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Monday, August 14, 2017

My Twentieth Anniversary

By Anna Von Reitz

Twenty years ago on my Father's birthday I took the plunge.  I had studied the issues for years and had decided that I would not "voluntarily" pay federal income taxes anymore.  That decision and many others like it would follow in a natural, organic process as my understanding grew.  

I recognized it for what it was --- a foreign and out-of-control and out-of-compliance corporation run amok on our shores.  I faced the facts, and that was that.

I was feeling pretty good about the progress that has been made in this country over the past twenty years --- in part because of my work and the work of thousands of other people like me, who decided that enough was enough, picked up an oar and began steering our "ship of state" off the reef, inching it slowly away from the looming federal disasters. 

Yep, I was feeling pretty perky.
  And then, I got a message from people in Florida, moaning because they had just "discovered" that they had no justice available to them in the Florida Courts and that the judicial officers responsible even admitted it, brazenly, in public. 

This is not exactly news to anyone who has been more sentient than a rock, but I had thought that I had made the reasons for it perfectly clear by publishing half a dozen books and over 600 articles.  

These judicial officers in Florida claimed --- rightly --- that they took their oath to the Constitution of the United States.  

What, ho!  ----Nobody in Florida replied, "Yes, but our courts require that you take your oath to The Constitution for the united States of America." (That is, with the word "for" underlined, the word "united" used as an adjective, and I guess, the words "of America" underlined, in boldface print, large font, screaming at you----"Hey, look!"----with arrows and blinking neon lights....) 

What do people think?   Please look at these two sets of words:  "United States" and "United States of America".    Are they the same?  

Do you assume that "United States" is just an abbreviation of "United States of America"? 

They are two separate entities and always have been, yet millions of Americans are still missing the most basic facts --- facts that should have been drummed into them in grade school, middle school, and high school.  

The "Constitution of the United States" is not "The Constitution of the United States of America" nor is it our actual constitution known as "The Constitution for the united States of America".   

And yes, it matters which "constitution" these men take their oath to, because that is their law.  They are telling you as best they can who they are, who they work for, what kind of law they practice.  It is then up to you to decide whether or not you belong in their jurisdiction, and if not, to get out of their jurisdiction. 

Those Florida judicial officers are telling the people point blank--- look, this is who we are (Federal Municipal Government Employees) and this is the "constitution" we are working under (and no, it's not your constitution at all).  They couldn't be any more up front about it.  

They went on to say that they had jurisdiction (at least SOME jurisdiction of SOME kind, somehow, somewhere) and that it came from the State of Florida Constitution. 

"State of Florida" means "State" apart from or other than or belonging to "Florida"------   So what does it mean when a man taking his oath to a foreign United States constitution tells you (additionally) that his jurisdiction comes from the "State of Florida Constitution"?  

Once again, these judicial officers are telling you point-blank-in-your-faces: we are here working under a foreign federated "state of state" municipal corporation constitution.  

The judicial officers in Florida are challenging people----either stand up for who you are and clearly say that you are a native-born Floridian and that you live in Florida under the Florida Statehood Compact, or, let us bamboozle you into the subservient and profoundly disadvantageous political status of a "resident" of the "State of Florida" instead, thereby granting us jurisdiction over you and permission to fleece you blind, throw you in jail, or do whatever else we like to you and your property. 

Imagine that you are the son and heir of a wealthy plantation owner, but by some bizarre twist of fortune, you are instead mistaken for a runaway indentured servant, arrested, and have charges brought against the NAME of a foreign franchise operation--- a "United States Citizen"--- you don't even know exists.   

That is the situation you are in when you enter one of their courts.  You have to know who you are (and aren't) and be able to prove it with adequate documentation. 

Left to their own devices these foreign judicial officers are always going to "presume" that you are a runaway peon, subject to their foreign municipal or territorial law, and they will treat you accordingly.  

That's what those judicial officers in Florida are telling people, and the people are all upset and confused and angry---- but in fact, those judicial officers are being honest and they are doing the rest of us a favor by coming clean and clearly stating who they are and what kind of courts they are operating and what kind of law they are operating under.  

Now we can start operating with a full deck of facts instead of a lot of hare-brained assumptions.  Now we can take appropriate action to nail down ownership of our own names and copyrights.  Now we can get our political status properly recorded. Now we can get our jural assemblies up and operating.  Now we know where we stand and what we need to do to change all this. 


They come running to me, asking, "How do we get justice from these courts?" 

And the answer is--- you don't.  They aren't your courts.  They don't function under your law.  They are not designed to give you justice.  Hello?  These are foreign, private, corporate "courts" on our soil, here to ride herd on federal "citizens" who are merely "residing" here ----passing through on their way to some other duty station--- and who are obligated to live under foreign territorial or municipal law. 

If you want justice and respect for your Constitution and its guarantees, you have to provide yourself with American Common Law Courts and you have to learn how to communicate with these foreign maritime and admiralty courts.  Most of all, you have to re-establish your identity as a free-born American standing on your native shore. 

After twenty years I still don't know what it is about "self-governance" that is so bitterly hard to understand?   

If you want America to be the way America is supposed to be, then you have to get up off your duff and make it so.  

You have to correct your public records and political status.  

You have to find like-minded people to form jural assemblies and elect judges and land jurisdiction sheriffs and do all the other work necessary to launch American Common Law Courts in your county, then your state.

You don't go to a Spanish Court in search of American justice, do you?   

So why go to a foreign  "United States" Court designed and operated by foreign powers, and expect them to know who you are and to administer the law you are heir to? 

All the powers delegated to the federal corporate government are international in nature.  They have no delegated power on the land, except to expedite interstate commerce.  Apart from zealously impersonating you so as to have a means to control you and an excuse for addressing you in their foreign courts, they have nothing to do with you or your state of the Union at all.  

In fact, they can't raise a jury of your peers and technically, they aren't even allowed to address you. 

As bad as this is, as wrong as it is, it has been this way since 1864 and has been much worse since 1938----and none of it is likely to get better until everyone wakes up and does something about it.  Like now.  Today.  

Nothing very overt happened that day back in August 1998.  No fireworks.  No bands playing. It was a quiet dog-day in Big Lake, Alaska.  My elderly Siamese cat followed me from one side of the kitchen to the other like a dog, back and forth as I puttered around trying to dodge the awful Truth that hedged me slowly into a chair by the window.  

I didn't want to know what I knew about the IRS or the government in general.  I wanted to believe in Mom and Apple Pie as much as anyone else ever did.  It was easier that way.  Comfortable.  Safe.  But it was also the life of a slave, a life of fear.  

It was the fear that finally got me.  

I knew I couldn't spend my life being afraid. 

So, very quietly, very humbly, just me, myself, and I----- the decision was made and the die was cast and here I am, twenty years later.  At the time, I didn't know exactly what I was going to do nor how I was going to do it.  

Most likely neither will you.  Just make the decision and start.  

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  1. Well let me point out a few facts that you may want to deny but ask any adult male if there is a difference in how or legal system treats men compared to woman. There is a desparagy between the two that is unequivically biased against men....harshly unequevical...!! Just look at the number of men in prison compared to women. And if you think these judges are any different or more honest in a classroom setting as a teacher, than they are in court, you are sadly mistaken. I asked a acting judge teaching a criminal law class at a junior college i was taking that i thought ever crime was actually "civil" in nature. And he corrected me immediately saying that actually everthing was criminal. Either way, he was caught in a lie. Either everthing is civil or everything is criminal. He didnt dare eloborate on his comment. He just left it at that saying i wouldnt believe him anyway....yea, right!! Judge Anna, he couldnt even tell me the truth in a neutral forum....a classroom!! Of course the rest of the class, half our age had no clue what we were taking about because they were taking the class as a prerequiste to become cops...!! There are still two doctrines that every court is supposed to honor....."clean hands, and "good faith". I dont see you!!! When someone ask another person a question, i expect an honest answer....or do you expect to be lied to the rest of your life. Thats not the world i want to live in. If you give them free reigh like that, why should we believe you or anyone else about anything at all. If you say you are holding gold, why cant i ssy it is silver...prove it. How are you going to prove it if im convinced your a lier....!!!! Your reasoning is flawed because you are frustrated with everyone that doesnt come up to your standards...!! At times i feel the same way. But not everyone has the time or inclination to cut through the bullshit when most people just want to live in peace and raise a family. Using your logic, i could have become a doctor and just say that chemo and radiation is the only thing available to you for cancer treatment, when i know damn well it isnt. But its up to you to find out whats good for you. You want everyone to be experts in every field so they never have to depend on anyone but themselves to need to sleep on what you just said....and pray on it..!!

    1. true james but they take an oath NOT to divulge publicly any information like that. think if everybody knew, they are not ready to self govern or for the truth as jack nicholson said as the marine sergeant. you cant handle the truth and they probably cannot. privately you may get a different response as i did it my appellate case, privately they admitted i was right, nobody will be able to see the case publicly as it was sealed in the State.

      evidence is not equivocal, the only way you can prove anything as per say your gold theory, is you must provide evidence. if your proof is unequivocal, you win, if you are talking out of the side of your ass, well that is hearsay, you can tell me all day long you dont believe me but if i can provide enough proof, i.e, quantum, atomic numbers AU 79 vs AG 47 certified, verfied etc, well it aint hearsay no more...

    2. I started my quest questioning the validity of the 16th amendment as well. But it wasn't until Irwin Sciff's book came out "Why no one has to pay Income Taxes" that finally sparked my curiosity. The 16th amendment, is a misnomer. It did not change a single way Congress could tax us. It just more clearly defined the two ways that Congress could tax us, indirect taxes which are excise taxes and direct taxes which have to be apportioned. It did not give them the power to tax your labor directly out of your paycheck as everyone is taught.

      Unfortunately, are books have been changed to eliminate the case law that would of let us know this. The case just before the passage of the 16th amendment was Brushaber vs Union Pacific Railroad and the other Supreme court case came right after the 16th amendment which was Pollock vs Farmers Trust and Loan.
      So why do they hide this in our school books? Because with a slight of hand, they turned us into corporate fictions without us knowing it and making us admit we were US CITIZENS.

      Governments and Bankers love to cuddle one another. They can't stay within there budget and they love to vote themselves rasises whenever they want. Perfect system for corruption.

    3. What is wrong with everyone on this site? You all want to sit and bitch about how bad our corrupt 3 branches of gov't have become while you sit on your fat asses and talk from the comfort of your couch.

      What kind of weak patriots do we have here? We finally have a President we elected that is trying to do the right thing, but he's getting overwhelmed by everyone around him, while the entire news media is told to stop Trump anyway they can by making him look like he doesn't know what he's doing.

      Get off your fat asses and help him on Twitter were the info war is going on. I'm on there everyday calling out people like Paul Ryan, Pelosi, and all the other idiots who betray Trump with there remarks. The only way to show your support is to get online and call these people out. They can fight in the streets because a lot of them are getting paid to do it. They have lost faith in this country and don't care anymore. But they can't fight intelligence. That's where everyone on this site should be fighting for Trump.

      There are obviously some smart individuals here. Put it to good use and join Twitter and show these Congressman and women what you know and what they are going to do and how they are going to fix it.

      Judge Ann has given you enough information to start putting it to use. If some of you think you can walk into a courtroom and change history, you must be on some good medication. At least get a class action suit together with a lot of people behind you, but do something, anything but stay and see what the next person is going to say.

      In the mean time, the war is already on going on Twitter. The left are so easy to beat there with their twisted ideology. If you hate a particular Judge, go on there and keep poking at him till he can't stand it anymore. It's the only forum where you can speak your mind and not be thrown in jail or threathen you with contempt. He's not in his courthouse, he's on Twitter. Believe me, it gets to them. Most of them won't even bothet to read what you said, but everyone else will.

  2. From 1838 through1867, the constitutional compact for Florida was titled "Constitution, or form of governance, for the People of Florida". Due to the unlawful Reconstruction Acts, Florida was not allowed to become a DC federal franchise State in 1868 until the constitution was changed and re-titled as "Constitution for the State of Florida"

    As anyone can plainly see, the "People" standing on the land and soil of Florida were no longer represented by the new Constitution for the DC corporate State of Florida.

    That's why in corporate State of Florida Circuit Courts I always declare the proper constitution for the "People of Florida" while declaring my stand upon that land and soil of Florida. It's amazing how many alleged judges have called an immediate recess after that and how the cases are quickly dropped.

    1. hey there! are you still on Florida? would be good to connect with a fellow Floridian. i'm on Brevard - where on the state are you?

  3. Anna, I've been roiling the water with my oar since 1994 when I also decided to stand up against the fraud and lies as you did three years later. What's amazing is that just when you think you've got a clear picture as a result of your due diligence, you discover even more lies and have to keep adding scenes to the painting. My living mural is getting really big and I'm sure yours is even larger. It's such a joy to paint truth. It's addicting and I don't think either one of us could force ourselves to stop. Once Truth hooks you, you're in it for Life.

  4. Since I have only recently been introduced to your blog and to these amazing facts, I am trying to take them all in and figure out where to start to unravel my life. Is there any way you could tell me which blogs I should read or where I should start? It will take me quite some time to read all 600+ of your blogs and/or your books. Thank you in advance for any shortcuts to the chase you can give me.

    1. Read this article and follow the links to 10 other articles and read them also. This is your quick start guide.

    2. Thank you so much, Paul. In "Re-Flagging Your Vessels", she talks about Article 584 if we still have questions. Tried finding it on her site, but don't know the title. It didn't come up by article #. My question is, I have a business that is a corporation. What should I change it to, LLC or sole proprietorship, or are there other options available that I don't know about? If that article addresses this, would you send me the link to it please, or if you know the answer you can just share it with me or direct me elsewhere. Thank you again!

    3. This is what has been done to remove a state chartered corporation from the jurisdiction of the IRS. When the annual list of officers was filed, the mail location for the corporation and all its officers was listed in the following format:

      c/o 123 Anystreet Avenue
      near Anycity, Statespelledout
      zip code exempt

      The Secretary of State sent a letter after that saying that in the future the address would have to include a zip code or the filing would not be accepted. I reminded the S. of S. that he did not run the post office and that he was required to accept our filings as submitted.
      Every subsequent year after that, they would try to intimidate us into using a zip code and I would say no and insist that they accept the filing. This went on for several years until we shut the corporation down.
      Now, back to the IRS. The last tax return that we filed was marked that it was our last tax return. Some time after that we received a letter from the IRS saying that they had not received a tax return for year XXXX. I wrote back and said that XXXXXXX CORP. was not a United States corporation, that it was a STATENAME corporation. I enclosed a copy of our most recent state filing with the NON-DOMESTIC address. Never heard another word from them. On land sale transactions we declined the use of the title company's standard form that would go to the IRS and generated our own form that made it clear that interests in the corporation are not United States real property interests, with a reference to the code sections. The IRS adopted the zip codes as revenue districts. When you have documented in a public record that you are not in a Federal District of the District of Columbia (zip code) the IRS cannot claim that the corporation is under their jurisdiction.

    4. Wouldn't it be easier just to shut my corporation down and re-start the company as an LLC or sole proprietorship?

    5. Whatever entity you use it will be considered by the IRS to be under their jurisdiction if you use a two letter state designation and/or a zip code. You need a NON-DOMESTIC temporary mail location. Domestic mail is the District of Columbia.

    6. true, you could also four corner the zip [12345] when in four corners legally it does not exist and you can also use without the United States. and always use c/o.

      good info

    7. So, earthdweller, is that the actual verbiage to use or do you give your actual address, city, state? This is really helpful information. Thank you.

    8. Penny, if you won in court, why would you agree to "seal the case". Its not for you or the judge to determine if people are ready for the "truth" or not....thats a cop out. Why didnt you just tell the judge to "shove it" up his you kmow what... No truth should ever be hidden.. You did it to save your own ass.. I would have stood my ground even if it cost me another 3 months in jail. Do you know that after 120 days in jail, the judge loses all jurisdiction of the transfers all to the the person in charge of the jail or the prison(wardon)...then its time to set him straight along with the auditor/tresurer who you have to demand the "true accounting " of this case. In other words, you want to see the off-sheet bookeeping ledgering showing the "accounts payable" and not the accountas receivable. The private ledger they never show or talk about. Once i started that line of questioning i was released..!! And i never saw that judge again, ever.!!! Stand your ground. No one has the right to bury the "truth". To seal a case you won because the judge thinks its not for public consumption is a felony....and you know it.!!!

    9. not sure were you are coming from brother james, you are flying off at the hip again, you seem to be very emotional. you say alot of things like you know it yet no evidence, hearsay to be more specific.

      it was not my decision to seal, the appellate court 3 judges did it of its own accord when i received their unreported verdict several weeks after appearing in court. special court of appeals, that is what they did.

      one has no power over them and their system haha???

    10. Dear sister Penny...why didnt you go back to court and asked them why they choose to do that without your knowledge or consent. They always try and do what they want. Always..That doesnt mean we should let them get away with it, without an answer. They question us all the time...did you ever go back and get your court record like ive been telling people to do forever now.... Sealed or not, you can always get your own record even if no one else can, otherwise i would have alerted the sherriffs dept that you never "consented" to a sealed record, especially on yourself. That record would have told you exactally what happened..!! Thats why i always, ALWAYS, demand my court record. Thats the only reason i know what i know about the courts and how they work. I learned 10 times more from my loses than my wins. Why ask for a court of record if your not even going to get it afterward...?? Makes no sense. Im just trying to understand your case the way you layed it out..!! All you said is you won your case but then the court sealed your case. You never said they did it without your consent or knowledge...Doesnt that bother you..We arent in this just for ourselves. Thats very important knowledge we should all have. Im not trying to be mean, but can i ask you a question....Are you afraid of going to jail. Because up till i was in my 50's i was never in jail. But it is nothing like its potrayed in the movies. It wasnt near as bad as my mind thought it would be. And thats because of holloywood movies and our fake media. In fact, thats the secound part of our learning. You have to know both sides to know it all. Thats just the way it is. I dont mean to say its enjoyable, but somebody in there usually needs our help and they make very good students....the best!!! In fact after 3 months(the longest i ever spent in jail), my student wound up being my teacher because he was using what i taught him, but with his own twist...and he saved someone from spending any time at all on a drug charge. He was released on arrignment with only a $30 closed. He went home that day while everyone else went back to jail for pleading not guilty. Thats when i realized it was God who put me there in order to help a brother. No one out here is motivated to hear a word i say. But there was in there....!!!

  5. Made my decision not to have anything to do with the "IRS" in early 1978 and that decision propelled me forward into my own unknown yet unveiling process ever since!

    A couple years later I was hitchhiking in Houston, Texas and a "Highway man" stopped and approached me asking for ID in the form of a Social Security Number (SSN). I refused saying that is not to be used for ID purposes. He arrested me and I got to sit in a jail cell then arranged for a court hearing for which I choose to have a jury trial. In court I said the SSN was "the number of the beast". The jury found me guilty of violating the code however my fine for that was one cent! The reason for the ridiculous fine was because their was a Christian on the jury who convinced the rest of the jurors to be light on the fine.

    That wasn't the only time I was arrested and got locked up, etc. Nowadays I avoid all court appearances and if need be limit "appearances" to "paper appearances". I have found my best resolution by completely withdrawing from any legal relationship with any "governmental" entity. It took be about twenty-five years to completely resolve this and consequently it is a big relief! I believe the process can be fully accomplished in much less time however I also think it's an Individual process and I can't speak for any Individual (unless they ask me to).

    1. true, best not contract or create controversy. what do you feel has worked best for you in not creating that controversy? just curious.

  6. I just read on Dinar Chronicles of today that North Korea is in talks and negotiations with Asian secret societies of Canada to buy U.S.corporation and make it democrat that they have until September 30th. This is Obama and he plans on being the president because how would they know its going to be a democratic election and we haven't had the election yet???

  7. Awesome work anna, in all the 20 years you've invested in all of us..
    Can't thank you enough as well as your team..

  8. I am from Texas and seeking like minded folk. Trying to free myself and my family. But doing alone. The wife is scared I will end up in jail. Looking for examples of paperwork too. Thanks for all the knowledge. Everything I remember about history now makes sense.

  9. best thing i found to be is Federal rules of civil procedure 12(B) 1-7 read it over and over and over and over until you overstand it well. not the code per say and each state has its version but the wording of it.

  10. So first things first, how does one go about getting a birth certificate authenticated or certified. I have a copy of mine on bond paper with a seal, is that good enough or is there something else I need to do? Couldn't find this info in Anna's instructions. Thank you.

    1. alot of things. go to akiem and they may be able to consult you if you need it

  11. I have pointed out to as number of people and not had one who is familiar with the constitutions of states. I know of at least one that had a section called "Agreement with United States" Now if the state was United States, why would it have a section like that? Wouldn't it say " Agreement with our own state"?, which would not even make sense. Here it is made obvious that the united States are not United States but wrote agreements with the entity United States. It seems quite clear but many do not even know that their state has a constitution ( try to get copies of the hand written constitutions if possible of the originals) much less take a few hours out of the 4380 or so hours per year each of us has to use in doing things.

  12. So I have a question, I work for the County Hospital. How do I change my tax status with them? Do I file exempt? The IRS currently has me in a non-collectible status for "past due" amount they recalculated for me ( bless them) and I am afraid of stirring the pot...Is their some research I can do to avoid becoming a giant target?


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