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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Decrees

Alaska State Superior Court
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99508

International Decree of Cease and Desist
International Decree Requiring Re-Venue and Release
International Decree Rejecting Claims On Abandonment

It has been brought to our attention that the State of Alaska Territorial United States franchise and its STATE OF ALASKA Municipal United States franchise, have been engaged in a repugnant form of crime on our shores and are guilty of violent trespass against their employers, the unincorporated Alaska State, which is owed The Alaska Statehood Compact, and the people of Alaska.  See Alaska Session Law and AS 45.77.020.

The form of this crime amounts to strong-armed conscription of Alaska State nationals under false pretenses and imposition of coerced private adhesion contracts solicited under threat of kidnapping, which results in seizing upon the babies of natural Alaskan parents and presuming that they are: (1) wards of the State of Alaska; (2) abandoned property; (3) obligated to act as Municipal United States citizens and to donate their names and estates to the benefit of the State of Alaska.

This is a most venal form of international inland piracy and racketeering for which the State of Alaska is fully responsible, as it has employed and allowed the STATE OF ALASKA to be present and to trespass upon our soil as a consequence of its own contract with the Alaska State to provide “essential government services”.

It is therefore Ordered that both the State of Alaska and the STATE OF ALASKA cease and desist all such solicitations of private citizenship contract, all pretensions that such solicitation is in any way a “government mandate” applicable to natural born Alaskans, all activities related to the continuance of this foreign and repugnant practice on our soil, and to immediately begin corrective action to bring remedy on the land and full cure and maintenance on the sea.  

All people born on and from the soil of the Alaska State are Alaska state nationals at birth and the Alaska State claims them at birth without exception.  Their Persons are defined as American State Vessels engaged in peaceful International Trade and as Protected PERSONS owed all guarantees of the actual Constitution for the united States of America whenever they venture into the realm of Commerce.

As employees of the Alaska State, both the State of Alaska and the STATE OF ALASKA subcontractor, are required to correct and return the Birth Certificates they have acquired by fraud and racketeering carried out under color of law on our shores and to also immediately return and re-venue the given names of Alaskans which they have unlawfully registered, patented, copyrighted, and trademarked without full or adequate disclosure, together with all land patents, titles, and other property assets and material interests owed to the Alaska State and people. All such purloined right and interest must be returned to the lawful Holders in Due Course.

It has also been brought to our attention that the parent corporations of the State of Alaska and STATE OF ALASKA operating similar “state of state” franchises in other land jurisdiction states have brought similar false claims of abandonment and “decedent status” against the people of the actual United States as a whole, and that natives of other states now living in Alaska as well as Alaskans are being threatened and defrauded by secondary creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and the UN, INC., and E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES, INC. and E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and other Territorial United States and Municipal United States corporations.

The Alaska State Superior Court hereby extends the protection of these Decrees to all natural-born and lawfully naturalized nationals of all other union states living within its jurisdiction, which is established and defined by the geographic borders of Alaska, and orders the Alaska State Troopers and Alaska State Militia to intervene and prevent all and any presumptive enforcement actions undertaken by the STATE OF ALASKA or State of Alaska personnel based on the above-described undisclosed forced private contract and conscription process carried out by foreign corporations that are in fact employees of the victims of this scam. 

All merely presumptive claims based on Birth Certificates, enrollment in Social Security, possession of Driver Licenses, Marriage Licenses, Mortgages benefiting the State of Alaska or STATE OF ALASKA and similar presentments are hereby released and all such documents are declared suspected prima facie evidence of crime subject to confiscation by the lawful authorities.

So declared and decreed this 12th day of May 2017 by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Superior Court and witnessed by her signature and the Seal of the Alaska State Superior Court:


  1. Alternative media is gearing up for a fight matter of a fact a lot came into new Orleans just to defend a statue of Robert e Lee . And are actively recruiting . I think we need to educate them how to fight lawfully .

  2. This is a BIG fight...
    All of us have been sleep at the wheel. Those who want to help are having things to happen to their relatives, friends and people we know. Our whole lives are being investigated by people showing up and looking into our backgrounds, threatening our very existence. I myself, have had two unexplained murders take place in my family... a senseless crime. I believe in you Judge Anna, I STAND WITH YOU! I no longer want to be SILENCED, because I forward your mail to individuals.
    We are stronger together. We must fight hand and hand, please everyone, for the sake of our children, we must continue this fight.

  3. Is there anyone you havent "Noticed" yet. One thing is for sure...they can no longer claim ignorance when the time comes..!!! And even if they arent brought to justice, you already convicted their consciouse...they will never escape that.

  4. I am wondering how many "decrees" Anna has issued, three that I am aware of, and how many have been ignored by the criminals ruling over us!? Every one of them!!! Words and letters are not "fighting" folks, neither is carrying a few protest signs that the perps ignore. We have only one option left to us is the one we don't want to take, if you can read between the lines. There are a few folks expecting a big earthquake in the Washington State area around Oct. which will be devastating enough to collapse the whole charade called gov't. Outside of this event, if it doesn't happen, then we are left with the only option no one wants to take. There is no longer any other way.

  5. Those who are 60+ have been on the front lines agree on one thing numbers talk. Show up.

  6. From Anna:

    Not true. These are the only three decrees I have issued. I have issued orders and those have been obeyed. I don't know what else you are talking about, but I haven't had any trouble getting my work recognized and I haven't had any difficulty getting enforcement.

    What does appear to be happening is that people assume that nothing is happening and think that because they can't get enforcement, nobody else can.

    The truth of the matter is that you can get enforcement if you adopt your birthright political status and get the local government organized as I have been telling people to do for years now.

    Don't mill around feeling sorry for yourselves and making excuses. You have been told what is going on and why. You have been handed remedy on a platter. You have the Michigan General Jural Assembly standing by ready to help you get your own county set up and running as it ought to

    The only real problem we are encountering is that after generations of being force fed and lied to and having their butts wiped for them, people keep looking to others to provide their government for them, as if it is all going to drop out of the blue and land on their heads. What exactly do you think the phrase "self-government" means?

    And if you can contemplate the possible necessity of taking up arms and killing people, which you apparently do, why in blazes can't you contemplate the simple peaceful job that has to be done of calling a few public meetings and holding some elections and getting your county government set up?

  7. They name themselves and their currency "E Pluribus Unam" - In god We Trust, and then proceed to rape and thieve the rightful names and estates of their masters, the people, in order to prove how much they "trust in God". Time for all of us to take our birthright inheritance of the Divine Estate Trust back in our possession from these dirty criminals!

  8. What ever happened to Rod Class who suppossedly sued the Corp. State under the "possi commitatus" sec. of the 14 amendment and won a $40 million lawsuit. Was the case ever published publically...???

  9. Im sorry, i meant under the "bounty hunter" clause of the 14th amendment....???

  10. From Anna:
    Rod will be before the US Supreme Court in October and is asking that those who can, come to hear the arguments and support him. Those who can't physically be there can still send donations. As you may expect bringing a case before the Supreme Court is a very spendy proposition--

  11. I knew it. Its never over with these people. I can certainly support him spiritually, but im living strictly on SS which i assure you is low income. I can hardly wait to see how many so called "patriot brothers", along with the secular society will be slandering his good name just because he lost to a corrupt court, instead of being angry at the justice system that he had every right of recourse and remedy and spelled it out under no uncertain terms, and with all the truth and evidence. I saw his complaint incredible work of art....I hate smart people going to jail. He doesnt belong there..God, please dont let him go there....!!!!


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