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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First Hand Account about Charlottesville

Found here:

Turn off your television sets and go to the internet.

Paul, I found this on Kessler too. Makes sense since they always control both sides. Remember how they fund both sides of all wars. Susan

Unite the Right Protesters Hoodwinked by their Own Leader
Also found the following in the commend section of Zerohedge:
There is a website, the reliablility of which I really can't vouch for, that claims to have evidence that the alleged organizer of the rally to protest the removal of the statue in Charlottesville was, up until mid-November of 2016, a Democratic operative, former CNN assignment editor, and former Occupy Wall Street activist (with photos to prove this particular claim) by the name of Jason Kessler. Kessler was allegedly recruited by Brennan Gilmore, a known deep-cover CIA operative recently stationed in central Africa, to infiltrate the "Unite the Right" movement and become a leader for that loosely knit group. After Trump's November victory, Gilmore left Africa and became the chief of staff for his former station boss, Democrat Tom Perriello, who launched a bid for Governor of Virginia but lost in the June 13th primary. After Perriello's loss, Gilmore became an adviser to Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer, who famously proclaimed that he wanted to make Charlottesville "the center of the resistance". How convenient that Kessler, a literal newcomer to the Unite the Right movement, was somehow able to organize and promote a rally that was bound to attract some KKK and neo-Nazi types, in Charlottesville, VA, where Mayor Signer was looking to make a name for his town as the center of the resistance. I smell a rat, several rats to be exact. This entire event appears to have been deliberately set-up.

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 1:16 AM, Paul Stramer <> wrote:

You might be right Phyllis.  Here is another article I found saying the whole thing is a psyop and Kessler is a double agent for the left paid by Soros.

----- Original Message -----
From: Phyllis
To: Paul Stramer
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 10:22 PM
Subject: Re: First Hand Account about Charlottesville

I don't know what is talking on this video BUT Jason Kessler has been a strong supporter of Obama and his agenda.  Not sure this video is trustworthy.

Charlottesville drone video banned by YouTube re-emerges on Vimeo- proves car attack staged-

PROOF Charlottesville Car Attack Staged! New Video Emerges!
This aerial view clearly shows the Charlottesville event was staged as a media psychological operation on the people of the United States by the deep state. It may well be further used to attempt to induce regime change on the president. Download the file and spread it far and wide.

Bombshell Connection Between Charlottesville, Soros, CIA

Published on Aug 15, 2017
As evidenced this weekend, a civil war is brewing in this country, laying the foundation for a violent coup to take out Trump. Soros-funded NGO's have been able to achieve regime change in other countries by quite literally teaming up with Neo-nazis and "moderate" terrorists. Now, investigative reporter Lee Stranahan reveals the same players involved in the Ukraine overthrow are working behind the scenes to oust President Trump.


  1. Not anti white, anti hate. Still, nobody should try and stop someone from exercise the right to freedom of speech.

    1. What do you call Tha perpetrators of the ambush ? Heros? What is your definition of hate? Sorry don't wash.

    2. Hate is not a dirty word. Even God has a righteous hatred for all that are evildoers, etc. He says 'we are to love that which is good, and hate that which is evil'.
      We should not go along with condemnation of all ''hate''. To try to ''get rid of any hatred one might have'' is a trick to get people to not hold anyone accountable for their dastardly actions. God hated Esau, remember?

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  2. Insane. A total set up. A civil war is coming.

  3. For the record.I am a Continental Marshal . It does not sway my opinion either way. I am oath and duty bound to protect ALL people and their God Given Rights.
    This was an outrageous event designed to create more divide and by all accounts was orchestrated by anti American trash.
    The Right to peacefully assemble is a Protected and unalienable Right that the " Government Servants" are under CONTRACT TO OBEY ". Again the Corporate agenda of the Nazi NWO has rearwd its head , and OFF it must come. Let this be our Concord moment.

    1. Sounds like Alex Jones the Muslim are running Hollywood yards you have any idea who controls D.C.?I don't think you do its the neocons. Or Jewish oligarchs the thousands of Jewish advocacy groups for Isreal the partnering with Google to stifle free space the ADL who trains our FBI.therelationship is an internal war within the CIA jewelry be wasps.E.Micheal Jones.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Well said Patriot58. I replied to bubbapatric by mistake. That's why I have removed my comment.

    4. Well weakling let's chat shall we ,what's your source CNN ? NY TIMES ? You think Germany won? How's your history? You want truth not from me here look into Cynthia McKenna , Micheal David steel.CIA. counter intelligence . Then get back wit me

  4. I can understand why you all can see these corporate giants guiding as federal government called the UNITED STATES INC. initiate these racial bookends situations to take out focus off of them while they continue to still all of our birth rights and estate. Wake up American national's Thats if you really care about yourself and your love ones. It is not a black or quite thing. We all our slaves under their enclavements.

  5. as long as everyone is a 14th amendment or U.S. Citizen, contracted with the corporation via contract ie drivers license, BC, SSN, and passport (and the list goes on and on) enjoy your end result. change your status and learn who you really are; check out if interested in learning more.

    wo/man know thyself in true proportion.

    1. Pretty weak website for information. Plenty of courses or templates to buy but no explaination on why.

  6. also keep in mind, as with the flag thing, they are trying to keep true American history away from you and get you emotional about the black/white issue. just like the rebel flag it is not about that (its a former iroquois flag) but rather about keeping you from knowing true, indigenous Rights; i.e, Algonquian or Iroquois (from an Algonquian word meaning "real snakes."

    that they, former moors, are the true heirs of the land, preceeding the europeans. all about land rights people. much more important than the minor distraction of black/white. too easy to do and throw people off track or should i say persons off track?

  7. It's a safe bet everyone at that 'event' is a citizen of the corporation. I saw the same footage from a different camera without the over-the-top narration and editing. It was definitely a setup, bad things happened, and it way probably frightening, but it was less dramatic than this video makes it. Put down the emotions and back away. I would not be surprised if the corporation wants to raze that city block and put up a money-making facility. Statues and parks don't make money. Greed is likely at the bottom of every decision.

  8. It is interesting that this whole incident was centered around symbols of the Civil War. Maybe the greatest tragedy in American history. A statue of General Robert E. Lee and the confederate flag. A war that literally tore America from it's course of the greatest experiment in self government in Human History. The idea of self government, government by the People for the People. How do you think any upstanding Monarch, or self serving oligarchy, or dictator, or corporation feels about the ideal of People governing themselves? Is their interest in the Highest and best Good of their subjects, or is it in their own Highest and best good? I think the answer is obvious. The Civil War was not about race or color. It was about the eradication of anything resembling Self Government. This is about dividing a Nation against itself. In this case, by the same forces that divided a nation and pulled off a military coup 150 years ago and replaced the true Constitutional Government with a for profit corporation. The city, state, and federal officials must take great pleasure in watching us fight among ourselves when they, after creating this tragic scene, themselves are being manipulated by the same subversive forces.
    The gentleman narrating this video is correct in presenting this video showing these subversive forces at work and blatantly showing us the corruption of these corporate minions. It is no isolated instance that this type of corruption runs amok in our Great Country. This is what can be expected from self serving interests such as corporate creatures.
    As is clearly demonstrated in this video, this was not about race. This was about pure unadulterated hatred against reason. Do not look at the surface issue, race. People have a right to their opinion. You may not agree with it. And as long as people do not harm others, they have a right to their opinion.
    So, my only question is when are we the People going to wake up and put an end to this? That is the true power and always has been. The People. There has never been any "Divine Right" of any King or any Queen alone. As Stewards, Many enlightened and wise beings have occupied these places of power to hold a space for the People. Until they were ready to hold their own mantle of power and wield responsibly The Divine Right to rule their own world. To do it without harming others, has always been our gift. The gift of every single Living Breathing Man or Woman on this Earth or in Heaven. Hence the Great experiment, America. Are we ready to wield this power, this gift? We shall see.

  9. I told all you guys before a "civil war" and "world war 3" are coming at the same time. How else would the antichrist be able to take his place on the thrown...!! And Penny, who cares if the "moors" were the first ones to arrive here. No one was before the native American indians which goes back before christ. In fact they talk about the "nephilium", giants that took their woman and slautered their men. And the first moors that arrived here were "muslium" and believed in "mohammad", but he could never get anyone else to believe it so he took off and preached it somewhere else.. He had a hard time everywhere he went trying to convince people that mohammad was a prophet. I assure you that that was not Gods plan!!! Not for America!!! And you see what they have caused in the middle east....nothing but trouble wherever they went...!!! As far as the South being the cause of slavery, i do carpet cleaning for 20+ years and have a very diverse array of customers. One i just meet last year was a black man who showed me pictures of his grand grand godfather who was rich and owned a mansion on acres of land with servents of his own. It was an amazing picture and he was proud of it. It was the North and Lincoln that started the civil war, and the Northerners were brutal to the South. Blacks fought on both sides, but the blacks on the South fought voluntarily because they had alot to lose...!!! Thanks to Lincoln the reprobate Northeners won and this is the society they created. The South should have won, because all of us , before we acquire skills from someone else, are slaves for awhile until we become commpetant at a "Trade". Back then slaves were called apprentices. But then they were free. Now we are slaves forever to corporations. Great system. And we are trying to make the entire world slaves to our system. Thats how dictators arise. Dont forget, Castro came here first before he went to Cuba, after he witnessed first hand how our govt. worked...!!

    1. sorry james, more regurgitated "white" his-story. sounds like hearsay, do your due diligence, native, american indians were NOT the first ones here. Indian is a made up word, an incorporated slave word that does not describe accurately those people, if you look it up. the people that you infer were native american indians were mixed with asian ancestry (haha not redskinned people of the movies) the first aboriginal people here were dark skinned (think australia) or copper colored, (think western indies) i use the term "moor" to differentiate as obviously the most accurate word would not have existed in our current vocabulary or just have been changed to throw us off. it was probably pre-algonquian indigenous; the "moors" or dark/copper skinned people quite possibly were the nephilum.

  10. And one more thing about opinions....they should be based on facts and truth or they are exactly that...."OPINIONS". And who do you think shapes those opinions when only a few people on earth control the "truth" and everything else. Its always one big "football" team against another. People not only love controversy and competition, they thrive on it... And you wonder why the courts work the way they do. Its no accident that the courts know and take advantage of that fact on people for does the defendand plea!!....."NOT GUILTY YOUR HONOR!!! Real Smart!!!

    1. you dont war with them, create controversy and go into their courts as a corporate person or at all unless you are kidnapped. since you seem to refer to God quite a bit, read below to see how God may view these actions

  11. What's next, the Statute of Liberty? We might as well take her down too, since she was originally going to Egypt. She's obviously a racist. We can put up Hillary instead, a symbol of a patheic generation that has no clue about what our founding fathers went through to try and break away from the clutches of the British monarchy.

    After that, we can start working on getting rid of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakoda. Lincoln was an asshole anyway, remember. How about replacing them with Obama, Hillary, Bill and George W.H.Bush. The epitomy of honesty and
    American values. And finally, lets erect a Statute in Washington D.C. that would represent what our capital really represents......SATAN. Wouldn't he look nice with his pitch fork stuck in the middle of America.

    1. haha interesting how you have picked all illuminati symbolism that hillary IS a huge part of. ishtar pagan goddess, the capitol dome building isis' pregnant belly and masonic leaders in S Dakota. see how clever they are?

  12. It seems obvious all these things are just symptoms of the actual problem. What we are seeing is the beginning of the wrath of God upon a nation that has now forgotten God altogether, and gone their own way. This country has turned away from the one true God, and is now an atheist nation. So don't expect things to just happen to turn around. Ain't happening, sorry, but its just true.

  13. I'm beginning to think that we are dealing with people who are not human. It reminds me of the low budget film "They Live".

  14. This frightens me: Charlottesville today, America Tomorrow. I can't help wondering where Islamism is in all of this for they want to rule us as they are beginning to rule Europe. I, an old white Texas man am saddened even more as I have lived to see what the end may be. What of my eight white grandchildren?

  15. This is an antifa flag sold on Amazon today.

    The German Communist party of 1932 link. shows both flags.

    These communist are well funded but not very organized to hide their TRUE identity. Disguising themselves as alt right in the recent event in VA has failed. They destroyed a peace symbol statue by mistake. The Democrat party is Americas Communist party. Gen McMasters and George Soros are CLEARLY traitors and should be adjudicated in a military court for the charge of treason against our Christian nation. I know that pigs never fly too!

  16. One American Indian speaking at conference said he didn't blame the pale face who slaughtered the Indian . Hell they did the same thing to each other .only thing whites were just better at it.


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