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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Situation Update for August 8, 2017

By Anna Von Reitz

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy of most of the world's municipal governments and the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of most of the world's territorial governments is a domino effect. 

This primary funding source for the Territorial government services was provided by our ESTATES.  When our ESTATES which were being held and operated by the Municipal United States were subsumed into its Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they stopped producing income for the Territorial government. That, then, threw the Territorial government into Chapter 11.

Now you can see and grasp the chain reaction nature of the situation:

UNITED STATES "owns" and operates JOHN MICHAEL DOE estate as a franchise, the profit realized from JOHN MICHAEL DOE funds the USA, Inc.
So when the UNITED STATES goes into Chapter 7 liquidation, the funding for USA, Inc. stops, too.

The problem for good old John Michael Doe is that his estate should never have been mischaracterized as a franchise of the UNITED STATES in the first place, and he should not have his name or assets embroiled in a foreign bankruptcy.

So that's where you all are and that's what I and my Team are working to get you out of--- a foreign corporate bankruptcy that actually has nothing to do with you.

The rats are bucking the inevitable, but the rest of the world knows the Truth.

Now imagine that you don't know the value of anything on Earth, because nobody knows what the real debt is, how much money has been printed, or what the results of a free market valuation of commodities would be?

That's what the GCR Committee has been wrestling with. 

Commodity markets have been manipulated and rigged for so long that there is no common sense basis for the valuation of anything.  You can't even estimate the value of a pork belly in an open market, because this whole system has been corrupt for over a hundred years--- but somehow, the GCR Committee is tasked with not only coming up with a total of supply of pork bellies, but a total of supply of printed pieces of paper needed to buy them, and then a current valuation complete with all the exchange rates. 

Ever had the impulse to run screaming into the bushes, merely thinking about solving a problem? 

That was my impulse when I first looked at that one. 

Saner people than I threw up their hands, shook their heads, stared at me with the whites of their eyes showing, and looked helpless----- nonetheless, there is a GCR Committee and they have worked hard and faithfully for many months and have done their best.  There is no doubt that there will be "adjustments" as actual market forces come into play and artificially low and high commodity prices fluctuate into a true value in the worldwide marketplace.

The same is true of money, because money is a commodity.  Most people have never been taught to think of it this way, but it's time we all did so.  Money is a commodity like beans or hammers or gasoline engines.  It is sensitive to supply and demand.  It is subject to quality considerations.  It gets counterfeited like Gucci handbags.

When the revaluation kicks off you can bet your teeth and liver that some chaos will reign as the value of money and commercial paper gets readjusted along with everything else. 

There will be upsets as the world markets for nearly everything sort themselves out. Take what you can spare and make sure you have some extra food, water, medications you need, toilet paper, coffee, etc. so that you and your family are not caught off-guard waiting in long lines or otherwise getting hysterical simply because you don't have a small extra supply of things you need. 

The worst should be over in a month or two at most, but it looks like it will be hitting soon, so take a little pre-caution now.

Finally, you have noticed that there are an awful lot of generals in Trump's Administration.  There is a reason for that.  The U.S. Army has been the de facto Territorial government since 1863.  They have been responsible for safeguarding our money and have been functioning under the Lieber Code ever since Lincoln.

Now that  the Territorial government is in Chapter 11, the real brass has shown up at the White House to ride herd on things. Nothing to wonder about there, except---- how did you guys ever @#$@$% so bad in the first place?

That remains a question that needs an answer. 

Everyone--- sit tight and stay calm and have faith.  There are a lot of good people worldwide and the truth is the truth.  The Land of Oz is fading away, but our own beloved homeland is coming into view.  Just tap together the heels of your ruby slippers, close your eyes, and......

We are in need of funding to keep the law team going on all this.  The "government" we are inheriting is broke and stumbling along under trusteeship and until things get sorted out and the funds we are owed are made available, we are on our own to make things work and bring forward the claims of the American states and people. 

Please send what you can now, if you can.  I don't expect anyone to give up funds that they actually need to buy and put aside food and other things as I suggested above, but if you have "extra" that you can invest in America's future, we need you to come forward.  We cannot possibly do what we are doing without help. 

I am still Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for this whole operation, so, my PayPal is the same as my email:  And as ever, I gladly accept checks and money orders and cash for the law team and bank team and all the other projects we have going at:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

Thanks to all of you who have contributed in the past, we have made it to the Finish Line, but we still have a yard or two to go. 

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  1. So who looses ?we know Meryl lynch is the channel the federal Reserve is the cash box holding the trust plug in the local fed office add your SS. # ate end of the routing number and your account in your hypotacate name appears treasury direct.

  2. Are donations to this effort tax deductible, or do we even have to think about that anymore. :-)

    1. Hey Anna what about the The CAFR Swindle - what about all these funds will they be confiscated from the "GSC" AND GIVEN BACK TO THE PUBLIC?

    2. From Anna:

      They will be used to fund government so nobody ever has to pay taxes again.

    3. Hopefully there is a plan for this?

  3. The problem is that the rest of the world thinks that the "stupid Americans" did this to us. The are seeing us from the outside looking in. And when you look at it from that perspective, you cant help but agree with them.....come on.!! In what normal "reality" does a mere baseketball player get a $50 million contract, while a brain sergion who has gone to school his entire life barely gets a million a year. Anybody with half a brain, should have realized by now that something was wrong. I realized it 40 years ago because i was studying to become a doctor. All i had to do is look around and follow the money, and it was obvious to me something was seriously wrong. If this system is actually "reset" and actors and professional sports still generate billions of dollars, i say let the nukes rain down. This kind of stupidity and greed can not be allowed to exsist if we claim to be a christian nation. The entire entertainment industry needs a reality check, big time. And no more Federal anything. They all have to go or DC has to be treated like anyother foreign nation. Passports have to be checked going into or out of DC. That will make it clear that it is not America. The its time to replace every history teacher in public schools. They cant be changed. And money and law, are mandatory classes. No one can pass high school or college without knowing and proving they know both. Until we reach that point, we need a "dictator" to make it happen. Americans have become to damn lazy to trust. Why are we carrying all this burden for the rest of America. We are all broke because of it and we have spent time in jail for it too. Man, there would be ton of spoiled little brats crying if i was the dictator. No more sports for 2 straight years until im convinced that everyone knows money and law and our distorted history.....wyingggggg......??? Keep crying, i dont hear you...!!!!

    1. hon, They will just most likely take him out then. I wouldn't doubt that the aliens who run this world, (underground Antartica bases) wouldn't do that and use PTB to pull that off. I would be surprised if the don't do something like that.

  4. James can you be anymore condescending with your blame game? Have a few bucks to spare? is a great long term investment into the people you blame. Take care team Anna!

    1. This is not about blame. Its about people being greedy at the expense of others which is exactly what commercial DEBT Instraments are all about. Everytime you use their private script paper, you are creating more debt for someone else. If you think that is fair then you havent learned anything from this or any other site or from our savior jesus. Go back and read it again. Show me where it says you can steal from your brothers and sisters even if your ignorant about it. But its perfectly ok to go and watch gladiators kill each other for entertainment. You still want to see the world through a dark lens....take those blinders off once and for all and start to accept the truth about what they did to the entire world, while we sat back and revell in the fact that we kicked ass on some country under a false flag, like it was some kind of football game.....go Americans!!! We have been played far to long...Grow up!!! You are still doing it!! They just built a new stadium, state of the art, for the rams for billions. The rams owner has 60 billion. And his wife is also a multi billionare from the walmart legacy. Its obvious your a sports fanatic who has such an addiction with it, you want to blame everyone who isnt for everything that has happened to this country. You dont want anything to change for the better, if it affects your ability to watch your favorite team to kick ass on some other other words you love competition and controvercies which split us up constantly. Your a great "Patriot" and christian. Your beyond redemtion if you cant let go of competion and the pleasure you get from it. Quit blaming the few of us that have at least tried to fight this beast and get your ass on the "field" yourself and take some bruises in the real world, instead of watching it all from the "sidelines" where its nice and safe....!!!

    2. We all want to blame the powers that be for what has gone on. But no one wants to look inward, as Jesus did say, the Kingdom of Heaven is within. INSTEAD, we FED the evil, we wanted big houses, nicer cars, wanted to keep up with the Jonses. We all fed into the system because our minds were on materialism. Jesus taught to not care about the material world. He said, 'Don't care about what clothes you wear, or what food you eat," He said to go inward. And what we have done is feed into the material world. And this is our karma, what we sow, we reap.
      Everone in the truther circles want to look outward, but they forget to look inward. We all played the game, and this is the result. The game was fun, but it's no longer when we realize how the game is hurting ourselves. But, when the game was just hurting others, we paid no attention. I see the cruelty and hate in the truther movement, and realize why the human race is getting a big spanking.

    3. Unknown, I'm afraid you show you are unknowing.....about just about everything.

  5. You've placed a dot at the end of Anna's email address ( Paypal will not accept it.

  6. What good are they it's our resources being striped and sold back to us, rest assured they are receiving value in their lives good or bad. I can bankrupt myself why would anyone need or want any part of their doings. A good old fashioned world wide strike would be in order, or better yet just a good old new system where we do our own math that adds correct and the bankers can go and take care of their own living. I am sick and tired of a new excuse by the minute. the hell with these constant delays, they provide nothing we provide it, they murder us we do nothing but give them life. Common Law is not lenient on criminals, they have my 94 year old mother who worked her ass off and saved every penny for her golden years they took ever cent and her life my wife with no crime no trial, titles deeds name and only a handful of the people take a stand. This includes the military the crimes ore on their records. Take their keys away already before they blow the whole thing up. Ok now I feel better getting that off my full plate of garbage.

  7. sending $ now and every 2 weeks. When I get paid you will too! I have been reading about Judge Nadau at the Native American Law and Justice Center. They are accepting copy's of CBO's and monetizing them. it kind of looks like you are still selling yourself...except they give you a debit card with a limit of 1,000 a day and for larger expenses they just wire money to the recipient. I mention this Anna and Paul because I noted that Anna stated they have partnered with several Indian tribes such as Lakuta Tribe but no mention of monetizing our birth certificates or how we are to gain access to our rightful monies. Any Thoughts?

    1. If this is true, then why are they begging for money?

    2. I am referring to

    3. I just read that site and i dont care what he says, i think its a scam. Why is he worried about wheather its all legal under federal law when federal law is already unlawful...god does it ever stop...!!! You mark my word, now that the banks have claimed bankruptcy, there will be no end to the scams and con artist coming out of the woodwork to steal whatever is left of our assets until only the bones remain. And those will be eaten by the heinas...!!! Trump is militarizing the white house because he doesnt stand a chance in hell against our congess and everyone behind the scenes supporting them. Its war...with ourselves again. They have successfully split us right in half. Its a civil and global war, all at the same time.


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