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Monday, June 26, 2017

Four Unions. Two Are Bankrupt. How to Handle Obstructive Clerks

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's go over this again.  

There is the actual, factual union of fifty (50) geographically defined states of the Union.   This is the "Terra Firma" level of national identity and organization that defines each sovereign state's borders and which also determines your nationality as a Wisconsinite, Virginian, Texan, and so on at birth. 

There is the union of unincorporated body politics that represent and do business for the states and people composed of fifty organizations named like this: California State, Oregon State, and so on, that are member states of the United States of America.  These are the doing-business-as names of unincorporated business entities organized by the people in each state to exercise the land jurisdiction and undelegated portion of international jurisdiction belonging to each state.  These entities are all land jurisdiction republics. 

There is a union of "inchoate" Territorial "States of States" such as the State of Illinois and the State of Wyoming, that exist only as corporate franchises of the USA, Inc.   These entities are all constitutional democracies. 

There is a union of equally "inchoate" Municipal "STATE OF STATES" such as the STATE OF NEW YORK, that exist only as corporate municipal franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC..  These entities are all municipal oligarchies. 

And at the current moment, the UNITED STATES and all its franchises are being liquidated in Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy thanks to Mr. Obummer, and the USA, Inc. is in Chapter 11.  

Separate groups of bankruptcy trustees named by the Secondary international creditors are attacking and seizing upon any and all assets of any franchises of either the UNITED STATES, INC. or the USA, INC.  

This is why "JOSEPHINE MARY KENNY" is being hit with "Power to Sell Notices"--- "SHE" is being "liquidated" as a franchise belonging to the UNITED STATES, INC.  

This is why "ROBERT C. BROADBENT" is being hit with "extra" property tax claims and new sales and service taxes and fees--- the trustees in charge of the USA, INC. reorganization are trying to drum up more capital. 

It's simple enough once you realize what is going on.  It is also simple to figure out that the only entities that aren't bankrupt and aren't subject to search and seizure, are the unincorporated land jurisdiction states like the Wisconsin State.  Their members operate on the land jurisdiction under Trade Names in the form: John Albert Fisher----which look and sound identical to the names of Foreign Situs Trusts being operated in the international jurisdiction of the sea by the USA, Inc. 

This simple deceit was used by FDR to deceive and defraud generations of Americans.  John Albert Fisher, a Trade Name on the land,looks identical to John Albert Fisher, a Foreign Situs Trust operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

So to react appropriately to the present situation, what must one do? 

Go home, E.T., go home.  Home to the land jurisdiction, which is your natural and permanent domicile and the lawful domicile of all your "vessels" in trade or commerce---- the "John Albert Fisher" Foreign Situs Trust and the "JOHN ALBERT FISHER" Estate Trust and the "JOHN A. FISHER" public transmitting utility, for example, all need to have their permanent domicile "removed, re-venued, and re-conveyed" to the land jurisdiction state where you were born.

That is, this is what needs to be done, if you want to keep yourself and your assets out of the clutches of foreign secondary creditors bent on seizing your property to pay for the private debts of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the reorganization costs of the USA, Inc. 

Some people have been having trouble getting knot-headed County Recorders to record their Acts of Expatriation and other paperwork.  You can cut to the chase and bulwark your position and solve that problem by issuing an "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed"---- transferring the Deed to your names (and all the property attached to your name(s)--- back to the land jurisdiction of your home state. 

Basically, the verbiage runs like this: 

I, the paramount security interest holder in all assets and collateral both registered and unregistered, belonging to: JOHN MARK DOE,  JOHN M. DOE,  John Mark Doe, John M. Doe, John Does, their reverses, variations, and any other styles, hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey these same Names/NAMES to the land and soil of my native state, Wisconsin, and do establish their permanent domicile on the land and soil of Wisconsin." 

Have this Witnessed in front of a notary and a couple living witnesses, then record it for posterity. 

Clerks have to record deeds, including Deeds of Re-Conveyance. Pop your Act of Expatriation on as  page two of the "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" and you will have that job done, too. 

And no more fights or arguments with the Clerks.  

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  1. Just make sure when the county recorder accepts your filing, that it shows up on the first page where all property filings are found, letting everyone know who is looking at your property, including the Banks and their Attorneys that there is a problem with trying to foreclose on your property. Otherwise, they might just try and file it under "NOTICES" or somewhere else where no one will see it unless they have the exact document number. In fact, i would make sure by sending a copy to your loan co.

  2. These people working at the CRO are undoubtably under strict control now after 2008 by the DA's Office and supervisors at the court . If they see paperwork like ours they dont understand(and they wont), they are told to call someone at the court before they accept it or where it will be filed. If there is any doubt, you should file it in the local newspaper for 3 weeks as a "good faith" attempt to notice everyone who thinks they have an interest in your property after that. Remember to list your property(public...lot# so and so, indicating sea jurisdiction) to "metes and bounds"(making it private and on the "land"). It should take your property off the "property tax" records....For Good. But thats in a perfect world where everyone obeys the laws, including the city and counties and all their agents. I bet this shit never happened in Andy of Mayberries town, where the town drunk just walked into the sherriffs dept and just walked into his cell and locked it by himself. What a town.

  3. Very interesting information. Perhaps someone here can expound a bit more on this please. When you have like say the State of California franchise tax board coming after the NAME for no reason, is this entity still subject to the a federal government, IRS statutes and the US Constitution?

    1. CA actually calls it what it is; a "franchise" tax board which proves that they are operating a US Municipal franchise and part and parcel of the US Municipal "Government". In most states your NAME is subject to taxation at the state level in the same manner it is subject to taxation at the federal level. However, when you are exempt federally, you are also exempt locally at the state level. Nevertheless, as a man on the land, your labor is exempt from levy (taxation) altogether. Once you surrender the US PERSON and expatriate from the US MUNICIPAL Corporate "Government", you are no longer responsible for your NAME since it was never yours to begin with. Mr. Mnuchin, as appointed on the Form 56, is now responsible for that NAME. Just stamp the coupon you receive from the franchise board, sign it and send it back to them. If they continue to bother you, acquire the account on a 1099-A and send it to CID in Covington along with a 1096 and 1040-V. If they persist, report them on IRS Form 3949-A to CID at Internal Revenue Service, Stop 31313, Fresno, CA 93888 with copies of your paperwork and tell them: "Sic 'em, boys!"

    2. From Anna:

      The schmucks running the "State of California" and "STATE OF CALIFORNIA" just took a lesson from the federal government corporation handbook and set up their own racketeering operation called--- what else? The California Franchise--- as in Dairy Queen--- Tax Board.


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