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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Caution About Bonds

By Anna Von Reitz

There are fraudsters out there trying to float huge bonds with the Treasury with absolutely nothing to back the bonds up.  This is, of course, fraud of a high order and people get in big trouble for doing it.  

Before you can issue a bond you have to have your own political status corrected and all the public records in place and complete.  There have to be at least three of you in that correct status to complete the bond, one indemnitee and two guarantors. 
We are able to do this correctly because members of our group have done the due diligence, made the proper claims and gone through the right procedures, and have established the basis for issuing such bonds.  

Most people have not and it is too involved for Joe Blow and Mom and Pop to be expected to learn and do all this stuff.  The bond requirement was and is one of the most difficult aspects of all of this chicanery to navigate.  

Think about this: officially, on the public record, you are listed as both a Territorial and a Municipal franchisee.  Your labor and your assets both public and private are considered collateral backing the debts of the Territorial and Municipal government corporations, and both of them are bankrupt.  

The Municipal Government dba UNITED STATES just happened to be "holding" your entire life ESTATE trust when it went down, and even though you never gave your consent to any of this, the public record is clearly stacked against you.  

You were "framed".  

And it is the same story with your Territorial "Citizenship" except that instead of being liquidated, your assets are being subjected to receivership in a Chapter 11 Reorganization.  

So what, pray tell, to you have or own of value that you control, that you can use as anything of value to back a bond?  

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. 

You have to reassert your own true political status and record it and object to the presumptions being made, you have to reclaim your own property and the three major trust funds associated with your name---- and then you will have something with which to back up an individual indemnity bond.  It's a major burn.  

That's why we set up the AMRI00001 RA393427640US Indemnity Bond the way we did it.  Not only did I collect all the pieces to indemnify myself, I collected all the pieces to indemnify the actual fifty (50) organic states --- all the notices, all the filings, all the recordings, all the "rolling into" claims and "rolling back" liens to the Paramount Security Interest Holders: you and your states of the actual unincorporated Union. 

Along with that we established and recorded new Sovereign Letters Patent and did all the Notices and recordings related to that and we established and recorded a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty creating an Express Trust competent to hold the public covenants of the actual states.  

We did all of it to circumvent the rat's attempts to claim ownership of our country via fraud and deceit and to end-run their attempt to leave the actual Constitution vacated for lack of a competent federal partner.  And last but not least, we did it so that you could come home "from the sea" to your own country and indemnify yourselves under your own organic states of the union which you own and control without having to go through yet another hideous long-winded legal process. 

What the vermin intended is now clear for all to see.  Your stolen Trade Names would have remained "at sea" and "presumed to be" old derelict, gutted, formerly bankrupted Foreign Situs Trusts, which Queen Bess called "disregarded entities" and which her government claimed were "stateless"----- in such a scenario, you would have had no basis to conduct business, no identity, no nationality. 

You would have been forced to accept a foreign nation's insurance bond, like the so-called "M1 Bond" offered by SWISSINDO and then they would have acquired the value of your name, your copyrights, your private and public property.  

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say.  

You have your state's indemnity bond posted and firmly lodged with the U.S. Treasury and you have your claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders in the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States in place.  

Your states are sovereign nations owed immunity anyway, and they are far more valuable than any form of money gold-backed or not, so you can afford to just say no, put your name and your assets back under the shelter and protection of the original and actual state of the Union where you were born by recording the indemnity bond as part of your corrected property deed and noting that your property is indemnified under AMRI00001 RA393427640US -- California, for example. 

So spread the word, far and wide.  Come home, America.  Just come home.  Don't worry about all the "Bond offers" you will get from UN - SWISSINDO or any similar operation hosted illegally by foreign governments on our shores.   And don't worry about trying to find two other qualified people to act as Guarantors, etc., etc., etc.  All that has already been done for you.  

Later on, when we are through this crisis, you can go back and learn and make whatever other additional changes and issue whatever other bonds you need to do, but for now, get your land claims and name claims in and indemnify everything under the AMRI00001 RA393427640US -- State bond.  

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  1. Awesome Work!!
    Have processed 90%,, working on what was mentioned in this blog..

    I will pass the word around Concerning the M1Bond.

  2. I would like to ask a very important question judge Anna. First, is this BOND listed by "Fidelity" as a lawfully recognized BOND on the stock market or if not why not, and who will recognize it?? And 2) Can we Indemnify our kids who are below the age of 18(mine 10) before they are trapped into this system as their guardian or under the "Next Friend" doctrine...???? Your right about one was the "indemity bond" missing the entire time. But hardley anyone could get it right. If you really did, the American people owe you a debt that can never truely be paid back. But God is watching and he knows. You dont need to be rich in this life, trust me. But you will in the next..!!!!! You too Paul.

    1. From Anna:

      Dear James, there are all kinds of bonds. The CUSIP Bond listed by Fidelity is a child labor contract bond for an indentured servant enrolled under the 1837 English Settlement Act. How do you like that one? The best way to protect your children is to get your own political status corrected as soon as possible and claim back their "vessels" following the same process -- returning the federal PERSON--- rescinding your own statements on the paperwork at the hospital, re-conveying their name and domicile to the land and soil of their birth state, claiming paternity and issuing a recording (not a registration) of their birth, etc., etc., ---- pretty straight forward process of correction and then establishing and recording a proper public record concerning both you and your children.

      Indemnity bonds are insurance bonds. We have to be insured or we operate under 100% total commercial liability at all times. An indemnity bond only kicks in when there is a charge or claim against it---- and in this case, it insures the living man and the actual state against charges related to the federal municipal PERSON or federal territorial Person named after you. In the case of land disputes it also insures the actual state against loss and invokes the actual state's sovereign immunity.

      When you have the title (name) acknowledged, accepted, and re-conveyed, and a proper lien on that property (UCC-1 Notice followed by UCC-1 Non-UCC Lien (for personal property) followed by a UCC-1 Agricultural Lien (for the body and land), and a proper indemnity bond lodged at the Treasury, nobody can come against you or do anything to you "in the name of". It totally locks them out and denies them any excuse or "handle" with which to grab onto you. You simply present yourself, if the occasion should arise, as the operator of a peaceful American vessel engaged in international trade, inform the judge that you are indemnified against losses and accept the charges---- follow through the instructions I have already given, and that is that.

  3. I am a private --student of the law---I did not become an attorney ---primarily for moral reasons---most of them ---in my opinion are bloodsuckers and if I had gone to law school I would have become another ---Ralph Nader--one of my heroes-The crimes committed by these vermin--and the judges that condoned them---are probably incalculable. Then comes along--ANNA---WHAT THIS WONDERFULL JUDGE ---AND ALL THOSE WONDERFULL PEOPLE WORKING WITH ANNA---MANY, I UNDERSTAND, ARE WITHOUT ADEQUATE COMPENSATION, ARE DOING FOR YOU AND ME WHAT IS MIND BOGGLING. ( someone in a previous post stated that GOD is watching, indicating that their rewards will come later--in the afterlife.) I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU--MANY OF US--ARE NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN. It is just a matter of time. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU ON HER TEAM...PJ.(MODERATOR--PLEASE MAKE SURE ANNA AND HER TEAM SEE THIS POST--I AM SURE THEY WOULD APPRECIATE THIS. I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE---PJ

  4. Thank you Anna & teamsters, we appreciate your hard work.
    Article excerpt: but for now, get your land claims and name claims in and indemnify everything under the AMRI00001 RA393427640US -- State bond."
    Can we idemnify anything else other than land & name, please inform. Maybe anything we put our name on can be idemnified correct?
    Trying to find golden- silver lining in all challenges & if is here with #AMRI, #RA and --State Bond would be extremely helpful. If so, is it something as simple as writing the information on the presentment and returning it to sender?

  5. Thank you Anna & teamsters, we appreciate your hard work.
    Article excerpt: but for now, get your land claims and name claims in and indemnify everything under the AMRI00001 RA393427640US -- State bond."
    Can we idemnify anything else other than land & name, please inform. Maybe anything we put our name on can be idemnified correct?
    Trying to find golden- silver lining in all challenges & if is here with #AMRI, #RA and --State Bond would be extremely helpful. If so, is it something as simple as writing the information on the presentment and returning it to sender?

  6. We are that persons personal representative of his/her private capacity in being.


  7. To fill in some holes:
    Finally I heard some of the key words that make it possible for you to engage in commercial transactions. Everything, is Uniform Commercial Code but you will never hear attorneys acknowledge it's usage. A UCC 1 establishes who is creditor (human being) and who is debtor (FICTION). Standing in court accused of 'any' legality, (statute, code, amendment, addendum), all that is going on in there is accounting. They have (under contract), placed you in debt, and if you can't settle the debt and close the account you're paying a fine, or going to jail. I tell everyone this in the app. 6 hour lecture (interview) I put everyone through prior to deciding if they will be able to handle a 'Flaming Sword', (removal of trusteeship that the government has which is enslaving you), becoming a 'SPC' (Secured Party Creditor). Being ( I heard you mention 3 before Anna) 3 always, am I, (in court) and another 'hole filling' with ability to placing 'all' court officials into 'private' trusteeship of my 'Ens Legis', (you're trust created by the state through the BC, and only a trust has the ability to have a convertible (negotiable), and/or increasing and trade able financial instrument (bond)), should it need be. THREE I am in court as 1). Private Lawyer (authorized representative). 2) Beneficiary of my own TRUST/LLC (protected under The Hague by international law applicable to trusts.), and 3) being the trust itself, And the UCC 1 is worthless, (there is almost always on average only a few states you 'want to',(box's '1e', and '1f') file a UCC 1 with. What I don't get, is I'm sitting here with 4, (going to be 5), 'defaulted' commercial affidavits, two of them are 'Appendix A's, and qualified under TITLE 15 as accounts receivable and all it takes for me to get paid on them are 3 SPC's signing off on them using their UCC1 Financial file number, 'offset' bond number at treasury (bond bundling), because 3 secured party creditors are as a jury award, and 4 people with the 'Brass Ring' are a 'Quorum'. So, after almost 16 years of involvement in this, and 2 years of law school I hear a lot of people telling everyone how to do this and that yet have found no one sitting here where I am. And trying to find out how much a BC bond is worth is impossible unless you have it, and should you have it, it would have the stamping's on the back from all the trade platforms it had accrued. And yes, I claim all CUSIPS, trade platforms, indemnities, under-writings, bonds, under my trust/LLC as beneficiary on top of collecting for Common Law Copyright violations. Thus making it unlawful, and supposedly impossible to use my NAME for GSA SF24;25;25b. But they fail to honor their own rules and now judges are entering the pleas for defendants which is practicing law from the bench and treason! In my opinion, I see a lot of people on Facebook who like to hear themselves talk, but when it comes to action, they become a church mouse. I can show them my offsets, but no one can show me theirs. If I was to use my Naval Intel training, the analysis would be a high % of undercover federal agents, interpol, etc on Facebook releasing correct information, with parts missing on purpose. And btw, I have the 4th addition of cracking the code (1200+ pages), and it's easy to see where they made their mistakes....
    Thanks for the time Paul

  8. It's been a while since this post was made - however, I do have a urgent question! If you've been in the military and find yourself disabled from the military. Will that person lose his va disability benefits should he correct his political status and return the federal PERSON! If he would lose his benefits and va hospital coverage!??

    1. From Anna Von Reitz:

      No. It’s like working for any big corporation. Once you retire, you retire, and you are free to move anywhere you like and live as you please.
      Political status and nationality are guaranteed rights owed under international law. What changes is the interpretation of which United States you are talking about. Once you come home you are a State Citizen of The United States—- a much better status than US Citizen or Citizen of the United States.


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