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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Persistent Questions

By Anna Von Reitz

1. I have had people saying, "Oh, no!  You don't want to have anything to do with the STRAWMAN!"  --- but just like in the Wizard of Oz, the STRAWMAN is your friend.  I also have people running off and registering their NAMES with State of State organizations. Does it make sense to pay pirates for the use of your own name, however it is styled?  Hello?

There is a logic to everything and you must follow the logic of things to the end conclusion. 

When you claim and reconvey your Trade Name (also known as your Given Name) which is your Upper and Lower Case First Middle Last name just like you were taught in Grade School----that is, your name in this form:  "John Mark Doe" and reconvey it back to the "land and soil" of the state where you were born --- you in the same breath claim "all styles, orderings, permutations, variations, spellings, and punctuation(s)" of that name and establish their "permanent domicile" on the "land and soil" of the state where you were born. You bring the STRAWMEN -- JOHN DOE, JOHN MARK DOE, and JOHN M. DOE -- right along with you and put them back on the land jurisdiction, too. 

But, but, but....I hear some people saying, you don't want the STRAWMAN! The STRAWMAN is a public slave and owes tons of debt!  Why would you ever want to claim the STRAWMAN?

To control the STRAWMAN, first and foremost.  Does it make sense that you would leave any version of your name under the control of faceless bureaucrats?   And as I secondarily explained, while the STRAWMAN is a debtor and a public trust when it is operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, it is a creditor and a private trust when operating on the international jurisdiction of the land.  When you bring HIM/HER back ashore, a little magic happens--- the debtor becomes the creditor.

Think of it this way: so long as the STRAWMAN is defined as a sea-going British chattel, HE is a debtor, a criminal, a slave, and a public trust. The instant HE is redefined as an American land asset, HE is a free and honorable creditor and a private trust that the rats can't mess with.  So which condition do you want your NAME to be in?

Yes, you do want to claim all the variations of your name at the same time you claim and reconvey your Trade Name, and you want to record their permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born. Not only do you reconvey the STRAWMEN to a permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction, you issue Certificates of Assumed Name for them and record those, too.  You want to claim back the proper use and identity of absolutely everything associated with you and your estate, including whatever other new "names" they dream up for you. 

And please be aware that even now they are scrambling around trying to keep their old schtick going by dreaming up new variations of NAMES and Names for you.  If you watch your mail and your bank statements, you will see all sorts of peculiar things appearing: JOHN Mark DOE,  J. Mark Doe, JOHAN M. DOE, JOHN-MARK:DOE, Doe: John Mark, and so on. 

But your claim of all variations and permutations and spellings and punctuation and orderings will already be on the public record and they will all be predefined with a permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born, so no matter what, when the rats come to charge their newest "derivative" -- you will be ready to say, "Sorry, that's not a British prize.  That's an American vessel. And here is my Certified Copies of the Public Records proving that I am the controller and owner of that name and trademark."

The paperwork also shows the recorded permanent domicile of these "vessels" on the land and soil of a sovereign state.  End of story.

2. How to deal with THEIR courts? 

Once you have your own paperwork together and recorded, the only responsibility you have with respect to their courts in most situations is: (1) presentation of the Mandatory Notice required under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act; (2) proper rebuttal to any summons; (3) duty to inform.

The FSIA Notice is required so that they are given fair warning that you are claiming your status.  The reply to summons is to keep you out of trouble via any claim that you evaded them or showed them contempt.  You are not obligated to respond to any summons other than rebutting it in a timely manner, which basically means "returning service to the court" with a registered mail letter saying, "Sorry, I am not obligated to appear and decline to do so."  You will want to include a brief signed "Testimony in Fulfillment of Duty to Inform". This is just a brief statement of numbered facts in which you say whatever is true about the referenced issues you were summoned about.  If you know nothing about them, you just say--- By Special Limited Appearance I testify from without the United States on my honor that: (1) It is a fact that I know nothing about the people or issues referenced in the summons dated_________.  And if you do know anything that would be helpful to the court, you enumerate the facts in a similar manner.  You sign that Testimony using a by-line, meaning you claim authorship like in a newspaper article--- by:________ and thumbprint it in red ink, so that the thumbprint touches but does not obscure your name. And send it in with the Mandatory Notice and your Summons Rebuttal.

For 9/10th of the supposed infractions people are summoned to appear for, this IS all that is necessary to avoid any further contact from the court or any possible claim that you showed them contempt or evaded anything.  The key is to be polite and remember that these people are supposed to be working for you, so you do have a reasonable cause to assist them in the discharge of their duties and a duty under the Public Law to inform them regarding crimes that you may have witnessed.

For the other 1/10th, you have to recall that while they do not have any nexus of authority related to you most of the time, they do have a general law enforcement duty related to the delegated powers and their governing constitution.  If you stray into their jurisdiction, you become subject to their administration.  For example, the federales have delegated authority over sales of alcohol, tobacco and firearms across state lines.  If you are a gun shop owner engaged in selling guns across state lines, you come under federal jurisdiction for those activities and have to hop through their hoops and pay any applicable sales and manufacturing taxes related to those activities--- and if you fail to do so, their courts can legitimately call you to account for that. 

Similarly, if you are directly involved in any event on actual federal land, such as a fistfight on a Naval Base, you can be legitimately summoned as a Witness, even though you are a Foreign Sovereign with respect to them.  If you participated in the fight, you can be held for 72 hours and then released to the local Sheriff.

The rules are similar for the "federated" State of State and County corporate franchise organizations.  Their General Sessions laws may arguably apply to (and for) you via administration of the Public Trust established for the actual state in the wake of the Civil War, but none of their statutory laws do. 

The thing to remember is that nobody wants a bunch of violent criminals ramrodding around the country doing what they please.  We are all obligated in our own small sphere to keep the peace and avoid harming other people and their property.  It's a very simple and common sense standard when you get down to it and once you know who you are, who they are, and what is supposed to be happening.

The other thing I want everyone to remember is that the American Common Law is very straightforward and often Draconian.  You rustle cattle, you get hung.  Period. You get drunk and drive and run over and kill a teenager walking home from school, you get tried for murder no ifs, ands, or buts. 

I say this to point out that while the American Common Law offers people a lot more freedom, it also requires a lot more social responsibility.  There is no moddlecoddling of criminals and no discretion for judges.  What the jury decides, the jury decides.  And that's that.  Any other mitigating circumstances, your bad childhood, your fear of dogs--- doesn't count.

So when you put your Trade Name back on the land and soil and place yourself under the American Common Law--- be aware that true freedom requires the responsible exercise of that freedom. 

3.  What about people born in the District of Columbia or the members of the military serving overseas?

If either one (or both) of your parents was born on the land and soil of an American state, you can claim your nationality through either one them.

If neither parent was born on the land and soil of an American state, you are stuck being a Federal Citizen, and have to claim Equal Civil Rights as your remedy, until you establish your own permanent domicile within an actual state of the Union.

A similar situation pertains to first generation immigrants.  They are naturalized as United States Citizens and retain that public status until and unless they meet the requirements (varies from state to state) to become state nationals-- what the Federales call "United States Nationals". 

Generally speaking you have to live in a state for a specified period of time, have to declare your intention, have to establish a permanent home, have to avoid any felony convictions, and demonstrate that you are self-supporting, of age, of sound mind, and generally good character.  It's a rigorous but reasonable standard established in the General Session Laws of each state, and if you meet the standard and follow the instructions established by the law, you can claim to be a Floridian, Vermonter, or Wisconsinite like everyone else there.

4. What about Social Security and other federal programs? Won't I lose all that I paid for if I do this?

See Item 1.   You don't lose anything.  You gain control of what is rightfully yours and cease to be treated as a mentally incompetent ward of the State of State. 

For people already getting payments from Social Security the key word is "retired".  The "federal government" is nothing more or less than corporations in the business of providing stipulated governmental services, just like GM is in the business of building and selling cars, and Dell is in the business of building and selling computers.  If you are like most Americans, you have never been employed by the federal government at all and have been misidentified as a federal worker and "taxpayer" most of your life.  You paid into their social welfare/retirement fund, called the Public Charitable Trust, by mistake, as the result of disinformation and coercion telling you that you were required to get a Social Security Number and required to pay federal income taxes and required to act as a federal citizen. 

It's still the same situation as if you had worked for GM or Dell and vested in their retirement program.  Once you are retired, you no longer have to wear a GM uniform or name tag or carry a Dell Employee ID.  Same thing with the federal government.  You are retired from any and all such obligations of their "citizenship" and are free to return to your birthright status without it impacting any iota of what you are owed.

But, but, but.... OMG! What happens if these federal corporations go bankrupt and I lose my pension? 

Not to worry.  You are actually their Priority Creditors.  The Veterans and the Pensioners get first dibs. Just claim up your Name/NAMES and remove their permanent domicile to the land and soil of your birth state.  We have already set up the Indemnity Bond for your State and an Equal Protection Claim for you, and since your whole problem has been caused by fraud and Breach of Trust in the first place, you are triply indemnified.

The Social Security program established by the Federales was a cheapskate program that was mismanaged---a bureaucratic nightmare, and on top of everything else, anything you got back from it was taxed.  This makes more sense when you realize that Social Security was twisted around and redefined as part of the Public Charitable Trust that was established in the wake of the Civil War as a welfare trust to take care of displaced plantation slaves--converting the pension payments you are owed into welfare benefits that are a non-obligatory debt of a bankrupt corporation.

There can be little to no doubt that the rats in Congress intended to bankrupt their governmental services corporations and stiff the American Veterans and Retirees.

However, this was observed and objected to twenty years ago, and doggedly pursued all this time, to prevent that from ever happening.  Instead of you-all suddenly facing old age without a penny and no medical care and all the other nightmarish possibilities that present themselves to your imaginations, you will be in receipt of far better care, far better payments, and far less red tape.

The new system will be far better than anything currently available and provide a much broader spectrum of care and higher retirement payments for both Veterans and Retirees in general, whether public or private sector.  It will also provide services that are currently unavailable-- counseling and physical therapy options that don't exist now, in-house treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction, nutritional and natural healing options that aren't currently covered, hospice and caretaker respite services and much, much more. 

So, instead of fear-mongering and spreading rumors and sitting around on your duffs feeling helpless and scared, get up on your hind legs and start walking with your heads up and your shoulders back.  You have worked hard all your lives and paid your dues in Good Faith. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Those who have defrauded you and abused your trust are the ones who need to rethink their values and blush.

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  1. ''the new system will be far better than what is available now''........
    Well, we have heard these types of things all last year without seeing them come to fruition because the jackasses in high places have road-blocked it.
    So now is this 'new system' also going to be one more thing added to the List? Along with these kinds of statement, there ought to be some kind of Time Frame put along with it.

    1. Abby, only the Father knows for sure. You should be aware of that. Do not get confused. Read the first commandment and concentrate on the last word ME. Stop with all your negative behaviour. You are not adding to yourself by taking away from others. Anna spent 40 years in study, she is not wrong. What she is telling you is a temporary fix. It shall stand until such time that the Father steps in and wipes away all the debts.. not sins

    2. Im sorry, but bluecoller....there is one thing that caused this whole problem in the first place..."the surest way to destroy a country is to DEBAUCH it's currency...!! Everybody is missing a very important point...when this country was first established, our forefathers realized that their can never be "honesty" and "fair play" without a lawful currency that can't be hypothenticated (elastic)..!!! In other words, people had to "PAY" there debts at law and not "DISCHARGE" their debt.. only people with bad faith and "unclean hands" would considerer discharging their debt than paying for them..Thats why the King of England ordered someone to America to report on the status of our country..!! When he came back and told the King that not only is our country doing great, but that according to him "you can't fool these people because they all knew and studied LAW..!! That's when he realized that if this situation is allowed to continue that America will be so prosperous that all the nation's of the world will run to it , making them kings instead of us..!! That's when they made it a guilt edged priority to DEBAUCH it's currency so that not one person in a million will know what is going on..and that's exactly what they did. With the exception that back then, the banks were only given 20 year charters to continue. Every time the setterlors used lawful money the country thrived, having very little unemployment. As soon as the "Foreign BANKS" with their debt instruments were able to renew their charters there was immediate unemployment in the streets and discord..!! They did it 3 times, and every time they were refused their charter, we wound up in a "contrived war", killing people on both sides. And if they couldn't win on the battlefield, they could always win in the end by dictating all the rules of the "TREATY" afterwards..!! It comes down to this..."THEY (the elitist") are so unreasonably obsessed at controlling people and the world at large that they will NEVER back down or submit to any other authority except them and will fight until they get it and never stop until they get it..We on the other hand, just want to work and live in peace, because our ambitions are not to rule the world..we just want to be happy and secure..!! We are dealing with "psychopaths" that will wear us all down unless the get what they want..after denying their charters 3 times , we finally have because no one wants to fight until eternity if your a normal person..!! So judge Anna, your status change change from the INTERNATIONAL SEA JURISDICDTION, to the INTERNATIONAL LAND JURISDICTION, has to be accompanied to a mandatory recognized presumption that we only function on "lawful money " and nothing else!! The LAW and COURTS be damned!!

    3. Your status change has to include that clause, or we will be fighting forever..!! I would rather the courts recognize our right to use "lawful money on account" to prove once and for all that none of them have any jurisdiction over us at all and that we have absolutely no "NEXUS" with the "FORMUM STATE" or "STATE OF THE FORUM ". That also means that instead of cars selling for $30,000 because of inflation due to their "elastic currency" , they have to sell it to us "uninflated" and adjusted to 1953 $3000!! I'll take the car..!! And we can still ask for payments on a monthly basis, without interest... $3000 means $3000 and not a penny more..!! Now how do you plan on correcting that judge Anna..!! That clause has to be included and honored or we can sue them for triple damages for "summery judgement" in "lawful Money"... immediate judgement for us. Corporate attorneys are not allowed in the case when it concerns lawful money..!! That includes the judge. He has to wear two hats and recognize that their are two statuses out there..and if he can't distinguish between the two, then he has to resign his authority or fired until these judges "get it"..!! Tell me you don't agree judge Anna..!!!

    4. James I am well aware of the money system and who controls it. Google modern money mechanics. I am also aware it is the promissory note created the money, the bank loaned nothing. You say lawful money, I assume you speak of gold. Gold only has value if we accept it. Remember the golden calf and how the creator was furious when the people worshiped it. The world is controlled by the freemasons and they are the ones who hold us in bondage which includes the Templar bar, the monarchy, the Vatican and probably the knights of Columbus. The lawyers and judges are all Masons and I have been led to believe that they worship Lucifer. The system is controlled by the devil. You seem to have much knowledge, have you been successful in the courts freeing yourself? Have you even tried practicing what you preach.? I maintain when the time is right, and only the father knows for sure, the tables will be turned on the money changers once and for all. These people in control are very dark and will run and hide when the real power puts his fist down. I say kudos to Anna, she has more balls than most men I know. A strong man stands alone, a weak man needs a drown around him. Are you a strong man James, if so CHARGE.

    5. another lesson on lawful money for you James:
      Daniel 5:23 23Instead, you have set yourself up against the LORD of heaven. You had the goblets from his temple brought to you, and you and your nobles, your wives and your concubines drank wine from them. You praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or understand. But you did not honor the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways.

    6. Bluecollar....i only mention "lawful money" because that was the only thing mentioned in the constitution. And like judge Anna pointed out, for the unincorporated states, it is the "silver dollar"..!! Gold was added because that's a Corp thing..However, there is a very big difference between the two..on one side you are actually paying for everything without creating more dept. On the other, you are using "debt instruments " which only "discharges" part of your debt, but there is always an open account that is left and added to the nation debt..!! It's a short cut to correcting your status with a bunch of filings..!! The Corp STATE won t even accept "lawful money" because it works against their books, not for them..!! People miss the point of asking (or making a lawful demand for it) but it doesn't mean you can walk into your bank and expect to get silver coins.. the demand is not for that purpose..By demanding that your transacting business in lawful money, you are in effect telling everyone indirectly of your "true status" because you are not using the benefit of their "private elastic currency" and therefore have no alligence to their laws..your a man on the land, and not a person lost at sea...get it..!! Everyone should have figured this all out years ago , like some of us have and we wouldn't be worrying about this at this late point..!! Now they are so powerful it is getting damn near impossible to deal with them..!!

  2. Sorry, but I have been watching this all unfold over the last couple of years. I understand the fraud. If it truly is fraud, why can't Trump declare and Executive order to abolish at the top, all this illegal crap, turn all the Trade names and property back to the people without having to go through this process of reclamation? If the process is fraud, it has no effect. As a Canadian, I am wondering why the efforts to correct are being presented into a corrupt system for relief. It is like asking a mafia boss for a way out.

    If their system is corrupt, how then can you get the keys to the door? Even if you do all this paperwork, file and record it, the municipal tax collector isn't going to check this stuff out before they send the bailiff nor is the bank going to check before they foreclose. You still end up in court and presenting your paperwork, proof of reclamation, to a judge who doesn't follow the rules.

    Short of mass protest to municipal and state/province simultaneously claiming the fraud and taking over the government process and waking everyone up at the same time, I am not confident it will work.

    Kudos to Anna and the Living Law Firm for all their hard work at uncovering all this fraud, but the remedy to get 300 million to fill out the documents to reclaim their God given rights seems futile in my mind. This battle for freedom is a challenging one. The bandits are not going to say "OK you win". There has to be another way.

    1. There has to be another way
      Yup, when the time comes and only the father knows for sure when that will be. The bandits will flee.

    2. I've already posted several comments on the foreclosure issue. There is an International agreement in place between us and China. In order to satisfy our debt to the Chinese gov't, we gave them both California and Hawaii, lock stock and barrel.
      They now own everything on these two states; buildings. Houses, property and anything else they want or need. They have been given the right of Emenint Domain to take any house in foreclosure, or any land they want or need. Changing your status will not change anything, if you get behide in your mortgage payments because we are still all using FR notes to discharge our debts instead of paying for them. In Common Law, you must pay for your debts with real money backed by silver and gold, not fiat IOU's. Since we have no choice but to use the FR currency, we're stuck, at least when it comes to California and Hawaii.

    3. Dan Carpenter...your absolutely correct..!! That's why we need a way to identify us as having "Diplomatic Immunity" from prosecution in their courts, because we are indeed foreign alien Diplomates to a completely different country...America. And that we do not recognize their language or authority as lawful..!! I want, and demand "Diplomatic Immunity"..!! And a special passport to travel anywhere in the world as an "American Diplomate"(not a US Diplomate) all over the world.. That will also give notice that the U S is not the same country as "America" all over the world and to spread the word more quickly than we could ever do by ourselves.. why are they scared of us..most people if given the choice will not want or understand our status, and if they did would never agree to a "Common Law Court" for the exact reasons you stated..under common law where you also have to have and accept 100% LIABILITY for your actions, you simply can't just arbitrarily say you have the right to own 10 animals all running around your house and around the neighborhood and think you can get away with it.. not everyone wants not do they deserve our status..!! Either plan on living with "common sense" or don't bother Appling for our status. Because if you do , you will be very surprised that having that many animals on your property then an American National can littery bankrupt you with one lawsuit...but these people who call themselves "animal lovers" are nothing more that "materialist" who have no intention of truely taking care of those animals. The are nothing more than "THINGS" to them, like having 10 cars....Materialist in its truest form....!!

  3. mollycoddle. also molly-coddle, 1870, from a noun (1833) meaning "one who coddles himself," from Molly (pet name formation from Mary), which had been used contemptuously since 1754 for "a milksop, an effeminate man," + coddle (q.v.).

    1. hey Goldtraderr...where did that come from ? We have just such a creature as our prime minister in Canada. Did not know this

    2. Then you have never read...Silent weapons for Quite wars...which explicitly explains that part of their agenda of complete control is to feminize the entire male gender, which you can see for yourself is working...LBGT community!!

  4. Federalies,use Thair.corporate statutes in articles 1 courts federal if we let them force us under Thai jurisdiction .
    This is saying excuse me I am not a federal citizen im a state national not subject to your jurisdiction .

  5. Executive order 100, issued by Lincoln in 1863 was the first corporate order with Congress. (Sine de)This means the US citizens are under a unitary executive today called martial rule under martial law. Since these orders only apply to the corporation itself, martial rule suspended the protection for the people outside that compact.This is one of the reasons they created the estate and you better get an assumed name from them to control that estate. Common law doesn't apply under martial rule but they had to leave the equity in the equation or they could not administrate to steal our assets either. Time to rethink what is really happening here.

    1. Cube: and you better get an assumed name from them to control that estate
      Can you elaborate on this statement. It seems as written that we must ask them instead of claiming. God said we were free. I think exposing them who have enslaved us is paramount to begging them for an assumed name.

    2. The State created the record of live birth and mothers property in memoriam. Every State requires that if a legal name is used, that name is to be registered with the SOS office to be in good standing and taken out of the public domain. The BAR only handles charity cases where this name and estate are left out in the public. The assets are ours, unless you have no standing to claim them. Think about that for a moment.

    3. Rob Rayder viodeo on BC link bellow
      A video looking at various documents commonly known as "birth certificates" (none of which actually use this term).. , actually entitled as "Certificate of Live Birth" or "Certified Copy of Record of Birth" ...

      3 of these "forms" are for the same individual ... none of which is exactly the same as the others.... even though all 3 claim to be "Certificates of Live Birth".

      A close inspection of these documents evidences any number of errors of omissions of the "record" that need to be corrected ... such as "TIME OF BIRTH" ... or Mothers current legal name ... or Birth file number ... etc..

      One "Style" of form actually says it is a valuable legal document .... and that any errors of omissions should be corrected within 30 days of "issue".. (issue was a term used to describe births back in the day).. One of its errors is not having recorded a Time of Birth ... another.. not listing mothers current legal name.. (and there are more errors)


    this should answer any real questions anyone has haha

  7. Bottom line numbers talk ,the feds given 17 enumerated powers ,states have a few can't print money etc but all else is retained by states.
    We can separate according to judge Andrew Napolitano with Congress's approved I think it's none of Thai business .

  8. Rob Rayder viodeo on BC link bellow
    A video looking at various documents commonly known as "birth certificates" (none of which actually use this term).. , actually entitled as "Certificate of Live Birth" or "Certified Copy of Record of Birth" ...

    3 of these "forms" are for the same individual ... none of which is exactly the same as the others.... even though all 3 claim to be "Certificates of Live Birth".

    A close inspection of these documents evidences any number of errors of omissions of the "record" that need to be corrected ... such as "TIME OF BIRTH" ... or Mothers current legal name ... or Birth file number ... etc..

    One "Style" of form actually says it is a valuable legal document .... and that any errors of omissions should be corrected within 30 days of "issue".. (issue was a term used to describe births back in the day).. One of its errors is not having recorded a Time of Birth ... another.. not listing mothers current legal name.. (and there are more errors)

  9. Time of Birth ??


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