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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Song Lyrics That Tell the Story....

By Anna Von Reitz

"Welcome to the Hotel California... you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave....."
Zombie-like damned souls check into the "hotel" and are trapped there forever. Sound and feel familiar? There's a reason. That's your condition prior to waking up and figuring out what the advertising agencies and your public servants have been up to behind your backs.
They've checked you into the Hotel California and left you there with the television on, indoctrinating you with "need the government" and "be afraid" and "eat more" and "buy more" propaganda on all channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's also a bar and a 24-hour pharmacy, and you are cordially invited to just stay there forever and drink and drug yourselves into a pile of mindless mush, so subject to your behavioral conditioning that you salivate like Pavlov's dog when you see a hamburger on the TV screen.
Cure? Turn the television off. Make conscious choices about what you watch and what you listen to and become critical of the "news" you are being fed.
Do the TV Test if you don't believe me. Divide a piece of paper into four columns. Label the top of each column with these words: Sex, Death, Sex & Death, and Other Useless Stuff. Then listen to the "Evening News" and make a hatch mark after each story you hear in the column that best describes the content.
What you will soon discover is that most of what masquerades as news falls in the first three categories, and also, that most of it has no possible practical connection to your life, so is of no use to you. So why are you listening to the crap? Do you enjoy feeling depressed, afraid, and helpless?
Because that is what this "programming" is designed to do---literally.
Let's see, there's an earthquake in Ecuador....mindless madmen beheading children in the Mideast....a new wave of Bird Flue...a new giant dinosaur footprint discovered....Prince Harry set a date....bimbos for hire make accusations against Trump apparently because they are bimbos for hire....
So--- death, death, death, useless, useless and sex. And none of it that you can do anything about or profit from at all.
There are a lot of bloated, ugly, foreign criminals making Big Bucks off of you and your appetite for this mental equivalent of a Diet Coke and Pork Rinds with Extra Salt. Their advertisers are making you yearn after 18 year-old models (which is silly) and after fast cars that cost more than a decent house (which you most likely can't afford and certainly don't need) and after fast food (that gives your heart disease, cancer, diabetes....).
"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains....and we never even know we hold the key....." -- The Eagles, "Already Gone".
I turned off the Evil Box in 1987 and let the dust settle, put a potted cactus on top of the cabinet, and use it to (infrequently) watch DVD's of my choosing.
I figured that if anything really important happened, somebody would call me up or say something. And I was right, too.
You can leave The Hotel California any time you please, but if you want to be a mindless, helpless, booze and drug and "news" dependent Zombie living in fear and depression in your own country, behaving like a well-trained dog, buying stuff you don't need, eating 10,000 calories a day, and feeling paranoid--- just be aware that it is your choice and you DO hold the key.
In this case, it's usually labeled: "On/Off".

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  1. Spot On!
    i will testify to what getting rid of the Tv will do to your production statistics...

  2. Yes, don't own a has been 9 being with nature & playing in the dirt... God is a Great artist!!!

    Thanks Paul & Anna for Everything!!!

  3. Have not completely quit but I have unhooked from cable and just have a little antenna, old shows like the munsters, batman and robin, I thought I had been sent back in time when I saw these old movies or sitcoms, old westerns about during the civil war. I am 58 and I remember watching those when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Of course had to go to neighbors house to watch tv, my dad died when I was 3 and that left mother taking care of 4 children at the age of 20, dad died at age 20.

  4. I left the U.S.A. and U.N. Countries to OBTAIN THE TRUTH that when I brought it back and shared the information...NOONE WOULD LISTEN and Privately Unite to APPLY the TRUTH for We the People??? So much for the ALREADY BRAINWASHED SOCIETY, NOT COMPREHENDING WHO THE GOVERNMENT REALLY IS???

    1. Some of us do know who and what they are! Many people have no idea of the solution to it though. Even while Anna herself preaches it the information falls on Def ears as many names I see here on Paul's blog commenting are NOT on the contact lists for the states and county assemblies. And I have every single name on those lists! Thou shalt not preach what they don't do!

    2. Freewill please consider that ALL 50 state assemblies were formed and organized in 2010 and we were infiltrated and "used" once again as mindless "puppets" for nefarious financial purposes of the same old "actors" and their "agents". This time not only using our names but our live thumbprints as well. The blame and shame game was incredibly thick and HEAVY back then, and I sure hope this is changing as this type of "Control" mongering IS exactly what needs to end NOW if we are to truly be self governing sovereigns, in every way, shape and form. I do feel the energy has changed/shifted and more peace, acceptance and respect for others IS working more in/on our favor Now than in the past, which is encouraging. Soooo I've let go and have now requested to be added to the list in Arizona.

  5. It has been four or five years now, since I listen to mainstream media. Don't think I missed anything.

    1. The flat earth and the jet fuel scandals are the fun ones to watch on YouTube.

  6. All true and I have seen it for a long time,they want us to live in fear and take away more rights under the guise of it's for your safety.what joke.
    Want happened to the days when TV was off at midnight and stores were closed at a decent time and closed on Sundays and holidays

  7. its truly amazing what is NOW seen, heard in all music and nature when your spirit mind & heart wakes up!!! I've had a lot of fun watching old shows like Andy Griffith and now the Beverly Hillbillies on Hulu...such a hoot Granny and the Clampetts are!!
    Unplugged from Cable and ALL News/commercials about 10 years ago and made a HUGE positive difference in my carnal thoughts and life!!
    Thank you Anna!

    1. Yea, and the banker in the Beverly Hillbillies certainly characterizes what bankers are really like, without candy coating it, which is what makes it so funny....!!

  8. We're harmed by whatever the President watches on television.
    When the President's depressed, he forgets to please his God.

  9. I haven't watched TV in years. I refuse to listen to commercials,(propaganda for the drug companies,)and other moronic programming. I haven't missed it one bit.

    1. Except there are rare times when Hollywood actually comes up with good programs with socially uplifting shows like....."Touched by an Angel"..!! I have cried every time the light at the end of every show shines on Roma Downney when she reveals who she really is, and that the person she is supposed to help finally breaks down when she says that "God loves you so much" and that whatever happened was meant to happen and that your loved one is in HIS hands right now and happy....the whole show was about love and forgiveness..!! And Roma and her husband were really true Christians in real life....they were a force of nature...!! If anyone brought God into their homes, it was Roma and her husband..!! Those of you who gave up their TV's before having a chance to see that series, truely missed a phenomenal series that touched hearts...unless they had none..!!

  10. Now, some of you can read this with new eyes?


    Anomalous as it may seem .at first blush, there are few is- sues in the field of jurisprudence as live as that concerning dead bodies- Whether or not a property right may inhere in a corpse, and if so, whether it constitutes real or personal property, has been a much mooted question.
    The courts have almost uniformily held there are no prop- erty rights in the strict sense, or in the ordinary use of the term, in the dead body of a human being.t However, the courts have always recognized a quasi-property right in the corpse which gives some appointed person the right to inter the remains.
    This interest is circumscribed with exactness. The right is only that of burial and cannot be deviated from to the extent of dis- posing of the body in any purpose other than that of interment, whether for pecuniary gain or not.3

    in the Middle Ages it could be taken quite literally. For in some portions of Europe during that period the creditor was permitted to levy upon the body of his defunct deceased debtor.5 Perhaps the easiest position in those primitive states was that of grave-digger of the Potter's Field, for if such were the rights of the creditor it is hard to imagine any bankrupt deceased be- coming a dead-weight upon the hands of the state officials. But conversely, the position of sheriff presented difficulties which we will leave to the reader's kind consideration.
    Coming down to present-day adjudications we find that there is not set, staunch rule governing this matter. Equity presents the only method for remedy or relief in such cases 6 and each case is decided solely upon its own merits.7 The right of sepulturg is not absolute, but when in conflict with public policy or where justice demands a subordination, it must yield.8

    In determining interests the court s exercise such jurisdiction as they are Wont to apply in the case of minors, infants or spend- thrifts.9 The determination of the place of sepulture'0 ordinarily is granted to the party who has the right and duty of inter- ment.1 The exercise of the above right must be executed in compliance with the dictates of custom and sentiments of the kinship.12 The courts will also take due cognizance of the ex- pressed wish or preference of the deceased as to place and method of burial.'8 Even in the face of the opposition of the immediate members of the family or those close in kinship the court will often effectuate the desire of the dead person. 4 In this regard it is well to note that in the case of married persons the surviving party to the union is considered, by the majority of the holdings, to have the dominant claim to the custody of the body and the designation of the place of burial of the deceased.15
    Should there be no surviving husband or wife the privilege of naming the place of inhumation transcends to the progeny, if of mature age, and if their are none, to the parents of the deceased, or to brothers and sisters, or to another of the line of kinship.


    As between the executor or administrator and the heirs, the latter have priority;1s but it has been held that prima facie the right to the possession of the body of the decedent rests in the administrator or executor until the body has been properly buried, although he has no property in it."
    But no matter to whom the body is given in custody for burial it/ is in the nature of a sacred trust which the judiciary will guard for the benefit of all concerned.-0
    A rather nice distinction was that indulged in at Common Law. There it was adjudged to be larceny to convert the shroud of a deceased although the taking of the body itself was not larceny.21 Similarily it was held that the taking of articles of dress from a dead body washed ashore constituted larceny.22
    At the present time it is held that there cannot be larceny in the taking of a dead body because there can be no property interest therein, since the body belongs to, or is under the protection of, the public•3S However it has been held by the
    Missouri courts that it is larceny if the body was ifn a coffin and the coffin was taken along with the body24
    It is almost axiomatic that there is a duty to the public and to the decedent to give the latter a 'decent' burial.2 5 The terms "decent" and "respectable" are relative in this regard according to the holding of the courts. Their particular connotation de- pends upon the social and political standing of the dead persons,


    Damages for mental anguish caused by the invasion of the different rights relating to the-dead body are recoverable, accord- ing to the well settled rule.2 7 Such mental anguish must flow naturally and probably from the injuries visited upon the corpse.238 It is not necessary to show that there was any actual pecuniary loss 29 ; at common law it was an offense to treat the dead human body indecently.30 The mutilation of a dead body has always been held to be sufficient incentive to the element of mental anguish necessary to'recover damages thereon.31
    Therefore, as we have seen, there can really be no property rights as we usually regard them, in the case of situations arising around the legal status of dead bodies and those who may wish to have their custody. The real and personal property rights do not exist. Rather it is a matter for equity jurisprudence and each case is adjudicated strictly upon its own merits.

  12. "On a dark desert highway" Decedent has no light in it. That golem/shapeless mass was left in the desert/deserted and ready for transport/transportation. C'mon people!

  13. Has anyone of you guys heard of the microwave signal 5G? Which is suppose to cook you from the inside out? Well, that is nothing until you read what NASA has planned us citizens and for the world population.
    To learn more, go to "The future of warfare, planned depopulation and mind control", and listen to a 36 minute video on just what the Illuminati has been planing for many years. We The People and the rest of the world. It will shock you to your core.
    Be sure to tell everyone that you know to go to the NASA website. The more people that knows this, the better chance we have in stopping it. That is if we even have a chance. For the survival of you and your family go there now!

  14. Commission

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  15. Judge Anna, you forgot to mention the Kardasians which the whole world seems to be intrigue with...!! I have been watching TV all my life, and I've never been brainwashed by it yet. I still know more than 99% of people when it comes to law and money...!! The ones you should really be giving this lecture to are all under a big white roof called the "White House"..!!! They are completely brainwashed and watch nothing but fake news and stupid programs without ever knowing or caring what we all know on this site...who cares if the people are stupid...they always will be....but they don't pass laws or judge them..those are the most dangerous people of all because they hold our fate in their hands...people always comment on the fact that we all have choices....well 99.9% choose to be what..!! All I want is for people in positions of authority to recognize that my status is different than that of the 99.9% of the masses....thats it. How complicated can that be....?? Instead of teaching us our status, it's about time you started a non stop assault on the "White House" and all its representatives, and especially our court system.....educate our judges until they cant take it anymore and agree to give us a true "choice", because no matter what you say, we have none...absolutely none..!! Quit preaching to the choir and start a non stop preaching assault on every judge in this country until they either get it or arrest more have the absolute "RIGHT" to arrest anyone you want...just walk into court and arrest any judge of your choosing and tell him if you resist the arrest you calling the "provost marshals" to arrest him for sedition and treason which carries "the death penalty"""...and you can wait at GITMO until it happens....we need headlines!!! At 65, I am sick and tired of this shit...!! Let the 99.9% of the idiots be idiots...screw it..!! Do we really need them.. If this was a classroom, and you were the teacher, would you allow all your students to run the class.. well it's the same out here...the real world is your class and you just let your dumb ads students run the class (world)...!! How long are you going to let them get away with have to take a chance. And when you do, I will be right there with you if you ever decide to come to Calif. and do it...!! The challenge is on....!! Now you have a choice...what are you going to do....??????.....????

    1. james, right on, I agree. I've been disgruntled all along about trying to educate 300 million minions out here, most of whom are now communists - while those in power and courts are left alone and left to 'play dumb' with Patriots and continue to railroad us.
      Absolutely, Anna would accomplish a hell of a lot more if she would go for those in seats of power and squeeze THEM dry.
      What good is it if everyone is aware and learned if the resistance is still in place; makes NO sense whatsoever.
      It IS time to take some very drastic actions; why keep playing footsie with these crooks.

    2. I just wish I was still rich so I could finance anything judge Anna was willing to do...thats when I had power and wasn't afraid of the courts or the judges. And that includes Irvine PD who arrested me so many times I lost count.. this is not a paper war...damn it..!! There, I used it now...!! Why are you so afraid judge Anna, when I and probably others, including your law team will be right beside you...Id be willing to spend more time in jail if it will help correct this system quickly, because the "syndacate" is moving full steam ahead....Do you or your team realize that India has already made paper currency worthless, after they had a govt sponsored and enforced law that forced everyone into a data system, using retina scanning, fingerprints, facial recognition apps. and everything else they could possible get from 1.3 billion people...then they declared money worthless overnight and everyone (all 1.3 billion Indians) to get "chipped"..!! I just watched a utube showing an Indian (From india, not our native Americans) who was showing a lot of cash, but couldn't buy anything from even a street vendor...!! And you not only have the liens to prove we are in chap 7 bankruptcy and that you have won on paper to show anyone who ask "what are you doing"..??? Plus you have the added defense of Trumps new EXCUTIVE ORDER that anyone who commits crimes against humanity will be guilty of genocide and taken to GITMO until they are executed...California is heading the liberal agenda because of the amount of money and people who live here, not to mention that this is the center of HOLLYWOOD ...and the owners of just about the entire media...!! And what do they do...either give "fake news"(didn t this used to be called PROPAGANDA) or their movies which subliminally work on people's minds without knowing they are being programed....Judge Anna, I want you to be like the newest hero..."WONDER WOMAN" and we can be your avengers...lets just DO IT..!! THERE is no time left for this foolishness...Trump is being forced to accept this "chip" because there is no other solution to this currency mess and the greed that caused it....Im ready!! Are there any other takers that are willing to put there money where their mouth is and join about it 1FreeMan...the pen is not mightier than the sword...thats just another LIE..!! We aren't murderers, we are only people who are doing God's work before the entire planet is gobbled up and Satan can finally say he matter what happens to us, I guarantee you we will be absolved in the next life for doing what God wants us to do..put The shield of Christ on and let's go to battle....!!! Amen!!

    3. So let it be written, so let it be done..!! This is not an Islamic fight...its a Christian fight for Truth and Love...!!

    4. Here's Lincoln's secret real story that has been hidden like everything else..!! It's a short read but covers what his real problems were...he should have stepped down if he was true to the people...!!


  16. Turn on
    Tune in
    Drop out

  17. That may have worked in the 60's, but not today....Neither is free love..!!

  18. I was a TV hound until at about 14 years old mom took it over, just switched on her shows right in the middle or while I was watching something. I lost interest, then traveled around a lot, slept on the road sides, learned about life from people experiences. I had no idea who the president even was and did not care. Later while living on a small farm, we found an old black and white TV. I was out working as usual around and needed some help, there were about 5 or 6 people around besides me. I went in the house and they were all sitting there staring at a box, like a worship ceremony, intent and not to be interrupted. It was the TV, and about two hours later still they were in a trance it seemed. I did the work we needed done alone. In college part of the class was to watch some TV shows and learn how really it is the ads, the sales generated that rate a lot of shows. If people are not buying stuff from the ads the show is trashed. I did watch a series of kinda dumb B movies on Friday nights while playing my electric guitar unplugged and learned a lot on the guitar. I don't know what happened to that TV. Only one persons around here now "watches TV". Also and perhaps even more important, while outside sitting in a lawn chair in the dark smoking a cigar, in Anchorage Alaska, there was a lot of flashing going on in all the apartments around me. I wondered what it was, sudden lighting up of the entire room and the window projecting light out then dark again, kinda light then real light, like a flashing effect. It was the TV's ! Is sitting around getting flashing light treatments, combined with sound bombardment good for people? Finally upon realizing the History Channel voice was a hired man doing voice work and that just because it sounded truthful, official and "safe" that in reality could be pretty lies with ice- cream and candy sauce poured on, I decided to bag TV nearly entirely. I am too busy now looking in to things that do matter, the laws, the foundations we stand on, our house so to say that is in dire need of repair in those foundation areas with the entire hours tilting, creaking and near to break the seems due to the rot concerning the foundation. I am glad there are people watching it though and taking it apart with a fine toothed comb. Not knowing what the opposing owners of media are up to can be fatal. Ignorance applies here yet so does time in the day. Hey there was some stuff on sale at the store, it said "As Seen On TV so guess it should be good huh?

  19. I am so very grateful and happy that I have no tv where I live and have no interest to watch anything on it al all! In fact I have never owned a tv! Consequently I have such great sensitivity to the "frequency" that tvs emit that I also avoid them outside my house as well. As such I fully endorse the Waldorf school's encouragement to avoid tvs and most especially for school-aged children. (Adults can do as they please.)

    Dr. Carolyn Dean has written a warning about the post-human form/s consisting of both a "TV Body" and a "chip body" (plus two other bodies):
    Psychiatry has defined an anxiety disorder based on missing out on whatever may be streaming on devices. That is truly serious in my book!

  20. The problem isn t really the TV anymore...its the phones and social media which have our youth mesmorized...and no matter what, we all need a phone for safety reasons and other good info throughout the patriot community. It's the only place we can find any truth...or it was...!! And 5G is the last draw....its affects on our bodies and minds cannot be disputed. And personally I think it will be capable of activating the nanobots already in our bodiebodies via the water system....!! And voter fraud is rampid. There are only two companies manufacturing these machines..transparency activist, John Brakey, has done extensive research on this subject and what he ground will truely amaze you . He uncovered these sinister devices which are all computerized and programmed to automatically calculate the number of wins needed in each state to get someone elected. In other words, some of the "tads" are recognized as circles and others as squares, and if an opponete of the "elites" are behind, the voter machine automatically changes it to read the opposite....and in some states like Wisconson (isn't that your state judge Anna), they are allowed to completely ignore the true results and report whoever they want to win without reprisal....!! And the sad thing is, is that every single ballot is barcoded and related to the person voting, along with things that the voter isn t even aware of like , facial recoginition, eye scanning, etc. This is just a non transparent way of "data collection" that India forced their citizens to be mandatory...and once they got all their info on 1.3 billion people, they dumped paper currency, and went digital almost overnight...But when Brakey went to collect the copies (receits) of the ballots, he found out that they were just burning them up or shredding he took them to court and the judge asked them if indeed the were making copies of every ballot , but then destroying them...the judge in the case told them, " what makes you think that you can make "copies" Of every ballot, and then just decide to destroy them....See, even these judges don't realize what is tru ely going on.. to prevent this from happening anymore , Brakey has come up with the "Brakey Method" which makes ballots immediately posted when first scanned by the computer immediately, so the entire public can track the results themselfs..!! He links all of this to the "deep state" and the people running our country...the CIA and the "industrial military complex..I said it before, every country is actually being run by their military counterparts, because they can absolutely take over their own country without any problem...!! That's why they cannot work on black budgets fact, when and if we straighten this out, the militaries of every country have to be refunded to a small percentage of financing, until they can never make war with anyone...!!

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