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Friday, February 23, 2018

So Much Confusion Resolved

By Anna Von Reitz

People are grossly confused about the Birth Certificate, what it is, what it does, why it exists, etc.  That confusion is somewhat created and perpetuated by the document itself.  It appears to be a record belonging to us but, in fact, it is a registration document issued by a foreign government.  

That foreign government is under contract to provide "essential government services" (Article IV) for our states of the Union.  To finance those services, this foreign government assumes that you are responsible for its expenses.  They register the event of your birth and they issue bonds known as CUSIP Bonds in your NAME.  

These CUSIP Bonds are public debt obligations racked up against you and your assets. 

Your NAME is applied to a foreign corporation which is subject to United States Territorial law and is obligated as a debtor by definition.  Thus, almost the moment you come into this world you are set upon and "redefined" as a DEBTOR responsible for paying the debts of the foreign United States Territorial Government. 

From the standpoint of the United States Territorial Government, these debts (bonds = I.O.U.s) purportedly owed by you and your ESTATE are credits for them and obligations placed on you and your assets.  If you don't pay up, they will bring charges (literal charges as in charges against a bank account) against YOU, the foreign corporation that they named after you. 

Also, according to the corporate rules of the United States Territorial Government as published in their 1868 version of "The Constitution of the United States of America"--- which is the territorial constitution still standing--- "YOU" is a publicly owned slave and is guilty by definition as a criminal.  Take a close look at their 14th Amendment.  

So when they bring YOU into one of their foreign territorial US District Courts YOU are already guilty by definition and YOU already owe whatever they say YOU owe. 

As you will see if you read their 13th Amendment, slavery is abolished except for criminals.  And in the next breath, the 14th Amendment, they define YOU as a criminal, and therefore also a slave. 

This is why when they bring charges against YOU, they don't listen to law or facts and they repeatedly tell YOU that YOU have no constitutional rights.  

They don't have to listen to law or facts because within their system of things; "YOU" has already been defined as a criminal and a debtor and a slave. So, whatever the charge is, you owe.  And of course, YOU have no rights under any constitution and never have had any rights under any constitution, because Territorial United States CITIZENS have no such rights and never did have any such rights. 

All this is because they foisted a BC off on you and registered it, and nobody came forward to object.  So, there you are, as the Marines say, "screwed, glued, and tattooed"--- and for your tormentors, who are supposed to be your public servants, your BC is deposited in their Treasury (which is the IMF) and a Letter of Credit is issued benefiting them.  That is, your credit, benefiting them.  You and your assets are -- according to them -- standing as surety for their debts and underwriting their credit. 

So, what are you doing when you return the BC to the Secretary of the Treasury (an IMF and Interpol Officer) and name him your Fiduciary?  You are giving back the debt and relinquishing the obligation. 

He now has to act in your best interests and recall the deposited BC from the IMF and relieve you of the debt and the false presumptions associated with it.  The debt YOU owe has to be cancelled out effective with your actual birthday, if you so direct it, and the BC (which has already been funded) has to be redeposited as a credit. 

Those of us reclaiming our natural birthright estate direct the credit to be returned to the land jurisdiction United States Treasury Account  known as U.S. Treasury --- 1789.  You and your states of the Union are then no longer debtors or slaves, but appear in your true role as Priority Creditors who have paid their bills and then some. 

This is because what is a debt for a Territorial United States CITIZEN operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, is a credit for you, operating as an American state national---what they call a "United States National" --- on the international jurisdiction of the land.  

And the difference whether creditor or debtor depends entirely on the capacity in which you choose to act and what jurisdiction you choose to operate in and your willingness to correct the falsified public records to reclaim your Good Name and your assets. 

Of course, for most Americans, this cozy set up the British Territorial United States Government created for itself is all new news.  We were never told.  It was not intended that we would ever know the false claims and false political statuses being applied to us, because once we found out, we would naturally object.  

This is why our Mothers were never given full disclosure and why we ourselves were attacked when we were mere babies in our cradles and could not possibly object or take action in our own behalf or even remember that any of this went on.

This is why we were all treated to the spectacle of hooded figures parading around the coffin of a dead baby at the London Winter Olympics.  

So now you know the whole story, first to last, how a British-backed governmental services corporation, contrived to plunge into debt and enslave generations of innocent Americans and steal their land and the value of their labor, too.  

And since it was all by fraud and since the Trump Administration has been fully informed and since the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice has been fully informed and since the Pope and the Queen have been given Due Process and the process of restoring order and sanity began twenty years ago--- what you all have to do is wake up on an individual basis and correct your records. 

And how do you do that?  

The vermin got in the grain storage by mischaracterizing your Trade Name as a Foreign Situs Trust under British control on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways back in 1933.  That's why your Trade Name has been declared "Missing, Presumed Lost" on the land ever since that time. 

By Maxim of Law: "As a Thing is Bound so it is Unbound."

You pull the same trick on the Bar and "redefine" your Trade Name back to being a Trade Name on the land jurisdiction of the United States, and reconvey it back to the land and soil of the actual state, such as Texas, Georgia, or Wisconsin, where your actual nativity took place.  You record this "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Reconveyance" of your lawful Trade Name and all and any orderings, spellings, permutations, variations, styles or punctuations of it to its permanent domicile on the land and soil of _________ (Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, etc.).  Write it up, slap a Recording Cover Sheet on it, identifying your FIRST MIDDLE LAST as the Foreign Grantor Trust delivering the Deed and your First Middle Last Trade Name as the American State Grantee receiving the Deed, giving a return address "in care of" whatever postal address you have been using--- and record this claim at the nearest land recording office. 

We can all also begin the process of prosecuting the criminals responsible--- most of whom are already dead, but we can try them posthumously, and we can also hold the present accomplices accountable for any failure to cease and desist these false presumptions being held against Americans and their assets, Brits and their assets, Aussies and their assets, Japanese and their assets, Germans and their assets..... wherever this vicious criminality is to be found. 

This entire system which they employed to enslave us was promoted and held together by the Romanus Pontifex and the various trusts created by Popes of the Roman Catholic Church.  This entire system was dissolved, officially, on June 12th, 2011--- and all claims to our land assets were released via Public Register Number 983210-331235-01004. 

We have tried to negotiate a General Peace, based on the worldwide recognition of this venal fraud, and to establish a systemic remedy in the years since then.  Thus far, those efforts have not yielded the overall results we want, and the members of the Bar Associations have continued to entrap and prosecute people who never knowingly or willingly entered their jurisdiction and who do not naturally belong to it and who have been treated as unlawfully converted chattel, incarcerated, taxed, and press-ganged into the service of the British Crown against their Will-- which is clearly established in the Preamble of The Constitution for the united States of America. 

These are all criminal acts of inland piracy and treason against the Constitution owed to us.  

No corporation has any right, title nor interest in our names nor names of persons superior to ours, and the simple facts and abundant evidences proclaim before all the world that the Popes and the British Monarchs acted in Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract, while their practices --- of making fraudulent claims of jurisdiction, fraudulent claims of bankruptcy against our sovereign nation-states, and fraudulent coercive acts of racketeering against trusting Mothers and babies in their cradles --- deserve nothing but universal condemnation and speak for themselves. 

We call upon all people to move forward without delay to establish their own claims upon their Trade Names (also called Given Names, the First Middle Last names written in Upper and Lower Case) and officially reconvey them to the land and soil of the state or province where their actual nativity occurred on the public record provided by the local Land Recording Offices. 

Remember that in international terms, you and everything you own, is considered a land asset.  This includes your names, your body, your homes, your money, your rights, your credit, and everything else naturally belonging to you. 

We call upon the members of the Bar Associations and the American Military to wake to hell up and cease and desist aiding and abetting these fraudulent claims and repugnant practices.  

You have been misdirected and misinformed to promote winning a war that ended in September 1945 in the case of the Bar Associations, and a war that ended in April 1865 in the case of the American Military.  

And we, the American states and people, were never part of either war. We are your employers, innocent Third Parties that you have been disserving and preying upon under conditions of fraud and criminality and breach of trust. 

If you want to continue to have jobs and be able to function in this country, you have to quit all this vicious monkey business and clean up your acts; otherwise, you will be recognized as common criminals, unlicensed privateers, engaged in racketeering and unlawful solicitation on our shores. We will bring our complaints before the international community and we will shut you down and mandate other service providers effective immediately. 

This is no longer a matter of politely asking the members of the Bar to cease and desist and not a matter of  "if you want to do the right thing".  Either do the right thing and release all these unjustifiable and venal legal presumptions against American state nationals or make up your mind that you will be recognized as a criminal and a public danger, individually liable for all the damages you and your organizations have caused on a worldwide basis.

Likewise, Joint Chiefs of Staff, this situation has gone as far as it is going to go. You need to bite the bullet and exert the necessary pressure on the bankers and the politicians to declare the peace and return our purloined assets.  All of this crime against the American People has happened on your watch and you have benefited from it.  If you want to be exonerated, take action now and do the actual duty you were hired to do: protect the American states and people. If that means taking a bayonet to the municipal government officials responsible for all this and arresting every single one of them, you have our permission. 

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  1. Hear Here!!!
    A severe 'spanking' or permanent incarceration or worse. A fair choice. Don't be surprised how many will choose worse. You have to respect anyone's choice in the matter. After all, criminals do want to be stopped!
    Once again Anna, Many Thanks for speaking up for us!
    All The Best,

  2. Thank You again Anna. This article can be sent to friends unaware as the explanation seems comprehensible enough for their minds to nest, giving time for consideration of an alternative reality.
    Also, for some reason, in this process of extracting ourselves, it seems the act of un-registering to vote has a greater effect than we realized. Is voter registration more relevant an indicator of corporate capture, thus un-registering a signal one of their slaves has caught on to the game? Its odd to receive a voter registration form in the mail w medical papers. Surely it indicates how interconnected their web-hub is in capturing all info about us.
    Also an attempt by state gov to force payment of a fine that may have ceased enforcement upon telling them 'I do not consent'. Is this possible? Since I don't have a 'receipt' stating such, one doesn't know if the fine will reappear later.
    Curious & fun to see gov-thuggery reactions to chunks of their puzzle falling apart. A fish enjoys the worm but isn't swallowing their hook.

  3. This is the best BC explanation. Thank You Anna.XXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Further explanation is needed regarding the Recorded Reconveyance of our Name. Exactly what do we do with it after we Record it?
    I can't picture a cop or a Court checking the Recorders Office before they try their dirty deeds on then How do we wield it to our Benefit.
    This needs answered. Please do not assume we already know these things or that ''we will see'' as things go along. Need to be more precise and detailed about these things.

  5. Which "Public Register" exactly and how do we access that? In my search for this information I see: "As of June 12th, 2011 ; Romanus Pontifex was officially collapsed, via Ritus Mandamus and Ritus Probatum, Public Register Number 983210-331235-01004." at:
    Please post the reply under a title including "Public Register" so we can be clearly alerted. Thank You!

  6. Also Re: BC and "credit":
    "Beware of internet scams with a picture of this site claiming that you can enter your birth certificate number to access bonds owed to you. Those claims are false, and attempts to defraud the government can be prosecuted. See"

  7. Agreed, thank you, epicccccccc!

  8. Excellent description of BC problem and possible solution, albeit far too general to be of any value to most of us out here in legal land. Without detailed (including templates) instructions as to writing, recording, and defending ourselves, most of us would wind up in jail --- been there ; done that! A little info is dangerous... like giving a teenager a gun with powerful bullets but no advice as to how to utilize the gun.

    Thanks again for your writings. They are intriguing and fun to try to figure out how to utilize. The instructions to make an atomic bomb are fairly simple but of no value to the untrained in nuclear physics, et al.

  9. Here is another example of words used by "common people" that courts use as an example of our ignorance..Yes, we are slaves, criminals, and Debtors...serfs on the LAND with no rights except against each other..!! But in their special world of "semantics" they have only one word for it.....tortfeasers!!!

    TORTFEASER:A wrongdoer; an individual who commits a wrongful act that injures another and for which the law provides a legal right to seek relief; a defendant in a civil tort action.
    This is why the presumption of innocence is totally false..our justice system automatically "presumed we are already nothing but criminals right from the start...!! Everyone should have a copy of "Blacks Law Dictionary" (anyone that is the 6th edition or less, because they started taking some words out or put them in strange places..), and it should sit right next to your bible, because it is that important to know their terms and their definitions...!! And you need to just skim over it everyday. You will begin to see how different they define words than we do.. and sometimes you will come across a word that will make things clearer to you or what I call the "ah ha" experience..!! When two people have a hard time communicating because of a language barrier, the smart person will learn the other ones language , so they can communicate affectivly..!! Since they are the ones with all the power, then it becomes a guilt edged sword to learn their language and start using it against they are doing it to us..!!

    1. James, see this:

      The law which governs corporations is the same as that which governs individuals [godless entities].

  10. 2 things people may find interesting:

    It was a principle of the English common law
    that an act of a corporation in excess of the grant
    in its articles of incorporation was ultra vires,
    and as such null and void; and it was also a
    principle of the common law, that by-laws of a
    corporation could not be valid and yet contrary
    to the laws of England, without a statement by
    the law-making power to that effect.

    It was further a principle of the common law that the
    king himself could not authorize a corporation
    to pass a by-law contrary to the law of the realm.


    re: "birth certificates" in england, circa 183x through 187x or so
    combine the latter with the "history of slavery" others have posted.

    1. interestingly enough, one only sees it in "romantic comedies" perhaps (which i neither watch, nor do i attend many weddings) ... but you can legally "object" to a wedding.

      (that latter link i posted is for births, deaths, and marriage registrations)

      back then, and perhaps now, that means if your "objection" is fruitless you pay court costs.

      so, that is/was a real thing, mentioned in that latter law book. you must provide your name and location, presumably so if the bride and groom "challenge" your objection, you go to court.

      nowadays, it is perhaps only a punch line.

  11. This form to be filed with the Recorders Office that states that it is an Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-conveyance reads like it was a normal thing to do instead of negating blatant Fraud, to accomplish our goal. But we ought not let the culprits off as being legitimate in the process. I think we should state it a bit more actual and factual as you have used those terms in the past, and by doing so, it gets the message across to others of present day to not be so quick to relieve them of responsibility, and to consider them as accomplices to Fraud if they do not correct these matters. And, sad to say, it appears that they are continuing this Fraud right up to present day against the new born and parents. Am I missing something here?


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