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Thursday, August 3, 2017

For the Babies

By Anna Von Reitz

I get numerous pleas from desperate new parents wishing to establish their claim to their own children.  This is a measure of just how crazy and depraved things have gotten.  You can't even assume your parental rights because these crazy out of control corporations are claiming to own you and your children as "products" of "licensed activity".

This is one way to challenge and stop it.  Whenever any "State of______" or "County of __________" organization offers to interfere with you or your family, you should immediately raise a "moral objection" to their presumptions and read them the riot act with a certified copy of a recorded (not registered) action such as the example below --- firmly in hand. 

What these judges and so-called "public prosecutors" are doing in so-called Family Courts is nothing less than kidnapping for profit.  Shut them down. Make sure new parents get this information and know how to use it.  And remember to inform your clergymen that nobody in this country needs a "marriage license" --- only a proof of Marriage Covenant.  Marriage licenses were created in the wake of the Civil War and imposed on former plantation slaves who had to prove they could support children before they were allowed to marry. This kind of subjugation was possible because they were considered "US citizens" and bound to do whatever the Congress told them to do.


  1. What happened to this bounty hunter thing that was supposed to come out 2 years ago?

  2. Wow..
    Unbelievable,this has to stop! ✋

  3. A A....that would be Rod Class. He is headed to the Supreme Court in Sept. if i remember what judge Anna said...!!! It hasnt been resolved yet. But with this new info, it should be over. Do you still talk to him Anna..??

  4. How would you suggest structuring this when I am not married and the mother abandoned her parental rights in South Africa where our daughter was taken by the infamous forced adoption industry .I need to establish this then require them to restore my property my daughter still has my name on their fraudulent birth certificate .

  5. Indeed. This is for the children.

    Thank you for this information. My grandchildren will live free from color of law cabal slavery systems even though my children and self are not yet free from these crime syndicates.

  6. Bravo! - The "deed-claim-and-copyright-for-babies.pdf" is excellent! (Almost makes me want to have more children. ; ~ )


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