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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Your Inheritance

By Anna Von Reitz

A lot of my work concerns helping you all to claim back your natural inheritance -- your Given Trade Name, your natural domicile on the land of your organic states of the Union, your assets both on the land and at sea.   That's all well and good. These are your belongings which crooks have tried to steal.  We must pay attention and work together (and separately) to undermine their schemes and put an end to their bogus claims against us and our property interests.  

But there is an even greater inheritance that all people must become aware of. We are the children of God, made in His image, endowed with his powers and creativity. We are all demi-gods and there is nothing boastful or blasphemous or hoo-doo-voo-doo about this statement: it is clearly written in the holy scriptures and Jesus demonstrated this throughout His life.  His Disciples went on and continued to demonstrate it with their lives.  Indeed, the true saints among us have always borne Witness to what one man or woman can do.  

If we "tune in" and become one with Jesus, and He is one with Our Father, then indeed we tap into the full force of the Creative Power and Genius of the Universe. As conduits of that Power, we can do anything truly good that we wish to do.  

Jesus told the winds to be still on Lake Galilee and they were stilled.  He told his Disciples that in the future we would do even greater miracles than He performed. Do you think that Jesus had any reason to tell lies?  Why do you take part of His teaching so seriously, yet discount all the rest as if He must have been talking to someone else?  

Who, me?  Lord?  You're talking to me?  I'm able to do miracles?  What??? 

He spoke to the Disciples then and He speaks to you now.  

As part of the "waking up" process, everyone needs to wake up to their own divine nature.  Instead of moaning and groaning because we are not wholly divine and immortal, turn your attention to what is highest and strongest and best in you. Realize that this physical body is like a space suit that has its limitations, but the consciousness that dwells within the body is not limited. 

Why does it surprise anyone that I have encouraged you to take control of Hurricane Irma?   Haven't we seen enough destruction from Hurricane Harvey?  
Anyone want seconds?  

Many "lightworkers" are already assembled and beginning to explore their natural abilities to control weather phenomenon. 

Such efforts and the "hauling the net" exercise I gave everyone can move both storms and mountains, but it certainly helps if you practice an even more fundamental skill: focusing your attention on what is good. 

I, myself, can call rain and make it go away, can re-direct the path of cyclones, and change the winds.  Jesus could do this, and His followers can do this.  It has been given to us as a gift, so, instead of standing around like sheep being rained on, explore your abilities.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.  Literally.  

Because meditation is a relatively familiar concept nowadays, many of those who are trying to awaken people to their true inheritance use the word "meditation" to describe the means of exercising these abilities, and others, like those who preach "visualization" and "manifestation" have other ways to explain it, but I have a slightly different way of approaching access to this divine gift that is virtually fool-proof.   

In my view, we are rather limited at this stage of our development--- much like small children who are only beginning to become aware of ourselves and clumsily discovering our abilities, we don't have answers for many questions.  

We can't answer "how" or "why" or "when" or "who" or "how much" or "where" very well, but there is one question that we can answer with great individual accuracy. 

We can answer the question of "what" we want, and the more our hearts dwell on good and just and humble aims, the more quickly and surely all our needs are met and our wishes are accomplished without us having to worry about who or when or where or why or how or how much.  

All those issues are taken care of for us.  

All we have to do is to give our attention to what is good, instead of what is bad. Choose life.  Choose health.  Choose peace.  And realizing that we are all neophytes, babies just toddling along, ask for help from your Father in Heaven and from your Righteous Savior to better know what is good.  

Just like a grown-up who sees a toddler reaching for a bowl of oatmeal, they are in a position to guide your movements and help you navigate the spoon-to-mouth action.  

Giving our attention to something is different than meditating on it and also different than visualizing anything in particular.  It is more a matter of simply looking and seeing and letting our focus dwell on whatever it is in a detached, impersonal, observing way.  

You have to be able to latch onto the concept of "dog" before you can differentiate down to the reality of your own individual dog, Brutus.  

This process of giving your attention to things determines what you bring into or cast out of your experience.  

I once knew a woman who complained that what she wanted was a tall, dark, handsome man, but all she ever got were short, pale, ugly chaps.  She was lavishing her attention on what she didn't want. 

So I taught her how to re-focus and dispassionately give her attention to what she wanted, both in terms of appearance and behavior.  In no time at all, she had half a dozen tall, dark, handsome men who were also kind and competent and -- guess what? --interested in her, even though she was middle aged and overweight.  

We can all have such abundance of any good thing we desire, so long as we learn to give our attention to what we want -- as if we were curious about what it is we are seeing.  

I told my friend -- look at tall, dark, handsome men -- not as objects of desire, but as phenomenon. Whenever you see one, even in a magazine--- observe them like a scientist. What makes them dark?  What makes them handsome?  Even more important, what makes them kind?  What makes them competent?  

What are you giving your attention to today?  

Hurricane Irma?  Are you allowing yourself to replay television footage of wildly swaying palm trees and flapping electrical lines?  Or maybe you are looking at the thermal images of the storm moving like a rainbow-colored wheel across the blue of the sea?  

Okay, well, you saw all that and more on TV.  Is that what you should give your attention to?  No, you need to redefine what you are giving your attention to and take it away from what you don't want, just like my friend who was drawing an endless stream of short, ugly men into her life. 

Focus your attention on other things, other aspects of weather, that you do want. Find a picture of a peaceful Caribbean island scene, bright sun, calm waters. Look at that. Observe it.  Reflect that back without comment, without urgency, without desire--- like a camera simply reporting what it sees.  Sink into the feeling of it. What does it feel like?  How does it smell?  What does the gentle lapping of the waves sound like?  

Focusing your attention on what you want instead of what you don't want reprograms the whole delivery system of the Universe, which is created to serve your every need.  

Some people desiring evil for others have created ugly technology that delivers fear and physical damage.  They give their attention to such things, but their attention is not stronger than yours and they don't get to dictate what you give your attention to.  

So if you give your attention to still winds and quiet waters and bright sun and blue seas and healthy marine biospheres, that's what you will create. If you give you attention to peace and to having plenty of everything you need, that is what you will create, just as reliably as the grass grows. 

Just define what it is that you truly want and then, casually, back up your focus with your actions.  Remember that your Father is the Creator, and as His child, you also create --- mindfully or not --- we are all creating the world around us. 

So learn how to give your attention to what you want, instead of what you don't want.  Stop letting the faceless, bought, irresponsible "media" focus your attention on sex and death and disaster.  Take control of Hurricane Irma, instead. 

Unwind the spiral of the wind.  Make the wind lie down.  Just do it, dispassionately, happily, as a matter of course.  We don't need a hurricane.  So enough of that nonsense.  

And while we are at it......

You want a government that serves you, instead of one that serves itself at your expense?  What does such a government look like?  What kind of structure does it have?  What does it require?  What's the easiest way to deliver public services? What objectives does such a government have?  What kind of people create such a government?  

The scriptures promise that Our God will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth, but destroy the World -- the fictional world created by men -- with fire.  How can He do both?  Is it not said that Our God is a "consuming fire"?   Are we not baptized with the Holy Spirit's flame?  

As each one of us catches fire and begins to burn with the Spirit of love and peace and health and sharing and fearlessness and calm and truth, the chaos and darkness and dishonesty and fear and idolatry and illness and violence and all the rest of what is threatening and ugly, gets burned away by the holy fire and creative vision burning brightly within us.  

Those who have been deceived by the idol-makers and defrauded by con men can suddenly see what they've been doing and believing in and giving their attention to--- and so, are enabled to know the Truth and choose differently,  

Wake up, Children of God!  Daylight in the swamps!  Claim your inheritance!

What will you give your attention to?  What will you create this day?  

Hurricane Irma, supposedly "the worst storm in history", has just been downgraded to a Category Three.   This was done by a relatively few people who gave their attention to calming the storm and turning it away.  Imagine what happens when all the good people on Earth become adept at using their natural gifts to build a peaceful paradise?  

We will indeed say, "Go!" and the mountains will move and "Be still!" and the winds will lie down.  To the servants and sons of Satan, we will say, "Depart!" and they will go, because they have no choice.  Earth belongs to us, not to them. 

And that's the facts of your inheritance.  

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  1. Judge Anna "you" have educated an Irish man to the point where he has had a judge run off the bench because a man was in his court; God bless "you" and Paul.
    Would "you" ever contemplate teaming up with Karl Lentz? Karl is doing great work with the {wo]man neme!!!

  2. Espousing ecclesiology this moment in the upper keys, irrelevant

    1. LIGHT workers dont fix anything for they do not judge anything as less or more ,onlyy perfection by design ,healers do not choose the perception of any opposing views within the mind or what appears to reflect outwardly ,this allows healer the ability to phase out any dissonances from the energy field in which ones body swirls in harmony or insulates dissonances of non form (accusative forms). Anna if you are conscious enough,do your meditation and suggest this affirmation within your own energy field(cast a spell into the elements and the cosmic order of your root intentions of self actualized will(ing)ness)will appear every time if true in nature. study the words of magnetism and they will help you further articulate your overstand of greater awareness,then practice to remove all center from any mental association.this brings forth enlightenment, if one is aware of 5-9 dimensions of awareness one can see in their minds eye ones self in all being a Merkebah ,ones embodiment of a centrifugal light force burning off dross and opening up to accelerate light fields. Everybody holds a position based on their ability to hold the light in some form .maybe you can read about the 12 sacred Rays ,each sacred ray is supported by Chohan or lord of ray. we are devine light vehicles that fluctuate our intentional wave form inter-dimension-ally,that which dwells in our heart (heart is a magnet )dwell is a term of magnetism and this is the amplitude in which your wave function is actuated from your will and or willingness depends on what time you cast your spells within your Merkabah,its travels by thoughts feelings and awareness,proper internal non twisting is key to having the proper Christian sound doctrine truthfully being unconditionally loving ,otherwise one brings great drag forces down on this lightbody ,by mental fields that maneuvers ones being into negative dense states , some might say are sacrilegious because they are all consuming and bring darkness within ones own mental ship out of cognitive range ,stuffed by cognitive dissonance , this is a very challenging subject of awareness to type ,if you would like me as a universal empath to enlighten you through energy then you are welcome to call me and then experience the lightest part of your being, you cant feel it when in contact with heart cord pr ,mirroring neurons are internally identified then one can feel the activation expanding the light wave function within the body start to vibe up . I can do this for you ONCE in efforts to re-coordinate your lateral movement instead of using this Bad knowledge to seek what is within and that which reflects without
      (no ledge ) (forbidden fruit ,please stop eating),
      I can also show you everything from 4-6 dimension if you are not over ruled(lord) by internal corruption of misforming your state of awareness by blocking certain aspects of feeling entirely free and totally loved . here is some interesting things to research ,,"her "means superstition,living means animal food the shrine with god unstained.high priest of telos ,under mount shasta ,and the depiction of the earth with a firmament around and or over it,is actually the spiritual mind we all embody ,there is nothing else external, its a depiction of one universal mind we all live infinity,from the all seeing eye . peace

    2. Sounds a lot like existentialism with an eastern Oriental mindset.
      There is nothing inherently wrong with divulging certain truths that have been hidden from us and bringing them into the light like Anna is doing.

      The whole goal of life is to have purpose, not just exsistance. Nor is it to accumulate as much material wealth as you can and hoard it for yourself. It's learning to help those in need and to give freely and enjoy life without disrepecting your brothers and sister's here on earth.

      I think what Anna had to say today was actually more uplifting and positive than any of the previous articles. If what your saying is true, why are so many blinded by thoughts that aren't there own and guided by their own opinions rather than objective reasoning that comes from learning and reading from others who are wiser and more spiritually enlighten.

      The goal of the globalist is the same as Satan's. To get above petty differences to a higher consciousness with peace and serenity without the need for God or Jesus. Our spiritual lives go on after death along with the soul. It all rest on the fact that was Jesus who he said he was or wasn't he. You have to be able to answer that question 1st before any others.

  3. Espousing ecclesiology this moment in the upper keys, irrelevant

  4. All Truth!
    And I'm gonna direct my focus on I'm this day..
    And work on other things I want to happen in my life.
    Its so easy to forget we have these gifts, because we continue to be drawn away from them through daily interferences.
    Practice your true gifts

    1. Part of the reason we cant tap into that spiritual and mental strength is because most of us live in cities with all kinds of eletromachnical, and frequencies of every manner from radio to Telivision, magnetic, and , many other negative affecting frequencies that we take for granted, but nontheless have a negative affect on our bodies and minds....and lets not forget about the worst offender...our cell phones. Add to that, living with horrible, unhappy people who always judge their lives by what the "DONT" have, rather than what they do have... Jesus was able to be around such people because of who he was... But the rest of us cant possibly live everyday with such selfish, self centered, perputually unhappy individuals without losing your own soul.. We all need to get out into the country, somewhere that doesnt have all this technology and distractions we have in the citys, and just relax and enjoy the night sky.... There really is something about truely meditating and focusing without all the distractions so we can find inner peace...!!! Jesus told his apostles that if we only had the faith of a mustard seed, we could move mountains... I dont believe that he was being esoteric... I really think he meant it...!! Thats shows you how little faith we have and how little we use our brains. Most of us never achieve our real purpose because either our parents or people we meet throughout our lives said something that discouraged us, and we never forgot it...!! Its hard to forget things said to us out of bitterness or in anger.. It seems to outdo all the good things people said about us.. !!And is most likely the cause of our fears.... the fear to go after our dreams..!! When the bible mentions the mark of the beast(most likely a chip) and tells us not to take has a lot more to do with just losing our souls, he is telling us that it will physically cause us harm to our bodies because its a foreign device, and will have a degenerative effect on our physical makeup. Its another eletrical device with a negative frequency...!!

    2. James, a whole lot of truth is what you say. Most likely, Anna had quite a different childhood upbringing than many of us; therefore, the same cannot be expected from all. And personally, I've had too many dealings with rebellious hard headed people (including those proclaiming to be christians and even pastors) who are not gonna budge no matter what we focus our minds on. But if it works for some, more power to them.
      My bible says 'if you abide in Me, and my Word abides in you, then ask what you will'.......and 'then whatever you ask in My Name, My Father in heaven will do it''.
      At the same time, we are expected to use the wisdom and abilities and skills he has blessed us with. During high school not one teacher encouraged my son in anything. Still,
      he was determined to go to college. There, in his first year he had an English teacher that gave a writing assignment, and
      she kept him after class to tell him he shows a talent for writing. Whoa! Really? So from that day on he took off like Zorro riding off into the sunset. Today he is just about the best writer I've ever seen along with great vocabulary and fussy speller!
      Shows that life experiences with people can have lasting effects, both ways. I was told by my so-called father that I would never amount to anything. So I have many latent talents, still latent.
      Now hear this: The Mark is not for those who are in Christ;
      it will not even come about until after the Bride of Christ is removed from this earth! Then the great tribulation which is the wrath of God upon a God-forsaking world. Then the official Return of Christ who will rule this place in all Righteousness. By that Day, all the unrighteous will be done away with, and it will be His Kingdom on Earth ruled by the King of Kings. And the Bride returns with Him and rules with Him. None of these factions fighting to ''rule the world' will get that position. They are wasting their time.
      Psalm 1:6 for the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but
      the ways of the ungodly shall perish.

    3. Don't make excuses. You don't need anything at all. It doesn't matter where you are. If you were in prison you can release yourself. Just use your Christ within. Get the picture?! SMH. Starr your focus in a better and great direction. And it will follow.

    4. I agree james , the night sky and peace...

      and yes we can release anywhere with proper focus..

      but definitely this technology is a great interference .

  5. This is what you teach Anna. InPower: A Mass Action of Liability.

    Watch this video with Cal Washington. He had a judge run off and a number of high level corporate officials and high ranking government officials resign.

  6. I did likewise Judge Anna & Paul, using my mind and a book [Common Law Remedy To Beat Traffic Tickets - Putting The Law On Your Side] I downloaded just two days before my pretrial conference. Following that book, I put together an affidavit of truth the night before my pretrial conference. When I was called I went up to the bench and wordlessly handed both the Justice of the Peace and the normally wordless prosecutor each their copy of the 11 point affidavit. (Usually the judge did the prosecuting and I also addressed that in the affidavit. The, as usual snippy, Justice of the Peace went on explaining to me if I wanted any special jury instructions, to make sure they were presented to the court clerk by 12:00 PM, on September 13, 2017, the day before trial. Then I was excused to go home. The next day around 12:15 PM I was outside at the table talking on my cell phone to my son in Maine. Out walks Kelly my partner with the house phone and she hands it to me telling me it was Renn, the county deputy attorney. I take the phone and after her syrupy sweet, small talk introduction, (We have never once spoken, but her responses to my dismissal requests were always outright hostile.) she says "We have not previously spoken about settling but would you be able to get your Montana license? I say, "As a matter of fact, I going to attend my 2nd class tonight and after 2 more classes I will be one of the 1st on the list for evaluations since I already paid my $400 in full". She said "Renn Fairchild

    Sep 7 (3 days ago)

    to me

    "Here is my contact information – I’ll request 90 days for the setting, and if you happen to get your license sooner, just let me know and we’ll try to bump it up."

    Thank you!

    Renn C. Fairchild

    Deputy County Attorney

    Flathead County Attorney’s Office
    820 S. Main Street

    Kalispell, MT 59901

    And without even breaking a sweat, nearly 6 months of agrivation and worry disappeared overnight with just one well-written Affidavit of Truth! I'm sure the judge called her and said "Whatever you have to do, get rid of this guy. I don't want to see him in my courtroom again!" That is just a guess, but I'll bet I'm not far wrong.

    1. yep, an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in law. if you dont rebut their "affidavit" (cops affidavit) and provide your own as you are the only true witness, they beat you with their hearsay allegations.

      in the future best within three days to rebut the ticket, provide your affidavit of truth and motion to dismiss based on lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted...

      good job.

    2. The best thing you did is just to keep quite and handed him your paperwork, which did all the talking for you, without trying to outfigure all the judges questions that may have trapped you into his jurisdiction.....Thats a good approach...!!! You were thinking..Its a lot easier to put words on paper than go toe to toe with a judge in a court in which he is completely at ease with, while the rest of us always have a bit of the jitters if we engage with the judge....Dont forget the most important part when this is over....go get the record of your case to see what really happened andblet us know...thanks..!!

  7. Accentuate the positive . Ltd col.Tom Bearden a physicist physicists long time disclosure project with Dr greer.
    He talked about sending objects back in time one peculiar thing you could never go back in disorder only back to order.
    Example you take a rusty nail send it back in time when it was new but you can't send a clean nail back to being rusty.nature don't work that way.

  8. Thank you for a lovely Sunday read!
    Energy directed by thought...taking responsibility for creating our own existence.

  9. can't get the link in this article to work...?? please advise

  10. THERE ARE SOME REALLY NASTY, NASTY, I hesitate to say people-out there. Read Dave Wiggintons--site--AIR CRAP .ORG He has a handle on the whole situation.

  11. Anna please tell me how to regain my name my land and what I have coming to me I'm a new, too your site I want to learn more and do what I can to help you.

  12. Great message. We should be living in the blessing,acting upon and looking at those things that are of God instead of man.

  13. I live in Tampa, and according to all the weather reports, it was going to get really bad when Hurricane Irma came through Tampa Sunday night/Monday morning. Everyone, and even my sisters, were telling me that the 'storm surge' was going to be horrendous, and that I should put my cats in carriers and evacuate. However, I decided to stay put in my home. I just felt this sense of calmness all around me that everything was going to be OK. Even my cats were calm, (and to me, that was a very good sign.) When my sister started freaking, I told her that we have and can use our God consciousness, and we can make this hurricane pass us right on by. I am happy to report that my home and grounds sustained no damage from Irma. The power was off for 2 days, but I had prepared for that, so we were fine.

  14. Just an update re the NAME/Name. We are making huge inroads here in our little part of the world. What we have done is, by far too drawn out for this blog, but in short I'll just say this. What were you before you became a "person" (via your parents filling out the forms)? No doubt your parents were given a choice placed upon a document... Christian/first name/s. Now "/" denotes "or". A Christian can only have one name and YOU being your WILL are not Peter or John or Alan in the public when dealing with legal matters. IT has another function. Christian has a name which is placed within legislation, it's also symbolically sits at the top of many government crests. Do you know what it is? We lost our admin guys. Don't knock the "person/s" either as these are important entities. You just need to know the placement and function. There are 3 positions that need to be filled and identified. It is our belief that there will be no access to the annuities until the record is set straight via the correct forms or alike. Funny story here... three times a high court solicitor at the high court tried not to sign our doc's but we hit him hard with the legislation and almost needed to force the pen into his hand. But he did sign. Ha Ha we win. Bloody gate keepers.


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