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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Public and Private Notice II - Second Notice Issued Regarding Other Entities

By Anna Von Reitz

Official Public and Private Notice II
Earlier today we objected to the settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA. We have issued similar Notice regarding the bankruptcy of various federal corporations, all of which have seized upon and mis-administered some aspect of our assets and economy. The text of the second Notice appears below:
Public and Private Notice II
There has been a mistake. We object to any final settlement of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA, Inc., and similar Parties, pending correction and return of all material rights, interests and patents owed to the American Government and the American States and People.
This Public and Private Notice is hereby served by and in behalf of James Clinton Belcher, Hereditary Head of State for The United States of America, and his ancestry listed in part, and in behalf of his consort Anna Maria Riezinger and her ancestry listed in part, and in behalf of all living Americans who are similarly owed all right and provenance of the American continental resources they are heir to:
Orville Clintwood Belcher b. 1920 Emmett Anthony Riezinger b. 1920
Jas Ballard Belcher b. 1883 John George Riezinger b. 1879
William Randolph Belcher b. 1852 Francis Heinrich von Reitzenstein b. 1855
William Benjamin Belcher b. 1816 Alfred Julius Schnur b. 1867
William Floyd Belcher b. 1785 Augustinius Frederick Nielson b. 1852
Catherine Bernice Bonnapise b. 1920 LaVera Myrtle Riezinger b. 1920
Alma Bell Davidson b. 1895 Anna Wilhelmina Nelson b. 1881
Louise F. Bonnaprise b. 1898 Wilhelmina Litchfield b. 1835
Alice Marie O’Keefe b. 1897 Mary Ann Alexander b. 1850
Louis A.P. Bonnaprise b. 1856 Mary Jane Zimmerman b. 1859
Mary Jane Ross b. 1861 William Helmich b. 1850
This ancestry firmly established upon the land and soil of the American states prior to 1860 demonstrates the rights and provenance of the vessels. The land records of Tacoma-Pierce County Washington State and Clark County Wisconsin State and corrections posted and cured among the land records of the Matanuska-Susitna Recording District demonstrate permanent political allegiance to The United States of America throughout and return to permanent domicile upon the land and soil of Wisconsin and Washington prior to 2015.
None of those listed are PERSONS nor were they ever Persons owing allegiance to the British Crown: Deuteronomy 1:1710:17, Second Samuel 14;14, Matthew 22:16, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11 and James 2:9.
We assert the Law and Power of the Living to demand release and return of our presumed-to-be escheated names and estates under the lawful covenant of James 2:9 and call forth the restoration of Leviticus 25: 44-50.
We call upon the Commissioners of Natural Resources to yield to the Living all those resources that are naturally theirs as the Powerholders of their names and estates, duly recorded, and as Testators whose Wills in these matters are published.
We especially note the Washington State’s published regulations in contra-indication of the award of Life Force Value Annuities to Prince Philip, as we are and have long been the rightful claimants and Powerholders of these names and estates:
*RCW 11.08.270
Conveyance of escheated property to claimant.
In the event the order of the court requires the delivery of real property to the claimant, a certified copy of such order shall be served upon the department of natural resources which shall thereupon make proper certification to the office of the governor for issuance of a quitclaim deed for the property to the claimant.
[ 1988 c 128 § 3; 1965 c 145 § 11.08.270. Prior: 1955 c 254 § 15.]
Henceforth, we demand Conveyance of General Orders 100, Article 31 "abeyance" to be remitted to us and to our Federation of States, The United States of America, without further obfuscation or delay, and the return of our rightful names and estates and all rights, titles, properties, material interests, patents, insurances, escrows, leases, and other beneficial assets associated with these names and those of our ancestors.
The Head of State
For: The United States of America
From the Powerholder
Of the Washington State

The Fiduciary
For: The World Trust
From the Powerholder of the Wisconsin State

Correspondence may be addressed to us in care of: Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652, The United States of America, and via email at: and via telephone at 1-11-907-250-5087.
We have repeatedly requested the return of our purportedly escheated names and estates from the Parties responsible. The Territorial Governors, State Secretaries of State, and Attorney Generals have all failed their duties. We are enabled to invoke our Court of Record to declare our remedy, which is the return of all property actual and real, all right, title, and beneficial interest, all soil, all land, all interests and vessels still at sea, all interests and vessels in the global jurisdiction of the air, all interests in space and in time owed to us and to our States and our Federation of States known as The United States of America [Unincorporated],

Please see attached pdfs.


  1. Canadians all gettiing screwed too
    Someone needs to help us get our land and soils back too .. a shame our family on lands since 1600s and stolen and they dont even know how bad .. 250 acres of homestead...

    Prince Phillip should of been hanged along with the rest of them ... no free passes ...

  2. How does Canada the Corp file bankruptcy and come away with $950 Trillion... with $750 T belonging to US citizens?

  3. Leave " their" paradigm. Anna is correct and right in her statements and Law . It is difficult to imagine because we have all been taught and brainwashed all our lives . It is like hearing a song you hate over and over then finding yourself singing it. Reality is there ,cast off the fantasy( more like a nightmare of false reality) they have rammed down our throats and bombarded us with since before birth and visualize what is . In simplest terms...take the red pill..please and be vigilant and do not stop digging for the truth and sharing it.

  4. Thanks ANNA. That letter will end the problem. It is well worded and I am confident they will adhere to your demands. I am so thankful that this long 150+ year trek to take back our country has ended with this great letter. Your demands will be fully met as they shake in their boots in fear of the consequences of NOT conforming. It is finished, THANKS.
    Tom Dooly

  5. CJ, I have a question: Exposing this to the Int. Courts and countries, is expected to accomplish what? Surely they are not going to say, " Oh! Gee, Really? Well in that case we will take our hands off and give everything back to those it belongs to.' So what is it exactly that is being brought to the IC?
    Second question: Anna has in the past mentioned that she has 'brought things on behalf of The People'' such as once reclaiming on behalf of the people. So this is vague and puzzling about just what is what.
    Now, if it is necessary for 300 million americans to Reclaim individually, then it does not appear to me that this is going to be all that effective.

  6. Hence the blood oaths continues....

    "Emery: And it is actually not billions, it's trillions.

    David: Right, when you encounter all the other ways that money is being generated."

  7. " You cannot worship both GOD + mammon "

    "...and the world knew him not"

    "...I have called you friends."
    "... He drove out the money changers with a whip."

  8. Dear DIP stick; One at a time is "WHAT IT TAKES", everyone has to "EDUCATE" themselves so they "KNOW" what is happening AND "WHAT HAS HAPPENED" !!! The sooner the SHEEPle wake up and take care of BUSINESS!! The "SOONER" we ALL will see a difference!


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