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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Worthy Research Project -- Who Owns the "UN"?

From Anna Von Reitz

Who owns the "UN Corporation"? Not the international organization chartered in 1945, but the for-profit bully-boy in the business of selling, (you guessed it): essential governmental services? Which constantly tries to confuse itself with and hide behind the actual United Nations organization?

I suspect that when we dig into the history of this mysterious behemoth that began with French Nazi Sympathizers deserting their sinking ship toward the end of World War II, we will find that the same people own and/or control Serco, the UPU, Interpol, and the "UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT".

Whatcha say, folks? Time to track the spiders back to their nests and the wasps back to their paper palaces and prove once and for all that this whole seemingly idealistic "United Nations" effort is nothing but a storefront for a supremely corrupt, violent, and evil commercial corporation?


  1. One can find some light on this subject in Title 22 of the USC, section 286 for starters.

  2. Would rather spend time finding World Individuals to Privately Unite and apply the WORLD KNOWLEDGE currently being SUPPRESSED by the CORPORATE UNITED NATIONS!!!

  3. All trails should lead to names that should be prisoned i would think, if still alive.. great retirement.. NO STONE UNTURNED!
    We really need a state to hold all the criminals.. quite frankly i would rather do away with all paper and burn it, ... seems to have gotten man in more trouble than its worth ... everything working for slavery and stole our freedoms worldwide. Where is really enjoying life... ? real criminals are all paper pirates. Anyone who uses it...done more harm than good. Makes good fire

  4. the pen is mightier than the sword when applied properly...its just learning how to apply it properly with the necessary amount of people behind enforcing it.

  5. Before starting any conversation, it is important to define whether you are talking about the fake corporate imitation or the real living thing.

  6. Full court press to genocide you guessed it gods chosen

    1. bubba, the jews are not 'Gods chosen'. They lost their original position and now it is the bride of christ that is in the No. 1 position. Israel was given a bill of divorcement by God. Divorce = severing.

    2. I am more than sick of people saying that Isreal is the promised land and that all Jews have a free pass to heaven because of that....someone please show me the chap and verse for that one..!!

    3. Truly they must repent tho are fulfilled prophecy by now having returned to their "promiseland" homeland.
      One day as stated by Zechariah 12:10 + onward "they" will know their error tho Christ will fight for them.
      Jesus originally always stated it was to the Jew first then the Gentile".
      The "moneychangers" (ie- banksters) were physically attacked by Him and later those in league with such as "the Synogogue of Satan".
      Tho does not mean all the Jewish people but the diabolical twisted culprit "religous" leaders. They truly serve "mammon" and disavow the God of Abraham= Satanist's now- in deed if not directly

  7. Obviously, the rich international bankers own it, and anything ELSE that does THEIR WILL.

  8. #246 May 2016: Anna wrote: The UN Corporation is owned by the World Bank. And the World Bank is owned by Jacob Rothschild, who is owned by the British Crown Conglomerate, which is owned by the Vatican, which is owned by the Holy See.

  9. DTCC who is a subsidiary of the DTC who is owned by CEDE Company who has 12 Jesuits sitting in the Bank if International Settlements in Burne Switzerland.

    1. Spell it out for us Darryl. Nobody knows these abreviations, and there is no connection.

      Please show us your research.

    2. Paul please clarify: are you saying You don't understand these abbreviations and their connection with the UN Corp and Birth Registration process? Or are you saying You DO understand the abbreviations but you SEE No connection?

    3. Neither one.

      What do the abreviations stand for.

      DTCC What does it stand for? DTC ? CEDE ?

      and please identify the 12 "Jesuits" by name and tell me how you know they are "Jesuits"

    4. Thank you Paul...i was wondering the same can't use abriaviations until you first spell it out completely...!! There are way too many of them these days, and some people are just coming to this site who are clueless about law yet...!!

  10. satan, duh. "god of this world".

    from what i see, the "replacement" looks like will have the same owner, because people want a "worldly king" just like the "pharisees"

    that is why the "new age" stuff is prominent. its "old age" duh. revival of prior "ages". calling it "new age" just indicates cluelessness, but scapegoating is so fun, someone has to be "satan" today.

    merge phariseeism "we want a worldly king" + "my kingdom is not of this world" and what do you get?

    worldly "satanic" kingdom, reunites/conjoins the "unsaved" with the "saved" into one giant satanic kingdom for all.

    so, no hope for anyone who falls into this trap.

    universal initiation for all. the "occultist kingdom", atlantis, what have you.

    really, it looks like that is what already happened, any "Revival" of this is "False". its already here. thats how we got into this mess.

    now, i cannot say that is the only "plan" but i am highly skeptical of any "kingdom of god on earth" as that is what the masons/mormons/all the "Satanists" i have met try to invoke.

    that is how the "Vatican" "britain" etc. have instituted this.

    talk about "channeling" lol.

    that is how we got this "Wordly kingdom" in the first place, from what i see. the various "religions" signed on to this, or they had imposters do it in their names.

    to people who dont worship satan, you are all "dead to them" you see. you are the "unsaved" in their "book". you are the "sinners" in their story, who must "pay the penalty" and be "shutout forever" of their worldly kingdom.

    i have little to no knowledge of "God" but i know all about "Satan" because that is everyone around me, everyone i bump into. most of it is half-hearted, but you always catch glimpses of "trauma" echo-ing. as below, so above.

    hence, why anna gets called a "jesuit". because some people think she is trying to "force a worldly kingdom on her time and dime" rather than "God's".

    when people talk about "putting the fear of god into people", it is hard to see how that is the job of anyone here.

    "vengeance is mine; i will repay" "to me belongeth vengeance and recompense"

    "for vengeance i would do nothing. this nation is too great to look for mere revenge" -- james garfield.

    hence the "merge all religions together" which is the "briton" plan.

    out of the frying pan into the new larger frying pan.

    some people want "with one accord" but that is "satans plan" too. he will twist that around too.

    the "Good" plan is supposed to divide everything into 2: the saved, and everyone else. pick a side while you have time. in that sense, it is not "with one accord".

    "i came with a sword"

    so, use whatever methods at your disposal to "distinguish"

    i dont know whats going to happen, but i sense confusion and disorder around here, and have a strong vibe people want a "Worldly kingdom".

    the legal stuff and history is interesting, but the "religious" stuff i still need convinced you guys are not "Satan" in disguise.

    1. all that is to say, that is what the "united nations" are.

      the occultist kingdom on earth. atlantis. submerged continent rising, duh. hence all the "commerce" and "law of the sea"

      of course "satan" owns it. king poseidon with his little itty bitty trident.

    2. QUOTE: neko is an overpriced merchant, but he occasionally carries useful items.
      "the Devils dictionary"
      millenium: the period of 1000 years with all the "reformers" sealed on the underside.
      he has his own "millenium" too -- 1000 years of satan, with all you sealed inside his "jar".

      he doesnt want you tweaking his "doctrine" either. he wants to keep things "pure" too.

  11. Just blow it up. Then do the forensics

  12. nnnm765....look around , up and down . Think , what is good and right and what is bad and horribly wrong ? How did you get here on this page and why would I care to respond to you at 6:19am ?
    I too question everything ,even Anna . I have been down some dead end roads but keep coming back to the same place , non of this is just random coincidence , its for a reason .
    Religion may be just anotherway to control the ignorant sheep at least thats what I believe yet I still am involved to get some value and question what I believe is bs.
    I dont know what you have experienced , read , watched , studied... it will come together for you if you pray for it..afterall , we are not here by chance was for a purpose ,find it.

  13. The VATICAN is the ultimate owner (the "HOLY" aka UNholy sea "see") unholy because the Pope has set himself up as Christ - a MAN claiming to be able to forgive sins! Selling indulgences, selling the trinity of gods idea to the world - 1+1+1=1?? Come on! That's even bad math!, selling a false set of doctrines to the world - that goes directly against the commandments of God! This is the MARK OF THE BEAST! The beast is the Vatican and the Second beast that rises UP pure at first but then goes out speaking as a DRAGON (Satan) that rides (adopts the first beasts (Vatican's) pagan combined with christian doctrines) is the now 501c3 Seventh Day Adventist organization per Revelation 13:11-18! See

    1. Now don't throw out the baby with the bathwater! The Millerite movement started up in the United States of America as PROPHESIED in the Bible! It then became corrupted and grew in corruption until today it speaks as a dragon (Satan), meaning it has adopted doctrines in common with the first beast (Vatican) - and now promotes the trinity of gods which breaks the first commandment "Thou shalt have NO other gods before ME" Exodus 20:3 in concert with the first beast (Vatican).

      The reason I say do not throw out the baby with the bathwater - is BECAUSE at the first - the first of the Millerite movement (beginning of the now 501c3 Seventh day Adventist church organization WAS PURE DOCTRINE - meaning they had gotten RID of ALL the MARKS of the beast doctrines = and obeyed the 4 angel's messages found in Rev. 14:6-12; Rev 18:4). The old books, articles, tracts and papers written by these early Seventh Day Adventist Protestant pioneers are pure truth - meaning THEY PROTESTED Catholic doctrines which are simply pagan doctrines mixed with Christian ideas - the tree of knowledge of good and evil - baptized paganism - or SAYING you are Christ's but doing the devils works means Laodicean/not converted... converted means we surrender all to Christ and HE comes into us by His own Spirit and MAKES us Holy! If we are not converted we do not keep the Ten Commandments... but rather keep/obey the commandments of MEN (Vatican/Seventh Day Adventist leaders today) instead of the commandments of God found in Exodus 20:1-17. The old early SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) Protestant pioneers 1840-1894 time frame - wrote books that contain PURE TRUTH for us today. I consider them books written by a part of the number that make up the 144,000... of which we have the great privilege of becoming a part of that 144,000 number ourselves. The PROTESTANT 501c3 CHURCHES IN AMERICA are GOING to lead out in persecuting the Saints who KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD AND HAVE THE FAITH (DOCTRINES 2 John 1:9) OF CHRIST. The DARK AGES from 538AD to 1798AD are GOING TO BE REPEATED by the PROTESTANT CHURCHES IN AMERICA! Just like the Vatican persecuted the Saints from 538AD to 1798AD during the inquisition so today the Protestant 501c3 churches are going to persecute those who keep the 7th day Sabbath, don't worship the trinity of gods -(but Rather God and His Son per John 17:3, 1 Cor 8:6) --here's books to read that I believe without a doubt were written by the 144,000:

  14. The Roman Curia/Vatican owns the United Nations, no doubt about it.


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