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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bundy Morning Quarterbacking

by Mark Steyn
Topical Take

Lost in the tumbling headlines of a busy week was a ruling that reminds us the corruption of federal justice is not confined merely to a few politicized bureaucrats monkeying around in the Hillary and Trump investigations. On Monday, US District Court Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed with prejudice (against the Justice Department) all charges against Cliven Bundy and his sons. If you've forgotten the Bundys' stand-off with the Feds in Nevada, here's how National Review's David French summarizes it:
On one side was a collection of dangerous, out-of-control armed men who were deliberately provocative, prone to saying unhinged things in a single-minded quest to destroy their enemies, and who lied time and again to cover their misdeeds.
On the other side was Cliven Bundy.
That's an entirely reasonable characterization given Judge Navarro's finding that "the universal sense of justice has been violated" and the government is guilty of "a deliberate attempt to mislead" the court. "The government's conduct in this case was indeed outrageous," she ruled. "There has been flagrant misconduct, substantial prejudice and no lesser remedy is sufficient" - other than a dismissal "with prejudice" to prevent the Justice Department embarking on new ways to screw the Bundys over for another few years. (They're already spent most of the last two in jail.)

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  1. This is what happens when an attorney represents you...why wasn't there a "countclaim" filed against the perpetrators at the same time..?? Now it's up to the Bundys to sue the do you think that will work out for them...why didn't the attorney ask the judge to file the complaint themselves for them....

  2. The corruption within most of their agencies runs deeper than anyone cares to realize. Navarro only dismissed the entire case because she was threatened with a long prison term. She is still just as rotten as she was before this 'forced ruling'.

    1. The whole reason for this land grab as George Webb put forth was because the land is perfect for uranium one mining and processing. Of course you'll never hear that narritive on MSM. Yellowcakes is one of the products produced in the making of Enriched uranium. You need a lot of land and dirt to abstract a small amount of enriched uranium.

  3. Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse. However The "Law of the Sea" IS Legal CODE ONLY, UCC for ALL PRIVATELY REGISTERED LEGAL TITLES AND ENTITIES. IT's for PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL BANKING PURPOSES & TRADE ONLY. It's NOT Public Law on the Real Substance Land and All Living beings/lawful public. So important in understanding "presentment" "represent or re-present" Are you bringing forward a presentment based on "representation" of your now claimed "legal title" (your corrected political status claim) as "Authorized Representative", All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308
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    Now WE know!! It is OUR individual responsibility to "represent" ALL of our "legal Titles" and start to be the sole owner's, landlords as we failed in the past to be. We have to take both public/private responsibility IN creating and keeping proper records. At ALL times.

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    3. And the amazing solution to the problem and dependence on "Applications & Forms" that we have all been programmed and indoctrinated with can be absolutely provided as the legal/lawful solution to Anna's process of Correcting Political Status/Certification of Assumed Names and bringing ALL "Legal Titles" back on Land. Plus notification to be sent to Old "Trustees" that their services are no longer needed!

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      People are Scared, confused, angry. They know something is wrong, or they DO KNOW what's wrong, but they just lack the self confidence /Knowledge or REAL Legal support that they're needing to complete the process to be part of the solution vs. continuing to contribute by participating voluntarily in the PROBLEM. This IS a VIABLE Solution For everyone to consider. The possibilities are unlimited in my perspective as together having both balanced Legal Plus Lawful Jurisiction Authority Standing TRUMPS LEGAL FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS. We Win Individually and collectively!!

  4. ''there has been flagrant misconduct' per judge navarro --
    Sheesh, the entire 'legal' system/court system is flagrant misconduct ! ! It is STILL going on in all court rooms this very day. Nothing has changed, this Bundy case will blow over, and it will go right on, business as usual.
    We can now verify that the BAR assn. is totally ignoring Anna's Notice to vacate court houses. Our local news station provides a wednesday evening call-in to ''ask an attorney'' about your problem;
    attorneys provided by the BAR assn. DLD was Jan. 1, so we see.
    There cannot be two different systems in place, side by side. If you get ticketed in a traffic stop, they will tell you to appear in THEIR court system, same as always.

  5. sadly, from reading a newspaper summary, it comes across as "FBI refused to give information to judge" and "judges dont like people withholding things from them"

    ie substance seemingly played little to no part in the ruling, the judge seemingly went through the motions:

    1) "state" BUT BUT BUT armed men occupied a gov. building
    2) defense: FBI had armed snipers pointed at us, we had received threats, that was a necessary precaution.
    3) judge: is this true? under what grounds were they being surveilled?
    4) FBI: silence, state privilege, plead the 5th, classified
    5) judge: lacking the facts to do a proper ruling, case is dismissed

    1. without accusing the judge of anything...this seems like standard operating procedure when the "state" does not wish to disclose any "classified" things

      seems like a move to not have to disclose FBI authority, BLM, etc.


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