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Friday, September 8, 2017

Private Jokes, Land, and Political Reality

By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who are of a certain age will remember the cartoon, "Mighty Mouse". 

When all this began in earnest I was feeling overwhelmed and confided that I felt like a "mouse trying to eat an elephant."

My friend said, basically--- move over and I'll take a bite, too!

So, he became "Mouse Too".  

Later volunteers to the cause earned their own "Mouse Names".   This isn't meant to be any kind of secret names fol-der-rol.  It's just a reminder of our brotherhood of humanity, one by one, chewing our bit of the government and world power "elephant". 

Our gallant cartoonist, Paul Snover, immortalized the "Mouse Moment" with a large scale cartoon of the moment when one mouse became two mice and all that has happened since.  

Yesterday, my son brought me a YouTube video of a mouse killing a cobra.  For real.  

I was cheering that mouse on for all my might, and at the end of thirty seconds of fierce battle, the mouse won.  It was especially good in that I had just fended off yet another attack against our land jurisdiction rights.  

While everyone else is concentrating on money and banking and all the ins and outs of corporations it's easy to lose sight of the fact that our rights depend upon our status as landlords.

Just as the vermin among us have gradually replaced people with "persons" so as to be able to manipulate, defraud, and delude and have a legal means of doing so,  they have placed "land titles and descriptions" over our actual soil, as a means of extracting revenue and making false claims of ownership interest.

I have talked about this process several times before, even delving into it as it occurs in England and Wales, but I want to underline this in Big Red Letters.

What the so-called "governmental services corporations" do is hire some hapless man or woman with nothing better to do, give them a Plat Book and send them out to "name and number" actual land parcels and roads. Now, this man or woman has no material interest in your home or land at all.  It's just Granny Grunt driving by your house and arbitrarily deciding, "Oh, well, let's call this "Spring Street" and that green house will be Number 1101..... yes, 1101 Spring Street....." 

And then another corporation hires another clueless man and sends him out on a similar mission--- "assign a lot and block number to these parcels".  So, just as arbitrarily, he drives around and says, "This is....uh..... Block 6, Lot 4.....uh, and let's call it Bellewood Subdivision....." 

And then they send you a tax bill. 

Or rather, they send a tax bill to a PERSON that they presume is "residing" as a short term tenant in their arbitrarily created "place" known as "Block 6, Lot 4, Bellewood Subdivision" or alternatively as "1101 Spring Street"...... and obviously, since their corporation is acting "as" the "landlord" in your "absence", they have the right to tax whoever is using your property. 

And if the "TENANT" does doesn't pay, they also have the right to throw the "RESIDENT" out, right?   They even have a responsibility to do so, because remember, they are acting as your property manager.  

You are the missing landlord in their system of things. 

So what to do?  

First, and foremost, come home from the sea.  Seize your lawful Trade Name and re-convey it to the land jurisdiction of your birth state and record your "Deed of Re-Conveyance" with the land recording office.  

Second, claim your Common Law Copyright as preserved in the Session Laws of the state where you live, and all the various styles and permutations of your given Trade Name--- John Doe, Doe, John, John Maynard Doe, JOHN M. DOE, DOE, JOHN M. and so on.   Record that with the land recording office, too. 

And now you are ready to make the corporations dance to a new tune. 

Locate their survey stakes and markers which are at the four corners of your land parcels.  Create your own "boundary stones"--- this can be a literal stone boulder or a large-enough-to-be-clearly noticeable pile of stones, topped by some kind of permanent marker, such as a railroad spike or horseshoe or painted and varnished hardwood stake, or a piece of iron pipe you've painted bright orange--- whatever suits your fancy, and put it over their survey marker. 

You have now defined your land by metes and bounds as that parcel of soil inside the square, rectangle, trapezoid or parallelogram contained within those four corners.  (You can define even more complex shapes by using more boundary stones, but you have to be able to "cogently" describe their location and relationship in terms of compass directions and distance between markers.) 

It's yours.  You paid for it.  You are the landlord.  You name it.  

Instead of it being "Block 6, Lot 4, Bellewood Subdivision" or "1101 Spring Street", you arbitrarily rename it  yourself ---- "2222 Peaceful Lazy Lane"?  

And then you enter a Correction and Re-Conveyance of Deeds and Titles. 

In this document you establish the boundary stones and the metes and bounds description of your land, the new name designation you have given to it, identify yourself as the landlord and give an "in care of" Post Office Box or business address where you can be contacted, and note that your parcel is part of the California, not the State of California and not the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Record this with the land recording office. 

So, as the landlord returned home after an admittedly very long "absence" you have taken control of your name and estate and by recording your actions with the land recording office, you have given public notice of these facts.  

Here are some more facts for you to know: 

sovereign state = california  (Texas v. White)
unincorporated State = California also known as California State, Unincorporated
Territorial State = State of California  

Now, as an American free-born on the land jurisdiction of say, Minnesota, you are a Minnesotan and a Minnesota national by birthright.  Any other "status" is accrued after the fact.  Take a good look at what appears to be "your" Birth Certificate.

There you will see your actual birth day but no trace of your actual Given Trade Name in Upper and Lower Case --- only the corporate PERSON NAME.  You will also see a "File Date" which is the day that the PERSON was created.  The File Date is the Birth Date of the PERSON they created to inherit your estate.  

The PERSON is a CITIZEN of the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC.  HE is then "removed" to the Territorial jurisdiction of Puerto Rico (the records are transferred)  --- and deemed to be a "Citizen" of the Territorial USA, Inc., too.  And neither one of these fairy tale concoctions have anything to do with you, other than the fact that they are being used by Third Parties to "impersonate" you. 

More recently, since Jimmy Carter obliged the criminals, the records have been "removed" again to the custody of the United Nations and become subject to "United Nations Law", too.  

This is a crime of "personage" and an infringement against your natural Common Law Copyright  guaranteed by the Copyright Act of 1790--- but, guess what? Nobody knew that they had to record your Common Law Copyright with the Land Recorder's Office, so that never got done.  You name got "registered" instead of being "recorded", so now you are "at sea" and it is up to you to correct the mess. 

You always pre-date the PERSON and have the "first in line, first in time" claim to your name and your estates, but since nobody tells you any of this, you are fair game for these monsters to "presume upon".  And they have done a lot of presuming.  

They created franchises for themselves based on your name and property assets. They prosecuted you and extorted money from you under conditions of constructive fraud.  They plundered the "public trusts" they created for 150 years. They are the epitome of Bad Servants. 

But if you have followed along and have seized upon and re-conveyed your Given Trade Name back to the land jurisdiction and also recorded your Common Law Copy Right to your Trade Name and all its derivatives, you are now ready to reclaim your land assets --- your homes and farms and land holdings throughout the United States of America, Unincorporated.  

The State of Alaska calls my land "2366 South Park Road" and defines it by survey markers, but I call it "4711 Birchwood Road" and define it by metes and bounds and my own boundary markers.  And since I am the Landlord, and they are the Public Servants, guess who wins that argument?  

The mouse wins.  

And to all my fellow-mice, keep chewing!  

A special thanks to all the gallant ladies throughout America who have filled my pantry shelves beyond my wildest imaginings --- not only with jams and jellies, but with syrups and butters and pickles that would make my Grandmother proud!  You are all wonderful, and have done a great deal toward restoring my warm-fuzzy feelings about the fall season. 

My dog has recovered from his wounds, and "Cookie" at last report is busy beyond imagining, but continuing to mend, too.  We are blessed.  

Somehow, we have -- with your support -- continued to make headway and keep our noses just barely above the waves.  We continue to learn more and gain more insight every day.  Please keep us on your list of worthy and hopefully returning-ample-dividend investments you can make.  I continue to act as your Paymaster and to fund our operations entirely on private donations.
My PayPal is:  The snail mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

Please note that that is an "in care of" address for a reason.  We are not required and are in fact exempt from using Zip Codes, but those who deliver the mail are not so fortunate.  In order to preserve our exempt status, and still expedite mail service, it is important that we receive our mail "in care of" our servants' addresses, until such time as we take back full control of our own government and its operations and make other decisions.  

Final observation:  nobody can force you to accept or stay in the subservient status of a "citizen".  Citizens are employees or dependents of the government corporations and are obligated by their employment or dependency to adopt that political status.  Most of us are not obligated to act as "citizens" and any demand that we do so is an act of enslavement or peonage or both. 

Retirees -- even those who are receiving "Social Security" or federal civilian or military pensions -- are not, generally speaking --- required to retain the second class political status of "citizens" and are free to rebut and renounce such presumptions being held against them.  

Even those that are obligated to retain "US citizenship" for lack of any other nationality are free to claim "equal civil rights" and continue to press for open reform of this current administrative and "governmental services" racket. 

See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website
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  1. Thank you once again, ANNA! the shore is strait ahead! Land ho!

    1. The ocean makes me sick anyway.
      After heaving half the day on a 24 hour fishing boat for tuna, I couldn't wait to get back to land where the ground is solid and doesn't through you around like a slave to the wishes of the sea.

  2. How is it possible for anyone or anything to be a citizen of a corporation? Corporations have directors, officers, shareholders and employees but NOT CITIZENS! Can Ford or General Electric have citizens? NO!

  3. Very well said Judge Anna. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work you have done in this administrative nightmare. I hope more people will awaken, but like in the Wizard of Oz, too many people are strung out on the psychoactive product of the poppy plant and cannot get their heads around these issues. Anna, may the God of Heaven grant you health and happiness. Thank you

  4. Deuteronomy 8:18 Proverbs 10:22 Proverbs 13:22b

  5. In most counties, if you go to the county recorders office, they will have a map of your property and the describtion of it using there corporate describtion....lot so and so,block A , subdivision 10, etc. However, the map usually still has the oringinal meets and bounds on it, that was exactly metted out, using land fixtures, like the northeast Rock as one of the boundries , etc. Why reinvent the wheel. Unless they own the metes and bounds too. Otherwise, its best to get a professional surveyor to come out and do a survey in metes and bounds. But judge Anna is right. The actual "land" that the property sits on is labeled in metes and bounds. By the county renaming it into their version using ...lot, block, and subdivision, they have converted the "land" into "property", which they own. Thats why you dont want the "property", because it comes with "property taxes". They can have the property...But we want the "LAND"...The property is on the land, therefore, since it is usually immovable the house (the property)sitting on the land is under your control. They can foreclose on the property, but not the land that you control , if you renamed it under metes and bounds and officially recorded it under your name...Jean keating talked all about this...!!! But the way things are getting with the "deep state", iam beginning to think there is no law anymore... except what they say..!!

  6. Wonderful recap, is it possible to include actual documents that need to be recorded?

    1. If the counties map still includes the original "metes and bounds", then yes i would get a copy from them, certified which will only cost you maybe $10 total...!! And then BOND it somehow.. bonding it esssentially leins your "LAND" filing , making you first in line if someone wants to foreclose on you. You can make the bond for millions, which means that if anyone wants it, they will have to pay the bond first....Unforetunately, i still havent perfected this myself yet, but i just know for years now, how important "bonding" is in a commercial world. Jean keating has some very good info on if you can google him and anything on proper bonding. Once you have "BONDING" down correctly, game over for the courts and the banks....!!! Because if they dont honor your "bonds", they are effectively telling you we are at "WAR". And the only remedy for that is old fashion " dualing". In other words, the gun is the last resort for remedy....the bonding laws even make reference to that...!!

    2. Isn't this why one uses Anna's indemnity bond on the deed correction, for further protection? Also isn't one's word one's bond, especially verified with witness(es), as for county recordations?

    3. Thats the whole point... ones word is supposed to be their "bond"..!! But thats only true if you believe in God and have a conscious. So many dont, that contracts had to be invented and enforced through the courts, just to force people to be good on their word....But even that doesnt work on truly evil people... So the next logical step was to create criminal syndacates, who would send out Nudsio, so he could break both your legs so they dont works for you so good..and if that didnt work, hed return and give you cement shoes and send you to the bottom of the bay....some people just dont get it, and never will.

    4. Bonding is the key to everything in this system.. Thats why banks only deal in bonds to aquire wealth. However, once you show that you cant deal honestly, like the courts and law enforcement now(basically all municipalities) now of them can lawfully be bonded anymore...!! They all tell you they are "self insured", under a blanket insurance policy, that only covers at most $250,000 per employee. And of course, what happens when you make a claim on one of them and win....their insurance premiums go up just like car insurance..!! That gives all counties a good reason to always deny a claim...!!

  7. On Texas ... there is ... Texas Business Organization Code, at Ch. 5, sec. 5.205, if you go there you will find that a "Rejection of Appointment" can be done. If you do this, as I have and send it to the Texas Secretary of State, (sos) you may get back what I have ... the sos sent back to me my original one page document, and on the back right corner they placed a label, on that label they placed another label on top of the first one, if I try to remove the label it will destroy the original one, and I can't make a copy that can be read, but if I hold it up to a light bulb I can read ... pay to the order of "Texas Comptroller/Secretary of State of Texas" and, 7/07/08/2014/5:08PM, and Registered No. 552388900001, then a BAR code, and under it the No. 5523889000015. The sos sent a letter by email with all the No's. on it and stated at 1. "Our records do not show an entity by the name shown on the filing instrument", and it was signed off by a lady for Corporation Section, Business & Public Filings Division, and a phone #
    I have not been had any results in finding out how the Comptroller and SOS got paid or what Account they got paid out of ... could it be from an $Account we all have we don't know about, or how we may access I ourselves???
    If anyone knows, contact me @

    1. Danny, your entire comment here is clear as mud to me, lol. What the hell is a 'Rejection of Appointment'? Whose rejection is it, what does it mean, and what is the purpose of it??
      Was this something that you filed, or was it a response from''them'' to you; and if so what originated it in the first place. ?
      Can you clear this up please. We are confused enough as it is, lol.

    2. If you will Google; Texas Business Organization Code Chapter 5.205 you will find and can read what it is, what it says is that if you think someone has appointed you as an entity/agent without your written, signed consent (and do you not believe this is what THEY have done to all of us shortly after live birth with the birth certification, by the STATE wherein they turn us into a corporation with the ALL CAP NAME?)so what the TBOC says is if we think that has been done, then we , anyone can do the "Rejection of Appointment, (now this is Texas I would think all states would have something like Texas) send it to the SOS. This is what I did on July 2006 2014,I used all the different ways my name/NAME has been being used, and I got back a letter from the Texas SOS that said their search of their records found no names, and on the back of my original doc. that they sent back was the label that said "Pay to the order of Comptroller /Texas Secretary of State, I have not been able to find out how they got paid. This is what I am still trying to find out. May be You can tell me? LOL.

  8. Anna has outlined a remedy BUT every county in the USA is an affiliate to the deception of the UNITED SATES INC. I understand this to be the franchises known as USA INC. which is in chapter 11 restructuring the fraud. But the people living in those counties DO NOT know that their mothership is in liquidation. The people living in these counties need informed and the smaller the county the better to explain what comes there way and how they can prepare. Town hall meetings is a great start to inform people in their county of the remedy Anna has provided. Entire counties need to be informed so the municipality as a whole can understand to comply with all re-conveyance filings for all county residents. Set the clerk in your county straight with the facts and how they too are playing a fraudulent role in this Babylonian system of FRAUD and must repent and attempt to correct the error of their ways. Small counties where you see Tea Party signs everywhere are great targets. Good Luck!

  9. I went in to my county's register of deeds office to have my copyrighted tradename recorded. Not only was she rude, she threatened to call armed security. I presented her with FRCP rule 5(4) Which is: Acceptance by the Clerk. It States: The clerk must not refuse to file a paper solely because it is not in the form prescribed by these rules or by a local rule or practice. And also, 18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally sections (a)&(b). after stating that our county doesn't abide by these laws for sovereigns, I asked her for her oath and bond. She became very rude and asked me to leave or she would call security. My question is, is there an article written by Judge Anna that explains how to deal with these officials who blatantly disregards/breaks our laws? Thanks

    1. Number 635.
      The same happened to me follow what's outlined here

    2. The people working at the CRO know full well they cant refuse a filing no matter how outragous it is as long as the proper parties are identified and the formate meets their minimum requirements... So if they are denying anyones filings, you know it is coming from authorities giving them direct orders to do the DA's office who oversees fraudulent filings at the CRO. GO to the DA's office and tell them, what the hell is going on... !! Are you giving the CRO employees instructions about certain filings. Are you giving those same instructions to the banks and their attorneys, who are now just able to fax you documents, using only a red stamp, saying that the signee is only signing under "accomodation only", releiving them of "liability". Is this your idea of "fairness" of the public record... Dont take this shit anymore. But dont get irate at the employees at the CRO. They are only lower level employees doing what their told, because they dont have a bar license and therefore cannot instruct you legally on what to do. You dont want to make enemies with them, because we need them to see us as law abiding citizens, not combatants with bad attitudes... as much as it is easy to see them as assholes for refusing to file our paperwork, they are simple minded people who only take orders in order to keep their jobs...thats why you need to take it higher up to their supervisors...the DA's office..!! If you show the law to them, they have no excuse since they do know the law, especially when you show it too them in writting. Depending on what they say, you will find out whats really going on, and you can let loose your frustration on them.. like what does the BAR stand for..Are you working for America, or a "foreign principle". Youd be surprised how many attorneys(some working for over 20 years) who still dont know what the BAR stands for..!!

    3. James, how true, how true. BAR = British Accredited Registry.
      All these attorneys are our enemies. They even call themselves servants OF the Court, while their clients are the ones who pay them their fees. They are beholden to the judge and do not fight for their client with all their might, as they are supposed to do. If you watch even seasoned lawyers operating in the court room, they are scared to death to go against the judge's wishes. The direction and outcome of too many Cases are determined in the judge's chambers, not in the court room in front of their Client. The client's own attorney sells them down the river at least a little bit. How many innocent people walk out of court wondering 'how the hell did that happen!". The whole ''legal system' is the biggest Sham of all time. It is not the Lawful System most people assume it to be.
      Arresting police officers are the next biggest rook people get. This is because cops are allowed to LIE. And all the while they threaten you with perjury and jail time if you lie.
      Even when an attorney gets huffy in the court room with the judge, they both know its just an Act they are putting on, so it will appear that your attorney is really fighting for you.
      I even had an attorney once tell us, 'its just a game''.
      I once saw two cops arrest a single driver, so I stood on the sidewalk observing. They told me to go back in the house.
      I told them I am on my own sidewalk and have a right to watch how you do your job. The commander started toward me telling me he is going to put me in the cruiser. I shook my finger at him and told him 'don't you dare touch me' and he quickly backed off that idea.
      Yeah, we beat the British back to England alright, but they never really left.

    4. From Anna:

      Everyone has their ideas, but the fact is that metes and bounds is the way that our actual soil parcels are described. If you don't claim your possession and re-convey to the land jurisdiction, together with all titles and deeds, they get to continue their shenanigans.

    5. Paul, Anna, thanks for the response; we all know you are both very busy. Personally I do not own any land, never able to buy a house.......right now I am very befuddled about the second document filing ....the Common Law Copyright which so far is impossible for me because I looked in our County Law Library (site) and there is no session laws, no matter what key words I put in. So what is an octogenarian to do??
      For simply trying to copyright my own Trade Name, why is it this messy? What am I missing here.

    6. Sam, what wording and form did you use to write up your CLC?

    7. Sam and all others: Your county recording remedy is to file it in Lamar County, GA. They will accept any document. Once you receive the certified copy back, go and file that with your county recorder which they cannot refuse because it is already filed in another county. There are codes in every state that stipulate that they have to accept any document that is recorded in "in any public recording office in the United States" and record it. Here is the code for NJ:
      NJ Rev Stat § 46:26A-4 (2013)
      46:26A-4. Exceptions to prerequisites to recording.
      Notwithstanding the prerequisites to recording in N.J.S.46:26A-3, the following may be recorded:
      g. certified copies of:
      (3)documents recorded or filed in any public recording office in the United States;
      Just find the one for your state, print it out and bring it with you to your county recorder. Here are instructions for filing with Lamar:
      You must send originals and a SASE for them to send it back. If you are in a hurry you can send overnight via any carrier but if you want overnight back you must enclose a prepaid USPS overnight (or 2 day Priority Mail) envelope for return as they will only deal with the PO. Here is the address:

      Attn: Filing Officer – Mr. William S. Hewitt
      Lamar County Courthouse
      326 Thomaston Street, Box 7
      Barnesville, GA 30204-1669

      Send with a cover letter telling them what you want and include your check or money order payable to: “Clerk of Superior Court” and our SASE. You may want to request/order a certified copy or multiple copies of your recorded docs while you are at it for $2.50 for the first page + $0.50 for each additional page per set. They are pretty quick for a recorder. Usually 7 to 10 days. Once you have your registered docs back, you can immediately start using your certified copies while you file your original or another certified copy with your local recorder.

    8. 1FreeMan, thanks for your offer of help. Its the only offer I've seen out of anyone. I have nothing to file in spite of my asking for assistance, there seems to be mostly 'hard of reading' around here. So I will ask no further. I'm done with this and I am not going to play this silly game of ''hunt till you drop'; hunting for some stupid session law that does not exist in my state.

    9. Abby, actually you do not need to add your States session laws because as Anna explained under common law each state's laws are credible in other states. But if you want to look them up to add strength to your document, try Google books.

    10. Abby, Here is what I found for Ohio:
      Just add it to the the bottom of the 1st paragraph.

  10. They are private for profit businesses telling everyone they are government, they are not. You can sue for breach of trust, but what judge would rule against the paymasters? Expect we the people will get no love from these criminals! Welcome to Rome.

  11. Before attempting to Record any document, you should first google ''Requirements for recording documents at the ______ County Recorders Office''. (your county) You will find the guidelines there that you must follow.

    1. Very,very good advice to everyone. If your filing is anywhere close to their requirements, they will usually tell you the one thing missing to complete the filing so it can be accepted. I usually set mine up looking exactly like a motion to the court. When it looks like an attorney wrote it up, they will usually take notice of it. If they ask, just tell them you havent taken the BAR exam yet, and still learning how to do things properly...!! Give them a heartfelt excuse for your ignorance and beg for some help and a little love...!!

  12. I live in Calif. like ive been telling everyone for awhile now. Its so crazy here. On the news last night, a person on a bike was riding near the curb, against the traffic so he could be seen and he could see others. But even still, a car hit him straight on and the biker went flying over the hood and landed some 50 ft away on the street, supposedly killed. And of course the driver just speed away like they always do in Calif.. But what happened next is simply unforegivable and shows you how little peoples lifes matter when compared to their "liabilty". About 10 minutes later, another car comes along and actually runs over the same person, and doesnt even stop to see what happened...two people ran over the same guy, and treated him like trash. Even the officer said that if it was an animal, people almost always stop and get out to check the animal...but not a human being...judgement is long overdue for many of us... since when is an animal more important than a fellow human being...???? And why is word..."LIABILITY". No one wants it all!!!!

  13. Sorry everybody.......but I cannot...cannot....find any sessions laws in Ohio so I can do the common law copyright. Would somebody please give me a solution. I gotta get on with this but am roadblocked.

  14. All those people in jails had attorneys .
    They are a masonic club they will nor counter sue to come in a position of strength defendants are fuel for the ( criminal) justice system .
    An attorney will not counter sue that's why you have to represent your self and the judge is help you not being versed in law be he will say I can't give legal advice . Ustace.Mullens says have fun it's a battle as long as you respond on time and don't default.your in the game you can sue attorneys , federal government , FBI,he even sued the IRS.they caused terrorism to him so he sued them for terrorism answer a young attorney showed up the judge told them to get together and work it out.don't be afraid sue your in control .only bad part the Judaism law the law of Moses has crept into the system with discovery your opponent can Sophia your records and scouring through looking for something to fight back with. Good old common law was straight up no victim no crime. Subject matter only no discover tricks.

  15. So Anna, just for clarification for my non-legal brain's understanding...are you saying that we can renounce our "citizenship" and still receive our social security benefits? The ones that we paid for the entire time we were employed? So grateful to you for your work. This post was one that I was waiting for. Thank you.

    1. Is it possible I could get a response to this question please?

    2. Jewellsmom, Anna already answered this in one of her other postings and the answer is yes. We own it all remember?

    3. Thank you. I must have missed it somewhere along the line.

  16. Hello Judge Anna,

    I have a few questions in regards to your recent post "Claim your name and estate--the EZ way".
    Judge Anna said "To reclaim your Good Name, you need to go back and acknowledge, accept, and re-convey your Trade Name to the land jurisdiction of your birth (Deed of Re-conveyance), then your Common Law Copyright to your own name/NAMES and variations thereof, effective with the day you were born, and permanently domiciling your Name/Name on the land and soil of the state where you were born"
    1. I was born in Washington, DC. Since Washington, DC is federal land/territory wouldn't permanently domiciling my name on federal property pose a problem for me? NOTE: I have been living in South Carolina since 1989
    2. Does the copyright and deed of re-conveyance make me the Executor of my estate? If not, how do I become the Executor? If so, can and how do I use them to stop a NOTICE OF LEVY?
    3. I am not involved in the social media world at this time (still have my flip phone), so other than sharing this info with my friends and family, is there any other way that I can help you and this community voluntarily? I can freely donate about 10 hours a week. Maybe more if my schedule permits. I REALLY want to be a part of this community/movement and I understand that "to whom much is given, much is required".
    Lastly, I will be setting up a monthly recurring donation this week of $10. It's not much but as I begin to discharge this illegal debt I will donate more.

    Graciously yours,


    Ezekiel 3:17
    "Son/Daughter of man, I have appointed you a watchman/woman to the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from My mouth, warn them from Me".

    1. I have a few questions in regards to your recent post "Claim your name and estate--the EZ way".
      Judge Anna said "To reclaim your Good Name, you need to go back and acknowledge, accept, and re-convey your Trade Name to the land jurisdiction of your birth (Deed of Re-conveyance), then your Common Law Copyright to your own name/NAMES and variations thereof, effective with the day you were born, and permanently domiciling your Name/Name on the land and soil of the state where you were born"
      1. I was born in Washington, DC. Since Washington, DC is federal land/territory wouldn't permanently domiciling my name on federal property pose a problem for me? NOTE: I have been living in South Carolina since 1989. (The nationality of people born in Washington, DC depends on where their parents were born--- if one or more of your parents were born on the land of one of the states, you can claim your birthright as an American through them and "repatriate" to the land jurisdiction of the state where you now live.)

      2. Does the copyright and deed of re-conveyance make me the Executor of my estate? (What it does is redefine who owns the Name/NAMES and their status with respect to the government---- "YOU" is no longer an ESTATE or PUBLIC UTILITY operating in commerce by them. It's redefined by its domicile and expatriation as a Vessel operated by you in International Trade.) If not, how do I become the Executor? ( See prior comment.) If so, can and how do I use them to stop a NOTICE OF LEVY? ( If you stop and think, you will realize that a "Notice of Levy" is not a Levy and anyone pretending that it is needs to be informed of that fact straight away. This is a trick the IRS typically uses to get access to your bank accounts without going to court and it is illegal--- a point that needs to be placed in front of the noses of the bank managers. Also, according to the Fair Debt Collection Act, a debt is not collectible until a live person signs it in wet-ink and takes responsibility for making the demand. So this Notice of Levy is just a bluff. Call them on it.)

      3. I am not involved in the social media world at this time (still have my flip phone), so other than sharing this info with my friends and family, is there any other way that I can help you and this community voluntarily? I can freely donate about 10 hours a week. Maybe more if my schedule permits. I REALLY want to be a part of this community/movement and I understand that "to whom much is given, much is required". (Don't worry about that, just deal with your records.)

      Lastly, I will be setting up a monthly recurring donation this week of $10. It's not much but as I begin to discharge this illegal debt I will donate more. (I have people who donate $1 a day, and in a year, that mounts up! By the end of the year that will be $120, and you can bet that that makes a difference. If everyone did as much, we'd be in clear sailing. Thank you!)

  17. As I think more about all this Copyright can we Record a copyright that we have not yet gotten copyright-ed? Isnt that a different entity? The Copyright office? And I am wondering if it is logical to get our Names officially copyrighted at the Copyright office which I think is in D.C. (The same way I had song lyrics copyrighted.?) And then take that copyright which is sent back to us, to be Recorded. What say you all?
    Seriously. This may be why so many are having problems at the Recorders office.?
    ''Come let us reason together'. (thats scripture BTW)

    1. Ok, I went to the Library of Congress Copyright Office site and I saw you cannot copyright your own Name.

    2. Maybe not under statutes but you can under Common Law.

    3. 1FreeMan, thanks for your response above. But here I only meant the LofC Copyright Office does not copyright names.
      Now am I to understand that our own document for Common Law Copyright-ing our own name can be a very short document? Rather than like the extremely extensive one Anna gave as an example (Jon Belcher's)? It was THAT whole mess that threw me for a loop!
      AGain, I appreciate your response.

  18. Anna contradicts her own Affidavit. An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger, page 136 Your Given Name is Your Private Property. page 137 Though most contemporary names are typically much shorter and simpler, they nonetheless provide descriptive information and express the gift of a parent to their child. Nothing could be more intimate or sacred. A large share of the abuse that the banks and their governmental services companies have promoted has been the theft of our given names and the pretension that our Mothers knowingly named their corporation the Trustee of our ESTATES and allowed these same entities to issue bonds based on the value of our ESTATES - that is, to enslave and indebt us. They have even claimed to own our given names via registration, but in fact, our Mothers had already given our names to us and absent that gift, the names would not exist! It wasn't available to give to any corporation. It was already yours. Page 138 This outrageous IDENTITY THEFT SCHEME is a FIDUCIARY TRUST FRAUD that has been operated against innocent Americans by privately owned and operated banking cartels and governmental services corporations trading upon "The Constitution for the united States of America". By what authority am I required to do anything at all as long as I am doing no harm to another living being? To say we must copyright our own name (a sacred gift from our Mother) is to allow the cretins to get away with crimes committed against us. How insane that?

    1. IAM, I have wondered the same thing. This just seems to be a very entangled mess, do this, do that, then do some more.......
      There is just something that doesn't feel right about the whole thing, and I'm not sure what it is. As is the case with anything I set out to do, if it is not the right thing to do, I ALWAYS get this held back feeling, like trying to drive with the emergency brake on. It seems to me that the Archives that holds all our original and true birth certificates IS my personal property Deed to Me and ought to simply be returned to us all. It even has the delivering doctor's signature on it as proof. What more should we need.
      Or is this such a gigantic spider web that it might never be untangled, regardless of what we do.
      Still, our original birth certificates ARE our 'recorded deeds'. And mine has my name in upper and lower case type.

    2. Abby, it seems to be a nightmare and spiritual battle that just won't end. I jumped for joy and thought it was all over when Anna's "An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" was finally published. I purchased several copies and handed them out. I've read it three times and cried each time. Anna has done so much, but all of it has become a huge ball of confusion, nearly impossible to make sense of and a waste of our precious lives. At least that is what my higher self tells me. I will never be satisfied until I actually witness justice being done for all the crimes committed against us.

    3. From Anna:

      To Abby --- if you are serious about being free, the cost of a couple hours of paralegal help to find the Session Laws that cover your right to record your Common Law copyright to your Assumed (Given) Trade Name and ACCOUNTS is nothing compared to the value of your name and estate, much less your freedom.

      Too many people want to be spoon-fed and have everything laid out in neat little templates and sound-bites, but if I provided that for people they wouldn't learn what they need to learn and when push came to shove they wouldn't be able to defend or explain their own actions.

  19. Anna or Paul... If we do the Correction and Re-Conveyance of Deeds and Titles, do we still need to do the Corrected Deed? I wouldn't think so... if so, please explain

  20. From Anna:

    To I AM TRUTH---

    There is no good "reason" that we have to establish a copyright on our names, except that until we do so, the rats will continue to have carte blanch to presume whatever they want to presumed against us. All the public records will be on their side and there will be no counter-claim or evidence rebutting their claims.

    So in an ideal world, we honor each other's identity and don't play such games.

    In the world we are in, our parent's ignorance about the scam means that they signed paperwork against us and they didn't record our copyright for us.

    We have to go back and do that for ourselves.

  21. I know what you are trying to tell us, Anna. This is a very sensitive subject for so many. Those rats have taken one of the most precious moments of a mother's life and turned it into something incomprehensible and we didn't even know about it until years later, right? At what point in time did we actually discover the problem with the registration of birth that registers the baby as a "citizen of the United States", placing them in the District of Columbia, a foreign jurisdiction and is seized upon as surety backing the debts of USA, Inc.? These women are not "trusting", they are usually exhausted and vulnerable. Mis-characterizing women as "Informants" against their own children and coerce them into signing unilateral undisclosed contracts surrendering their babies to the tender mercies of "States of States". It makes us all want to vomit. Even if we copyright our names, we will have to use FIAT Federal Reserve Notes to "discharge", not "pay" for the recording because that is what is in our wallet. Hello?


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