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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Please Shepherd - Jurisdiction, Air, Land, and Sea

By Anna Von Reitz

What I want to get through to people today is the entire concept of jurisdiction. 

The way the world is organized reflects the way the Earth is organized in separate "realms" of air, land, and sea.

Air is global in nature and deals with matters of energy, spirit and intellect.  This is the realm of copyrights and patents and all intellectual property rights.  This is also where we find ecclesiastical and canon law. 

The realm of the sea is international in nature and deals with matters of commerce and trade between nations.  This is where you find Sea Treaties affecting the flow of goods between nations and the Law of Nations affecting  international agreements such as United Nations Declarations. This is the realm of Maritime (Commercial) Law and Admiralty (Martial) Law.

Finally, there is the Land which is national in nature.  This is where you find - in America-- county and state law.   Remember that in our country each state is a nation, so that the words "interstate" and "international" mean the same thing for us.  This is the realm of American Common Law and the actual Constitution. 

Please note that there are many forms of "Common Law" and you must specify "American Common Law" or you may easily find yourselves operating under "Martial Common Law" or "English Common Law" or whatever else a particular court may have on offer. 

So--air, land, and sea also translates as global, national, and international. 

Over time the Popes and the British Monarchs have colluded to usurp upon the national governments owed to the living people throughout the world and have sought to replace our national governments with governmental services corporations instead. 

They have largely succeeded and have abused the trust of the entire world. 

All incorporated entities (called legal fictions) are ultimately created in the realm of the air by the Roman Curia.  C Corps, S Corps, LLCs, Trusts, Foundations and Cooperatives have all been created by the Roman Catholic Church's Secular Hierarchy headed by the Pope in his Office of the Pontiff. 

So, although these things all function in the realm of commerce and under the Law of the Sea, they have their genesis and domicile in the realm of the air.  As a result, the Pope and the Curia can control and disband any corporation on Earth -- including those functioning "as" governments. 

The American situation is unique because its governmental functions in international jurisdiction have always been split between the delegated functions exercised by the British-controlled Territorial Government dba "United States" and the non-delegated "reserved powers" of the actual United States government doing business as The United States of America. 

The Municipal United States Government arising out of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 has been run as an independent international city-state organization out of Washington, DC. 

Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States have long since been converted into corporations under the ultimate control of the Roman Curia and the Holy See, yet functioning in the realm of international commerce-- under the day-to-day control of the British Monarch. 

The Popes and the British Monarchs thus surreptitiously empowered have contrived to "redefine" the nature of government on Earth into a form of Commercial Feudalism.

On the land there remain the Unincorporated Governments of the Earth--- the land jurisdiction governments of the nations of the world which have fallen asleep and one by one been overtaken by the creeping commercial rot from within. 

Be aware that sovereignty is a characteristic which only unincorporated entities have, so that the only sovereign governments are unincorporated. 

It has been the apparent intention of the Popes to incorporate all government organizations worldwide by offering these organizations benefits-- like the ability to go bankrupt, known as "limited liability"--- while purposefully leaving their own government, the Holy See, as the only unincorporated (and therefore only sovereign) government.

This has been done on the backs of the people who have had to absorb the losses of all these bankrupt for-profit entities. 

Thus the scam has been to entrap and enslave both people and lawful land jurisdiction governments as "franchises" of governmental services corporations -- all of which have been subjected under the rule of the Holy See. 

And the land jurisdiction governments and the people have been enticed into this "system" based on "benefits" which they have literally paid for themselves.

By providing some businesses and people limited liability at the cost of all the others, the Roman Pontiff has seduced virtually all world governments to incorporate and subject themselves to be ruled by the Holy See. 

The only exceptions now are Iran, North Korea, The United States of America (Unincorporated) and a handful of Pacific Island Kingdoms.

In doing all this chicanery both the Holy See and the British Monarchs have operated in Gross Breach of Trust and under Color of Law and have used ample means of fraud and deceit to pursue their ends. 

At which point it becomes self-evident that we have-- the entire Earth-- suffered at the hands of crime syndicates masquerading as the lawful government of Great Britain and the Roman Catholic Church: evil in high places, indeed.

The Holy See is not the Catholic Church. 

The "United States" is not America and not the American states. 

The United Kingdom is not Great Britain.  Great Britain is not England. 

It is high and holy time that all the people of the Earth woke up and put a stop to this fraud and demanded an end to this "system" of things. 

We left Feudalism and Robber Barons behind a long time ago and, speaking for the American States and People--- who are the Priority Creditors of all these bankrupt Territorial and Municipal corporations worldwide--- we see no reason to go back to the Dark Ages. 

It is time, rather, for the Church to be a Church, and for the government of England to return to the people. 

We are in the process of re-venuing the American Government back to the land jurisdiction where it belongs.  

Time for the rest of the world to get busy and do the same. 

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  1. All "good" - up to "the Church". The so called "Holy Roman Catholic Church" is exactly what the Book of "Revelation" says[1]: "the great harlot who sits upon the many waters". The only relationship that I see between "the Church" and this entity is at: Revelation 18:4 - "And I heard another voice from heaven saying, 'Come out of her, My people, that you do not participate in her sins, and that you do not receive her plagues.'"

    "Harlot here refers to the apostate Roman Catholic Church. A harlot does not have a husband. This indicates that god never admitted having any relationship with the apostate Roman Church.[2]
    [1] 17:1
    [2] Footnote to 17:1

  2. Anna Von Reitz has irreparably broken my heart. When I read her article, "Urgent Message to Donald Trump", my jaw dropped to the floor. I simply could NOT believe that she would ask Donald Trump - the globalist, the Zionist, the Freemason, the cryto Khazarian, the flip-flopper, and the outright liar to the American people - to be the President of the unincorporated united States of America. He has accepted a Knighthood from the Queen of England and an emolument and Title from the King of Saudi Arabia - expressly forbidden in the not only the original 13th Amendment of the Constitution, but also the Titles of Nobility Act in the current de facto Constitution. She said Trump was "elected" to fill the vacant office of President. I would like to know WHO exactly elected him. I don't know of ANY land jurisdiction election taking place where American Nationals voted for him. I am wondering how THAT worked out for her. Did Trump even bother to reply to her urgent message? She didn't say. There is also absolutely NO Hereditary Head of State allowed in America. We got rid of hereditary heads of state with the Revolution. Hereditary heads of state were what our ancestors were revolting against.
    Anna Von Reitz has made some mistakes in the past by trusting the wrong people - people like General Dunsford and a few others. It makes me question her ability to turn her own shinola alarm on.
    I will no longer be contributing money to her and I will not post anymore of her articles. This is the only way I know of to protest her questionable actions. As an American, I feel betrayed and I don't know if I will ever get over this horrible mistake she has made.

    1. Zev, the last thing you want is an election. With the twisted minds that are bonged up, unable to rationalize, or even make good judgement about what shoes to buy; those that follow whatever kinky fad going; who can't even spell properly; who approve all that is bad for our country, and despise what is good? You really want to take a Vote on a Head of State??
      (honestly, I think we have seen our very last election)

      Do you even know the hereditary head of state? Or anything about him? Do you get all the facts before making your rash judgements?
      Yes, we have a whole woodpile full of skunks, and trump has made some very bad judgement calls, having no discernment about people, such as Sessions who is a liar and a sell-out.
      But what is most alarming at the moment, is the fact that this rusty can has once again been kicked down the road.
      That is just a delay tactic by the skunks. We just got a whole new Enclave build with landscaping and all, in just the past 3 months ! How hard can it be to sit down and settle this thing up in the same amount of time - except that nefarious people intend to kick the can on down the road, and then again, and again.
      First we waited for many years to see the non-existent fairy tale RV. And now here we are again with this next illusion...and then we die,seeing nothing.
      All is vanity.

    2. Zev I understand your attitude towards Trump. But my gut tells me he means well and still means to do for the people of America. The power and corruption of Congress and the deep state is way out in the open.

      Treason is way over the top. He is facing evil big time and prayers for him can't hurt. Anna and her offer was appropriate and acceptable to me. I did my homework on Donald J. Trump and it would be great person to run America and I hope it actually comes to that but those odds are like winning a jackpot in the lottery.

      Obama left a very loyal government behind and not to mention the military purge he did. The Generals we see in positions of power are traitors that is clear when vetting them.

      Congress hates Trump and now some Democratic leaders like him? The power after the election was squarely in the Republicans hands both House and Senate and the party failed the people on repeal of Obamacare and then went on a vacation. And they even had the gall to let Mcain cast the deciding vote to snub our President.

      My point Bev is to pray for Trump and against his his enemies is wise right now. Take care Bev!

    3. Abby, waiting years on that non-existent fairy tale RV?
      Thursday, December 8, 2016
      By Anna Von Reitz
      There will be a "currency reset". The so-called elite have planned it for their own gross benefit for over a hundred years, so it will happen absent divine intervention. How it will happen and when it will happen in the public view is anyone's guess--- but it is happening now on private trading platforms so it is a no-brainer that it will eventually go public.
      And what does that REALLY mean?
      The rats who ripped off our parents and grandparents and us, too, all our lives--- will get even richer by selling what should be our own inheritance back to us at wildly inflated prices.

      IAMTRUTH December 8, 2016 at 11:37 AM
      For those of us who have been involved for years and doing the work, all of this is extremely discouraging. What do you mean "There will be a "currency reset". The so-called elite have planned it for their own gross benefit for over a hundred years, so it will happen"?? What about all the public and commercial liens? Accounts being FROZEN? Pillaging of trust funds that belong to the people. When do THE PRIORITY CREDITORS get their ASSETS returned to them free and clear of any debt they can't possibly owe?? The CRETINS given THREE YEARS to come into compliance or be liquidated? WT? Now you tell us, "As we are speaking the Rockefellers are quietly putting their "Councils of County Governments" in place. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT AND WHY IS IT EVEN BEING ALLOWED by those responsible for the mess we are in? When is this nightmare going to end?

    4. Why not give the living American people a status update on "An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" since it's been out and delivered to officials for three years. What impact has it made? Has anyone been arrested for all those crimes (some felony level crimes) committed against us?

    5. From Anna:

      Donald Trump is currently the President of the soon to be defunct Municipal United States doing business as the UNITED STATES.

      When that organization goes, another one, the Territorial United States doing business as the USA, Inc. takes over. This organization is also in bankruptcy status. Donald Trump was not elected to serve as President of this organization, so it would be thrown back to the totally evil and irresponsible "(Territorial) United States Congress" to choose one of their crony kingpins to serve in their version of a Presidency.

      Like him or not, we all know that the majority of the people voting in the last election are in fact Americans, not "US Citizens" and they did choose Donald Trumo to be their President.

      Beyond that his continuance in Office as a land jurisdiction President has several halcyon benefits besides avoiding a lot of uproar and confusion.

      As a land jurisdiction President he shares power with the people and the Head of State and the Fiduciaries in a way that moderates the power of his office in a very beneficial way.

      All of you who are yapping about Trump and what we have done are doing so based on faulty assumptions both about him and the office(s) of "president".

      Please just stop and pray that when the time comes to defend the claims of the American People that he is in office and not some ugly member of the corrupt "Congress" whose only concern will be covering their own filthy dirty rumps.

    6. I agree. Trump stands all alone in a swamp that is so deep and wide, iys surprising hes even alive.. We should pray to thank him for not allowing Hillary to win.. the "elitist" finally know what its like to lose for a change. Trump just said on national news that the "United Nations" is no friend of America.. He is so leary of the "fake news media" he hardly addresses them and never lets them know what he is really doing.. He is only one man..And for one man he has totally disrupted the "deep state" and congress.. He is getting death threats all the time. How do you think Melania is handleing this with her son under constant attack....i feel so sorry for him. He looks like a good kid and everyone in hollywood and the media think he is fair game to pick on. No other president has ever been this disrespected.. I wouldnt blame him for surcoming to this "beast" with unimaginal power and how interconnected this swamp is all around the world...And now he has to deal with a total nut case from North Korea.. He wants to bring bsck "NATIONALISM", but everyone wants what is best for them, not the country. My brother and all my friends cant even go into a court alone for anything, without total fear setting in...!! But Trump is facing 1000 times that kind of fear and still standing...!! If he impliments something we dont like or approve of, you know it wont be because he didnt try to do the right thing...we just let the fraud to grow beyond anyones control and now at the 11th hour want a miracle..Its about time we all admitted our role in this mess. How come the rest of the world recognized it before us.. Way before. I knew something didnt add up 30 years ago, but couldnt quite put my ginger on it, until i started questioning the "income tax". Who are these guys and why do they want to take money out of my paycheck...for what..??? Thats how you start to question and start your journey to the one questions anything anymore...they simply just accept our situation, especially when we compare ourselves to other countries...But we are next..So start praying. Or is that to hard too..??

    7. Hi James. Yes this president and his family are totally disrespected by the nation as a whole. This goes to show that the past two generations have raised themselves having no true parenting. Their primary 'attributes' are that of white washed empty tombs; void of righteousness.

      I don't doubt trump meant well and its cool that he has so many of the devils with their panties in a wad. But he did start out all wrong when he let his liberal children in the door of the west wing. He should have stood up to them and told them, NO, you kids just stay in the big apple until you wake up and get your heads on straight.

    8. I think he wanted someone in the white house he could trust, because its obvious he cant trust a single person in the white house or congress. But i think it backfired somehow, especially when Ivanka decided to marry Keshner who is a jewish "elitist". And Trump must have figured that he could be useful in that respect. But all it did was create animosity amoung themselves by creating an unhealthy competition between his family.. no one said he is perfect.. but everytime he is convinced he has choosen the right person for the job, they betray him almost immediately.. Trump was used to civilian life, he wasnt ready or knew how to deal in the "political " realm of "traitors, liers, and deceivers of all types in congress. I think he realizes it now..!! But he hates being away from his family, like anyone would. He loves his son barron and hates being away from him too. I dont think he ever expected that him and his whole family would be disrespected this way as president... He came here to clean the swamp, but he didnt think he would have to it all by himself, without help or moral support from his own family...he is getting lonely.. He is getting a good dose of the reality of the saying.."its lonely at the top"!!!

  3. The holy see most certainly is the catholic church. He is the primary head of it, the representative of it worldwide. There is no way to separate one from the other.
    Now, it MUST be made clear once and for all: The catholic church is NOT The Church. It is the representative of the evil side and has NO relationship to God in any way.
    God Himself makes it clear that He in no way goes about deceiving and undermining Man whom He alone created as all the popes have done. Satan comes as ''an angel of light'- do not be fooled by the vatican-
    anyone associated with the RCC should immediately divorce themselves from it. As ChefJem quoted above ''come out of her my people''. The ''her''here absolutely refers to the RCC.
    Now, it must be made clear to everyone once and for all just what God refers to as The Church: It consists of People; the People who are repented and converted to godliness which means- those who adhere to all of His Ways. They do not partake of worldly depravity which this world is saturated in today.
    Stop thinking it is a boring way to live; it is NOT. God is not boring. In fact, He does such surprisingly astounding things that will never happen by living the ungodly lifestyles. God is a Rewarder of them that Diligently seek Him. And this seeking is not on your ''as needed basis'' while you go otherwise living like hell. Its all, or nothing. In all truth, its really a no-brainer.
    People go astray simply because they listen to other people with all their whacky ideas, instead of getting it straight from the word of God himself.
    Stop looking at the bible like a 'book of rules'. Truth is, it is a Guide For Life at its best. Sure, you will get stomped on by lots of people; but what does that really matter. There is no reward for pleasing people and they will soon enough be ''out of our way'....
    permanently and going to 'the hot place' by their own doing.

    Life is a large puzzle; but once you get all the pieces in their proper place, then you can clearly see the whole picture, which is perfect and is clearly sensible; there is only One Right Way.

  4. Trumps popularity can bring people to a cause.Trump has bent to the zionest.ZOG.will he knows they control everything .
    Father Nathaniel pointed out the US.military has the drones with bombs and no civil uprising could stand a chance and the federal Reserve cuts Thair check. And all generals have been hand picked to just do as they are told.
    There are a few good judges just as there are bad judges .
    The bad guys are using the legal system suing anything that getc in Thair way
    Tried to talk radio host about our situation but get the deer in the head lights responce.your either ready to learn or not.

    1. bubba, Nathaniel is right; they have all the equipment and can deal with people from the air, and everywhere else. This is another example of why we can never gauge things from the past, such as the previous Revolution. Circumstances are quite different now.
      A few years ago a friend of mine was involved in a million-man patriots march/protest in d.c. The rest of the country knew nothing about it because they got absolutely no News air time. It was left to proceed, go back home, and that was the end of it. No results. What does that tell us about trying to get the attention of our so-called Leaders? What does that tell us about trying to change things.

    2. Bubba, you should try "Coast to Coast" radio KFI. Even his guess are curious to know how he is getting away with the exact same subjects we talk about, and deeper because some of his guest work or have at one time, at very high levels of govt. And it is broadcast all over the world.. Last night some guy retired from govt. had a lump in his neck and having an idea about what it could be went to the ER of a hospital to see if they would take it out. But under the condition that they save whatever it was and give it to him once they removed it....Somehow, the agency in charge of what turned out being some kind of chip found out he was in a hospital trying to remove that chip, which he said looked like a "tic tac"..!! But the govt. seized it before he could get it and have it anaylized... !! He knew something wasnt right when that chip was in... they may be doing this randomly without peoples permission..this govt. is evil..!!

    3. Bubba, you should try "Coast to Coast" radio KFI. Even his guess are curious to know how he is getting away with the exact same subjects we talk about, and deeper because some of his guest work or have at one time, at very high levels of govt. And it is broadcast all over the world.. Last night some guy retired from govt. had a lump in his neck and having an idea about what it could be went to the ER of a hospital to see if they would take it out. But under the condition that they save whatever it was and give it to him once they removed it....Somehow, the agency in charge of what turned out being some kind of chip found out he was in a hospital trying to remove that chip, which he said looked like a "tic tac"..!! But the govt. seized it before he could get it and have it anaylized... !! He knew something wasnt right when that chip was in... they may be doing this randomly without peoples permission..this govt. is evil..!!

  5. Dear Judge Anna von Reitz,

    we here in "Germany" have opened a "Verfassunggebende Versammlung" to get our own "Föderaler Bundesstaat Deutschland" from its ancient states Prussia, Bavaria, Saxonia a.s.o.
    Please wish us luck and success in our "struggle" so we secure you, the peoples of Northern Amerika, our unbreakable solidarity to free your men and wifes!

    Please, I am sorry because of my very bad English!

    1. Not bad english ,ancient states you must break that hold y tube video Lenard coldwell. On Jeff rense. Program but you probably know him he is fighting to wake up Germany .

    2. Google translator:
      Verfassunggebende Versammlung = Constitutional Assembly

      "Föderaler Bundesstaat Deutschland = Federal state of Germany

  6. Liebe Richterin Anna von Reitz,

    wir haben hier in "Deutschland" auf dem Boden des Völkerrechts eine "Verfassunggebende Versammlung" - wie in Venezuela, jedoch ohne die Unterstützung des Staatspräsidenten - ins Leben gerufen, um die Herrschaft des Vatikans und des United Kingdom über unsere Völker zu beenden, um unseren eigenen neuen "Föderalen Bundesstaat Deutschland" zu gründen!
    Wir versichern Euch unserer unverbrüchlichen Solidarität im Kampf für die Völker Nordamerikas!

    Es lebe die Freiheit!
    roland bernhard weißel

    1. From Anna:

      Und Mir, fur mein schlect Deutsch. Die ganze Welt ich hoffe, wird Ihre Wort horen. Danke sehr fur alle Sie tun.

  7. For the German translation of Roland Weissel, 9/22/17 1:52am:
    Dear Judge Anna von Reitz,

    we have launched a "constitutional assembly" in Venezuela, as in Venezuela, but without the support of the President of the State, in order to end the rule of the Vatican and the United Kingdom over our peoples own new "federal state of Germany"!
    We assure you of our inviolable solidarity in the struggle for the peoples of North America!

    Long live freedom!
    roland bernhard knows

    Anna's reply:
    And Me, for my bad German. The whole world I hope will hear your word. Thank you very much for all you do.

  8. Yes, weve tried marches and protest, we've tried law, and some have even tried violence out of pure frustration... But we havent tried or perfected a way to hit them where it really hurts....the pocket book!! When we develop a way to make everyone, including the courts completely 100% liability for their actions and the ability to totally bankrupt them and "enforce it", then we will bring back the "Republic" back again..!! And the only way i know how to do that is by their own system....."BONDING"..!! That is the key and always has been..!! We have to bond these people even if they refuse to be bonded, under subregation, meaning we can just put a judges name on the bond without his signiture , because they all dishonor us..! Once our bonds are recognized on "Wall Street" as legitamite and worth the paper they are printed on, they can be sold at a discount as "commercial instraments" that smart investers know how to use... its time we learn what banks have known forever......everyone is "greedy". Especially when the can make millions just buying and selling bonds.. Those people are the greedest of all, and wont think twice about their loyality to anyone..!! Now, how do we do it...thats the question.! Its the "enforcement" of "commercial instraments" that has been giving us problems, and sometimes sending us to jail... I wonder if bonding companies like federally recognized "Fedelity" is an answer..!! I need to get to the bottom of this.. The other option is attacking their "pooling" insurers with a lawsuit for intentionally insuring "FRAUD" and bonding the case so the judge cant make a judical decision except in our favor... Somehow we have to fight paper(libility) with paper(liability)......any ideas...!!


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