has been saying for years that these corporations are rolling in off-budget funds to the tune that they in-fact, via these funds, and their investments actually control the stock market ahead of all other investors. It is time to get a clear picture of what is going on here!

    1. rational r, you are correct. We will need to get back to those CAFR's which I believe every State has, but is very secretive. Maybe, if and when the States are returned to their Rightful place, and to The People, these CAFR motherlodes will also return to The People.
      All the States need to get detached from d.c. and stop sucking up to this crooked government. Our State Governors have all been playing the wrong role; doing the bidding of d.c. instead of State Sovereigns. This will have to change meld with what Anna is doing on the grand scale. I believe this CAFR business will have to fall within the business of State Assemblies. IMO
      I hope there is more input by others on this topic because these Coffers are huge hoards of money.

    2. If we do form "Jural assembles" , who will be running the State.....A Governor of a State is a Corporate term...We have 40 million people in this state...who is going to control all these don't see this turning right back into a beauracratic mess...!! 40 million people who think they can do anything they want as long as their is no "injured party"..But if your neighbor is complaining about you, then he must be damaged somehow or he wouldn't be calling the police, would he..!! Injury is a very subjective doesn't have to be an actual physical injury...loud music is all it takes...i can see all this happening, then because people keep calling 911 on people for the least little thing, we will be praying for this same system to come back, or it will happen all on its own...!! People try and live nice areas so they can live in peace. They don't want it destroyed just because some idiot has a lot of money and thinks he can have 10 dogs, 5 cats, some chickens, a pig, and God knows what else, right in the middle of a normal community of only residential homes...!! If you can't see that happening, you have been living in Alaska too damn long...!! All I want to know is how are you going to control 40 million people living almost on top of one another...!! Law enforcement will become so sick and tired of answering 911 calls, they will boycott 911 altogether...!! And it will start immediately since the church itself has abandoned its true job of teaching us the TRUTH, not only about law but about money and how to treat each other....If you want "Jural assemblies", then you also need "Jural church assemblies" who have to be in charge of creating people with a "moral conviction", advocating that people "MUST" sacrifice some of there liberties for the greater good...Right now, we don't have that, or an honest religious do you propose to make people moral after 200 years of fraud....the first agenda in the "jural assemblies" is to make sure that "FRAUD" is a capital crime, above murder....!! If some one steals even $10 he has to face the "death penalty " or no deal...!! I hate thieves...and it doesn't matter how he got the money, even if the person voluntarily gave it to him because he promised to do something, then never did it..!! In fact, in this system everything is "civil"...In the next system of "Jural assemblies" everything has to be considered criminal, on just one person's can be aduacated in court to actually see if he really committed a crime or prosecutors allowed..!! But usually the person with money is the one always being conned...and if he can't afford to pay it back, then the State Or County has to do the injured party always has to be made whole again....completely..!! RIP to the connman..!! People will think twice before they think about stealing from anyone ever again..!!

    3. Greetings James~
      The chief trustee of the state assembly is the De Jure equivalent of the De Facto state governor.

      You should watch this video. It answers most of your concerns.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Your wrong..I have been in this movement since before computers came along, and I have been to court so many times I lost count...Mot only do I know about the NAME, I know the rest...Everyone of you are intentionally trying to avoid court, but when are you going to learn proceedure.. You think Anna's paperwork is a get out of jail free card....guess again..!! If they want you bad enough they will arrest you and you better know how to handle a judge....its a lot easier to just get a passport saying you are a "non-citizen National, than completely expatriating....and cheaper with a lot less travelling time to go file all this have to be free in your mind before you can be free on paper.....obviously you have never been through a foreclosure and seen how totally corrupt it is....!! And people have the misplaced idea that in common law, you can do just about anything , as long as no one is hurt...but how do you define an "injury"..!! I hate people who put animals above people....everyone of them I meet is a self centered, selfish idiot who would spent $1000 but can't see it in his heart to give $5 to someone on the street....!! We are in this mess because no one cares about FRAUD....everyone wants to call it "civil" including law enforcement...instead your all worried about your status....what good is it if you attain the status you want when you are surrounded but nothing but FRAUD..!! You think someone is going to say, hey, that man over there stole $10,000 from me, and I'm an American what, will be any cops answer...And your previous status won't help you get your money back once your conned out of it....!!

    6. james, how true, how true. Papers won't do the trick, alone. It is still going to create a fight scene, which most people won't be able to handle.
      But CJ has made it clear, ''how dare we tell it like it IS'' Lol........which he/she prefers to label as ''complaining''. Oh remedial reading is becoming more necessary than I thought. A strong sense of fairless is also lacking in him/her. Downright hateful if you really glean their writings.

  7. Want a clear picture, all our assets have been used by the corporation to borrow against. They can't touch the principal which is held in trust and the profits can be borrowed against to make more for the benefit of the heirs, otherwise,- CAFRS -would not exist. If we could be made to disappear, all our assets would be stolen as a treasure trove abandoned awaiting salvage.

  8. i can send funds this Friday & will do so.

  9. CJ, this is an excellent explanation, just about the most thorough one we've had. It's good to see movement is happening which heretofore has been mysterious, to the rest of us.
    It seems then, if I am reading between the lines correctly, that even though trump did not officially accept the Position offered to him by Anna.....he is still working in our favor; is that correct? And it seems to me that when the Time is right, he will accept the Position; that is my own guess.

    One question for you CJ, are we to assume that IF the Funds get returned to the rightful America, there will come a time that Americans can claim funds? And 2nd question: if that is the case, then will that require that Claimants have their Trade Names reconveyed to the Land, in order to be eligible?

    Or, what will be the requirements, if you can tell us please.

    Folks, lets get this straight: This is not seeking some handout. It is simply retrieving what THEY have stolen from us, The People.
    This should be of interest to everyone, simply to STOP the theft and to let the criminals know 'the buck stops here''.

    This would be like 'making lemonade out of lemons'. They have used all of our Names to make money with, so that is the ''lemon''.......but lemonade can be made by we the People now taking those Profits which they caused, to be piled up.
    Whether we need it or not, whether we want it or not, is beside the point. The focus should be on upsetting their Game and putting a halt to it.

  10. anyone here part of the national assembly on Florida???

  11. CJ, thanks for the clarifications. One additional question....if Anna is successful in retrieving these monies, is it going to become necessary for american to 'stake a claim' to any of these funds? And if so, what are the stipulations/requirements going to be?

    It's good that the requirements for Electors has finally been revealed; we need these kinds of precise info. Thanks much and hope it continues.

  12. Abby, put yourself in Trumps position...He didn't even give his kids a million dollars apiece, because he knows that by getting a lot of money all at once is the most dangerous thing you can do to a country....who is going to work to produce the things we all need..!! It would just be better to give people the things they need, not want, to a car and a home...but for things that people "WANT" they are going to have to work for it...we were doing great before our dad died and gave us all that money...It almost destroyed us...!! After having almost the best life possible when our dad was in charge of the money, our lives actually became just the opposite after getting money all at was horrible, until we finally lost or it was stolen by everyone we meet, including the banks and careful what you wish for....!! You can't release that much money into every household and expect good results...!! It's something that has to be worked out.....period..!!

  13. C J perhaps you know the answer to this question. When Anna says an Elector must be a landowner, does this mean one who owns land free and clear or is it the same "OWN" as on applications that ask do you OWN or RENT ? Meaning mortgaged.
    That would disqualify about 99 percent of Americans.

  14. Information

    The requested user daysofnoe does not exist.

  15. C Johnson....we cannot be using the United States and America anymore unless it is completely understood by all people that they represent two entirely different countries....we can't even use it in our original constitution anymore...the masses don't get it and it is intentionally has to be renamed the constitution for American Nationals, non -citizens of the 50 states united....wipe out those 19 delegations of authority and put them under the entire American Rebublic...we aren't hiring an outside company to take care of ourselves....we are hiring from within our own country..!! It's called "in- house" services, and companies use it all the time, because I once applied to the "contract" that Knotts Berry Farm was offering as an open subcontractor for their carpet cleaning services...after a lot of time and money spent on trying to secure this contract, everyone was informed that they were going to do it themselves, in- house...!! So, we never needed to subcontract with anyone...Judge Anna still doesn't get it, and never will because she has never run a business of her own....EVER..!! There was no reason to give those 19 delegations of authority to was intentionally put in the constitution for one reason create a "Federal Government"..!! Why is this so hard to understand....!! We have had traitors from within this country since we first declared our "Independance"..!! That is a declaration of "WAR" against England...!! It's not who wins the war that is important, it's the language of the TREATY that wins the war....and the "TREATY of Peace" declared in essence that England was and will always be in charge here and throughout the world..!! If I were Kim Jung Um, I would give everything Trump wants with regard to his nuclear weapons disarmament and everything else he wants, and Kim only needs to require one thing in exchange.....that no attorneys are ever allowed into our country, or to control our courts...period..!! That means the Banks are more than we come to come here, but not their attorneys...And that all loans come without interest...!! Just ask for those two things and watch how fast they come up...!! They could be the next America if he could negotiate that...!! The America we should have been...!!

  16. Hello FreeWill, great to see you here. I know you have been handling a lot of difficult problems and am praying for you.

  17. Why do you insist on everyone learning the constitution when people in this country have a 5th grade reading level...C Johnson, you would have been a pro constitutionalist instead of an anti- federalist constitutionalist...the constitution is a contract and all contracts are written up by attorneys for attorneys, and never for the people..!! A good contract can be represented by a simple shaking of hands with two witnesses...and that's it..!! Because if you can't trust someone's word, no contract in the world can make a person honorable..!! Only his actions are what speaks volumes on someone's good faith and clean hands...!! Those people must be driven out of our country immediately, and never allowed back in...!! How long are we going to argue about this ridiculous piece of trash called the constitution for the United States of America....!! Go right ahead and keep arguing it. But my rights come from God and no one else can make me sign a contract to the contrary...!! It's time for me to declare "my indepedance" from the Corporate world forever...!! Forget expatration...!! I'm declaring WAR...!!

  18. CJ when did I ever say what you are responding to? You went way outside what I actually said, so let me clarify:

    When I said 'stake a claim' that does not at all imply what you said. It was a logical question: In other words I was asking how this money was going to be handled......that is IF it is every retrieved. What is going to be done with it and how do Americans fit into the picture.

    Notice too, I said money, I did not say currency.....since that is another play on words.........And you come back with saying ''it belongs to all Americans''.......well I happen to be a full fledged American........and so since it belongs to me along with all other Americans, then why don't you flat out just answer the question.

    In other words, what is the benefit to US AMERICANS? If there is none, then why should we bother to even pay any mind to it.
    In NO WAY do I think 'everybody's gonna get a ton of money dumped on them like some manna from heaven'. (we only need a rather small amount to last us till the soon coming ''expiration day' of this swamp anyhow.)

    If you would just stick with what I actually said, instead of adding your own imagination run away with you, we would not have such misunderstanding, by ''assuming' I said what I did not even say. Then too, I would not get so pissed off with some of you, lol.

  19. James, this money will probably be going to infrastructure, maybe even building the much needed Wall, lol. Also for running the New Gov. whatever they need money for, I dunno.
    Anyhow, I'm sure it is not going to be simply divided up among the people, but more like a slow dripping faucet.

    Mainly, the focus is on slapping the hands of the thieves and putting an end to their 200 yr. skimming and putting people into poverty, which is like a world wide disease.

  20. CJ, I am not in court nor am I dealing with legal anything. I am only into Lawful,arent you? I did ask you ''how will the money be handled'. That is street jargon which you should also know. Its called simple english. I don't need to be admonished how to ask a question. How I ask any question is just to ask it; do not expect to crack some whip and give me a left handed answer by trying to claim I didn't ask it according to your legal jargon.
    And since you did not seem to think about it, the reason I asked if we were going to have to 'stake a claim' is because how else will anyone know who we are and where we are. DUH.

    (the ''stake a claim' was simply slang; didn't you ever watch any western movies?)

  21. CJ, don't waste you time. Abby is a wonderful gal but is only here for her own entertainment. James has been in the battle losing a foreclosure and contributes some interesting items from time to time but has been burnt and refuses to get back in the game. They are welcome of course as are you but please don't exhaust yourself. I appreciate your contributions. Thank you.

  22. Why would the money be distributed to the banks?? It isn't their money, and haven't they already had control for the past centuries already?
    Distributed to the banks.........and then.....What? Why did not neglect to finish the scenario? How does that help us?
    You are tap dancing, and thats been the whole problem around here all this time; half truths, bits and pieces of info, but never a complete answer.
    Geesh, what does it take........

  23. CJ, so thats your excuse because you can't read simple english. Now how funny is that. And how childish to think anyone who doesn't agree with you, ''is just not on your level yet''. Did you guys get your degree in Bullying? Is that your M.O. when people don't 'obey You'?

    It takes much more maturity than you two possess, to learn to 'live and let live' and to get rid of your bossy behavior, as though you are wiser or smarter than others.

    Did you ever stop to think you just may be wrong at times? Oh, God forbid, huh? At least, you two could do a lot for yourselves by honing your 'discernment skills'' which are sadly lacking. Remedial reading wouldn't hurt either.

    Mockery and insults are very unprofessional; you both ought to be ashamed of your behavior.

  24. "Abby is a wonderful gal but is only here for her own entertainment." Mine, too, though for awhile I thought she was catching on to what CJ was presenting above here.

    I don't pretend for a moment to speak this legalese language many here r FAR, FAR more versed in than I. However some clarity is happening at least in my area of perceptions to come in how ALL this legalese nonsense is going become sorted out in simple language as possible.

    I believe Anna is currently the best candidate to make it doable.

  25. One thing seems sure it is ALWAYS about the money!
    Poor little slaves.

  26. i do not believe money(curency)lol nor the law is the saviour, nor the path to freedom if that is what ye all are seeking.
    And thinking that Trump and or the Pope is going to jump on this train may be some faulty thinkin.

  27. Land is held in trust, ceded by the States. Land can't be sold, the people can accept a land grant, complete a chain of title and then you can prove elector status. The same holds true with the record of live birth, it is an easement which allows the State to administrate when there is no power of appointment. A attorney in fact is private and any action taken by the legal name is the State acting, not the man. Absent that, the judge/administrator steps into that office of creditor! 3 offices were created, only 2 positions can be filled, total fraud if one knows or anyone can contract their rights away. This is not as simple as restating a claim without the authority to do it.

  28. Keep it coming C.J. !!! The real students are here with eyes to see and ears to hear, and your INsights and contributions are a true gift!!! Love, love, love!!!!
    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  29. CJ, thank you. Now I know exactly what is wrong with you. You are so earthbound you are no heavenly good whatsoever. This is why you cannot understand me at all. Worse, you are one of those people that are so sold on Yourself, that you are unteachable.
    I hate to be the one to tell you so, but you are no christian; you don't even have the vaguest idea what saved or salvation even means or how it is attained.
    You proved you own gullibility by saying the pope is God on earth. You are just one lost soul.

    Anyone who give the vatican any credence, instead of exposing its evilness, has lost all their own credence. We all know that Man has been brainwashed to believe the vatican is 'ruler' and is used to 'put the so-called fear of God''in people. And how this world is all tied together with them.

    Its all a farce. So is your fantasy that you are going to fix this badly decayed world. What is your bigger fault, is that you throw a fit and insult people who know better than to get so passionate about such a lost cause.

    You are the one who needs to wake up, and take a good look at REALITY.

  30. CJ, why do you persist in explaining to me what I have known for YEARS! Read my lips: I KNOW THE DIFF between fiat printed out of thin air dollars.......and real money! So stop with your haughty arrogance.
    I studied all this back before 2000; I know how mortgages work, how banking works. I just do NOT get all passionate about it. I have a real life; maybe you should try that when your pipe dream of 'fixing America' falls apart, so will you and your 'life'.

    Do you want me to tell you what you are missing? You see, I have been blessed with the benefit of seeing a much much larger picture. But of course, YOU KNOW IT ALL and Abby doesnt get it.

  31. There is not going to be two kinds of money in play at the same time. If there is a change in money, from FRN made-out-of-air...TO real money of some is already established world-wide that there must be a named period of time in which people can make the change-over of their money/currency. Generally this period of time is anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. This even takes place in 3rd world countries, such as it did in Zimbabwa a few yrs. ago.

    There is no such thing as americans waking up one morning and finding out their money is worthless,as CJ tries to imply. So your mattress money, your coffee can money and your ''other' money will be exchangeable if there is ever a change.
    I cannot say for sure, but it has been said that the exchange will be ''dollar for dollar, even''. But I don't make the laws on that, and we cannot count on anything right now.

  32. This is why America cannot and will not become great again. There was a time in the distant past, when people respected others, children were behaved,schools did not have any problems, murders were rare, disasters were rare, foreigners came thru Ellis Island and were 'documented' as they came thru. We knew who was here as they came.
    They were eager to assimilate and become Americans. Children knew their place and did not run the household. At the same time, children were not treated like commodities, generally. They were not aborted like meaningless throwaways.
    We did not have people drugged up; in fact people were not even on prescription drugs. And so they all acted quite sane and common sense was the norm.
    There was no unruliness in schools, no shootings, no riots, no bullying; schools were a very safe place to be, for children and teachers alike. They had respect for each other.
    People were not in debt over their heads. I never heard of a foreclosure and an auction was held only for a desired sale by the owner.
    Prices of everything were commensurate with the average wage. Even extreme weather conditions were rare.

    I think everyone can get the picture. Now today all those things have been turned upside down. Plus we have immigration problems, crime problems that are in excess and constant on a daily, almost hourly basis. We have child and adult trafficking and downright 'sick' behavior.
    We have human beings acting like insane animals, having little to no regard for anyone anywhere; even in this forum.
    We have immorality that is unspeakable. We have folks who have gone insane to the point they dont want to be either of the sexes; or they want to be the sex that is opposite to their birth. This is even praised and lauded publicly and on magazine covers as though it should receive special accolades.
    We have corruption in high places which is way out of control now. And they will stop at nothing if their 'throne' appears to be toppling. There is not a single entity that is clean. And they hold control of all the money they need to continue their corruption. This rabbit hole is so deep it would reach from one side of the earth to the other.

    1. Our Education System has also deteriorated, as is now well known. Even the Teachers Union is corrupted to the core. This is being exposed now by Veritas Project for all to see.

      Our Medical System is corrupted by the pharma companies; they are holding hands which is dangerous for society. This is also well known by now.

      So paper work and lawsuits are good, and they may even improve some things, for awhile at least, but none of that is going to make america great, simply because Immorality runs so deep it is beyond the point of return. And its Moral Decay that causes Nations and Empires to fall.

  33. So I see Trump and Kim have signed a Peace Treaty.

  34. C you plan on writing contracts the rest of your life ever time someone, or one of your friends or family needs money...!! No one does that....if they are smart they will just walk away and never deal with them again...!! You must have missed the article where Anna herself says "contracts" are fraudulent because no one can promise they will be living tommorrow...and unilateral contracts are totally fraudulent, especially when you realize that we are finding everything, not them..!! I agreed with her 100% on that article...!! They are always in control of the contracts with there attorneys....

    Implied contracts work both ways...if I go to a car dealership and I ask they salesmen "will you sell me that car, and he says yes, he just completed the contract and the keys are mine, because the one with all the power in a contract is the "acceptor" not the "offerer"..!! C Johnson you need to train all law enforcement how contracts work, not us..necsuse they are the ones with guns and allowed to use lethal force, when they don't even understand one iota of simple contract law....!!But they always want you signing their contracts, which if you read them properly makes them the "acceptor" of your "offer"...! Great contract..!! Who have anyone the authority to approve an intentionally misleading and unconsciousable contract....NOT ME..!! In fact they don't even call them contracts..They refer to them as "financing statements "..!! No Bill of sale, no nothing..And they purposely have people signing a "waiver of power of attorney" on all their contracts... You can't just walk in to a dealership and say here's my contract...!! They will just show you the door...Contracts , Treaties. and even Armistist are all contracts which lead to all this fraud in the first place...!! Every war we have ever won, we lost on paper afterwards...Listen to Trump..He said the other day that Every time we get into a war, we are the ones flipping the bill to rebuild them, and America gets nothing. BUT the Banks sure do..they set up their banks and then dictate all there rules, making more and more slaves as it goes on...!! Contracts and other paperwork has become the new weapons of mass destruction...!! But without a court order it means nothing..!!

  35. Abby, he doesn't get it so don't bother....your explanation of "staking a claim" was perfectly understandable to me, because the entire Corp. World are nothing but "claim jumpers" who have stolen our wealth , because they say they have lain claim to us before we did, without telling anyone they were doing took a lot of players to accomplish this....And it's not the contract that we made with them that is important, it's the application for the privilege they will never remove...Once they accept an application you give them , you can cancel the contract (maybe) , but you can never delete the original application....and one more thing C Johnson....why do attorneys have to be in charge of contracts...if you think you can beat the smartest legal minds that the BAR infested this country with, you are way above your pay often have you been in the trenches C Johnson... I mean in the den of thieves called our courts...!! This is why the patriot movement only gets small wins here and there....because everyone wants to say its out fault for not correcting our conscious is clear..I never duped anyone for anything...It was all these so called "public servents" that think they are all just doing there jobs that are pulling all the fraud.....sounds like the "Neurumberg" defense...!! The site that explains the "non-citizen National passport also says the same thing I always do....never go to court need at least one witness, but the more the better....No one with "common sense" goesbinti these tribunals like you all proclaim to do on this site....Does judge Anna EVER go into court without her ontorage....NEVER!!! But we are all instructed to do everything by ourselves....have any of you gone to court for someone as a witness or just for the person to know he can depend on someone to have his is incredibly powerful when they know you have a witness...and it is also "biblical". Jesus said it takes at least two witnesses to make a claim against someone....are they doing that...are we..!! Jesus's whole point is that law should be simple and fair, and not intentionally deceptive....

    "Woah unto you attorneys and judges that have stolen the TRUTH from my people....". My judgement cometh for thee...!!

    All we should need to do is write one letter to someone of authority (which according to Anna NO ONE HAS) like the Dept of Commerce and that should settle it...!! C Johnson you are trying to beat them at their own game which they have been practicing for the last 2000 years for...your trying to be both a Corp and an American...It doesn't work that way...your either one or the other..!! By the way , how do you pay for all these filings...let me guess....FRN or their other commercial instraments..!! Your using their benefit to get your remedy....!! Think about it..!!

  36. C tell us what you believe in then...actually religion is the wrong term...what is your faith or do you have any...!!

  37. CJ, just HOW do you reach your lips all the way around to your own behind like that?

  38. CJ, I'll bet you get told all the time what a fun loving guy you are, and get invited to parties one after the other. What a sweetheart you are, LOL.

  39. CJ, are you flirting with james now?

  40. CJ, oh come on now, I'll bet you are the life of the party. I can tell because of your vibrant fun loving personality. You would be a natural attraction; just walk into a room and you'd be sure to just light up the place with excitement.

  41. Time for Abby to tell us about Jesus again

  42. C.J.,
    Yes i believe we are and can become Yahuah's sons. i do not believe everyone has.
    We all have a choice to follow God's gov. or the vaticans.
    Yahuah knows our hearts and our minds. Perhaps we would do better to understand God's will & His laws rather than just the vaticans?
    To know both may be a benefit?
    Used MAGA as a Big fat juicy 'pride' filled carrot. You see the opposite is what it will take to make a nation great again, most especially if indeed our nation has offended God.

  43. A follower's BIG mistake is to suggest GOD is a 'he', but then this is in general a Christian

  44. What is the-ISSUE-at hand? The record of live birth is the issue and that has nothing to do with man. Issue, it means decedent, what is in the process of dying, not living and dying, just dying? Hu-Man, the pope judges every hu-man creature/monster/moon star, only being a reflection of man. The afterbirth is the decedent under the direct control of the vat-i-can/I-can-hold. Now, is the man first born, if so, what is the second coming? Start putting the pieces together in the right order, A priory claim. We may not be able to stop the criminality, but, people will run from the facts.

  45. C sure are long winded for posting something I never said or posted...I have absolutely no clue what your talking about....the only thing I posted was who to get a passport...i never posted anything about Expatriatating, because I don't believe in Expatraiating......EVER...!! That's sounds like one of Anna's forms...!! The site I have clearly states that I am applying for a "non- citizen National"...I also said never to use the word citizen ever, and when 1FreeMan checked with his LLC he told him the same thing and posted later that the LLC agrees with me....but they do understand "non- citizen" .... your slanderous remarks proves to me your the one that has no clue.....but that comes from being young and stupid...!! It also proves you have never been to court for anything yet...!! If you think that just handing a judge a piece of paper, and skating free, you are in for a big surprise.....!! The courts could care less about your paperwork, especially if it is a forecloseure......i dare you to prove it....Your claiming to be an expert in court when you haven't spent 2 minutes in one ever....I believe I know way more than you about court....way more..!! All that shit your pushing is absolute non sense....let me know how your paperwork in a foreclosure when the courts will never listen to a thing you say except "pay up or get out..!! You seem to think that judges have to abide by some form of flash CJ...they don't have to abide by any law whatsoever....!! There is no rule of law in this country...NONE..!! THAT'S WHAT YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ANYTHING...!! Even Rod Class had to take his case all the way to the supreme court, where they told him technically you are right, but you can either sign our paperwork or you can spent the next 18 years in prison....And Rod Class puts you to shame.....but hey, keep leading people astray, Mr ATTORNEY!!! If you guys want to believe in fairy tales go along with CJ, because nothing works the way we would like them to...not when it comes to these military tribunals...!! I just found it easier to stay away from all law enforcement and the courts in general....and happier..!! I haven't had to fight with anyone now for over 20 years, with the exception of that foreclosure, which technically I won, and the judge should be revising herself since she was knee deep in a foreclosure herself with the exact same banks And people I was...But it wasn't even my job to be fighting that foreclosure because I was never on title , because I made the mistake of giving $40,000 to morons who are never good on their word...!! I put the down payment down but someone else had to use his credit to buy a house that was supposed to be bought by the friend I gave the money to, but had absouluty no credit and had to involve his friend who is a lazy, fat, and stupid like him..they make a good pair...!! They asked for the money but when they couldn't make the payments anymore, they woul DNT even write one letter to anyone , or go to court....Out of 4 people living there, I was the only one that tried to save the house, when the idiot who took my money promised to put me on title afterward, but of course he never did because he's been kicked out of every place he ever lived, including his parents house about 3 times...!!

  46. But when a house is being foreclosed on , they have to give everyone living there notice they are being evicted ...!! So I fought for myself and the judge didn't even want to respond to my paperwork...In fact she returned it unopened marked "Refused" because she knew who I was ..But a public servant "refusing" a registered mailing is a felony...No one in a Corp setting can refuse to accept a registered mailing , but she did...and then moved up the eviction date by 30 days....crime after crime...and I wasn't going to sue her or write up anymore paperwork since neither of the two I have the money to cared or lifted a finger to do anything....not even offer me money to fight for the house, or help me in any turned out though being the best thing that ever happened to me, because I'm away from two morons that are complete and utter slaves...they both are unhealthy now and living alone and their own family wants nothing to do with them.

  47. Except for the fact that the one guy has an attorney sister that makes $250,000/year and didn t understand one word I was talking about when it came to these foreclosures and the fraud brother, useless as usual...wouldnt lift a finger either....but I live better than all of them now in a brand new apt that looks more like a condo , and it is all one story, so no one lives above me...and it came complete with a full kitchen full of brand new appliances and includes a washer and dryer, 2 bedrooms and travertine floors, except in the two bedrooms..and one other thing that is almost impossible to find anymore...a garage as well as a parking space...and only $500/ stick it CJ...My God takes care of me because he knows who is good and who isnt...does yours...I don't even have "bills" anymore because it's all much do you pay Mr genius...!! The fact is guys that CJ and to a great extent, just don't have the faintest clue about how judges unlawfully, and "ILLEGALLY" work...!! Out of all the foreclosures in my area, I was the only one the judge didn t want to deal with..And that's the only reason they took the house...but they also had to "illegally" changed the county records of the property in order to get away with creating a new "property" description, so none of my filings show up on the property so as to cload the "title"...!! Go ahead guys listen to CJ , but don't expect him to come to your rescue when the courts roll over you because he never will....EVER!! Let's see you fight that kind of fraud CJ....Oh, and don't forget to show them your will find it in the circular file (trash)..!!@

  48. Hey James, you have a case for void judgement. If your judge was in bed with the same bank, you can FOIA her financials and claim that she had a vested interest with this bank to rule against you in order to grant her a loan mod which at the very least is a conflict of interest.

    1. 1FreeMan...a "conflict of interest" is an understatement..!! But the county recorders office is also involved because "title" to property should never change...So if a home was built 50 years ago , and it was sold and bought 5 times, all 5 of those sales, transfers, or assignments should all be there to show "chain of title" on the property forever..!! But, somehow the banks got the County Recorders Office to completely change the LAND recording to reflect a completely different description so they could start from scratch, as if it was a new property....that is the lengths they will go to , to get what they want....
      And listen to this 1FreeMan....i called the District office, who because after 2008, there was so much real estate fraud going on, that the DA's office had to set up a special dept under the DA's dept of the fraud division, just to handle all the real estate fraud going on...So I get this guy who works in that dept, and because no one, including me, really understood how real estate works, until after 2008 when it all became public, I had to test his knowledge of "real estate law" first before I even wasted my time with him...All I asked him is do you understand that there are two things needed to have legal(not lawful) title....can you tell me what they are.....Now everyone should know that it all starts with the "Promissory Note" and the "Agreement" or financing statement..!! This guy, supposedly a real estate officer of the court who is supposed to be an expert at "real estate law" was just wildly guessing at it before he gave up And said " it's above my pay grade...I just hung up...!! That's our courts for you...completely worthless...all they want to do is charge people with drugs...ambulence chasers...!!

      So yes, I do have a case, but there are to many people involved, and no one claiming "liability " for anything..!! You should see how the county recorders office is accepting the banks paperwork now...first of all it is faxed, they don't even have to show up anymore, and then for the signiture, they are using red stamps that say..." this is being signed as an "accommodation" only and take no liability for it....and they accept it that way...!!
      That s why I tell people just take the keys for cash in a foreclosure proceeding because the banks have too much control over the process...!! And the "Promissory Note" should be the original and should never be separated from the "contract/agreement"...ever..!! Now that they had to separate the Note from the agreement to bundle them in fancy "derivitives" , all the original notes are missing or lost forever....breaking the chain of title. They have litterally destroyed 400 years of real estate law....and because of that the mortgage companies and the banks had to add another page of waivers on an already 30 page agreement of nothing but legalese...!! Oh yea, all our govt agencies sued the banks, from the comptroller of currency to the US attorneys office and the attorney general's office in every state, and they all won billions..But we never saw one penny of it....!! They won't let us use the same arguments and win...hell no, not the slaves..!!
      This is the system we are dealing with guys...!! I have made it a point to just lay low so I can enjoy life for a change...but if I was still in the fighting mood, I appreciate your advice 1FreeMan...but I'm all out of gas...!! This is why I call our justice system "THE WALL"..!! True justijustice can't make it over that wall..!! You want something to fight about, let's get rid of the real "SWAMP"....our courts and judges.....all of them, the quicker the better...and attorneys along with them...!! What a beautiful world that would be...!!!

  49. Leland Roth.....another genius..!! Hey genius, have you ever taken a course in genetics....a make child can only come from a male parent, because he is the only one that can pass on a "Y" (male) chromosome. The woman can only pass on an "X" chromosome, which will always be female..Ergo, if Mary had an immaculate conception then it follows that God is definitely Male...!! And it was finally proved when Ron Wyatt, an archeologist, and a true Christian man, discovered the location of the "ARK of the covenant, exactly where we should have expected it to Jerusalem 20' under the exact site of Christ crusifiction...So when one of the soldiers poked Jesus's side to speed up his death, his blood fell straight down into a crack in the LAND under him, it flowed right into the "mercy seat" of the ark..!! And when Ron found it, he knew exactly what it was even though it was almost black..He took a sample of the blood and told nobody about it...not even the lab he took it to, so they woul DNT know whoes blood they were testing...And guess what Leland.....the blood only had half the number of chromosomes , 23 pairs, instead of any normal person who has 46 pair of chrmosomes....23 from the mother and 23 from the father....and one set of "autosomes" to determine the sex of the child.....

    Well the blood was tested by the lab and found only to have 23 pair of chromosomes, all from Mary..The only thing she couldn't contribute is a "Y" chromosome.....a male deity...!! Kaboom, your dead Leland...But I don't expect you to be convinced of anything because like CJ you think you know everything....i guess you were hoping God to be "Lady Ga Ga"...!! Good luck with your God CJ...!! But what good is science anyway , right...!!!

    1. james,yes that is all correct. You just forgot to add that Jesus was found to have just 1 male chrom. meaning it was from The Father, God. All Fathers are a ''he'' for those who are still wishing they could make up their OWN 'god' Lol.

      (Its been quite awhile since I studied this chrom. aspect)

    2. Absolute Proof seems to be lacking in your last nonsensical post Abby...but carry on. Lol God gave EVERY SOUL FREE WILL to believe in whatever they want to &/or r programed to believe in this particular life & thus accept - life after life!

    3. James it quite oblivious u know ALOT about a lot....whereas I don't claim to know legalese like u do. But when it comes to the ancient cult of is obvious at least to me, u r caught up in its trap like so many r.

      But carry on...Everyone is a victim of life until one wakes up to that eternal reality that Soul is just visiting here for Its own purification purposes.

      God is love.

  50. CJ, we've all heard this AD NAUSEUM. It ain't nothing new. Where have you been? What you said here is ALL very old news!
    Why don't U wake up and realize we are not as stupid as U would like to believe.....just so you can continue to grow your own head bigger, LOL.

    And sheesh, as I recall james saying, his court dealings were back in the distant past; for being so smart as you think you are, didn't you know that?
    I have not seen him ever say he has any court dealings going on presently, not in the past yr or more. ?

    By the way CJ, when did you cancel your BAR membership?

  51. OMG CJ, now you have just gone and ruined james' life by ''picking up your marbles, pissed off, and going home'....oh,
    I mean since you threatened not to read his stuff anymore !

    We can all be sure he is just going to probably go sink into a corner somewhere and just bawl his head off over YOU not reading his stuff, LOL. I'm just sure he is going to be devastated over THAT, especially since it was so obvious he looked forward to your overwhelming flattery, every day, LOL

  52. Where in my explanation didvi say I signed anything, show me..It just shows you aren t paying attition...!! I only provided the down payment for the house and nothing else...They did all the signing, and their sister attorney is just as stupid as them...she has no problem signing anything, but they do give her the privilege of changing the contract if she doesn't like it...but she doesn't change any of the important things a bank cares about...

    Did you say you own a house CJ...
    Mr money pockets...Do you even have $40,000 to give anyone...Im guessing NO..!!

    You must plan on buying a home with gold and silver which they won t even accept...!! How old are you, or is that to personal to...!!You talk a lot of shut but you have nothing to show for think you can make up your own contracts with a bank.....prove it..let me see one loan where you dictated the rules of the agreement...!!

  53. cube, the pope has no authority to judge anyone or anything. He is a farce, and is just as worthless as the Queen is. There is no difference. The pope himself (all of them, are candidates for hell)

  54. Hogwash to 'vatican law'. The vatican is nothing but a pagan entity created by pagan Man. They do not make any official Laws; they have simply fooled Man to think they do. Only gullible folks give it a lick of credence.

    There is Biblical Law, from which many of our Laws are derived. The vatican is far removed from anything biblical
    and few folks know this.
    I can't wait till Jesus comes and destroys rome/vatican with the fire of his mouth, in just one hour. I am gonna party down when I see that Day (and say Good Riddance!)

  55. Old info but u may not have heard about it James.

    "You don’t believe banks create the money they lend? Neither did the jury in a landmark Minnesota case, until they heard the evidence. First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Daly (1969) was a courtroom drama worthy of a movie script. Every American that is facing a housing crisis should take note.

    Defendant Jerome Daly opposed the bank’s foreclosure on his $14,000 home mortgage loan on the ground that there was no consideration for the loan. “Consideration” (“the thing exchanged”) is an essential element of a contract. All contracts need an offer, acceptance and consideration to be valid." Ibid

  56. My understanding is Jesus isn't reincarnating on earth again. But, hey, carry on Abby.

    God is love.

  57. C Johnson I also benefited from it greatly....I bought a condo in HB that cost $135,000 and I sold it 15 years later for $550,000..!! And my dad bought his house the same year in Irvine that cost $200,000 , and when I inherited it I completely remoldeled it and sold it for $750,000. And it was paid for...!! If you can use this system properly you stand to make a lot of money, slave or no mistake was having friends that always have to use me as a bank...!! They caused me way more problems than the banks...!! And there right back living like homeless people up in the hills with no water unless they truck it in, and a one bedroom and a kitchen on a dirt road a mile from the main road, and then another 25 minutes to get into the city to buy anything...and he pays $700/ month and needs 3 other people to help him with rent...he always lives like he lives in a commune...tons Of people helping him financially..!! And he gets $1000/ mo from SSI because he had a heart attack a year before his retirement date...and he is always behind in at least 6 months with electric..He always has to be on the phone working out a deal with the electric company for another payment...!! And now he can't ask me or anyone else for money....hes broke and depressed and angry all the time....he spends his whole day smoking pot, to remain brain dead..!! Without all the dead weight living around me, we are proving that it was all him and his stupid sports friend that are always feeding at the trough for money, because they are to stupid to live like normal the city where everything is just outside the door....His personality is one that he has to live in the boonies because he can't relate to normal people, or any people...thats why he always has dogs...always..!! And he has no education at all...not even basic skills like fixing a toilet or a door that doesn't close properly....he can't even work his carpet cleaning business anymore because the doctor told him if he keeps that up he will definitely have another heart attack...!!If you renounce your citizenship completely , you also give all the benefits of elastic curtency, which means if you want Common Law and alloidial title, than you also give up the right to claim more than your house is worth because that only happens from inflation that is controlled by "the banks"..and "fiat currency..!! You can't have it both ways want to be able to live in both worlds and you cant...lawfully at least...!! So if you buy a home for $200,000 you will never get more than that legally because the IRS will see to that....and rightly so...!!

  58. Leland I know all about that was called the "credit river" decision, and established the fact that FRN are not money, and therefore lacks consideration..!! That was an honest judge, which we don't have was classic because the attorney for the bank has 30 days to appeal it, but he paid one dollar in FRN, and therefore lost the case...!! But he paid a high price for that..!! I think he was found DEAD a couple of weeks later under "mysterious circumstances " ....!! But the courts won't listen to that argument anymore..In fact, you can no longer quote legal cases before 1938, because that was the Erie Railroad case that merged law and (quasi) Equity...!! But I appriatiate the walk down memory lane...!!

  59. James, I just found this tidbit indirectly perhaps relating to your 1938 claims above.

    "Ironically, organizations that promote the interests of a foreign government are supposed to be registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (FARA) but not a single pro-Israel organization has ever done so nor even been seriously challenged on the issue, a tribute to their power in dealing with the federal government."

  60. it seems folks here have forgotten about Ganesha - Ganesha is the same energy which is the reason for this universe. It is the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve. - So, no longer holding the tiny cult of Judaism as central to the universe of billions of stars and uncounted civilizations - I discover and respect the many ways of viewing the eternity of loving souls of which I am one.

    I like much of what Anna has done because it moves closer to individuality, to self responsibility, to the work of each of us becoming loving and divine.


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