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Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Bundys--- Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Unfortunately, there are good guys and bad guys in every story and it is hard to always tell the difference.  

I started my active plan to get the government restored and my own butt out of the wringer back in 1998.  I had studied the issues and problems related to this for years prior to that, but like most people, I didn't immediately know what to do.  The information was so confusing and hard to mine out of the public documents..... 

I eventually discovered what Rod Class and others are now confirming via different routes and means--- that the federal government is just a couple giant corporations with "State of" franchises of each, and that our own actual government has gradually faded from view through lack of action and understanding of how responsible we are for self-government and how the various jurisdictions are meant to work. 

Anyway, a group of us figured out that the Holy See was behind the corporate government organizations and so, we brought our complaints to Rome back in 2008.  Pope Benedict XVI asked for help in bringing remedy to the problem and began taking immediate steps.  One of the things he asked help with was to give Notice to all the government employees so that they had a chance to correct their operations.  

We agreed, it was only fair to give them Notice.  So that is what I did "for" Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.  I have faithfully given notice to thousands of federal officials.  Nobody can complain and say we didn't give them fair Notice and opportunity to cure.  

Because we did this work of giving Notice, which was required of us by law and Due Process in any event, I have had all sorts of otherwise sane people accusing me of being "an agent of the Vatican" and totally misrepresenting the facts.  

Most people are so ignorant that they make no distinction between the Vatican (the property management company of the Holy See) and the Holy See and the Pope.  They just lump all these organizations and offices into one name "the Vatican" and they don't grasp the difference or the different roles of these vast networks and how they interact with each other, either.  It would be a better world if non-Catholics and Catholics alike took more interest in the way the Church is organized.  

I digress.  Anyway, the point is, I never received a pay check and I never worked "for" the Vatican.  I assisted in that I gave Notice for Pope Benedict to his employees AND also gave Notice separately in my own capacity at the same time.  

So what?  Didn't cost me much more and at least the Catholic federal employees stopped to look and listen and think when things came over their desks with the Pope's authority attached to it, and getting them to notice and understand what they are doing wrong was the whole point of it.  

This innocent and practical effort was turned into a Witch Hunt of major proportions, so that for a time, everything I said was being misreported and misunderstood by the American patriot groups---- most of whom also assumed that I was a Catholic. (I am a Lutheran since age seven, so, good luck with that Big, Fat Lie, too.)  

I have been told that this misrepresentation of me as a "Vatican agent" was the reason the Bundys and the others wouldn't listen to a word I said, but that did not keep me from telling them the Truth and giving them clear instructions on how to get themselves back into proper political status.  

Like millions of other Americans, they can't be helped if they won't listen.  Absent a miracle of jury conscience, they will be convicted in Nevada on technicalities and infringement of the copyright to their own names.

I guess the good news is that if and when the "horses" decide to drink they can always come back home and get these cases overturned on appeal.   The bad news is that they will probably lose their ranches and a  large part of their lives engaged in a struggle that shouldn't even exist, if they just got their public records straight and stood on them. 

Even though they haven't taken my good advice, I urge everyone to try to help the Bundys and the others with donations and with work.  Those who can should be helping the women work the ranches while their husbands are in jail.   And everyone can spread the Truth and help restore the lawful government we are all owed and keep the Bundys and others in their prayers.  

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  1. I would listen to this video re franchise bc in our name ,, his story

  2. Yep, they thought the Constitution was in effect. In fact a fake entity has seized power passing end around patroit act quote at tory general John ashcroft you don't agree with this government you are a domestic terrorist .

  3. Bubbapatric the fact is there is an unwritten law, and even a dog knows the law, take his bone he earned and that is law. Law comes from no man writing some grade school rules on a piece of paper. And a Constitution is not law it is an agreement and that agreement is in effect until the grass stops growing. The only part that has any effect now is one part, and it is enforceable in any lawful court on earth. That is the delegated authority, and a Bank called the Federal United States and its municipality franchise and its Governors States of don't have it, But it is reserved to the People and the people are doing this peacefully and patiently. The Bankers Court in Nevada and Oregon are exposing the true appearance out of themselves, This is the best well played out exposure one could ask for. Not one of them will be imprisoned for long if at all.You will see one big arrest coming soon, let them finish the crime and they will understand what that agreement means, P.S. BLM is nothing but a business that sells Helium to another business called Federal United States Bank, prohibited to be on land so it is a fictitious claiming it's not on land, I beg to differ in this native american trial court.

  4. That was a different side of you. BTW, yes the many 'rooms' of what is The Vatican and would that be so bad? My study of law these past years has been also in Ecclesiastical/Canon and Christian, Jew, Muslim all fall under these laws.
    (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix, c. vii, n. 4. Prati, 1844 Syllabus Prop 28, 29, 44).
    And reading Canons I Find enjoyment with as they are like poems, as well as what a husband and wife should be as to respect of one another, natural/positive/divine rights, etc., and of course, government officials and how they are supposed to act, and let me tell ya.........
    I have 4 different versions of them and one sent to me from Rome in Italian. I have always used Canons in my motions and they can't touch it. For example Canon 3113 has way more clout than 5 USC 3331, (Oath of a judge). Kicker? LOL, I am and was raised Missouri Synod the strictest of all Lutherans, although an ELCA member, First Lutheran of San Diego first year in the Navy (1980). Do people even know how many popes there are? I mean, the ones 'not' wearing white. With due respect, I have been allowed access to their Library over the years for limited times and access takes 24-48 hours for a temporary password. This might clear up some questions as to some of the things I know about that, to most, seem 'funny-farm' commutable. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss. I gave my word. All of this has changed my Life so much and in the beginning I was more skeptical than anybody. I require proof with everything I do myself first, and demand it from anyone preaching at me. It is however, easy to see how people could get the impression of you being, 'one of them', in thinking they feel how could someone give up that level of power? Not your fault, it is just the world has very few facets to it anymore where you'll find true blue folks. I get upset, that is to say when I do, mostly because everywhere I look I see deception and not just government but in ordinary people if I should say, ordinary even? Once upon a time if you hurt your neighbor, or damaged their property you didn't take off or lie to get out it. It was an accident so stand tall and fix it for them. Just think of when the time was when hand shakes needn't be given to assure the other person of the truth of your words. I lived by this code now for quite a long time and I get strange looks sometimes in conversation because of the truth. I don't need to 'shake on it'. Admitting fault is and should be, a natural brainwave for us all as we all make mistakes all the time including this or that in thoughts as to GOD just thinking of it can be sinful and same as committing the act. Of course that's old testament. And movies cause crimes? (I would say they don't help and Hollywood is what % Jewish? 2/3's? And DC protects them when so many want them wipe off the face of the planet. And seeing as I am knee deep in the s*** now, why stop there. The Bundys not liking you may not necessarily be a bad thing do you know? The name 'Bundy', falls in line right behind 'Ashtor',(Astor?), but before 'Russel', yet in front of Rockefeller, and , Rothschild. So, for all you out there that are not who you claim to be, I'm just telling a story from what I have read/researched/studied. And because of that study, I am the last person to purposefully harm another. As such, i have no gloves in finishing one someone else started. Leave you there, gone fishing.

  5. A lot of things in this soup.putin has gone rogue Rothschild said trader to the NWO.Rothschild owned .
    Trump opportunist had the CEO USA inc.
    fall in his lap and wants to stay alive
    But turn a corperate proft.the media was and is trumps main adversary . And the awoke ones out side looking in.
    They are bringing in the zionists filter social media , I just got banned for 24 hours for what I didn't deserve a explanation . Hate crimes will come unless we can speak loud in one voice we did all the talking heads were in sync and we melted the DC. switchbord but now the have convoluted the process using automation . If we stop we will be like Europe in no time.we have to get up to speed tutoring by the best and brightest ron class judge anna, Micheal e Jones ,classic books fruit from a poisonous tree best out there .

  6. So it appears pope Francis is a globalist selling the one world work pool at Chinese wages.
    A few bright minds attorney Keith Alexander says it best we haven't had a constitution since 1861 an overthrow
    Imposed marshal admiralty law . Only public pressure by social media can get a few white hat judges to help us fight to restore constitutional law.but the zionists control Google are in tamp down mode we need go full e mail line of communications .

    1. Social pressure is when your pay check stops coming, bank credits run the show the whole show, the South lost the Civil war because they could no longer fund the operation and their money was debased to the tune of like 9,000% by the end, the banks ran the whole thing as always.
      People don't get it all they gotta do is turn the damn lights out and let the population eat itself while they sit back and wait to re-organize the aftermath.
      Not a possibility ? how long they been talking about solar flair taking out the power grid , or terrorists attacking utilities, foreign domestic or cyber or patriot terrorists they are all the same group now.
      No power no banking no money imagine if everyone’s little plastic cards stopped working tomorrow?

    2. Rothschild, Rockefeller, or perhaps the DeMedici line that runs in your icy veins?

  7. It also appears we all need to start talking WITH each other, not just AT each other. The latter is what's happening right now, on this page.

    It is the talking WITH each other that has to start - and if already started - to start ANOTHER NEW one, hopefully every day.

    Sooner or later there will be more of us moved to ACTION, wherever we are and moved to SUPPORT others not in our area to do likewise.

    Paul, seems to me you are the unelected but obvious coordinator for all of us ACTION WANNABEES who might feel mighty lonely in our own zip code, or even County.

    Help us to connect with others that show up in your list with the same zip code, or even state, if that's workable.

    That's another beginning. NOT to burden Justice Anna with!

    1. How about YOU take up the task you ask of a man who VOLUNTEERS at making this blog possible? Do not ask more of those already down to bare bone. Do it yourself!

      How's that for being talked to?

    2. I have no permission from people on this list to give out any information, and I wouldn't do it if I did.

      If anyone wants to publish their email, phone or address to others on this list that is up to them, not me.
      Feel free to start with your own if that is what you think you should do.

    3. Respecting Paul's position, as well as Danika's exhortation for me to 'get on with it' to me I would ask any any so inclined to share their email, phone or address with me for the purpose of one-to-one communication and reinforcement please send your particulars to me at AZLew, P. O. Box 3114, Payson AZ 85547 or email to Your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained to the best of my ability.

      Of course we retain our individual security, while I suspect we may begin to be more effective when working together.

  8. Paul, Anna, Cookie, and ALL unseen heroes apart of..bless & thank you for your sacrifices. I get it.

    (How is Cookie?)

  9. Heart disease is micro tears of the veins and patch job of cholesterol .
    Identical to c deficiency . To heal them a product nickname root a rooter is full complex c .cancer and all cells love sugar in the absence of sugar all cells good and bad will up taking vit c .so don't mix c with anything sweet it blocks all the wonderful protection .
    And can cure heart disease no fast carbs that turn to sugar no forms of sugar protect your veins .

    1. Vitamin C is primarily an antioxidant it is not a substitute for proper nutrition and most forms sold are incomplete they do not do what they claim, heart disease is from bad nutrition especially calcium which yes makes the veins and heart area brittle which require cholesterol to repair, most supplements are garbage if not coming natural from plant or animal sources, natural silica from plant sources is best form of proper calcium and Vitamin K is essential to regulate good calcium from bad calcium, Also l-Argentine rebuilds the circulatory system the Dr that rediscovered it's benefits received a Nobel prize in medicine.

    2. I have the same much sugar, mostly from simple sugar(from sodas). But its not calcium we need , its magnesium in colliodial form. Magneseium actually reverses the effects of sugar, and is resposible for at least 200 chemical reactions in the body. Even enzymes cant do their job without magnesium. But the truth is that our bodies have been bogged down from years of abuse that winds up clogging our main sewer system....the colon..!! Once that happenes we become "autointoxicated". The body can no longer deal with all the toxins we have acquired. And theres only one way to deal with a clogged pipe......a colonic irrigation, under a professional. They are in the yellow pages, but no insurance companies will pay for it. But the good news is that it usually only cost $60 for one treatment, even though we can use at least 3 treatments. But only one will make your whole body work better....i can personally attest to it. Most people are not fat, they are blotted from a blocked colon...these are not scary treatments. Its basically a super enema. Sorry, but we all need it..even teens need it now because of all the fast foods they eat..!!

    3. James none it matter if taking the wrong forms of them that are no biologically available and natural just taking ground up rocks even in colloidal form will only aggravate the issue, I didn't say lack of calcium but lack of proper calcium and the build up of the bad minerals in the tissue is what makes them brittle and in need of repair from cholesterol , and not having proper calcium is vital because as you get older the rest of teh body will rob your calcium from primary areas like bones you will leach your own calcium causing osteoporosis, Yes the colonics are good but do not replace proper nutrition , just because the exaust is flowing better doesn't excuse bad gas and bad oil and poor overall maintenance of the vehicle.
      If you have a big problem with sugar and teh corn syrup in soda is wayyyy worse then then just simple cane sugar or natural raw honey , corn syrup digest totally different is one of the main causes of health issues not to mention its 100% GMO laced with toxic chemicals that magnify the problems and directly lead to colon and digestive issues just that fact alone.
      I take a look at the Keto diet this is the best foundation to get the sugar out and reverse overal health issues, the key factor from the sugars and carbs is Acidosis the build up of waist produced from them, sugars burn dirty and healthy fats burn clean what your system was meant to run on, sugars and starchy carbs/grains are not essential nutrients and do nothing to promote hearth even all the garbage promotion of whole grains is load of B.S. the "whole" part meaning usually outer shell/coating is actually full of micro-toxins bad for digestion this is what repels insect in nature.

    4. James I was also telling my dad the same over 10 years ago, he got a huge belly but not fat I told him its his digestion he said well I go to the bathroom every day ??? LOL so case close.
      Now he's finally listening , I had a couple bottle of this supplement I had bought for my daughter but she refused to try it ( major digestive problems but I'd say 75% stress related ), any way I just got him to try the supplement and he lost about 30+ lbs in the first month LOL now I got his full attention on making other diet changes like getting the grains and sugars down to a minimum.

      Scroll down to:
      "Expel: 100% natural colon detox supplement"

    5. Another simple concept people need to understand is how the beer brewing process works and also the concept of the beer belly.
      So everyone has natural beneficial and non beneficial bacteria living in their guts, add sugars and grains and now what do get??? Your own personal micro brewery in your gut NOT digestion but fermentation.

    6. All good information Mike V. Ill look into those sites. I only mentioned "colonics", because 99%of us, including me cant seem to break the sugar habit, especially sodas. You also make a good point about not only vitamins and minerals only coming from bioavailable plant based sources. But where are these good plant based sources coming from if they arent even in the soil anymore. Plants, fruits, and vegtables, having all the proper minerals and vitamins, can only come from the soil throught the root systems. And if they arent there, they arent going to be in the plants either, because the plants themselves dont create them. And everyone is so worried about things being "organic", when they dont even know what it means. It simply means that they were grown without "pestisides" and thats it....which incidentally i dont believe for one minute. Maybe less, but never none. And everything is picked way too early because of the logistics of modern grocery stores so far away from the farms they are coming from. Even if the soil did contain all the nutrients a plant needed, anyone who has ever taken botony or hordiculture, knows that anything that produces fruits and vegtables, only produces all necessary nutrients at the very last phase of its developement as it rippens right on the tree or vine, before it drops right off the tree. Fertilizers do not cut it alone. You need to have a good soil to begine with first. The labels are all lying, or intensionally misleading. I havent tasted a good plum or other fruits since i was a kid with fruit trees growing in our yard. They were absoluty delicious and incredibly sweet, because they were already starting to fall off the tree, receiving their maximum potential for human health. And then we have to deal with all the pollutants in the air, water and soil from numerous sources. There is no such thing as "living water". It is all dead, containing chlorine for disinfection, instead of H2O2, and UV light. And chlorine has a negative charge, meaning that when we get it from up north travling 100's of miles through the delta, it winds up combining with farming runoff like bromine and other chemicals, creating "trihalomethanes"(extremely hard water , up to 600 parts per million(ppm) of nothing but "dead useless water". The calcium and magnesium creating the hardness of our water is completely "inorganic" trash, leading to harding of the arteries. It is not "organic", elemental, bioavialble nutrients our body needs...everyone tells me we need those minerals in the water because we need them.!!! Really!! When is the last time you took organic and inorganic chemistry, not to mention 4 years of biology, anatomy, physiology, neurology, and the structure and function of every organ in the body and the complex chemical reactions taking place nono second to nano second. Everyone wants to talk like they are doctors when most of them barely made it out of high school. 90% of the health products in health stores are useless to the body if they dont come from bioavialable plant sources.....not ground up sea shells from clams.... totally usuless to our bodies. Every field of education , but especially marketers are lying too us just like the rest of govenment. If we dont get rid of money, in all its forms, nothing will ever get better on this planet. So many good intentioned people, who werent even trying to be rich, but discovered incredible technologies, have been squashed or killed, if their ideas challenged corporate established "profits". Money has become a hindrice to civil advancement now, not an asset...SICK!!!!

  10. It is my understanding that Judge Navarro, Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday, abruptly left the courtroom leaving the jury in the box and the four defendants at their table. So, if the court was still on record, and she abandoned the court, could the defendants/attorneys had said this is OVER since she ABANDONED the ship?

  11. Hello, i here that you can get them all out of jail by doing a anc - assumed name certificate , dba ... and make other as holder ... and file into court record file case the certificate and say a living man cant operate in commerce - unless there is a contract or a no benefit ...judge forced to look at it... notice - them what it means- defendent is a business entity, you've got a alivr man and you cant operate in commerce --- cant touch YOU/him living man ... all id is void as not a us citizen...

    When someone says you are the name, say not me... pull out assumed cert. when ever they try to identity you as living man cant be identified....

    Last name, first name middle name - real man
    As family name always comes first...

    First name middle last is business name - you work from in everything commerce.... better when unincorporated.. use ssn or sin and BC ...

    Get their wives on it asap .. should be out right away .. and judge needs to write him a cheque as too his name is it registered??? No lol

    Love & peace

    Ref: djherich he dba but corporation in Minnesota

    1. Correction:::
      *** use ssn or sin and BC and anc
      to open business account

    2. ""Last name, first name middle name - real man
      As family name always comes first...""

      Unfortunately I don't believe this is correct, my old Driver License states Last First Middle and this does not prove my identity as a real man, this is another entity created most likely a State Transmitting Utility under the First Middle Last entity created by the B.C.
      If one has been benefiting from the entity for decades you cant simply decide this is not me now when there is a paper trail at least a mile long proving otherwise, of course they know you are a living man does not matter you have been operating the entity and have become physical surety for it through actions.
      You either understand your status and standing from the beginning and kill the proceeding from the start with proper standing, BUT I've yet to hear about some magic paper work doing anything in the 11th hour , they either have jurisdiction or not if challenged once established its just a big Legal stage play pretending to be a Justice system, people need to stop assuming anyone is dealing with a real Judge and real Law and that they are bound to adhere to anything but procedures and protecting the Public Policy , without concrete standing you are simply road kill and the machine will keep rolling over you until there is nothing left.


  12. Life coach to your knowledge has this been successful . In a actual case?

  13. Like Mike v said, your road kill unless you are fighting a minor traffic ticket. Try using any of this on a drug case or anything else the corp. State depends on for an easy charge and collect tons of money on....what army are you going to bring with you to overpower their system...???

    1. I forgot who said it I have it in al ong article on Sovereignty but he basically boiled it down to unless you are coining your own personal money and have a standing army best of luck.
      Their Legality applies to both sides the good and the evil , you either operate legit within either according to their rules or you are an outlaw and need to be dealt with, the highest levels of the corporate or criminal side of the system operate with immunity. occasionally they offer up a sacrificial lamb to satisfy the public perception that they are working in their best interests.

      Ya people think a traffic court win is some great feat its like winning a free .99 cent burger with the front order taker at McDonalds, we got people that have spent their whole career thinking traffic court is fighting the whole system they jam the proceeding up with BS 90% of which the Administrator doesn't comprehend and then simply to save time and money bounces the case mainly if it seems they may go for an appeal which is usually your only remedy in the administrative process, you are only trying to get facts on the record for the appeal knowing you will loose the case, especially if challenging jurisdiction because how did they identify you in the first place to issue the ticket? And the ticket itself is an Appearance Bond witnessed by the officer doesn't matter how you signed it you physically put your mark on it as acceptance. If you have solid standing you handle the ticket within 72 hrs at the window and never see a court room.
      The best example is the Rep. from NH trying to fight the traffic ticket ??? LOL The judge and proceeding was just for show they let him babble on for ever but couldn't care less what he was saying.
      Then they had a council meeting regarding the registration of non-commercial vehicles being a fraud by the Rep. , the opposing argument was based on how much revenue would be lost!.... period case closed.

    2. Right end of the day the ones with the biggest guns win however as judge Andrew Napolitano says Thair. Are some good judges.and some good governors .governor Greig Abbott sued Obama something like 30 times and won the majority of the cases.
      Sheriff Richard Mack sued to be able to enforce the constitution and won blazing a trail for constitutional sheriffs . But the power the derive from the corporate statutes is to much to resist .

    3. Sounds like youve been around the block or two Mike v, like me. At least we are being realistic. We cant get people to believe in false hope, no matter how good our paperwork is, because the entire system is rigged for them to win, even if they have to break the law, their oaths, and their bonds, to do it. They hsve to let some people win from time to time, otherwise it would be all too obvious to everyone that it is a totalitarian government....a dictatorship..!! We are dealing we very shrewd and sufisticated people who know what their next chess move they make before we do...Judge Anna, i really appriaciate what you and Paul are doing for all of us, but what if everybody does what you say to remove themselves from this system, being completely lawful, but then find themselves losing their SS, pensions, and everything else because they just decide to play hardball on an attempted "escapee"!! Is your law firm or you coming to their rescue. How do you deal with people and the "deep state"who have no consciouse or sympathy for anyone or anything except money....!!! They dont answer to the God of our "creation". Because they either dont believe it or they simply dont give a damn. No one can give guarantees in this battle to anyone because no one wants 100% unlimited liability for their actions, especially government and the Banks. What happened to NESARA. I havent received one offer from any agency yet claiming to make my life better if you just agree to this contract...!! NOT ONE!!!

  14. Cher ie....what is the worst thing you have ever been charged with and won... or sued for and won. Did you get your house or money back...????

  15. So now the judge is restricting what they can say to defend themselves? So much for 1st amendment right to free speech. Anna is right. There is no justice in this just-us system and the only defense is no defense but a complete expatriation out of their system.
    Bundy ranch case: Judge issues list of things defendants can’t say

    1. Thats because they already past the first stage of a criminal complaint, where only the "law" has to be determined first in a preliminary hearing. Thats the whole purpose of a preliminary hearing. If the courts cant get past the "law" the defendant is blocking them with, then the "facts" of the case are immaterial. But if it went past that without "objecting" to it, the only thing left are the "facts" now and a totally rigged and stupid jury being lead by the prosecutor because of her position, and corruption of the facts because of a totally false and made up a report that will conviently lay out facts to fit the criminal narritive of the prosecutor. After that its all downhill....for the defendant. What we need then is "DR BULL". A great TV series(and i dont say that often) on channel 2 at 9pm pacific standard time every Tuesday....Brilliant!!!

    2. Thats because they already past the first stage of a criminal complaint, where only the "law" has to be determined first in a preliminary hearing. Thats the whole purpose of a preliminary hearing. If the courts cant get past the "law" the defendant is blocking them with, then the "facts" of the case are immaterial. But if it went past that without "objecting" to it, the only thing left are the "facts" now and a totally rigged and stupid jury being lead by the prosecutor because of her position, and corruption of the facts because of a totally false and made up a report that will conviently lay out facts to fit the criminal narritive of the prosecutor. After that its all downhill....for the defendant. What we need then is "DR BULL". A great TV series(and i dont say that often) on channel 2 at 9pm pacific standard time every Tuesday....Brilliant!!!


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