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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day, Mr. Trump. Court Order Enclosed.

     May 14, 2017
                                                                                         Big Lake, Alaska
President Donald J. Trump
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Trump,

It’s Mother’s Day 2017, and I am grieving.

My joy in the sacred experience of Motherhood was marred throughout by something that the Municipal Government of the Territorial United States did and which it is doing and which it must stop doing.

It must stop its wholesale lying about Mothers and Motherhood.

I suppose it began innocently enough many centuries ago: an unwed Mother died in childbirth, leaving a baby with no means of support and care.  Another woman in a difficult situation----too many children already, an abusive husband, married but no explanation for the pregnancy--- gave birth and left her baby on the doorstep of the church.  And so it went. 

The local communities and churches have traditionally placed such abandoned or orphaned children in institutions—orphanages and work houses---where they were made to labor from an early age until they attained adulthood to provide their own keep.

We call these places “residential schools” now, but they still exist, and there is still need for them.  

These are hard realities and they call out for better means to address, but this basic situation has given rise to an even greater evil and a gross systemic abuse of our entire population.  And that is what I want to address with you this Mother’s Day.

Today, all babies born in America are presumed to be abandoned bastards and wards of the local STATE OF STATE organizations that have been allowed to insinuate themselves and trespass on our soil.  If a Mother and Father have sense enough to protest this theft of their property and authority, they face an ugly uphill battle, threats, strong-armed racketeering, and court suits brought against their natural standing as parents.

As I proved to Mr. Sessions yesterday, the Alaska State (Statehood Compact) hired the foreign State of Alaska (Territorial franchise) to provide essential government services (AS 45.77.020) and State of Alaska then brought along its own STATE OF ALASKA (Territorial municipal franchise) to do some of the work. 

This municipal subcontractor of the State of Alaska is going around preying upon our people, disrupting our families, and threatening our peace.  It is claiming that every Mother is unwed and that every baby is abandoned, so that it can enrich itself by claiming control of the baby’s estate and issuing child labor contracts backed by CUSIP Bonds.

This is happening in every state of the union under the same exact auspices.

Here is a copy of the text of my sworn testimony of my own first-hand experience of these vicious immoral and unlawful practices by the federal “Municipal Government” (which has no actual right to even be here operating in Alaska) and which I recorded as a Deed.

  Deed Clarification and Title Distribution
It is a matter of Public Record that on January 15, 1994, I married James Clinton Belcher via a private ceremony conducted via Justice of the Peace in Big Lake, Alaska.

It is also a matter of Public Record that on November 15, 1996, I gave life and nativity to our natural son, Eric Jon, at Providence Medical Center, Anchorage, Alaska.

I affirm under penalty of perjury that our son, Eric Jon, was born in wedlock and is our lawful and beloved progeny.  (See-- Decree Emancipating Eric Jon Belcher, 2016-017842-0, Palmer Land Recording District). I further affirm that while still recovering from childbirth, I was visited by two unidentified women and a large male nurse, who came to my hospital room and insisted that I sign paperwork that they claimed was mandatory—“required by law” and they said---upon my Purgatory Oath---that if I did not sign it, they would keep my baby and not allow him to go home.
(1)    I signed that paperwork under vicious physical and mental duress.
(2)    I did not consensually claim to be or act as an “Informant”.
(3)    I wish to correct any record asserting that my name is or was: ANNA MARLA RIEZINGER.
(4)    My name upon the Public Record is: Anna Maria Riezinger—and always has been.
(5)    My son, Eric Jon,  is not now and never was a “United States Citizen” nor a “citizen of the United States”--- any mis-statements of mine made under conditions of non-disclosure or duress notwithstanding.   He is a non-citizen national of the Alaska State.
(6)    I have since learned that the paperwork I was forced to sign was a child labor contract which entered my son into a condition of “voluntary” indentured servitude to the UNITED STATES, INC.
(7)    I object to this as non-consensual enslavement, press-ganging, and fraud upon me and my child and I here record my claims and testimony by my seal and signature:
And then I signed it and I recorded it for posterity so that everyone on Earth could see what is going on here, how venal it is, and how despicable it is that these harpies are going around strong-arming Mothers to sign false documents under pain of such duress.

For the past 21 years thanks to the gross mis-administration of the State of Alaska and its municipal sidekick, the STATE OF ALASKA, I have been wrongly identified as an unwed Mother.  It has been made part of the public record that I and my husband voluntarily gave up title to our son and made him a ward of a foreign corporation calling itself the STATE OF ALASKA.  And our son has been wrongly presumed to be a bastard and an abandoned child and all sorts of other rot as a result of this strong-armed racketeering, inland piracy, and identity theft.

This same criminal organization then stole my son’s given name and patented, copyrighted, and trademarked it under these false pretenses, and issued CUSIP bonds and child labor contracts against his name to enrich itself.  And they did all this under color of law, under the false pretense that their organization represented my government, which is the unincorporated Alaska State Government---which it does not.

Do you know of any reason that a Mother so mistreated should not wish to string up every member of the “Territorial United States Congress” responsible for this circumstance from the nearest tree?   Any reason why she should not object in the strongest terms possible to being mis-characterized as an unwed Mother?  An “Informant”? 

I was 40 years old, happily married, fully competent financially and in every other respect.  I had a Will. I had established Guardians in the event of my death or disability.  There is absolutely no excuse for what was done to me, my husband, and my child.  All it was, was criminals seeking profit at our expense, while the “State of Alaska” Territorial Government franchise looked the other way, so that they could receive kick-backs from this gross racketeering and trafficking and unlawful child labor contract process.

My husband and I and our child were violently trespassed upon by undeclared agents of the foreign Municipal United States government ---and the Territorial United States Government which is responsible for the Municipal United States Government being here and which is under contract to our actual Alaska State Government-- did nothing whatsoever to prevent this atrocity.

Like virtually every other woman in America, I was strong-armed under threat of loss and duress to sign paperwork that was pressed upon me as a “government mandate” under color of law.  I have been mis-characterized as an unwed Mother and an “Informant” against my own child, falsely identified as a woman who “abandoned” her baby and “voluntarily” gave him away to the care of a faceless, nameless, criminal foreign corporation that shouldn’t even be here.

And I am here to tell you otherwise, Mr. Trump. 

I have since gone back to 1860 and firmly established my name and the names of everyone else on the land jurisdiction of the United States and I have corrected the public records related to me, my husband, and my son. 

I am outraged to the bone by this continuing behavior on the part of my public servants and I am ordering it ended as a lawful Judge of the unincorporated Alaska State, which is the actual employer of the “State of Alaska”, which is responsible for the presence of the “STATE OF ALASKA” on our soil.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mr. Trump.    Alaska State Court Order to Cease and Desist enclosed.  
                                                                            Anna Maria Riezinger
                                                                            c/o Box 520994

                                                                            Big Lake, Alaska 99652


  1. We would all be interested in his response....!!!

  2. Right on Judge.... but will anyone read this and be intelligent or insightful enough to actually pass this wonderful well scripted documented letter on to anyone of any intelligence or insightfulness to actually pass this on to anyone who cares?

  3. Once again fantastic work from Anna . Basically othet comment said will anyone take notice ???

    There thousands of ellieist well embedded and funded . We are few with little or no resources!!! We may need help from higher places if there is such a thing . Keep up the good work .

    1. Oh there is such a thing. Gods will be done.

    2. Well p4yt, if there was such a thing, and such a being, something would have been done about this long ago. The fact is there isn't. It is just that simple.
      There is no help other than what we do and for laziness have done nothing except cheer on those, like Anna, who seem to be doing more than their part.
      It is you and people like you who are looking for outside help, who are squarely the cause of our slavery. Get real, there is no outside help! The only god concerned with the earth is the god of this world and we know who that is. It is the god proclaimed in the bible. That being is falsely called god because there is nothing about it that resembles the God who designed this beautiful creation. The only remedy available to us is through us. Until that point is taken personally by all seeking remedy there is no hope for regaining our former state!

      Now I am perfectly aware that few want to hear this. As mentioned by someone earlier, so much cognitive dissonance exists surrounding the topic of 'god' because the off world powers in control of this planet have engineered our minds to comprehend only the god they have created for us to believe in. We're all in the same boat.

      You can start by abandoning the religious crap you believe and thinking with your own mind, not the one you were engineered to think with as it only honors the one referred to as satan, who is the only god of this world!

  4. Bravo! Sure would to see the contents of that Alaska State Court Order to Cease and Desist.

  5. Excellent, well said. At this point I am very discouraged (I am 86 years old} and have experienced a lot in my life. When I try o talk to others about: money, law, corporate religion,etc. most go into immediate cognitive dissonance. The public schools have done their job well for many years of mind control. Perhaps our beloved country will have to " godown the tubes" before we can get to any semblance of sanity. We are living in an insane asylum and the inmqates are in control!!!!

    1. Minnie Kay...
      You are completely AWESOME!!!
      I LOVE YOU and your kind!!!!

    2. Agreed the lot of them are stupid, NUTs and controlling everything.... all should be shutdown, no healthy services whatsoever ...their god is money

  6. This effort is in effect one that would have to change every nation under treaty.banking , militarily protected ,using the uniform codes etc. The entire world is globally interconnected on manufacturing of large product base ,this change would devastate all underlining prior agreements(contracts,securities etc) having anything to do with a bar member and the like adjudications of any courts ,where are the resets and the staging plans for this global shift?

    This would be naive to assume this will go down as being suggested .

    This is like asking the rat to be noble ,honest and fair and not eat your cheese.Except these rats have all the money , weapons and advanced intelligence that might put this cause into perspective if they can ultimately take us out ! Wars on grand scale are spun to look like something all together is not happening while it is just another round of genocide , We are there sweet spot, occupying our land ,our name's ,institutions and the minds of the masses protecting the fictional values of the state and not ever aware of the states veil, The masses are actually policing each other out of fear of associations or some moral obligation to tell on your own family and friends to the pirates dresses to appear official,yet just a criminal in drag .Does anyone else see this cause being a mere rock being thrown at a tsunami..?
    I am a realist not an idealist .I am positive and see abundance ,I expect nothing nor do I project my sense of being elsewhere in chronological time . I am aware of this cause being highly spiritual ,yet in a physical realm this has got to be the largest cause ever to be recorded for what it seeks to obtain in a multi billion world population. all built on automation and gap accounting within a paradigm of scarcity.
    Most will never hear of this cause ,or never hear of neuro linguistic programming or structured water and therefor would be always susceptible to being controlled by many means of the enemy's master knowledge and networking systems.What incentive do they have to drop the 200 yr old game ? Am I missing anything here? Over simplistic is the word that springs to mind...

    God speed with all our intent worldwide should suffice.maybe that should be initiated simultaneously at time intervals for all newcomers to become in sync with the intent to vibrate a new world into order.

    1. I disagree. WE are ready. The population of the "non-elitist" far outweigh the opposition.

      BRING IT!

    2. one way. are COMPLETELY right!
      The web is confounding and very deep and convoluted I think about the very same things.
      They have us at every angle...they were masters!
      The only way to get it started is to force the people into using different currency...
      A currency that does NOT come from the federal reserve or ANY banking system whatsoever!
      Then we may have a chance at changing this country, but unless we can solve the money issue in this country we are all doomed to either...slavery...civil war...or death of the masses.
      Figure out a way to get control of the money back to the people and the game is 90% over....

    3. Perhaps the Sovereign need a real bank backed by real gold and silver ? But a Target for theft

  7. FYI, your "natural child" was born out of wedlock, of God, "wedlock is an unlawful contract between you, your husband and the state registering your marriage/corporate merger," (dont all corporate mergers have to be approved?) versus your illegal, marriage/merger contract/license, not of God, which gave "berth" to a legitimate child/vessel, born/berthed within wedlock, state registration, abandonment to the State of Alaska.

    see anna the pile of crap is so deep you have to be careful of everything you say and do...

  8. You forgot to Order Him to recognize the Continental united States Marshals as the Superior Jurisdiction in all matters here on the land and over the " Sea" .

  9. This is awesome, So, Do you mind me duplicating most of the letter and sending in?

    1. See our notice on the right side of the page at the bottom of that column.

  10. Now wouldnt admitted slavery be punishable in common law?

  11. You need to slow down long enough to get a handle on your grammar, and spelling. This is so sloppy that it's difficulty for people to even follow your thoughts.
    I am serious. Either you should clean up your grammar, and spelling and sentence continuity or stop posting on this blog.

  12. I agree. If you cant take the time to clear up grammer mistakes and sentence continuity, we are left to interpret a strange language or figure out what you are trying to say....!!!


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