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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Proof in The Pudding

By Anna Von Reitz

Proof in the Pudding
So, these Cabal Rats are using geo-engineering and staying within the ENMOD Treaty by (supposedly) deploying it against hapless "United States Citizens" who just happen to live among all the rest of us.

Here's a blast for the "UN Security Council"--- the Americans living in these states are NOT "domestic" with respect to the "United States" ---- UCC 9 (307) h--- "The location of the United States: the United States is located in the District of Columbia...."

Do either Texas or Florida look like they are near the District of Columbia? No? Well, then, Rocket Scientists at NASA and GE and elsewhere, you are in violation of the ENMOD Treaty and are "testing" your weather weapons-- not against "domestic targets" but against the civilian population of the United States of America, Unincorporated.
We have every right to arrest and hang you all. And you had better jerk-swift and stop this nonsense before we put an end to your organizations and your "charters", too.

We might as well give the vermin a lesson in what it means to be a "child of God".

"Hurricane Irma" is bearing down on Florida in the wake of "Hurricane Harvey" hitting Texas last week and those responsible for these geo-engineered events are feeling pretty impressed with themselves. They have spent many millions of our dollars to be able to push the Jet Stream around, but you know what?

We can push the Jet Stream around, too. And we don't need any fancy equipment to do it. We just need to focus our attention in the right way, and we can whip and whirl the jet stream where we want it to go---- which in this case, is straight back into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now follow these simple directions.

Go take a look at the weather survey maps that show "Irma" bearing down on the Florida Peninsula. Got that "aerial view" firmly in mind?

Okay, now find a quiet spot and visualize being high above the surface of the Earth, at about "satellite height"--- so that you can look down on Irma from the aerial view, but now instead of seeing a satellite picture, you are mentally standing in subspace and seeing it with your own eyes, looking down at the top of the whirling white hurricane and its epicenter.

As you pause you will gradually become aware of a faintly glowing grid of light, like a fisherman's net wrapped around the globe.

So, float over to where you see the lines of the net intersect each other, pick up that point of intersection and start dragging the net back out into the Atlantic. As you do, you will see that the Hurricane follows the net, like a big fish that is caught and unable to resist the pull.

So go haul in the "net" and see where that leaves the rats.

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  1. Harvey parked it self over Houston partially a week.50+ inches.the harp can move the jet stream to punish infidels of NWO.BUT SO CAN RUSSIA and they can shut down our war ships dead in the water.cause havoc electronically USS.John McCain rammed. Revenge is sweet even though innocent sailors are involved much like the intentional targeting of civilian.towns exclusively and not staying on military targets Churchill you tool

    1. Take heart all:
      "The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet." Nahum 1:3

      Acquit: Middle English (originally in the sense ‘pay a debt, discharge a liability’): from Old French acquiter, from medieval Latin acquitare ‘pay a debt,’ from ad- ‘to’ + quitare ‘set free.’

      This triple storm system appears to be a duplicate of what happened 7 years ago, the two satellite pictures offer a wake-up. Quote: "As tweeted by Brian McNoldy on Thursday, the positioning of our current trio of Atlantic hurricanes on Thursday morning, September 7, 2017, was oddly similar to that of another trio—Karl, Igor, and Julia–on September 16, 2010. This was the last time we saw three simultaneous hurricanes in the Atlantic basin. Adding to the weirdness: both sets of names start with K, I, and J, going from west to east. Image credit: @BMcNoldy."

      Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku admits Government 70+ years of weather modification/control through cloud seeding.
      Professor Wolk Kasparian said the laser beams create plasma channels in the air that caused ice to form.
      And a whole lot more here:

      Thank you Anna, Paul, et al

    2. Much appreciate the link! Just forwarded to the 3rd year (or possibly 4th yr.) Aeronautics student.

    3. The citizens affected by all these hurricanes need to file a class action lawsuit against the globalist's responsible for this evil geo-engineered mess. Go after them all & hurt them financially until they can be put in prison for this!

  2. Thank you Judge Anna for this refined 'method' to drive Hurricane Irma out to sea. I have been visualizing this via a similar method, and the more people we have doing this, the faster it will happen. People think I am nuts, but I don't mind. I believe in results, and good thoughts produce good results.

  3. ALL weather (as is the human) electromagnetically created and, or controlled. Chemtrails, HAARP, cloud seeding, cloud generating systems etc. Think Ho Che Min trail Viet Nam these systems have been in use for decades. Tesla stated it was possible to make deserts lush and green. Dane Wigginton at Geo Engineering Watch is on the cutting edge with understanding these nefarious systems.

  4. We were already funding and studying weather modification in the early 50's, a Congressional committee was established and produced a 2 volume study in 1958, shortly after everything on the subject went dark and they denied any testing was ever happening.

    If nobody ever saw the hurricane that was closing in on the east coast on Sept. 11 2001 (9/11) GO LOOK IT UP, they scrambled the thing and shot it off into the east at a sharp almost 90 degree angle, other wise it was headed for NY up the coast and would have grounded most of the flights and 9/11 would never have happened exactly as planned.
    LOL and you can find many news/weather reports that barely reported on it like it wasn't even happening.

    1. Yes hurricane was needed to add energy to the energy weapons that were shot down specific azimuth melting metal door knob yet a tree next to it un touched

    2. The hutchenson. Effect vectoring.inferometers high frequency scaler weapons .two separate energy sources point we're they intersect is energy at a distance. Tesla resonance frequency find a frequency that resonates with the target and it matters not it's size using a small transmitter he rocked the building he was living radio transmitter and receivers tuned or you got nothing.

  5. Qhy do they think they have the right to alter the planet and ruin it more than they already have,the UN made it illegal to do this in the 1970's.
    Pray and focus on pushing this storm out to sea so those of us in Florida can live on

  6. Check this out:

  7. Smart woman you are lady, love ya

  8. Pass this message to everyone!
    "i am focusing on turning the emerging hurricanes and our i am is required to prepare ourselves to do the same. See i am as i am as ourselves. Above the hurricane's: envision ourselves pulling the net in the direction facing the sea. i am is i am. Let's beat this drum for all the good, the bad and ugly. For i am's for all i am 's carry one common denominator all want to exist through time and space." REPEAT-THE-FOCUS -BEAT-THIS-DRUM-CLAIM-I-AM-IT-WILL-BE-DONE.

  9. Nice one Anna ,Now we are shifting up into the realm necessary to REALIZE WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED FAMLY OF Being, One need not use opposing mindsets ,this duality of mind is the same error of discord that those using weapons suffer from ,remain centered and choose a sense of well being ,the planet will harmonize the dissonance from the more conducive harmonies within each who remain present and or centered ,seek positive opportunity, do not entertain others negative powers or one just adds to it by the confluences that we are all one in of the same ONE BEING (god)

  10. Grabbing the bastards out of their beds and dragging them screaming into the street where we shoot them in the head and set the corpse on fire sounds more fun than meditating the other scenario...

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