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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Conference Week - First Two Days

From Anna Von Reitz

We got off to a slow start yesterday with an unexpected injury and the need to replace a broken piece of equipment, but we muddled on and through and over. Today was a lot more productive and the outlines of the Big Picture we managed to lay down yesterday began to be filled in. 

What we are looking at is an unimaginably large institutionalized and automated and syndicated Fraud Machine designed to work on multiple levels and accomplish multiple, often interlocking functions: (1) steal the value of assets from governments and people; (2) steal the value of their time and labor from people; (3) do this by means of identity theft and falsification of records; (4) steal tax exemptions owed to people and their private "vessels"; (5) bilk insurance companies and use insurance companies to bilk living people; (6) promote racketeering using paid commercial mercenaries disguised as "government" employees"; (7) carry out illicit revenue-producing activities based on merely presumed political and private contractual agreements; (8) automate rule making and generation of warrants by unauthorized parties; (9) fraud and coercion and false claims of authority carried out by members of the Bar Association orchestrating and running this whole machine in behalf of the Principals responsible. 

There are many tiers and layers of liability involved in this scenario, affecting every country and everyone living on this planet. 

The sheer scale of the fraud is breathtaking, and just as it was accomplished by a multi-tiered, compartmentalized, interlocking management directorate exercising an automated process of unlawful conversion, it can also be upended. 

As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.


  1. I have been in the freedom movement since 1973 when I met a man named Conrad Labeau and another named Robert Lyon. This lead to meeting and studying under George Gordan and his School of Common Law. To this date, I have never met anyone with the wisdom and knowledge of Judge Anna Von Reitz. Her ability to understand complicated issues is mind boggling. I look forward to every article she writes. Dr. James Chappell

    1. I too have been in the fight for Rights and freedom for over 25 years... and I too am very impressed with the knowledge and understanding that judge anna is providing... God sent!!! Thank you so much for your efforts Anna, you are a great blessing to say the least! May Almighty God bless you as you continue your march forward to remove the chains of slavery from humanity! I am reminded of God's promise in the book of Psalms 33:10-18 "The Lord bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: He maketh the devices of the people of none effect. The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of His heart to all generations." ... It is the Truth that shall set us free... Again, thank you anna for your stand for Truth!

    2. I whole heartily agree; simply the most important and amazing work for the Kingdom.
      Last night, I just watched David Wynnn Miller on you tube He discussed the "secrete language code" incorporated with the sentence structure used in legal contracts. The information was very sobering and can to used to expose and defect this evil. He is a warrior, please watch his video and discuss how his talents can be use to end the oppression.

    3. Louisiana Tim - Hailing from Nawlin's here! Wanted to bother ya just a bit.. IF per chance you've followed Von Reitz : Clarification Regarding Copyright to Your Trade Name
      Regarding Louisiana's Session Laws for the process in the article, would you by any chance have info to share. We cannot find them..
      Hope you're doing well. Elections to day for City Council & turn-out is very low... folks are so fed up. Since rescinding my voter registration, this is the first time voting has come around & my name is still on the candidate lists, but not at Parish hall. Maybe just old lists.
      Great to see someone from Louisiana following Reitz.
      laissez le bon temps rouler & merci beaucoup!

    4. Rockco - Yeah we've heard David Wynn Miller too. Very interesting, & what an incredible mind something like an iq of 200 after an accident? & he & w Robert Jay Gould postal mailed Gould around the globe?? Fascinating.

    5. I certainly agree with you James, she's simply awesome!
      Much love for Anna, God sent indeed☝️

    6. I certainly agree with you James, she's simply awesome!
      Much love for Anna, God sent indeed☝️

  2. Anna appears to be all heart in regard to her fellow man and woman. Just the opposite of the vermin she speaks of. May we all awaken to these truths now.

    1. There are a whole lot of things I am not; there are a whole lot of things I don't know; I think of myself as no more than an average person. But there is one thing I do know, I have a discernment about people and I can smell a rotten egg before its even hatched. Well, not exactly, but when it comes to people I don't have to see them long or listen to them talk for long and I can tell who is on the right side of the spectrum and who is on the wrong side of it; who cannot be trusted, and who can be trusted.
      Sometimes a person will appear to be a straight arrow, and be rotten to the very core of their being. Sometimes they are not as rotten as others. So far, I have never never been wrong about a person.
      The very first time I saw Obumbo on tv, I said he is rotten to the core. And when he ran for office, I told people 'if he gets elected, he will be the worst thing that has happened to America so far'. You can believe I got trashed from all the gullible masses. But I maintained my statement, nevertheless.
      And so you see.
      Now, I can tell you that Anna is about as straight an arrow as you will ever find. She is right on target, and she is exactly what she says she is. I trust her word, her integrity is impeccable. There's no game playing here.

  3. Foretunately for you, the job has been made easier because of Trump pushing all the right buttons.. he acts as though he is untouchable.. there has to be a reason for that.. he is acting more like a KING than a president..!! There is nothing wrong with a "king" as long as he is doing Gods work on earth... after all, thats all God ever endorsed in the old testament, as witnessed under King David who slayed every other kingdom that tried to overtake it. He was an ingenius general using very clever tacktical manuvers to trap and destroy his enemies. We tend to think that we need a bunch of representatives in order to keep our republic in place.. But the truth is i would rather have one good and faithful king than this overly complicated system that creates nothing but a "swamp". There are to many people to hold accountable and they all protect one another. Its much better, and easier to spot one person as the cause of everyomes problem, than 556 people in control of all our laws, especially when you divide them against one another, each side accussing the other that they are the ones causing the trouble. Divide and conquer if effectively used like today, can last for decades without the people realizing they are being worked and played until it gets so bad that they finally awaken and hopefully before the final trap is set... and thats where we are now..!! We need Kings again that are god fearing good people that wants the best for gods children.. not a ton of people in a white house that all think they are kings... democracy doesnt work and never has because it doesnt recognize the minority. Only the majority..!!

    1. I agree with you on most of these points James. There have been Kings that were saints and did many good things for their people, like Saint Louis IX, King of France in 1270.

      The problem is that most Kings become corrupt by their power, which is what the founders hated and were trying to prevent in America. So what do you propose as a mechanism to reign in an out of control and tyrannical King?

    2. James, james, james, I see your 'church' has taught you little to nothing, same as all the rest of them, lol. Amazes me! It's all written right there in the Book. Worthless 'pastors' should just go get real jobs.

    3. Another example, probably one of the best, is Good King Edward.

    4. Well the only thing I can say that yes, David was chosen by God to be a good and faithful ruler..However, being human and having piwer, even under Gods blessing, David even sinned by sending his top general to fight on the front lines, knowing he would probably be killed, which he was, just to have his wife..!! But he didnt fool God. And he lost his first child with his ill gotten gain. However, David did repent and she did eventually produce his second child with her..!! So theres your answer! No matter how hard we try, even kings sent by God can sin against us....damn if choice hasnt been a curse upon us since we have had it. The Truth is, there is no perfect system of govt. or people truely free of sin or temptation. My only point was that we tend to see "one soverign" as a dictator and indeed they can be. But when societies have a good King in place, their is always prosperity as long as he fears God more than his people and demands the same from his people... And theres the RUB..Usually under a good God fearing king, everyone is happy. Its only when that king dies, that we take a chance of him being replaced with just the opposite of him. Then there is nothing but missery.. So i submit to all of you, give me a good alternative...!!

    5. James, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. That is the ultimate answer.
      But until he shows, it is the responsibility of each individual to do what is Right. People cannot ride on the coattail of a ''good king'' or any other Leader and think that will warrant their own prosperity or happiness.
      This also means we have the responsibility to resist all evil and evil doers; and this is where we are blessed to have Anna and her Troops to assist us.

    6. ,I certainly agree about Anna,however I am very discouraged about people wanting to Know truth. They are so happy in their slavery!!!!

  4. The Colorado call followed by judges caLloyd courts are ignoring what they please.
    The best response appears to be an adult name change makes it evident we are not a child and can manage our own affairs . This has resulted in release of confiscated weapons .

  5. Thank you Anna for this report!

    This underscores the necessity to question "authority"/"color of law", etc. at virtually every turn - because the origins of every legalized act against the people are traceable back to fraud which nullifies the enforcement "charges" (unless of course it involves an actual crime).

    No "king" for me! The Old Testament kings originally were not God's idea but the people essentially demanded to have them. However, God's idea for government is in need of recovery. This recovery has everything to do with the Church. A suggested contemplation that I can offer is: "Tell me what God's idea is for The Church". Actually that is problematic because the term "church" is absolutely muddled over with projected opinions held be every denomination and their members. IMO - the original Greek term of Ekklesia might be a better option for contemplation.

    1. Chef, God has already spelled out what his idea is for the church. But lets look at just what ''the church'' is. It is quite simply the people who are true Christians, and nothing more, and nothing less. There is no ''The Church' which I assume you mean as being Rome.? Rome is more closely related to being a society; a man made organization who portrays themselves as some authority over people, which is is not.
      No, the recovery has nothing to do with the church; it has everything to do with what Anna and her gang are doing. It takes ''getting down and getting dirty'' since thats where the
      dogs are.
      What the opinions of denominations are means nothing. Who are they, but a conglomeration of heretics anyhow. Why would anyone look to any of them for even the least bit of guidance. Its high time to hit the 'mute' button on all of them and simply go and read The Book, starting in the new testament. Otherwise, confusion will rule your days. Find yourself an ''Isle of Patmos' and simply Read.

  6. Praise doesn't have anything to do with success at this juncture .I would like to see the legal work that your team did in revealing all the separate fraud points to any mortgage .I have folks who believe that is where some valuable answers lay in their own causes to save there houses .I Do not believe pointing out 100 frauds on a mortgage will make a dam difference in the way they see using it ,BUT these are folks that like would like more Ammo in which to have available when the opportunity arises so i guess one more failure will be closer to wake up time , donations have paid for some value in relation to that work performed by your team Anna ,please download link for all to peruse..
    David Wynn Miller has been instrumental in hammering his clients interests into a unrecoverable hole time after time.why dont you google him ,he is band from filing cases without certain terms being met . A joke ...why do we need a new language format,so I can spell my sentences forward and backwards .whats next playing records backwards ? why not just go back to Sanskrit and why your at it drop all words of war ,English is a war language , isnt that another form of government just in the energy of governmouth! just as good I would say ? I questions those who have been in the freedom movement since the 60-70s and they find Annas the highest in accolades?This is laughable ,even she wouldn't take this seriously I hope)I can drop so much international law into any domain Annas objectives arise from that her considerations would be seen in such of the smallest light ,Never any shear force of any kind ,this movement herein has no weight and no influence on any moving part of the global uniform system.(SHOW ME THE MONEY >WHERE IS ANY PROOF OTHER THAN PAPER LIENS AND LETTERS )Presidents and representative capacities amount to the minority when it comes to real life power,if one considers any media character or even talk about them you are losing power and are clearly living and failing in nature because you conceptually see our lives in the most false end of some self endorsed paradigm.I will bank on that and pay you from the psychologist office after your accessed as not also being a socio path at "times" if not always. What is really at hand is how to heal a global mental illness,then possibly each that is healed can self govern and then opt out of projecting the government is there to help ! governing your mind is helpful when one or others doesnt use their's properly. ,Who in the US lives within ones true means(africans will say spoiled beyond reason) ,

    1. NOT the US consumer IDEA of what is living within ones true means .Yet this is a Mini Governmind .Starbucks is governing how many minds consume as it shows in the continues unsustainable acts of super high priced water with bean flavor ,just look how much income is paying for each $4 coffee? thats 4 times the daily income for other humans in many poor countries ? this has been yet another consumers Government,what you consume is your loss of power and those who knows this will consume you ,how simple does it have to be to be seen simply? Most are a consumer of father time,this is a control product delivered by way of stimuli that makes the mind sick with projections,delusions,dual mind ,duality, scarcity paradigms ,degenerative states of belief,
      So how can this campaign cure the most fundamental underling realities of these mental illnesses? IT cant ,,I am so tired of westerners stories ..if you want real help and can pay for it because its a privilege when one chooses to take .please do not expect others time as being free, myself and a few others have solutions ,but most waste our time trying to prove out of suspiciousness that everyone is a fraud or must prove we know something they know,when they are not qualified in the first place and this is the types of bass ackwards nonsense patriots and sympathizers of this type scheme produces ..We are channeling all our funds into a green solutions that bring relief to those really suffering ,not the suffering of losing a house that could have housed 100 homeless vets but instead were consumed by 2 people that over indebted themselves for 30 years without a clue of banking charters that they are banking with by getting involved when one has NO clue of the legal business of mortgages and what not .you see the West is a sick nation of concepts of what is healthy and good .No one wants to change this fundamentally ,they just like to think they want too ,very few push physically forward,most only let off steam with creative arguments and fancy writing and history lessons .some like this all sold by donations and further support for Annas ebooks and Pauls survival products ...bla bla bla

      Here is the sharp and damming ,IF YOU ARE A WESTERNER and believe in the American dream then you are a sociopath .delusional and consume time by chasing the light,scarcity is your idol worship ,you do not see God in all things being in one all being true in each expression of ones selves .That is all of us.

    2. Fix what ? republic who's God ?Common law what God ? You cannot change all being God.This is a futile concept you have here ,it only looks reasonable because its familiar yet is and continues to be a circular pursuit being only a mental exercise.A colored box has no more utility than a non colored box.Nothing has changed ,color is only in the mind the box is physical .We have God physical ,we never need the idea of external things ,but MOST DO ..and this form limits the unfordable spirit,we need to remain free without conformity,only then will the perception change our physiology through the morphemic field

      in order for any mission such as this to be in a position to shift the paradigm from sickness to lawfully at liberty and clear by design what the world needs and how it is to be distributed ,and by what power and authority will be practical in stewardship and not be just another attempt at utopia in uncertain probable terms,who can run a replublic and common law when you have trained armies of gangs that do business by murder ,extortion,Russsia is a perfect example of what is reality ,we are also at that juncture ,we just dont want to admit it , we would rather fight it by mobilizing paper letters instead of actual revolt in the streets like Iceland ,thats is the quick and simple way.If this group doesnt start using razor blades and making something sting in a uniform way physically then this is just a relief chamber for dissenters .why isnt a Alaska dejure court be run by Postal judge Anna at this point ?A man in alaska right in her back yard and an associate just got his ass handed to him and all Anna and friends legal work did zero ,a staff change but same ole same ole is ticking over ,now if you cant fix a municipal case how in the hell is this group going to operate this so called country ? That to me is the delusion ,this hasnt been America ever .its been turtle island and after it was just forced banner politicking and fighting for control for new resources and using fancy words and titles of nobility,but it was pure capitalism and will aways remain a merchants world, And the merchants laws ahve been developed in the minds of most men and they will never let go of what they hate most in doing business especially if it cant be replaced y more lucrative means ,its a sickness of a paradigm sold by man to man to take some form of advantage of another type of consumer ,this cycle cannot be overcome by these methods ,it can never change what is already real! .meditate on this statement
      " real with reality,or only appearances of what the masses have been lead to see as a form of realities".

    3. dear ppa:

      with all due me any employer in "western" "capitalist" usa that will pay people specie for their work. show me any "bank". name ONE. there aren't any. your entire argument is "specious" and nothing but hot air.

      "commerce" is international. "credit" and "notes" are not "capital" and not money.

      stealing people's credit and trying to make them work for their own credit is inland piracy. this is true in any country of the world.

      slavery is slavery, no matter how you try to dress it up "poor people in xyz have it worse" ........
      doesn't change reality.

      you seem to like attacking straw men. i can understand people around the world are frustrated, but i recommend you do more research.

      it looks like permanent usury creditism to me. the "westerners" you love to hate so much are drowning under commerce right now.

      sadly, drowning all the "western capitalist" people did not magically help the "poor" of the world, because "western capitalists" were not the ones causing the trouble. they were the victims of "commerce" and inland piracy as well.

      i have a banking book justifying all this fraud as "stable banking". and even it says adam smith stated a 1:5 ratio of actual specie to "notes" was the limit, anything beyond that is unstable.

      so, that is still counterfeiting and cheating people 4/5 times, but we are presently at a 1:infinite ratio right now.

      when you can show me a bank that has 1/5 of actual specie/capital to all their make-believe "notes" "credit" "stocks" "bonds" then we can all see if "western capitalism" actually works or not.

      that is the actual definition straight from the greedy capitalist western pig's mouth. 1/5 ratio of reality to counterfeiting is the upper bound of what is considered "western capitalism".

      anything beyond that is no longer capitalism.

      if you like, you can keep lashing out at ghosts and boogeymen, reality be damned.

      there aren't any "western capitalists", they all drowned long ago.

      if you want to argue they choked on their own greed or hung eachother and good riddance then that is fine, but they are still gone, and you are still just lashing out at ghosts while the murderers are having a good time laughing it up.

      "pure capitalism" is 1:5 ratio of specie to notes. from what i see you are just making up words and "appearances" yourself.

      credit is the opposite of capital. credit is what bankrupt people who have no specie use. if no "employers" or "banks" have any specie and they only offer "credit" that should tell you who is bankrupt.

      i am the last person to defend "Greedy western capitalist pigs" ... but please stop making up words.

      "specie is the only constitutional money in this country",, bouviers, "specie"

      so, i have no idea if the "american dream" works or not...haven't seen it.

      the world is entirely ran by sociopaths...but they are doing some other satanic system, not the "american dream"

      the "american dream" was we would get paid for our work with actual coin. at present time, it does not exist. they are doing "usury creditism" and inland piracy nowadays.

      "paper is not money, but the ghost of money" Thomas Jefferson.

    4. ppa: i recommend you study neko

      Bobby Coldsman: Nice. Last week you were told to set aside at least five hours a day observing human behavior. If you didn't do it, it's your loss.

      the japanese knew an actual merchant trader on the land when they see one. they know the difference between "commerce" and land.

      also note "a mysterious knight who will guide you on your journey" and pulling of stone out of rock.

      he is one of a "race of merchant cats" and thus clearly has natural right to trade

      no "Titles of nobility" no "charter" like "drake's pirates" and the "merchant adventurer" company who are in "commerce" and receive a "title" from the "king".

      (see "drake's pirates" "merchant adventurer co.")

      no "rothschilds" needing "titles of nobility" because "jews" cannot be "citizens"

      see also "church of the pirates" and jp morgan.

      see also definition of "merchant", bouviers and eastons bible dictionary.

      neko is an actual merchant on the land, on the cash basis (GP == gold pieces) before they went into "commercial pursuits".

      carries his estate with him, no "bankruptcy trustees" embezzling from him.

      brief history on Our American Common Law

      note that "merchant at law on the cash basis" is very different from the roman civil law and "merchant law" that operates in "commerce" and legal fictions.

      if you want to see actual common law in practice, study neko. he clearly has full allodial title in freehold, his own pond and tree and store/inn/house, and only accepts "gold pieces".

      no "Credit" no "funny money" no "stocks" no "bonds" no "titles of nobility". no contracts. no landlord.

      just neko.

      note the sign outside: "neko's"

      not "neko co. inside potos village" not "neko's inc. inside city of pandora", not "neko co. with charter from the emperor/king"...just "neko's"

      clearly he has allodial title in freehold, under (american) common law, and does not need any "titles of nobility"

      "a man's home is his castle", see "maxim", not just a saying, that is also the "common law of the land"

      he is in strict trade on the cash basis: you give him "cash" he gives you "item". substance for substance. reality for reality.

      no 'legal fictions' just plain old common law "natural rights".

      also, i will add, even with common law one can issue "promissory notes" without any "charter" (corporate or otherwise)...but you are presumably on the hook for broken promises. see "for each the strength of all" banking book re: "barker" who was friends with thomas jefferson and andrew jackson.

      i would say that is an improvement over present system "noone ever forces them to make good" (paraphrase from federal reserve publication)

      common law is quite the opposite of "titles of nobility" and the opposite of "merchants in commerce" (who need a charter, and deal in legal fictions, notes/stocks/bonds instead of cash (specie)

      neko is a good example of actual common law in practice on the land. study neko.

      "no ghosts allowed"

      Recurrendum est ad extraordinarium quando non valet ordinarium. We must have recourse to what is extraordinary, when what is ordinary fails.

      "this is something, this is nothing...this is something...this is nothing"

    5. ppa: also note: "living people don't have names, we have appellations" --

      "neko" == "cat"
      you have already met "mighty mouse"

      "silver bear"

      "old dog"

      "chief fast horse" etc.


      i rest my american common law cat.

      without a proper appellation, i don't know if i can trust you "ppa"...what's your appellation?
      Bobby Coldsman: Stop! Who are you?
      Troy: I'm Aladdin.
      Bobby Coldsman: I don't know. Are you?
      Troy: Yes, I am.
      Bobby Coldsman: No, you're not. You're Troy!
      Troy: I'm Troy?

      Kelley! Who is he?
      Kelley: Aladdin! Troy! Aladdin!

    6. I am the only signatory on the bank loans for my house. I have told the bank a couple of times they need to work with me as it is my interpretation of the contract not theirs. It has gotten me instant cooperation however, to be honest in disclosure, it is over relatively small matters (putting my home into a Trust and re-titling as such, without the banks "permission", setting up a pay plan to catch up when unemployment caused me to miss a payment)

  7. Ohhh yeah... its so vast & deep & wide & pervasive &... soooo dangerous this global matrix. We're going to be upended ourselves when this iceberg flips, & to discover who is involved, from roots to shoots... Stand strong on our Land Jurisdiction cuz it could be quite a storm, tornado, quake so reckon just make sure our foundation is true.
    What Anna Von Reitz, Paul Stramer & Team Warriors are showing us how to LAND ON OUR FEET boots on and keep pressing forward & above it all. Grasping the reins of our now-future heading for rich green abundant pastures.
    We've done most all Anna has shown us to do, check list, re-checked & return receipts. We still have a few things to do. We're doing our best to insure we've done all well & in order. At times we just don't know-know that all is as it ought to be, but we go back, reread, rethink, check mark. Ok.
    Next phase is ... ??? getting fuzzy.. picture not clear yet... but ya know, we're venturing into uncharted territory w guidance from the adventurers who cut the trail & like the olden days, pioneers making peaceful progress & planting seeds along the way, ya just may not know whether ya did it right until a need for correction shows you otherwise.
    Well, we can't wait to see what the Chiefs & Warriors have been in pow-wow about, cuz that tee-pee sure gave us an awesome smoke signal.

    1. Looking at things in a down to earth manner, and maybe even theoretically, the New American Government ought to be set in place and override what we have, since what we have is a Fraud.
      That ought to make all this fraudulent stuff null and void, and we should not have to do flip flops to regain anything - - since we never gave ourselves over knowingly.
      It ought to be stepping forward, here I am, a living woman or living man, now just what could overrule that. In reality, nothing. The Bar Assssociation needs to be evicted from our Land. Dismantle it with a ''nuke'. Evict the UN.....before its too late.

    2. If you can't be constructive and take this a little more seriously just go somewhere else. If all you can do is criticize and tear down then start your own blog and see how that works out.

    3. Paul, who are you addressing.

    4. Paul Stramer - Pardon? Well, apologies for any misunderstanding. Am especially interested & have been following Von Reitz's work, filing, researching, growing, unearthing, paying as close attention as possible. What was said that is bothersome?
      I don't see a criticism at all. If its 'getting fuzzy' that us! We're getting fuzzy, we're learning w this reality & process. Fuzzy is ok, just keep going, re-read, re-think, this is what we mean to relate.
      The dedicated people giving up their time, effort, concern, commitment, ... i can't wait to read what comes out of this meeting.
      We've followed her process How to Correct you political status and why, finding more & more each time. We've asked, invited, shared, printed, encouraged folks to take a look at Von Reitz's work, give this some thought, absorb the info, let it sit for a spell, ask questions...its ok, its all good. Ask us too, we may be able to pull up the article.
      So, as these people are in their conclave, coming to know just what more they can do for us, the people... Their resources, their minds, ... We have nothing but respect, admiration, gratitude.
      And... your work as well Paul Stramer, your dedication, your unswerving commitment. You're doing this for us. Apologies again.

    5. Abby - All we have is fraud fruad fraud... How did we get so deep... & pulling back the onion layers, the rot, festering rot.. What to do, what to do? Folks know so much is wrong, but to take the leap is too scary, they shut down.
      No we didn't give ourselves to 'them', they stole it all, & worse! And that really is what makes me tough, cuz just getting out of their matrix, their traps at every turn.. It feels like peeling off rotten onion layers & once i do, i never want it again!
      We were just deciding which Anna's recent articles to hand out. If you find one that could appeal to folks w little knowledge but lots of suspicion, am all ears. We leave them places.. bus, benches.
      Today are city council elections & turn-out is LOW.. Folks are so fed up, but don't know what to do about it. We're a Sanctuary City, under UN Agenda 21 destruction, have taken down our statues, forced "diversity".. Let me tell ya about diversity We are the MOST naturally diverse, mixed, working together, neighbors, culture, and 'they' captured what we created & relabeled it as tho it never existed in the first place until 'they' came along! Thats how they steal our identities as a people, a culture.
      Ohhh Abby, its so sickening. Having Von Reitz's info is like seeing light from a deepening hole.. & that light is life giving! I've little interest in anything else but learning. Nothing else comes close.
      Would like a tee-pee pow-wow myself...but Abby, folks shut down, which makes one even more determined to get Reitz's process done, so they can see its true.
      Alright Abby, Let's Do It, Get 'er done!

    6. Wink, all the articles on Anna's site List are great. But one that stood out to me which hits home for nearly every single one of The the one addressing the Bar Attorneys where she gave them their deadline of Jan. 1 upcoming. It especially focuses in on every local court, even if one merely gets an unfair traffic ticket, traffic stop etc. That particular Article is one that anybody can relate to because its close to home.
      Make sure Anna's site is at the bottom of it, so they can go read more. Never bother to let yourself get baited into an argument; just respond with 'this lady is a Common Law Superior Court Justice of Alaska State; if you think you know more than she does, then how has that been working out for them? And let it go at that, if all they want to do is pick a fight.
      That is a good article to mail to local police, local mayor, local prosecutor, Legal Aid office, public defenders office, right on up to your state governor, bar assn. etc. What that does is let them know somebody in our community knows about this, but they won't know who.
      I have ''felt' the injustice since before I can even remember other things, but didn't know what it was. Drove me nuts. lol. And now that I know, thanks to Anna and Team exposing it all, I am literally exhausted. You young ones will have to carry the ball.
      I am very much looking forward to Anna's next Report of the Conference. We the People absolutely must have a Day of Victory. Breitbart is now exposing the leftists; what they thought was good for the goose, is now good for the ganders.
      But the treasonist destroyer, soros, needs arrested and all assets frozen. That includes all the organizations he funds for paying protestors-for-pay. That is the method of operation that needs to come into play.
      Movement has to be done with 'shock and awe' not red-tape turtle pace which is like a slow churning knife in the gut of The People, which is what the govt. does.
      We cancelled our Cable service yesterday, price not worth it for what little we ever watched. But TRUNEWS Network is coming on Air beginning Mon. Oct. 16. They are on our side and should be a good venue to help expose and get Truth out.

    7. Abby - got it: A Message for American Bar Association Members- Good one! & yep folks will relate. Appreciate it! Exactly: "let them know somebody in our community knows about this, but they won't know who." AND in their minds we could be hundreds.
      Yes - Freeze & seize Soros & his 5-seeds-of-satan assets - we say this all the time! Commercial Liens maybe? What in hell is he still doing in our nation in Katonah NY? Come on! At least maybe a better eye can be kept on that reptoid. And back to 'exposing names' of his org's minions - they too are enemies of our nation & must be dealt with.
      Seeing that slug Weinstein drop-kicked happened pretty fast, his wife left, Hollyweirdo's are scared to associate, he's now in 'therapy' & to see that hideous slug felled in no time - thats a kind of Shock & Awe- the whole Holly-hive are spooked - One head of the beast just got lopped.
      Yep we cut our tv 8 years ago & it is so freeing & the mind is thankful too. They're doing more than we know w their programming. Now watch as you're away from tv the difference you'll see in folks who 'stay tuned' & yourself. A woman took a photo of herself & behind her was the tv, at that nano-second she caught the word KILL on the screen, flash-bang. Disney has subliminal porn in their childrens movies, time to do a 'Weinstein' on its CEO's & animators. Evil!
      And we're pushing for 'proven pedos = death sentence'. NO MORE! Clean out a Hollyweird nest right there. Shock & Awe their azz's is right!
      We can't wait to hear from Anna too!!.. its gonna be so good, the kind of thing that simply snips their Achilles heel. Will keep an eye on TrueNews Network. Thanks again for the article choice. And Shock & Awe it is! Hell Yeah!

    8. Wink, I also totally like your idea of leaving leaflets in public places where people can see them. Maybe even on windshields in grocery store parking lots, every here and there, randomly, like bird poop, Lol. Maybe even church parking lots while the peeps are inside donating their once-a-week hour of nothing.

    9. Abby - Good Sunday Morning, yeah, papers w links are placed wherever we can & can get away w it, dog parks, festivals, etc.
      Also we use an example on what really happens when we sign up for a Drivers License that we consent to statues, codes, insurances, fines, fees, confiscation etc, seems to capture their attention, then show the same snare for gov, banking, voting etc. Seems the DL snare is an easy example, then applicable on larger & smaller scales.
      Of course the mind wants a logical transition to the absence of a DL. Then it gets kinda tricky to say what exists. Saying we are alive women & men who signed up for a DL under mistaken idea there was no alternative & not doing so would be worse, helps.
      So rubber stamp the DL format w fill-in-the-blanks, as Voter Registration, benefits dolled out, PERSON CITIZEN ALL CAPS NAME & to see these words as they're applied to us living.
      Oh another one was Von Reitz's article (forget which one, maybe Lucretia) she said about high property tax increases. Bam! how could Von Reitz KNOW that, unless its happening elsewhere? Well folks in our area got a 42-47% increase, bam! Having done research too, that the tax assessor bought into CAMA, owned by Tyler Technologies, who in turn contract w judicial, insurance, education, located out of state, & WHAT IF it immediately processes your inability to pay property taxes is sent to local dept's, put on their lists. WHAT IF its already done! We have no idea we're dealing w non-human automated grabber. Its done? Is your home on their list, not in a few weeks, months, tho local processing may take time, but its on its way??
      Now if we want to challenge it, good luck. CAMA even redesigned our tax districts, & its valuation data looks like it came from some other city Not local comparables!
      Then we say look at your ALL CAPS NAME on their tax bill, mortgage, DL, SS Card, bank statement, credit card etc & apply the same as DL format.
      This we've had more success lately, still folks are overwhelmed, tho a seed's planted.
      Now, once i'm outta the matrix completely & i can evidence it, showing too that 'Sovereign citizen' is an oxymoron used to instill fear & that i'm a National who removed oneself via their systems, their rules.
      What is so incredible about Von Reitz's instruction is its SIMPLICITY & EFFECTIVENESS.
      Now my question is, at what point am i anything different than prior to sending papers? As to Mnuchin: the BC, Form 56 w letter of instruction to open the account? Is it evidenced by delivery of the packet, or do i have to wait for more evidence & how will we know? Its said Munchin to take 3+ months??
      So, the question arises, at what point can one use the 'red stamp' method described in Lucretia, to fill in the "Registered Treasury Acct. #" with our Registered Mail Number sent to Mnuchin? Will this work at this point in time, OR will it back-fire due to lack of Mnuchin processing time?
      This question i'm unable to answer & is what folks need answered in order to process, in their minds & in action, their Lucretia method. Brains go fuzzy due to 'their' compression of our everything.
      Back around to the flyer: We use lead topics as "This is what we found out..." & another " Since last time this is what we now know..."
      Gotta confess, we do get yelled at when folks receive the info. In one case a man acted as tho i was attacking him, raising his hands backing up as tho i was after him, even tho he brought it up & asked me a question. So, Abby, your wisdom in suggesting that in doing this so 'they' won't know who it is sending the BAR Assoc article is unfortunately, necessary.
      I pray God we wake up to save ourselves from ourselves. I want to be fully confident w evidence that yes it works & i am its proof. What a great & glorious moment this shall be!

    10. Wink, from what I have learned, when we apply for DL renewal, they require us to sign the paper. We know its all fraud, and we know it is forced upon us because they don't give us a choice. So as of now, I would say our only recourse is to sign the form and put this kind of bracket at both ends of our autograph like this [Jane Doe] . This is supposed to indicate it is not intended to be our agreement at all. That is all our option at this point IMO. Then as Anna said she has done is add to our actual license 'retired, not for hire''....meaning we are not a ''driver' but just a traveler.
      If they were honest, they would ask us which one we are.

      IMO your responses to people are great. We should be careful at this point not to give advice, but just information. Play it safe so nobody can conjure up some charge against you/us.

      At this point in time, I think I have to wait until some concrete things come to light; until then I am in no position to answer any of their questions; so I would respond with 'I only hand out information and am not yet qualified to give advice'. They too have to take on the responsibility to follow the breadcrumbs laid before them, and stay tuned. I also would not give my name to anyone.
      In reality, this could and should be an entire college course, and still could not be completely covered in any one Quarter or Semester.

    11. Abby, oh yeah, all good & cautious. We're not the Hari Krishna of Von Reitz.. lol! Yeah, no we're chatting w folks at neighborhood meet-ups, dog walks about taxes, no advice etc.
      Yep, they purposefully didn't educate us on contracts, & even less so now.
      Did the license 'retired' & sticky w her language on what to write if they engage us. Yep,Good w the [ ] exclusion & ought we write beneath signature .. but some don't sign on paper.. Humm. Brackets may be the way to go.
      Meanwhile lets get outta the DL all together, stop being harvested, harassed. Yep, get outta there.
      I need to address the state via Reitz's methods, thats where we get fuzzy. We can't find Session Laws for Louisiana, Georgia, to match her language, spent 4 days.
      Should we send Sec of State Louisiana the UCC filed in our birth states? The UCC for La is a different form which doesn't have the #6 Non-UCC box. Maybe send the UCC as an attachment, but don't know what to put on the La UCC. Too scared to make a mistake.
      OR record all the docs w La that were recorded in birth state?
      Then to claim/change the name, go to court... too costly for now. Plus Orleans Parish is like a 'vortex of the improbable impossible being the likely'. Folks walk out w their hair askew cross-eyed.. 'What the hell was that?' Yes, it does exist here on Earth & its called Orleans Parish.
      Here's the issue: thinking we're set, but not quite yet, or are we set, maybe on some things? Municipal & Territorial must get this straight to figure this out & Reitz did a good article on that too.
      Well, here she's been gone only a few days... & dang it We miss her!

    12. Wink, by now most can see I think outside of a different kind of box, lol. I don't say I am correct, however, I back way up to the minute I was born, and at that point I was a sovereign american. Nothing can supercede that. Period. I was FIRST.
      (just like we are Primary Creditor as Anna speaks about)

      It was a couple of days after that when my Name which I owned, but with the help of obedient nurse and doctor, that unknowingly gave my name to the Dept. of Health to record me, make up a BC for Me, which was then kept and was given a mere copy of it.
      So right there I was defrauded, and so it has been ever since, without my knowledge, without any full disclosure. Anything done fraudulently is null and void. But, I am still FIRST. I am still the only rightful owner of my own Name. So why should I have to go and claim what has always been rightfully mine?
      Look at this: My son has a bicycle that is numbered by being engraved on it, and the manufacturer which is in a foreign country has that number in their Records recorded in his Name. Now suppose that bike gets stolen, and then found. Do you think he would first have to go to the Recorders office and establish that he is ''him' before he could retrieve that bike? Hell no.
      So yeah I only have a Copy of my Birth, but the bastards already know full well this whole thing has been a Scam! They already know they are not Me, and that I am Me, have always been Me, and will always be Me and I was already Recorded once; same as the bike.
      They are the ones who thought they would be cute and change lettering, up down or upside down, who cares. What is wrong is the SYSTEM. That is what would nip the whole darned thing in the bud! Rip up the admirality injustice system, and none of this jumping thru hoops will even be necessary. Pack up the nefarious Bar Assssssn and ship them back to england.
      Run that damned Red Alert across the Tv, tell the World on them. Call out the Troops, take over a tv station, and Blast the entire country with the News so nobody can miss it.

      This might sound illogical and undoable, but is it really?
      Are we going to play nice with the devil? Why should we?

  8. People are changing all the time. I encounter folks who seem to be more aware of perhaps what you could call the facts and waking up so to say. Instead of getting blank stares or automatically dismissed as a conspiracy nut, people come back with new knowledge of their own, even telling me things I should be aware of that a few years ago when I mentioned them were taken with interest then apparently classified as conspiracy nut stuff. I tell as many as are interested and curiously the ones who need to know or are ready seem to show up, and are are on similar tracks. One thing is sharing knowledge about the States of America, the facts known, what the United States is, corporate vs unincorporated, on the land rights of Universal birth vs privileges granted by corporations if you consent to it. Some people have thought of it, others had no idea. The seeds grow, like a garden. If you plant negative seeds, anger, malice, hatred, they tend to grow too. Saying things like "they control everything or will get you if you misbehave" also plant that idea and the belief is at the root of the delusion. What are the facts? I read every article of Anna's with gratitude and know from what she writes that this is coming from her heart as she explained in one of her papers, her motivation. Since I asked God, the Great Spirit or whatever name you wish to use years ago if my miserable self could be salvaged and found out who really runs the Universe and stayed in contact, things have gone entirely differently, one new and illumination thing after another, all in divine timing and just right so it can be understood clearly. I often feel it is not me doing the things I do but I have gratitude for the Great Spirit who is me, created me and has a plan for good things to happen. Who in their right mind would want bad things. Their is no right to be wrong or to do harm, things are turning, the garden is growing, fear not, love, and appreciate as we grow along the path.

    1. AC, I can suggest you get your head out of the clouds, and your feet on the ground, and start living in reality. You and others can start by stopping with the ''love'' word, which is grossly misused these days. No sane thinking person loves everything, but loves only that which is good, and hates that which is evil.
      And on this channel, we all hate what is evil and the evil that has been done to us, and we are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. And yes, we are angry. Stop thinking that anger is negative; its a fact of real life. Even God is ''angry with the wicked all the day long''. That is true scripture.
      The path that this world is growing on,is the path to destruction if Anna and the wide awake people are blocked from getting what is Right, and pretty darned quick.

      Another top priority item on this agenda, is that the banking System and those in power there, must be taken down, arrested, imprisoned for the same amount of years they worked in that venue......and make our Funds safe.
      We have absolutely NO love for our so called justice system or our banking system. Sane people hate them both, have no mercy on them, and only the devil loves them for having carried out his tyrannical deeds. They are all swamp people, and nothing can grow in a swamp.

  9. I see trump rattling cages for the DC corp but while the structure still remains as a Vatican/City of London cobtrolled corporation when DC was liquidated and has no reason to be in place, then we will not see tyranny in our local communities ( cops) and courts CEASE and DESIST.. While we praise Trump for his good deeds, it is valueless for tge bew sovereign nation that we are and were to have since 2016. Trump is still running the DC Corp as is and for those who protest and assert their one free and independent status are ignored or tossed in jail under their criminal enterprise ! Anna can say "do this, do that, declare non US Citizenry, expatriate" all she wants but until there is change in form of announcements backed by sovereign money, i am afraid the debt system will still remain ! Forces surrounding Trump are both good and evil and it appears now, that they ( Con-gress/ pedophiles) and MIC ( jesuits and masonic forces) are catering to 90 % dumb down part of our nation to protect themselves from arrests and preserve what continues to be destruction to America! Cops didnt get the memo, courts continue to excercize collection of debt, IRS continues to seize property and negotiate offers in Compromise when we know they technically dont exist ( incorpirated into Treasury) and have no functioning residence in puerto rico. Cops still confiscate, issue citations and toss inocent lives in jail.

    So who is stopping Trump with one excuse after another to solve debt USCorp based issues which we as a nation, continue to direct our attention to as repair and NOT replace ? MIC/ Vatican/Illuminati

    They are maintaining their never ending presence to keep the debt based slavery system alive, labeling thise pulling out of dodge as extremists and socereign citizens wgen all would go away with the stroke of a pen from Trump.

    We have to ask ourselves why doesnt Trump continue what he started and just slide over, put his feet on any Indian reservation, hand on Bible, hold up a gold coin and take the correct oath, declaring "law enforcement" as peace officers and the American War flag no longer? Why do we continue to listen to this rhetoric and ruse of geopolitical and financial wars?

    Where is the change ? Many of us have spiken up and out and are ignored and it MUST happen from the top down with public arrests, names listed and people hung for insurrection and treason... then we will see change as we cannot get evil out; we cannot cleanse our nation of filth while we remain in their debt based quagmire and Trump and his staff know this peopke!

    Write letters demanding he move our capital, that he continue on as president of the restored republic under the Articles of Confederation and then try, convict and hang those who continue to deceive the American people.

    Then and only then will America be GREAT again !!!!!

    1. Jaby many have complained of not seeing the gov. extinguished since it is literally 'out of business'. I think this is what drives people nuts.
      I agree that it must be attacked at the top. It takes real action against the leadership with actual arresting and punishment. A few would immediately set an example for those directly beneath the epidermis of our entire problem.
      It is probably going to take the Marshal's Office and Interpol to take real and very exposed action. Many have been arrested but when it is kept quiet and hidden from the Public whom they have harmed, then it has no real impact.
      We the People must have Public arrests and follow through and their NAMES publicized. THIS will be the best way to get information out to the Masses.
      The bottom line is........Name Names and nobody is too big to be taken into custody, and do it publicly. And tune out all the noise makers. Those who would protest these righteous actions, arrest them too, and slam them into the Fema camps without their cell phones and all communication forbidden. They can regurgitate all their bullshit in the toilet.
      Its time for tough action here. Pull the licenses of the Big fake news channels.
      These very stern actions would be a whole lot better than allowing civil unrest. Up till now all this compromising is exactly why we just stand still in the Swamp. And ''their'' little meager 2% raise in SS is not going to buy me off.

    2. Abby - yes! Name them, like the Red Cross keeping supplies from hurricane survivors, or misdirecting an entire Militia rescue team - Get their names, they live among us. Like all the hotels in Puerto Rico FILLED TO THE BRIM w rescue workers?? who don't leave the hotel. A young woman just did a video saying they're inside drinking, dining.. while she drove the entire island & saw ONLY what the people themselves accomplished & still don't have POTABLE WATER.
      As for pulling msm licenses, you'll appreciate this:
      Trump Wants to Pull FCC Licenses on fake news, just came out 3 days ago.

  10. Another note: Banks are still offering their fraudulent loans; many ads still going on on Tv, and even my own bank sends me offers. Why are they still acting like they didn't get the MEMO ? Its this kind of stuff that truly puzzles us.

  11. On the marshals call asked judge mickie.what will it take to force say Navarro to admit the witness th ed bundys.had lined up? Basically a large mass of people that won't take no for an ans.

  12. Got on another talk show fortunately Thai attorney was on hand Don him if he had heard of common law he didn't . Harken back to Lincoln 'so mercenary war and the incorporating into the sea jurisdiction that's were the corporate law admiralty courts took off using the 100,000,000.statutes and codes against us.
    About sheriff Richard Mac blazing a trail to just enforce the constitution . As judge Anna says. so elequiently says you can't serve two masters.

  13. Thought I would offer a perspective that has served me upon my path of peace. First seek out the outline of what it takes to brain wash and hypnotize a human being. Then seek out three sources of the definition of a cult and what must be present to discern a cult from anything else. Next, find a good definition of objectivity and objective reasoning. Then read the definition of premise and premises as well as paradigm shift. Consider the diference between what it means to be told what to think and to be shown how to think. Finally, if any of this works towards a continuity of comprehension for you, then apply these new perspectives to all that you observe arround you and objectively draw your perhaps new conclusions. And choose your actions to match your paradigm shift. Life proves to be stranger than fiction, and truth often hides in plain sight via the deliberate hypnotic rythems of the "mainsteam". I discovered if I changed the rythem of my life by mostly unplugging from all forms of potential programing and others who stay in the mainstream programing, I could see the new obvious. Perhaps mostly because I seek truth at any cost to what I labeled as truth yesterday. For me truth is perpetually pivoting from one premise to another more accurate premise as it appears, or more accurately, as I arrive to the cooresponding capacity for love. "From glory to glory we are transformed into Its (Divine Spirit) likeness." I observe:The greater my capacity for love of the Holy Spirit and seek to manifest Its will in my thoughts, actions, and deeds, the greater my awareness of the nature of what is in the world arround me.

    Thanks be to Anna for her service of wielding a pen proven mightier than the sword. However, perhaps we each could benefit to raise our capacity for obedience to the inner call of the blesser Holy Spirit and learn more of Its ways whereby It then could break through the previous brainwashing and programing. "We will hear God tell us It's truth when we choose to stop telling It ours."

    Hope this benefits someone.

    To inner peace.


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