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Sunday, July 16, 2017

First Instruction Letter

By Anna Von Reitz

[Scanned copy to be posted on the website--- letter to Trump, Mnuchin, Sessions, and Judges Thomas Hogan and Royce Lamberth dated July 17, 2017.]

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Secretaries and Honorable Judges:

We will quickly summarize how we arrived at the current situation so that you have the necessary background to comprehend our position. Please read on.  

1666 – The Great Fire of London creates the occasion for the creation of individual public trusts as a means of seizing private property: The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.  

1702 – The British Crown and Dutch East India Company collude under Maritime Wagering Act. Living men are deemed to be “vessels” and insured.  Their death/loss becomes a means of enrichment for the commercial corporations and the British Government.

1765  – The pollution of English Common Law with Admiralty Law to create “Equity Law” granting absolute power to the judiciary to seize upon and distribute private property comes to fruition in England under Lord Mansfield.

1776 – Partly in objection to this usurpation of power by the judicial functionaries, the American Colonists rebel.

1819 – The American states pass the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the original Constitution, putting teeth and penalties into earlier provisions effectively prohibiting members of the Bar Associations from holding public offices.

1822 – The then-Pope and then-British Monarch secretly collude to act in Breach of Trust against the Americans and sign the Secret Treaty of Verona.

1837 – The British Settlement Act sets aside public wastelands as “common wealth” and paupers are said to be settled upon this land, thus becoming wards of the state.  This effectively prevents the lower classes from ever being landlords and provides a basis for claiming them as chattel property.

1858 – Benjamin Disraeli begins the push to enfranchise British laborers as properties belonging to the British Crown. They and their assets are seized upon in the process as collateral backing government debt.  Their “voluntary” enslavement is used to fund the British Raj in India---though they are never told any of this.

1860 – Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, is elected President.  He can serve only in the private office of President of the United States (Trading Company), not as President of the United States of America, as a result of the Titles of Nobility Amendment.   He contrives to start the Civil War, which is never declared by Congress.

1863 – Lincoln succeeds in bankrupting the United States (Trading Company) and issues General Order 100, placing the Grand Army of the Republic in charge of the government.  The entire “war” is an illegal commercial mercenary action resulting in a military dictatorship being established in the District of Columbia.

1865 – Lee surrenders his army to Grant at Appomattox, but no official peace treaty is ever signed. The Southern States are carved up into ten military districts and all the original states are improperly subsumed into the bankruptcy of the United States (Trading Company) by a process of assumpsit.

1868 – The Creditors of the United States (Trading Company) issue a look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter called the “Constitution of the United States of America”.  This creates a commercial corporation merely calling itself the “United States of America” that then substituted itself for the actual government owed to the people and states of this country under The Constitution for the united States of America.  

1868- 1875 -- This new “government” entity then forces the original unincorporated state governments to write new state constitutions and to assume new doing-business-as names in the form of: Wisconsin State, Connecticut State, and so on, while seizing upon the name of the original states and operating “Territorial franchises” for itself under their names: State of Wisconsin,  State of Connecticut, and so on.  All these semantic deceits are pulled off on the trusting public.

1907 – The 1868 version of The United States of America, Inc. is bankrupted.  The land of the actual states and people is unlawfully seized upon by the creditors of The United States of America, Inc., as collateral backing its debts in bankruptcy.  “Title” is taken to the land and the actual patents seized upon, with the Creditors receiving the equitable title and benefit.

1930-34 -  A second corporation calling itself “the United States of America” is bankrupted. This time, FDR unlawfully converts the entire population of this country, re-interpreting our Trade Names on the land to be Foreign Situs Trusts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  This allows the Creditors of the bankrupt private, mostly foreign-owned “United States of America, Inc.” to seize upon the labor and other private property of Americans in gross Breach of Trust owed to us by the Popes and by the British Monarch.   By this deliberate fraud, we are “presumed” to be commercial vessels belonging to the bankrupt United States of America, Inc., and by process of extortion and assumpsit, are forced to pay its debts.  

We are also considered “missing, presumed lost at sea” and Cestui Que Vie Trusts are established by the Municipal United States in our names.  These things are operated under deceptive account designations that appear to be our names: JOHN MICHAEL DOE, JANET ANN WILSON, and so on.

1953 - We finally pay off the 1907 bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc., but instead of returning the land patents owed to the actual states and people, those responsible pretended not to know who the land belonged to, and rolled it all up in giant land trusts, which they continued to tax, lease, rent, and otherwise benefit from in our purported “absence”.

1999 – We finally pay off the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., but instead of returning all the Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust assets owed to the living people, Bill Clinton signs Executive Order #13037, stepping up the conscription process, and again, pretending that nobody knows who these accounts belong to, hoping to seize upon all our property including our names via a claim on abandonment.

2015 - President Obama puts the UNITED STATES, INC. and all its “Municipal Franchises” including the Cestui Que Vie ESTATES belonging to Americans into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidation.  Almost as an afterthought, he puts the USA, Inc. into Chapter 11 Reorganization.  This effectively bankrupts the entire world--- all the Municipal Government franchises dba CHINA, FRANCE, and LOUIS ALLAN FULFORD, all the Territorial Government franchises dba Germany, United Kingdom, and Lois Lillian Hardy.
2015 – Americans who have become aware of the fraud return to the land jurisdiction of their birth.
The unincorporated government of the actual states and people doing business as the United States of America revives itself.  The new government issues new Sovereign Letters Patent for the states (November 4) and for the Indian Nations (November 6) and also issues an Express Trust --- The Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.

2017 – After extensive Due Process given to all the Principal Parties responsible, the liens against all the Municipal and Territorial government corporations and their franchises are completed and cured, including Agricultural Liens.  January 6, 2017, a Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the actual states and people is lodged with the United States Treasury, and a Payment Bond is lodged with the Vatican Chancery Court.

June 29, 2017: The American states and people represented by the unincorporated United States of America visit The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and claim back their property and assets as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Government corporations and their franchises worldwide.

That all brings us forward to the present moment.   The One People’s Public Trust foreclosed on the Territorial and Municipal corporations, intending to create a gigantic global version of the Public Charitable Trust that they would then control.   However, they are not the Creditors.  We are.

We are the lawful owners of all that several generations of dishonest employees and middlemen have amassed--- and which they have hoped to claim as abandoned property. 

The success of this scheme would have ended private property rights worldwide.

The Secondary Creditors had already set up a plan to discharge the debts of the Municipal franchises in bankruptcy via Treasury Direct Accounts.

This process avoids the fact that these debts are all odious hypothecated debts that the living people never owed in the first place.  It also avoids the fact that the living people are the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders who have been defrauded in Breach of Trust, and instead mischaracterizes them as bankrupt “US citizens”. 

As our included Public and Judicial Notice- Number 4 discloses, “citizenship” is a form of indentured servitude to the government of a country, and in the modern world, it must be voluntary, proven, and equitable or it becomes a form of peonage and enslavement outlawed worldwide since 1926.

We maintain that the incorporated foreign governmental service corporations operating under color of law and purposeful deceit on our shores since 1868 have effectively enslaved our population and brought insupportable claims against our land and our assets.
We maintain that we are not and have never been subjects of nor subject to bankruptcy proceedings related to these disreputable foreign corporations and that we are owed the actual constitution.

We maintain that the Municipal UNITED STATES and the Territorial USA practiced a form of genocide on paper against the American states and people which is forbidden by the Geneva Conventions and also practiced unlawful conversion of our assets, inland piracy, kidnapping, identity theft and human trafficking against a peaceful Third Party civilian population composed of their own employers and Priority Creditors.

These actions by the UNITED STATES and USA against the American states and people are by definition international crimes of employees against their employers.

We maintain that the bankruptcy of these foreign entities doing business as the UNITED STATES and USA on our shores has nothing legitimate to do with us or our property assets and that they exist in a jurisdiction that is now and always has been foreign and separate from us.

As the Paramount Creditors, we have stipulated to the court guidelines that must be met to establish proof of voluntary and equitable federal citizenship without which no presumption of citizenship accrues to anyone born on the soil of an American state.

In practical terms this means that there are two classes of people to be addressed by The United States District Court for the District of Columbia:  (1) actual federal employees and dependents who are subject to the Municipal and Territorial bankruptcies and who are owed discharge of the debts of their respective franchises as part of the general bankruptcy, and (2) Americans who are likewise owed discharge of these bogus foreign debts via probate action, collapsing the Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Puerto Rican transmitting utility franchises and other Territorial franchises that have been created by federal corporations infringing on their Trade Names without their knowledge or consent.

So the actual federal employees are owed bankruptcy protection at the same time the American states and people, who are the Paramount Creditors throughout, are owed probate action wiping away debts accrued by secondary beneficiaries, and the return of their land patents and other property assets without further disloyalty, obfuscation, claim, or delay.

We direct the Treasury and The United States District Court for the District of Columbia to administratively reconfigure the Treasury Direct Accounts to recognize these two classes of people and the two necessary but separate processes (bankruptcy settlement on one hand, discharge through probate on the other) needed to clean up this mess.

Now and in the future, we require some sure and certain means to differentiate between federal citizens and the people of the American states.  This can take the form of new identification credentials that will replace the use of State of State Driver Licenses, except for actual federal employees and proven actual dependents.

We have no ill-will toward our employees despite their incompetence and the destructive nature of their misbehavior and will not object to them seeking bankruptcy protection, however, we insist that our assets are not subject to their bankruptcy and must be removed from the Public Charitable Trust and returned together with the titles and land patents and other assets owed to the actual states and people.

Discharge of odious debts both in probate (for Americans) and in bankruptcy (for actual federal citizens) can commence immediately to bring relief to both the Creditors and the Debtors, subject to creating a record keeping process at the Treasury to identify members of the two separate populations and giving each their due.

It is apparent that the plot to create one giant all-controlling public trust for the entire globe has failed and private property rights have been restored and retained throughout the world impacted by these corporate bankruptcies. 

The Paramount Security Interest Holders, the American states and people represented by the unincorporated United States of America, hereby willingly order the discharge of all similar odious debts owed to them by Municipal and Territorial franchises formed under the names of living people throughout the world.  Read that--- we aren’t here to press claims of debt against little old ladies in Hungary or farmers in Zimbabwe or tradesmen in England who have been defrauded and conscripted and enfranchised just as we were under false pretenses and conditions of non-disclosure and deceit by their own respective governmental services corporation franchises.

Let it never be said that the Americans are ungenerous or dishonest, despite the mischaracterization and criminal misrepresentation we have received at the hands of our own employees and the Breach of Trust we have suffered at the hands of our own international Trustees for six generations.

The release of all these odious debts held against living people throughout the world in all those countries impacted can commence as soon as it can be expedited by the Treasury and IMF officials.

In the wake of this great debt restructuring and the enumeration and separation of the Creditors from the Debtors, we require that all the bankrupt bank franchises  turn over their account records and prepare to negotiate terms with the actual asset holders which are for the most part private Historical Trusts.  It is not our will to cause any disruption or to move assets in any destructive way, but we will have an accounting of those assets owed to the actual heirs and trustees and beneficiaries of these funds and we will have agreements with all the bankrupt commercial banks regarding access to these resources and these assets by the actual living owners for non-violent and philanthropic and purely personal purposes.

We also require a public accounting to be conducted throughout all sectors of the government that has been provided by the bankrupt governmental services corporations (state of, county of, and municipal entities) and their hired subcontracting agencies, beginning with the most recent Annual Financial Reports (APRs) of agencies and departments and public trusts in each state, the most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) of the State of State organizations.

Our credit may be accessed to pay for these services leading to an accurate public accounting for the first time since 1946.

Thank you for your time, attention, and understanding of these urgent issues.  


  1. Thank you for all of your hard work. We have broken through the net that was around us finally.

  2. Leverage? Public exposure enough? Take a full court press of disclosure . no help from usal criminals . Will take collaboration
    Probably at governor level.

  3. Case law regarding Statute Construction "Citizen" held to mean "Qualified Voter" .

  4. Are their actually ACCOUNTANTS , who we can "TRUST", and truly understand this extremely complicated accounting structure and Trust setups, to the people themselves and not some other federal agency hired by Congress to give us only half the truth and half or less of all the assets stolen. Who are we going to trust to do this and actually have the courts (all of them) to finally recognize two sets of statuses. And even if they do, their world will always involve fraud, while ours should be based on truth and common decentcy (common sense/law). I'm not sure they can exists together without being corrupted by their Corp. statuses. Our Congress has become worse than the people who created it. They will always want control of us. None of that side want our half free...misery likes company. But I admit , it is a start if they actually comply...!!! I always told you, the courts need to recognize two sets of statuses, with our own identity cards, meaning if the only law enforcement out there represent only Corp. Interest, then they have no rights at all to arrest us for anything except fraud and murder. If someone tries to commit fraud just once on our side, they will lose their true status as American Nationals forever, and become secondary creditors again (corp. employees) forever. In the meantime, are you asking us to copy this and post it all over the internet.??

    1. i too think CPA's are actualy more dishonest than lawyers in my experience, well at least i know they have stolen my money to a greater detail. haha. at some point james you have to just walk away. it will drive you mad attempting to figure out their details, just give me what you think you owe me. afterall, doesnt the devil live in the details? god will take care of the rest

      i have business partners that i just walked away from knowing i was ripped off. it is not worth the loss of my peace of mind atempting to figure out their labrynthal, sociopathic thought processes, right my brotha...

    2. Yes penny, I agree....and I have walked away from over a quarter of a million dollars without even trying civilly to get any of it back. But one person , who I was just one of many to be scammed, wound up in jail eventually anyway and got 14 years..He bankrupted 4 elderly seniors completely, and dozens of others for thousands. And in the end he only did 4 years out of 14 because of "good behavior". That's what our justice system thinks of fraud. They accept it because their entire system is nothing but a criminal syndicate. I really don't care about the money supposedly coming to us. But I do care that everyone, especially law enforcement (corp), recognizes our status and addresses us "SIR" and "MAM", respecting our higher authority as if their life depended on it. Because it should. But the people who will undoubtably take advantage of that, like someone drinking and driving and injuring or killing someone will permanently lose their superior status, and forever be employees of the Corp. State. No more making other people responsible for others mistakes, like insurance does now. No more presumptions about anyone. It's case by case....period, forever. No more blanket indemnity bonds. Freedom is more important than money. All we need are the basics....a home, a nice car, and health care, and the basics for survival....utilities, good and water. All paid for...!!! I think the 4 quadrillion they stole should cover that quite nicely..

    3. The system is designed to be complex and not easily understood, this is all Masonry period the entire structure of government, corporations and colleges everything is based on Masonry and degrees of understanding . why do you only have lawyers and Drs and even accountants that only specialize in one small fraction of the very system they specialize in because that one single system is far too complex, all you have are specialized compartmentalized minions simply trying to do a specific task with little to no understanding of the full scope and greater puzzle they are a part of.
      Have you heard of the experiment where they took the same set of books to 10 different accountants and got 10 different results ? This is how the system is designed I give 1% of any given profession that truly comprehend what they are doing and how they fit into the bigger mechanism the masonic social machine that has been modified and tweaked for thousands of years, when your reading masonic books about the great temples that were built and then destroyed it is metaphorical they are talking about complex societies (control systems ) that were created and then destroyed, just like in the Matrix they are in the 5th or 6th version they learned from past mistakes and improve the next great temple , this one is based on the foundation of freedom and liberty while the sheeple have been brainwashed with images of chains and cotton fields to symbolize slavery LOL well NO chains or cotton fields SO YAAA!!! we are FREE!!!

      Little fact about southern slavery it was the North's industrialization that exploded the demand for cotton and within a few decades the overall GDP went from like 5% to over 60% from cotton exports, so the demand for slaves increased in the south while the North already capitalized on white indentured servants to work the factories most of these white servant were treated far worse then slaves because slaves were purchased outright and had more value invested. These white indentured servants are what we currently call employees only with an improved benefit package and work conditions simply modifying the system to keep the great machine running smoothly.

    4. You must be right Mike v, because I have always felt like a slave every time I chose to work for a corporation. I only felt free when working for myself. Corporations know and love people in debt, because they can always threaten them with termination. People are always working in "fear" of this, which makes them so weakminded that they refuse to confront anyone no matter how inequitable it puts people under. No matter how unreasonable it becomes, hardly anyone says boo out of fear of repercussions. It's the Corp. that should be afraid of us, just like the govt. should. That's the only way we can control the greed created by corporations that only have one agenda....more profits than the year before, ad infinitum.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Yes, the North's GDP exploded twelvefold with help from Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin. And then the North thanks the South later by putting those agrarian states up for collateral against their loans by putative foreign creditors the Crown and pass-through corp. France. I like your idea of the "social machine," Mike. A nation of "specialists" with operant myopia, blind but for their specialty.

    7. Good series on the labour movements in this country "Plutocracy"...and glad I went to find the link they just released part 3.
      They also have other excellent films like "Psywar" and "Human Resources" all viewable on the site.

  5. Great Work Anna!
    This is truly the very Root of everything..
    Awesome Preparation..👏👏

  6. Excellent work.Thank you for all that you and your team of researchers are doing.

  7. I posted this to Facebook page is that ok?

  8. As already stated, it is a complicated letter. I applaud all those that can truly understand it and then take actions. As also stated by James Pansini, who can trust the accountants. Or who will guard the guards as from Dan Brown's book, Digital Fortress, I quote,"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"
    With that in mind, it seems to me that we, each and everyone of us, has to become totally aware of our status, totally responsible for our actions and totally accept everything that happens to us as love.
    Anna, Keep up the great work.

    On the funny side, there is a sign in Newton, MA that reads like this: Ban pre-shreeded cheese make America grate again.

    Thanks again
    David Snieckus

  9. What puzzles me is that the letter is addressed to people behind or attached to this great fraud against the living human beings. It seems to me that is about the equivalent of pleading for mercy from a bully. As a collective, it is time to stop playing the game altogether in every aspect. To do that we may have to use their own rules against them until we can find a way to fend off the bullies.

    I am not disputing the work of Anna or the OPPT. Both are trying to have the wealth returned to the people so that we can focus on the good of humanity and get out from under this control system. However, there must be regardless of who makes these claims, a transition stage from money as we know it to no monetary control systems if people are the real value and not some coinage.

  10. I just listen to the video on utube by Benjamin Bulford dated today. He states that he is prolonging the bankruptcy till the bankruptcy is over, Trump is not working for the we the people Trump is against us.Trump is planning on war in the middle east.Trump is with One world order, he is funding military because he is planing a war in the middle east and calling marital law to keep us enslaved. Judge Anna needs to get Trump out Now before it's to late !!!

    1. Shortgirl, Use discernment when you read ANYTHING on the Internet. Your mind-set is focused on fear. Eliminate fear and Know, ALL IS WELL! Every energy (that's you and I, etc.) is alive with active ideas to correct and change what is. By visualizing a joyful outcome will manifest it. Be vigilant by reading, watching and not reacting. The POTUS is a powerful energy that is in a convoluted maze pushing through the muck created before any of us were born.
      Be confident and remember we are all one energy in different skin suits. We are on our way to greatness.

    2. Shortgirl...who cares if there is war in the middle east, as long as we aren't involved. It's about time America sits this one out. Let them go at each other. Then we can move in and collect what's left. Russia and the rest of the world too. Let Muslims fight Muslims while we all sit on the sidelines. I hope that's Trumps plan. Everyone is starting to realize that sharia law is not religious, its political with only one agenda...get rid of anyone that doesn't accept their beliefs.

    3. Trump is not on their side. He's a born again Christian who is stuck in the middle of vipers trying to work things out peacefully but using his position of power to start correcting the mess and confusion created and abetted by the International Banking system. If he uses to much force, the liberals, media and political operatives will start labeling him a conservative dictator.

      China and Russia supposedly have already dropped the dollar and have started using gold to conduct commence again. Our petro-dollar is on the brink of destruction. China now owns most of the Federal Reserve; google it.

      The Trump Presidency is being protected by God right now. Obama is the first ex-President to actively try and undermine our current President because he's putting Nationalism and America first and turning back the global agenda of the banking cartel. By now, you should know that Obama is the antichrist and Pope Francis is the false prophet. The Pope was just recently quoted as saying, its dangerous to follow Jesus too much. Does that sound like anything you've ever heard before.

      God already spoke to Mark Taylor who said Trump is God's annoited one. Anyone that says Trump is a new world order agent on this site is a troll and should be ignored. Don't listen to people trying to discredit him on any site, they are all trolls and being placed in every patrotic site on the internet

      When is the last time you've seen people in the Whitehouse laying hands on one another and praying to Jesus. The comstrution of the 3rd temple in Isreal has already begun so it's getting very close to Jesus return.

    4. Trump is not on their side. He's a born again Christian who is stuck in the middle of vipers trying to work things out peacefully but using his position of power to start correcting the mess and confusion created and abetted by the International Banking system. If he uses to much force, the liberals, media and political operatives will start labeling him a conservative dictator.

      China and Russia supposedly have already dropped the dollar and have started using gold to conduct commence again. Our petro-dollar is on the brink of destruction. China now owns most of the Federal Reserve; google it.

      The Trump Presidency is being protected by God right now. Obama is the first ex-President to actively try and undermine our current President because he's putting Nationalism and America first and turning back the global agenda of the banking cartel. By now, you should know that Obama is the antichrist and Pope Francis is the false prophet. The Pope was just recently quoted as saying, its dangerous to follow Jesus too much. Does that sound like anything you've ever heard before.

      God already spoke to Mark Taylor who said Trump is God's annoited one. Anyone that says Trump is a new world order agent on this site is a troll and should be ignored. Don't listen to people trying to discredit him on any site, they are all trolls and being placed in every patrotic site on the internet

      When is the last time you've seen people in the Whitehouse laying hands on one another and praying to Jesus. The comstrution of the 3rd temple in Isreal has already begun so it's getting very close to Jesus return.

  11. Judge Anna, The system uncannily always seems to be there to take advantage of us when we're at our weakest. You've awakened a giant to the great fraud perpetrated on generations, I lost a home and turned the keys over to a court in 1990 supposedly to satisfy a ruling that we reimburse the widow of an elderly gentleman friend who gave us a legitimate gift of 70,000 dollars to pay off our home according to their own bank. I had lost my job for blowing the whistle on a chemical company who were paying grounds workers to dump weed killer for 100 silver dollars in each drum at a Cape Cod Air Base. We and the widow were the ones defrauded. I personally want to settle the record straight, get our good names back, that has no time frame or price tag. Cape Cod Times defamed my wife and I, hurt our children who were in their early teens and vulnerable and left us homeless after 20 years of payments. Your instruction letter gives us the criminal history of people in government we trusted, who instead caused mayhem on millions of lives who were simply following our original founders dreams, your letter needs to be posted on the front door of every government building and court house in north america that either their counterparts today help us set the records straight or they will be replaced and tried for their crimes. bobby brown

    1. I whole heartily agree. It should be dropped off at University's all around the country too, especially history departments. We need to wake up our children at a young age so we don't perpetuate this fraud anymore.

    2. I whole heartily agree. It should be dropped off at University's all around the country too, especially history departments. We need to wake up our children at a young age so we don't perpetuate this fraud anymore.

  12. This is the finished list of most serious crimes.if any dissemination of paperwork this needo the heart ford vandyke treatment print shop and walk &talk .only the ppl get the correction politicians are cowards .

  13. GODS WORK ALWAYS AND FOREVER!! Thank you Anna and Everyone who worked so hard and so diligent to create this Stunning Document! This is a WAKE UP CALL TO ALL AMERICANS! WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN UNPRECEDENTED TREASURE FOR EACH OF US AND OUR NATION AND LIBERTY! Now, How Do We Implement Our Next Movement - Before we hurry up and take action to post this on social medias or elsewhere, is the Essence For All of Us to Mail this to President Trump, Vice President Pence and To Our Courts? What Is Most Urgent and Effective? Let us all contact Anna for our individual questions and the Effective Action! Rhoda Gelman

  14. I looked up the public law and it states it is unlawful to tell anyone they must get a voter card in order to get a driving license. I got a renewal license a few years ago and they told me I had to sign up and get the voting card. I wrote the state voting official listed, I think it is Secretary of State perhaps, wrote directly to them, cited thelaw and told them to take my name off the list the send me something to show it had be accomplished. Still have not heard from them.

  15. Article Typo noted: Annual Financial Report is "AFR" and not "APR"

    Some example listings (4600) of local government CAFRs (Long page) categorized by State; City / Township; County; School District; Special District; Pensions; Council of Governments, where the different CAFRs can be downloaded for review and sharing.

    Find the ones local to you, download, put on one DVD, make copies, and share the DVDs with others:

  16. I am so swept away with the temporal stimuli of what this story evokes by what is implied ! someone did our history for us(Anna history of time) ,there were intentions of many seemingly mixed back in time ,which effort is more considered in the first cause of being ? you see the perception rate in any given being will be relative to their Idea of "time" the temporal process is evoked when speak(ing) of words cast in a "Time" that essentially is the which evokes the delay within that perception rate ,each is different for all 8 billion people,quantum physics has been shown that if the observer is present or even thinking about the object,it becomes effected by the viewer ,therefor the viewer cant escape that which he perceives ,neither can the object, because the object can not be measured for its separate individual energetic compositions containing the viewers energy ,a new confluence structures the water in the viewers body ,So the mental state of crime we use against our self individually and collectively is tied directly to this being trained to see chronologically without ever been told that one always remains now .now .now is inescapable ,time is ones temporal position in operation of thinking(deriving,dissipating energy,)neuro pathways are forged by ones will(ingness)in and through the nervous central system actuating your entire physiology by ones articulated choices in a continuous manner ,continues manner doesn't not have to be a linear association because this is the artificial precept that is the error we choose that is not conducive in ones true nature being now ! if one lives beyond their means ,this been proven (time to time) shown to be anything one thinks beyond the perceived moment is actually all temporal,where your body goes missing,most lose their grounding ,with that goes there center within their associations to things in or out of their "time"! as an example; to make a deal by entering an agreement that implies a " time " (artificial symbolism)is in a matter of "fact"(temporal) lol its been showed to be pure fraud ! for one cannot disclose what the so called future holds ,because these forms (not fact.)legal system) of time is representative of symbolism ,symbols are idols ,dead ,having no life ,without soul ,worshiping dead idols in symbolic form is someones ideas prescribed either in a "time" or a perceived place ,we cannot be just anywhere in life ,we are all life to which the cosmos reflects as one in the same ,this being in its immutable form has no bounds ,this for me is god ,no beginning or end ,no line of thinking can make this true or false for we are "being' immutable,always transmute continuously without time .
    Hope that sheds some light on the spectrum that has not been disclosed in relation to anyone telling anyone what something "is" that is creates a fixed term of being ,which in an energy field we are in being ,,is transitory on the most elemental level and or atomically speaking ,so to be true and center in relation to ones association nothing can ever be true(real) according to chronological "time" unless one is aware of there mental psychological states of time then reflecting back chronological time through a left hemispherical operation aggregating light to display the spectrum that creates the perception rate of the object as if its moving (in)(ing =linear time) opposed to (move=all encompassing present state,not projected) ,there is a world of play between these two pillars of the mind left and right ,this is the dilemma of a duel state of mind ,when time is applied unconsciously without the ability to disassociate . pure delusional state is acquired ,this is our current global state of mind ,which has been producing everything unsustainable as if there isnt enough consumption,total scarcity paradigm is at play for the majority who chase the light .

  17. hope that helps those who are chasing some dream like this one ,and yes it can come true ,but what ma small circle of psycho paths (elites) that have every one on crack (money,consumption of idols through worship(ing)(owner-ship) myth) to such an extent the military complex of like minded people who are inherently never feeling enough power for they all feel they need to control the ideas of their mind projected unto the masses so to intimidate other into a subjective state creating fear ,war mongers ,they will never understand what it means to give up their killing machines (fighter jets ,this whole field of development has such depth over the last 100 years ,so if there is an accounting shown that honest inventors were mixed with bad intending people then this also cannot allow the reset ,especially if like the one man says you can take one book to ten different accountants and have ten different interpretations ,quantum affect ensues,This is mankind true problem LIVING BEYOND ONES "MEANS" "in time" So like any projection of a companies investment over a duration of a perceived time most likely will be affected before that so call time is reached unless that person is a true prophet in a present state and can see all being in its synchronized state where nature is in total harmony in precise cycles. a good read would help this mental formulation of a greater awareness Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton . we need to deprogram the population from Babylonian like beliefs of being .One would need to rehabilitate all those who think they know when they know nothing,they are in there most fragile state ,we cannot negotiate or settle accounts physically in any accurate way with internally corrupted folks ,that in of its self will never be the worlds majority unless deprogrammed),the is level precludes many ,this is also a dilemma so until that 'time". gods of time will rule those who worship. while the rest of us are evolving to a higher state of awareness of all being. this is a con job in time ,using time,we are all frauds when in time ,that is the nature of how humans use time to extort others in a competitive environment of the afflicted commercial societies plus there time to leverage your future against the present moment , That is what the other post above was referring to ,people are in fear of what may happen in the future "time " that they are emotionally allowing to be blackmailed by perception and time alone ,this is what the American machine does to control the world of thinking ,masons and all its the western dream so to speak ! love and peace in and out of who your time is what I believe in and out of being . just thought I would create some cognitive dissonance in this "time"
    obviously this is a crude attempt to bring forward whats at play .lol be well ,dont go well..gotcha

    1. what planet do you live on? Dang, can you just reply to the relevant topic for a change? just ramble on and on about esoteric stuff. this site is about real time actions

  18. Thank you for sharing this vital account of historical facts that need to be shared far and wide. God Bless you and our dear Ana for keeping all of us informed. I will share this with friends and family.


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