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Monday, May 15, 2017

The First Sin -- Update on State Non-Assumpsit Actions

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people don't read the Bible.  They need to, if they want to know what is going on in the world.  It is indeed a strange concept that we need to read a book that is derived from ancient history to keep current with today, but as with much else concerning this particular book---- it's true. 

Those who read the Bible know that Adam was tasked to be a caretaker of the Earth and granted dominion over the Earth, and he was also tasked to name the animals and trees and other things that he interacted with on Earth. 

However, he was never given the task of naming himself or other men.  

That task is reserved to our Father.  Much later in the Bible, in fact, we are promised that He will give us our true names.  

As a result, whatever names we are given are not true names and are not part of Adam's job to give.  The practice of applying names to men is the First Sin. 

We may well ask, how are we supposed to talk about anything pertaining to men or make reference to anyone without giving them a name?

For many generations we have used descriptions that appear to be names to a greater or lesser extent, and so names typically have additional meanings which create descriptions that are included on a sub rosa basis.  

Names like "Anne of Green Gables" and "Geoffry of Malmsbury" are apparent descriptions, but a name like "Anna" which means "Mother" and "Grace" also holds descriptive meaning.  This is all because we are not supposed to name each other, but, in practice, we do. 

And that is the First Sin.  

That it is a sin becomes very clear when you examine the process that has led to our current distress.  When we create "persons" and name them, men become identified as "things" and as things they lose their sanctity and dominion, and take on the inert and alien characteristics of say, rocks. 

A man is a man, but a person is a thing---- and all the profound differences that exist between men and things apply.  It is a crime to murder a man, but there is no law against murdering a thing. 

When you deliberately apply the names of living men to PERSONS as a means of deceiving them and harming them without being held accountable, a crime of "personage" occurs.  

Personage is the act of reducing a man to a thing via a manipulation of his given name or by changing the agreed upon usage of his name to facilitate such a change. 

For example, personage occurs when the function of your Trade Name in the form "John Mark Doe" (which you use for international trade) is arbitrarily redefined as the name of a Foreign Situs Trust operating in international commerce.  

This is the kind of personage the FDR committed against our grandparents. It arbitrarily removed their names from the jurisdiction of the land and exposed them to piracy and the loss of their material rights and interests including their constitutional guarantees--- all without telling them. 

This change was made by the Territorial United States and could actually only apply to their Citizens, however, since nobody in the actual United States was fully informed, a process of "assumpsit" kicked in.  People just continued to use their own familiar Trade Name  as they always had, and in the process they became misidentified government employees operating Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the United States of America, Inc.  

Another form of personage occurs when the style of a name is changed to conform with such a change in function.   

Having redefined the use and meaning of our Trade Names on the land to serve as the names of Foreign Situs Trusts on the sea, the perpetrators next created so-called Municipal franchises and messed with our names again to create Cestui Que Vie Trusts named after us:  JOHN MARK DOE.  

Most recently, the Municipal United States has floated a whole new scam and arbitrarily defined names in the form "JOHN M. DOE" to be the names of US Public Transmitting Utilities.  

Well, that may be what Mr. Obama thinks they are. 

I say it's just more fraud and more personage by our public servants deliberately being used to defraud and foist off foreign debt on us via a process of unwitting assumption. 

The State of State organizations in Alaska, Maine, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and Utah have received Notice of Non-Assumpsit published in the local newspapers.  

These six actual States and their people have told Washington, DC and the world at large that there is a fraud scheme in play and we don't agree with it and we don't assume any debts related to all the names in the form "JOHN M. DOE".  

What about the rest of you people and states?  

Are you all going to stand around like dumb posts and let the Territorial United States claim that you are one of their "Citizens" and subject to their "law" as if you were born in Puerto Rico?  Are you going to assume their debts, knowing that they are already bankrupt? 

Get those Notices of Non-Assumpsit published so the Territorial United States can't come back and say, "Hey, these people and their states assumed this debt, so it's theirs to pay."  

This is your time to object and put it on the record.  

Now, it is possible that what has been done by these states that have published their objections already could be brokered into a claim that all our states are owed equal footing---- but do you really want to leave your state on the list of states that they can say "acquiesced" by being silent?  

---With a $20 trillion debt in the air and looking for a place to land? 

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  1. I never understood the meaning of "speaking in toungues" in the bible. If you have ever gone to a church that allows "soeaking in tounges" you will think they are all nuts... But i recently watched the 700 club that finally explained this. Appearantly God realized that languages of man were all suseptatable to fraudulent misuse by the "sorerors" of language..."attorneys". So God told them he would provide the perfect language to talk with him, which if you have ever heard it, sounds exactly like "gibberesh". It goes something like this....gibb ada la esta blaa sebbada ..... you get the idea. It was the perfect language, because no one understood it except the man/woman speaking it to God. In other words, something the attorneys couldnt possible corrupt, because no one understood each persons "tounges" because they were unique. It turns out the perfect language is "gibberish" anyway....!!!

    1. ...and they say Trump is insane!!!
      Wow...way to make the puzzle piece fit the square hole!
      I love Christians...they are so so entertaining!

  2. There is another post i regularly visit or get emails from called "soverign warriors", run by JARO. The last post was about cryptocurrencies. Everone has heard of "bitcoin", but there are now dozens of these cryptocurrencies currently being traded. Someone on the site said that Texas is developing their own crytocurrency(TRN), the Texas Republic Nation currency, because Texasans have maintained that they have always been their own country, and never been a part of the "United States", because it was only by a "resolution" in 1845, not 1945, that Texas was supposedly made a part of the "United States". Not only that but the Texas they are talking about entails more than a million square miles and includes all the states to the west coast of Calif. There are supposedly embassies in other countries that name only Texas as a nation. This is getting very complicated. The right hand doesnt seem to know what the left hand is doing...the bottom line is that Texas has always been a free country, no matter what anyone says...I honestly dont know.

  3. The State of State organizations in Alaska, Maine, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and Utah have received Notice of Non-Assumpsit published in the local newspapers. May I see a copy?

  4. Judge Anna I donated to your cause and it was nothing to brag about but it was all I could do at the present time due to my situation. I enjoy your post very much and want to thank you for all your hard work and patience helping the everyday people who know nothing of what to do in most of these situations. I too would like a copy of the Non-Assumpsit that was published. I am putting together my letter to reclaim my name as of today....I wish that you could approve the wording but I know you are extremely busy...Thanks again.

  5. If you do not agree to a fully disclosed contract and have equal consideration then there is no contract. Why do we have to say " NO " when we never said " YES " ? How can anytging " presumed " and if so then wha stops us from just paying everything with this cestui que trust ?

    1. many people believe that because you were/are a baby/infant that you are not able to contract, that is untrue, your parents did that for you and you continued to do that with other contracts ie SSN and drivers license for example and there are MANY others, the contract is voidable but remains intact until you express your will otherwise.

  6. Good Additional breakdown of the concept above

    1. From Anna:

      The publications have been sent to me as tear sheets from the actual papers and have not been scanned into my computer system yet, so no--I can't just send you a copy.

    2. copy and paste to a link anna. if you want people to follow through and see how and what you did.

  7. Wrong! Why? One word. FRAUD. It's all a big lie. Fraud vitiates every contract it touches. So does lack of full disclosure. There is NO statute of limitations on fraud.

  8. lack of expressed will is tacit agreement and silent acquiesence until and unless you rescind and revoke all implied or expressed contracts, with or without full disclosure. if you read about contracts you would understand there are MANY types and yes, obviously they can do it and they are able with armed guards to enforce it.

    if you do not think that is the case, good luck with that in court not paying fines, tickets and the irs...etc hahaha

    careful with your pie in the sky responses paul you will get people into alot of trouble. good breakdown here. and yes they legally can do anything they want through quasi and voidable contracts.

    All illegal Contracts are void, but all void contracts are not illegal:

    1. What I said is true. Even if the commercial so called courts are not recognizing it. There is only one just judge in this universe, and he is coming and will eliminate all this evil. If you think that is "pie in the sky" just wait a while. The whole so called court system in this country is so evil that God would have to stop being God to let it go on much further, and you know that isn't going to happen. None of that is to say that we shouldn't do our part, but each one of us must decide for ourselves what that part is. What did I say that you think might get people in trouble. Did I advocate any kind of action whatsoever in that post? No.

    2. i am completey with you paul as to what should be. but the people are not going in there understanding who they are and in what capacity. i am just trying to explain what is happening right now realistically to people when they dont, they are getting thrown in jail going in half-cocked not completely understanding what they got themselves into or arguing with them saying i owe you nothing, for example the irs, saying this is not right in gods eyes or fraud vitiates all contracts, i dont owe you any money etc. that will get them into some pretty big trouble.

  9. ever look up the word overcome? the lawful definition is very different from what you think... not the spiritual definition we think it law it means overcome the presumption and assumption with a preponderance of evidence. ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    has everyone done that yet? nope, they just bring legal arguments to court WITHOUT EVIDENCE properly filed and entered on the record, which gives the commercial court its jurisdiction over your agency as Congress has plenary rule over your registered organization; does your person have constitutional rights, nope, but you can enforce the Constitution over the "people" if they a subscribed or oral oaths stating such, through their trust indenture.

  10. But penny4yerthoughts if you did have your paperwork, they never present theirs either when asked. Everything is always denied, denied, denied. Do you thing the courts ate playing with "clean hands" and in "good faith", like any court of "good consciouse" should be doing. In these courts of "injustice" there are no "truths". When we finally know the truth and present it, we ignorantly thought that the courts would give us "remedy", instead of playing word games and protecting the "FRAUD" instead of us(the people), like we were all lead to believe. Imagine my surprize and sadness that knowing the "truth" was more of a burden than complying with the "LIE". Yes, people are going to jail. But not because they dont have the "truth", but because they do. And the only way to really know that is to actually enter the lions den(our modern courts). I learned more from my failures than my successes. Thats the cost of seeking the "truth". I wonder where we would all be if Jesus didnt confrount the court which he knew was his destiny and fully knowing the fraud of the court and his eventuall horrible demise and ultimate sacrifice.These freedoms we all hold so dear came at the expense of good people who stood up for "Rights" we all should have been fighting for, not just a few. We all owe them greatly. I admire their courage. But sadly, even i dont have that kind of committment to the truth. 6 months of jail, with no one caring was enough for me....these people dont deserve it. I thank everyone though that got us here everyday, because i can feel their pain. The courts may be the civil and peaceful resolution, but the battlefield is way more honest....!!!

  11. The Notice has been published in the Santa Fe Reporter at Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fyi

    Do you have a list of what states are left to give "notice" as i can help put word out even though im canadian. Just saying .. suggestion to maybe put out a list of states that havent given notice ... thanks peace


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