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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Truth About Governments -- Including Ours: Public Notice 3.0

By Anna Von Reitz

For brevity, I shall just present information as simple numbered points.

1.  All governments are created by men.

2. As the creators of government, we are all responsible for them and how they function.

3. If a government breaks down, malfunctions, ceases to do what it is designed to do, the only possible result is: (1) it ceases to exist; (2) it morphs into something else; (3) it gets fixed.

No doubt there are some people reading this who have never stopped to think about "government" as a subject in and of itself, and to them, all the above will be surprising.  They have taken government for granted as a given --- good or bad --- and have passively accepted it as something above and beyond themselves, outside their control, and most of all, not their responsibility. 

But I have just told you, that whatever kind of government you have, it is either your direct creation or it is a creation of other men that you adopted, and if it is accepted as your government, you are responsible for it.

It's your government.  Literally.  It belongs to you.

Now let's look at the forms of government as that have developed throughout the world:

Monarchy/Oligarchy --  government is provided by a single man or small group of men.  If you have high-minded, honest, wise, moral, caring men in the top positions, your country flourishes and your life is a song.  If you have mean, shallow, ignorant, greedy, uncaring men in power, you get just the opposite.  And it is a weighted flip of the coin as to the end result you experience.  Those who seek power are exactly those who should never be given it, and those that inherit it by birth have not earned it and are just as likely to be schmucks as anyone else.   Therein lies the dilemma of both monarchies and oligarchies through the ages.  If you get a good King, it is luck of the draw ---and there is no way to guarantee the same results consistently among his successors.

Democracy -- summed up as "majority rule".  Although it sounds reasonable and good at first blush, democracy never works for the following reasons: (1) obtaining and proving majority approval for any action is nearly impossible once the number of people gets beyond a few hundred; (2) once the "majority" discovers that they can vote themselves access to the public purse, they do so--- and with this advantage, they then indebt the minority.  The minority struggles along for a while but can't sustain and the whole Ponzi scheme collapses.

Republics --- summed up as "equal rule".  This is the only form of government mankind has ever come up with that can (1) be sustained indefinitely and (2) protects the rights and prerogatives of individuals and (3) does not allow mis-use of public funds.

Ironically, it is because of their success that Republics are universally attacked and undermined by Monarchists and Democrats alike.  The Monarchists inevitably feel that they know best and would do a better job.  The Democrats are slavering after the ability to feed from the public trough and boss their neighbors around--- both of which "a republican form of government" forbids.

So now we come to the government of the United States/United States of America.

There are three forms of United States. 

There's the actual United States, which occupies the land jurisdiction of this country, and which is a sovereign unincorporated Body Politic, which is a Republic and which upholds the rights and sanctity of individual people, together with their property rights, and which is administered via fifty (50) unincorporated States and 3100 unincorporated Counties. In this version of United States a man's home is his castle and all his rights and prerogatives are guaranteed.  The actual states operate under their simple names: Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, etc.  and for business purposes, they operate as unincorporated business entities: Colorado State, Wisconsin, State, Florida State, etc.

Then there is the Territorial United States which is composed of (57) fifty-seven "States of States" which exist (except for the seven Insular States --- Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, et alia. and the District of Columbia redefined for their domestic purposes as the "State of New Columbia") only on paper.  These entities are all incorporated under the auspices of a foreign government and are all foreign with respect to the actual United States and they are all run as Democracies, which explains how they are $20 trillion in debt and burdened down with more than a million and a half oppressive regulations. They have followed the course of all other democracies in history--- fed at the public trough until they could feed no more, oppressed their neighbors until they could oppress no more--- and are in the process of collapse because of it.

Then there is the Municipal United States, a congressional oligarchy existing as an enclave within the Territorial United States which is composed of approximately 10,000 municipal governments and 185,000 incorporated administrative units that are run as oligarchies under the auspices of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation ---which is only supposed to run the affairs of Washington, DC., but which has secretively extended its tentacles under cover of darkness and its status as an enclave within the Territorial United States to control various functions and large quantities of property actually belonging to the Republic United States.

Think of it like a set of nesting dolls:  the oligarchic Municipal United States run by Congress sits inside the democratic Territorial United States which sits inside the actual United States Republic. 

What happens when the Territorial United States collapses as a result of its sins?

Well, then, false claims are made against the property controlled by the municipal oligarchies, and also more false claims are made against the actual republican states, because these whiners can never be honest and take their licks and go bankrupt like any other corporation on Earth.

If they simply went bankrupt, confessed their sins, and accepted being taken over by their Principal Priority Creditors--- the actual states and people of this country--- all would be well.

But the Territorial United States has neither the honor nor the leadership to do that.  Instead, they have claimed that the actual United States--- the fifty organic states and people -- are responsible for paying for their indiscretion, and that failing that, the Municipal United States will stand good for them. 

I say that there has been more than enough of this horse hooey already and that we are all responsible for this mess. 

The government we are owed is the republican form of government guaranteed each one of our organic states. No foreign democracy has any call on us above the actual expenses of the nineteen services we ordered and as defined by a Prudent Man.  We have gone back into our birthright sovereign land jurisdiction capacity and have claimed back all assets of the States of States and STATES OF STATES as the Principal Priority Creditors. 

Everyone on Earth has cause to know that we are land jurisdiction republics operating in International Trade under the Great Seal of the United States and that whenever and however we may operate in international commerce, we are Protected Persons. 

Everyone has cause to know that the Territorial United States has been under contract to provide our states with nineteen enumerated services and that this version of "United States" is a foreign democracy with respect to us.  We have agreed to pay any valid debts we might owe for services rendered according to the actual Constitution, but that is the limit of our responsibility toward the Territorial United States. 

Everyone has cause to know that their oligarchic Territorial Municipal Government is equally their responsibility and is equally foreign to us, and that neither the Territorial nor the Municipal United States has any valid business or interest in even one acre of our land jurisdiction outside of military arsenals, customs houses and similar "federal government" installations necessary for them to fulfill their service contract with us.

Note the word: "necessary".  There are a great many functions that the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States have undertaken without our consent and which they have foisted off and billed us for under a process of implied contract which is not recognized under American Common Law. 

They have cause to know that their foreign system of merely implied contracts and unilateral adhesion contracts doesn't apply on our soil and never has. 

Whatever they have done, they have done for good or ill.  If its not part of our actual constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America, we are not responsible for paying it or enforcing it or guaranteeing it. 

It is high time that the world knew the facts --- or remembered the facts, as the case may be.

We have given Notice to Jeffrey Sessions.  We are giving Notice to Judge Lambreth of The District Court of the District of Columbia engaged in the bankruptcy settlement --- please make sure he is given a copy of this Public Notice 3.0.  No more misrepresentation of the Principal Priority Creditors is allowed.  No more false claims against us and our resources.  No more bankruptcy and probate fraud and hypothecation of debt, thank you. 

And now the united States of America --- that is, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, et alia.--- are prepared to operate their unincorporated business associations dba Colorado State, Minnesota State, etc.--- and act as the unincorporated land jurisdiction government, all republics, all fully guaranteed and guaranteeing the freedom and material rights and interests of the individual states and people. 

We are the actual government of this country.  If the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States both go bankrupt at the same time, it is of no concern to us. We will pay any valid debts we owe them and look favorably at debts that other countries have accrued under the false presumption that they were dealing with the actual United States, subject to our acceptance of specific settlement offers.  

As the Principal Priority Creditors of the States of States and STATE OF STATES, we are owed and have claimed all their assets: the cured lien stands on the international public record and has been acknowledged, accepted, and recorded on the land jurisdiction of the United States. 

We are sorry that we were misled by certain foreign interlopers operating in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, and were admittedly asleep at the wheel for a very long time; however, the actual states and people are home again and the rest of the world can look forward to a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity because we are. 

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  1. WOW!!!
    Thank-You, my dear! On many levels.
    That is brilliant writing! Based on tireless & thorough research!
    We can't Thank-you all enough!
    Civics "102", in my humble opinion.
    Please keep up the AMAZING work.
    Much Obliged, Wirkin

  2. I think she may be able to get it a paragraph that will be quoted for centuries.


  3. .entire country thinks what you see is what you get .kept in the dark.feed falce flags like the drill Sandy hook and worse.

  4. Thank you again for a wonderful post. I have read enough, I want to do something about it. I have read and also, followed and sent my paperwork to the pope. I want to be free of all this, and take a stand. So, I am willing to pay, donate, and even volunteer to help the cause, my deal is: I'm so frustrated with knowing what to do; that will be the most helpful for all concerned.
    I feel, I did not come to this planet to read their useless laws, be able to recite them and/or be a lawyer, I came here to put a stop to it. I've stopped paying bills which I lost my home after 22 yrs. and now I can not find any place to rent as everyone wants to run a background check on my finances which, I fail. I have 6 others who are dependent on me, and maybe living in the park with me. Maybe we will set our tent on the lawn of Bank of America. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you for all you do for humanity. I am with you!

    1. If you are still in your foreclosed house...go here immediately!!!

      If not....go there anyway!!!!1

  5. This is very good, but FB is censoring your posts now for some reason....says url cannot be found, try again later

    1. EVERYONE needs to dump face book!!!!!!!
      They have a program where you can immediately know where any and all of your friends are via GPS at any moment!!!!!
      Think they won't use that against you????
      GUESS AGAIN!!!
      FACEBOOK is very evil and that is not conjecture!!!

    2. Everyone using FB needs to migrate to is my page there: a look. It's secure, they don't interfere and they don't intrude or sell your info

    3. This is working for me right away.

      Paul Stramer

    4. This what I get when trying to post this article to FB:

      "URL Not Found
      We had trouble using the URL you provided. Please try again later."

  6. And remember, the word government LITERALLY means "mind control". Either we control it or they do.

    1. correct but I feel like very few are aware of the definition

  7. Google turned over all its rights to the "United Nations" and so did "Facebook". They have been heavily going through the net. and censoring or just deleting any and all references to "the true news", especially by "Patriots". Its not that we were asleep at the wheel, its the fact that the deception was so good, no one cared to even check the wheel. To us, the "ship" was on course and moving ahead just fine. No one got mad enough when their taxes became to high to live with to check into it to find out why. If a complete stranger came up to you and ordered you to give him all of your money, everyone would immediately report the crime to the police. But when an agency does the same thing, we simply just let them get away with one gets mad enough to check out why or who these people are making demands because no one knows what a "claim" is. Yea, you can be charged with something, but who is holding(in due course) the claim(title) to make that claim and enforce those charges...!!! Before you can know the truth, somewhere during your lifetime, you have to be diligently "seeking"it first. And thats where 99% of people fail. They simply dont want to know about anything, including the most important truth of all..."the good news"!!! That we have been saved because God cared enough to sent his only begotten son as a sacrifice for us all. All i see out in the world is the "walking dead". They dont even know what they are searching for becaused they never asked or cared. They are desperately looking for money and love, but they dont understand either, because everyone is just a stranger with no connection to him whatsoever. And they just cant understand why they are always unhappy. You would think that would be reason enough to start their search for something "real", for the "truth" about our real purpose on earth. So many of them forgot or never realized that in order to "receive" something that will actually make them happy, the first thing they have to do is "give" first....unconditionally. And that is something that can never be taught, unless the person is earnestly seeking the truth. But sadly most people would rather live a lie their entire life than face reality and the "Matrix"...!!!

    1. I'm sorry James, I gotta chime in here...
      Your talk about the “truth”…isn't truth at all...and why is your truth better than anyone else's truth??? It is not better, just different.
      “Truth” can ALWAYS be manipulated...and always is manipulated to conform to agenda's...
      That's why the "Truth" isn't worth a pile of beans...

      Let's talk about reality shall we???

      Reality and honesty are the E x a c t same thing...without cannot have the other!
      If you want to convince me of something (very quickly I might add) tell me about reality...NOT about the "truth".
      When someone tells me the "truth"...I pretty much assume they are in non-reality and any argument they might have is out the window!

      You say you “believe” in god...and then you start to speak the “truth” about "god"...OOOOPS! Do you see what I am saying??????

      You try to convince everyone (especially yourself) about your "belief" in god...when the fundamental meaning of the word "belief" means 'SOMTHING UNKNOWN"!!!!

      I know you want to "feel" that you are right about your beliefs, but how will you ever truly know....they are just your "beliefs"???? It is NOT KNOWLEDGE!

      Waking up to the comprehensive meanings and agenda’s of religion should be a priority in everyone's life...
      Your statements... "Its not that we were asleep at the wheel, it’s the fact that the deception was so good, no one cared to even check the wheel." "To us, the "ship" was on course and moving ahead just fine." should be very glaring right now...

      If it weren't for your complete indoctrination since childhood...and your parents childhood, and your grandparents childhood, and your great grandparents, and on and on and on and oooon!

      WAKE UP....

      I don't have any replacement religion for you to come join and I am NOT a satan worshiper...I have no agenda whatsoever...I just want to see our planet start living in about happiness...there can be NO happiness with out complete, 100% honesty...which is reality.........
      I have been living in profound honesty for very close to 20 years…
      It has completely changed my life in ways that are “religious experience” kind of occurrences. My intuition is off the charts, the things that I though I knew were blown up with reality….Christians would call that “speaking with god”!
      There is no god…sorry to know that!
      Sorry that I cannot explain myself better….I am not always the best at articulating my thoughts and ideas.
      Sorry that my mother didn’t get to go to “heaven”…and not because she didn’t deserve it, but because, damn it…. There is no heaven…
      Please wake up….and stop this nonsense called “RELIGION”!!!!

  8. Judge Ducett and Nolte were on judges call last night and they voted on adding other judges to the fraud list.
    Ducett wife is playing a big role in mounting a defence

  9. Criss in NV. Has been found and he did manage to file before incarcerated .
    Judge Byfield has been located .
    The battle is on this outcome will tell is a lot the judge ducett went in front of is frantic to shut this all down we hope she makes critical errors .

  10. To Greg Scott.... You say there are no truths, and i say there is no reality. The only reality you have is also just a belief system.....its an illusion. Like so many other people, you are confusing the word "Religion" with "Faith". I cant stand the Corp. Religions of today and stopped going to church a long time ago. Like Paul, i was raised Catholic. But just because the church went astry, doesnt change the message of "hope" for us. Dont forget, I have a BS in Bilogy, because i was pre med. I didnt go on any further, because i could already tell that the whole health care industry is run by "insurance comp." and the FDA(aka..BIG PHARMA). Not to mention all the students being hypocrites themselves. The only reason they were all trying to be doctors was for the money, not the love of a career in medicine and helping people. Thats the wrong reason for trying to be a doctor or anything else. But everytime i bring God up (you noticed i never talked about a Religion), everyone gets bent out of shape. If you understood the body like i do, and the tremendously complex "autonomic nevervous system" where all communications between all other systems via "chemical and electrical transmissions" taking place in the body every nanosecond, maybe you would begin to understand how ridigulous "Evolution" is. Again, the problem is in definitions. People throw around that word as if they understood it. When someone says "CARS" have "evolved" from the model T Ford, to the modern day supercars with 500hp, they have already misused the word as its definition is defined by science, just like attorneys do to our everyday usage of common words that they define speciffically with different meaning in a court of law. Except the scienctific community doesnt intentionally use words as semantic deceite like attorneys do. But our language does have specfic definitions which the lay public just assumes they know scientifically and universal acceptance of those defintions. NO CAR HAS EVER "EVOLVED" UNDER THE UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED DEFINITION AS THAT TERM IS DEFINED IN SCIENCE. The real defintion, and all evidence for it is defined as "a living thing"(genetically specific genotype and phenotype, creating/ or representing only ONE SPECIFIC "SPECIES", to the exclusions of all others. So, strictly speaking, did cars evolve.....NO..!!! All they did is progress through advancements made in technology. But the bottom line is its still a "CAR".

    1. Paul…
      Your use of semantics is commendable.
      I think when you hang your hat on semantics it always means you really have nothing of pertinent value to bring to an argument…
      Also, I did not even mention “evolution”. But to say people have not “evolved” is pure dumbassity…I have witnessed the “evolution of the masses in just my short time here on earth!
      Also, Also, I did not say that there are no “truths”, I said that “truths” can and usually are manipulated…
      To say you don’t believe in reality is absolutely the f-ing problem with a 98% portion of the population…I am sorry you are a part of that!
      Reality is never a slave to beliefs of any kind…and there is ONLY ONE reality!
      Ayn Rand stated very eloquently…”What Is…IS”. You can’t get much more real than that!
      Like I said…religion…which is a BIG part of your life…know it or not, has completely destroyed your ability to see and KNOW reality! I have always said that the meaning of insanity is “living your life in non-reality…as if it was real!”
      Teaching of a non-existent god as if it was real has ruined this planet beyond repair!
      It has destroyed your ability to master “What Is”! But you are not alone….just walk outside….it is EVERYWHERE!
      Also, Also, “HOPE” is the very worst thing you could foist upon a population of insane individuals because, in short, “HOPE” destroys your ability to do and to have!
      But, you are right on about the Insurance and the Doctors!!!!

  11. Now, how would a CAR really evolve. Well lets start with the model T FORD , and over the years it all of a sudden sprouted wings, then over the next million years or so, it developed a fusealodge, than a tail, and finally propellers and then jets. Now, after millions of years of genitic mutations and environmental stress, it is a full fledged jet, with no relation whatsoever with a car. A completly different "SPECIES". Thats evolution. Now , as illtelligent creatures with some form of logic, are we to believe that life started as single celled organisms and gradulally with enough time and enough mutations, we could ever wind up with MAN, Animals, and Plants, and the tremoundous differsity of life on this planet,all having complex muticelluler specific functions, unique only to that species......from one singlular cell..????? Maybe you did, but not the rest of us. I dont need the bible or any other book or religion to prove "common sense". But if we really did evolve, for the benifit of doubt....where are all the intermediate life forms that should number in the billions in the "fossile record"...???? No where to be found. The only evidence that evolution actually occured would be through the fossile record..RIGHT. Well after billions of years of creatures being dug up and added to the fossile record, still not one single "intermediary" life form to prove a connection. Unless you have a proven theory about an alternative to evolution(without using the "alien" theory, because you will still have the same problem of where they came from), rather than accept the only logical conclusion that we were indeed created, than all your doing is raising up the science of evolution to a "RELIGION" which if you really believe, than you have 3 times more "faith" than i ever will, especially since you have NO EVIDENCE AT ALL. Its all based on FAITH. And unconditional faith like that is nothing more than a "FALSE RELIGION".

  12. One more thing Greg Scott....that message wasnt omly meant for you. Other people have brought that same thing up besides you. And Greg, and the rest of you that have trouble in the concept of a "Creator", besides the evidence i just laid out for you(with no bible quotes using chap and verse like everyome else), he has provided undisputable proof of his LOVE and his EXSISTANCE through liyterally thousands of "NEAR DEATH" experiances by people who have crossed over(clinically died..."flat lined) and returned to tell about it. If there were only two or three of these experiances, than i would agree with you that it proves nothing. However, we have just the opposite....littery 1000's of them now documented, not only in America, but throughout the world. And almost without exception, they all see the same thing, with at least 85% of them mentioning "JESUS" as the "sourse" of LOVE and acceptance. Only the church uses the doctrine of fear and eternal damnation of souls. And that is why so many people hate the Catholic Church and Religion in general. But it isnt true from all these personal testimonials who have "crossed over" and came back to tell of their experiances. I highly recommend you reading a book on it so you can settle it in your own mind. Most of these people were not only non-religious, but some were so intellicually overeducated, they had an answer for everything, like a well known an respected "Neurologist"(Brain Surgeon)......until he finally had one....he was clinically dead for 8 days. His experiance was very unique because of his prideful postion and education. He didnt have a bad experiance, but it was unique in the way that god choose to show how little he really knew or understood about the world we live in , much less the one we havent even seen yet. Trust me when i say, he came back a changed man, because even he understood that after 8 days, all his theories were worthless. Most people only die for minutes or hours, not days, and come back completely normal... Wheather you love him or not, or even believe him, he will forgive you amd love you. He is not a God of hate and judgement. Recently, a muslim woman had one of these "near death" experiances if you go to utube. Who do you think was waiting for her on the other side....Budda, Mohammad, joesph smith. NO, it was Jesus. The first words out of his mouth was "I never knew you". But she pleaded with him to forgive her, because she was born into the Muslim religion and never knew anything else. So he sent her back to testify what she saw. And boy has she ever been a voice for "Christ" to the Muslim religion, telling them all that they have been lied to. How many proofs do you need Greg????

    1. WHOAAAAAA....
      Man James....Talk about spewing religion ALL over the place!
      Not one single solitary thing you said in this last post is "PROOF" in any way shape or form!!!!
      It is ONLY hearsay and THAT is the problem with your religion...that you call "BELIEF" will "believe" ANYTHING if it fits your beliefs and hopes!
      You are a medical student, so you should know that the brain (your subconscious brain) is ALWAYS seeking "proof" of you "BELIEFS"!
      That is kinda effed up! How are you supposed to live in reality when your right hemisphere constantly trying desperately to prove you right with wrong thinking!!!
      You first have to understand how your brain works and that really is the key to becoming sane again!
      See James, the brain is my expertise. This is how I surpassed the masses by leaps and bounds...and then more bounds!!!
      You feel deep down like you hypotheses is totally correct, because you are always finding evidence of your beliefs…
      Sorry to upset your apple cart…not only have you been lied to your whole entire life but, your subconscious now believes the lies and is seeking constantly for the evidences of those (LIES) beliefs!!!
      You are doomed to live your life with hopes and beliefs that may or may not be…Reality!
      Sounds like fun…for sure!!!!!!!!

  13. Greg Scott, so far all you have done is try to discredit the theory of "creation"and evolution. Your still using that word incorrectly Man has never changed since the beginning of time, genetically speaking. He had 23 chromosomes in Roman days, 2000 years ago, and he still has the same today. How is that different. The omly thing that happened is that we got smarter(or dumber in most peoples cases),because we were given superior minds by our creator for that very reason. But again , that isnt evolution in its strickly scientific definition. Because if it is i see just the opposite of yoir reality. People have become more stupid over the last 2000 years, not more intelligent. But they did perfect the art of the con, and fraud. And no one on this planet always tells the "truth" 100% of the time. I guess no one has ever asked you for a loan but failed to keep his promise to pay you back. If man is evolving he is evolving towards being more evil, selfish, self centered, and materialistic, than all the generations before it. You only talk in the "present". Its very simple to end this discussion. Start from the very beginning. How did we get here..??? Theres only two theories I know of or any other educaded intellictual teaching at the university level...."Creation" or Evolution". If you have a different theory, id love to hear it. And so would every Dr and PHD at the university level. And really, neither can be proven outright, without faith being involved. So forget about the semantic definition of evolution. Just offer me you educated theory of how did man or any other species get here. I guess they just appeared out of nowhere. You are intentionally avoiding the main dispute. Forget evolution! Just explain why we are the only life form in the known universe. The we can discuss evolution....or other things. Otherwise, you have decided all on your own, that man exsist because you "willed" it so...If your not going to start at the beginning of life, than all you want to do is argue, which is never productive nor "truthful". There is no need to argue. Just present your theory. Im all ears. Who knows, maybe you could be right..but until i hear it from you, i dont know what your reality is. You could never get away with this line of shit at a major university. Unless you offer an honest and believable answer to that one question, not one professor would take you seriously.

    1. It is a little hard to talk with circular humans....
      You constantly go in circles, while spitting out non sequitur after non sequitur...
      Quit being so afraid of being wrong!
      Everything is perfect as it is...
      If you are wrong and you figure that out...then you become right again.
      Stop the fear and try very hard to become fully is possible even for you!

  14. Greg, you need to pay better attention to who you are talking to. You put my name above one of the comments you wrote to James.

  15. Just checking to see if you were paying attention...: )
    No...not really, my mistake!
    I am very sorry for that!
    Thank you for pointing it out....

  16. Greg, i wish you well on your journey, but i believe you have been fighting this issue for some time now and read a few books of new age enlightenment that you have "freely choosen" as "your truth". But it isnt "THE TRUTH". Otherwise, you would have answed my question. Surely, those books had to address the question of "how did we get here". People who refuse to answer that question are either in denile, or outright cowards. I dont know why you seem to have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to "our creator"(who is only ONE GOD and does not represent all these other manmade religions of the world). Everone wants to blame GOD or as you lump them altogether "RELIGION" for all the problems of the world. And a lot of them have lied to us. But again that was MANS choice out of "free will", and usually for money. You think you are the only one that grew up hard, or with problems. Think again. I was rich at one time in 2002, but lost it all to so called friends and other people who all swore to me they were "real". Right. If ive learned one thing living this long, i would much rather put my "faith" in God than people in general who have always proven to me they are all liers. And because i believed and always had faith in "HIM", even though i lost everything, he returned it back to me. Now i live in a beautiful brand new condo with no bills and completely gated so no one else can get to me, and is so cheap that i no longer have to work, and still have money to buy anything i want without living with uneducated, greedy, selfish, and totally unhappy liers that think the whole world owes them something even though they have never given anything to anyone their whole lives.

  17. . The most important thing i learned is that no matter how much money(im talking thousands, and in a couple of cases over $120,000) i gave these people, not one of them was any happier(unless you count 2 days right after getting the money) and the worst thing is that it never changed any of their lives for the better. In fact, since i cut all ties with them, they have had nothing but more financial problems, still unhappy and unloved, living mi. away from the nearest city in isolation and poverty conditions and having to live with 4 or 5 roomates with no privacy, non stop high bills, and still unhappy and fighting with each other everyday, and their health is completely going had a near fatal heart attack, and the other lives a total pathetic life, completely dependant on his younger sister for everything and alone because not one of his friends will live with him because he is obese, lazy, unclean fat ass, that lost all his vechicles and never allowed to drive again, and constantly goes to the ER. And they still dont understand why....they still wont accept the fact that there is a higher power in force that no matter how hard i tried, they just all thought like you, they are smarter than everyone else and there is no "GOD". IM living proof their is. No one helped us financially we gave money too. My brother and i live only on SS and we are living like kings compared to all the people we gave money too, and would never listen to a word we said. You can call it "karma" or whatever you want, but there is "ORDER" in the universe, way too much ORDER, to be a coincidence. In fact our known universe is so predictably orderly that "Astrology" is a perfected science that people and societies have used for years to predict coming events. That amount of ORDER is no accident Greg. The "BIG BANG" theory makes for a funny sitcom but it is totally illigical. How in the hell to you get an expolsion creating nothing but complete ORDER throughout the entire Universe. Even hard core "secularist" where science has all the answers, are finally admitting there is something else at play going on, some outwardly addmitting that "GOD" does exsist. There is no other "logical" answer to all this ORDER. Even the smartest man on earth, Steven Hawkings, admitted there has to be a GOD for all this order. And he has a lot to be angry at GOD for. But if im deceived, im in good company....very good. Wouldnt you say....!!!

  18. I experienced an NDE on 9/27/11. Highway @ speed 65mph motorcycle crash involving a high speed wobble from an improperly mounted front wheel after a recent service. Jesus or some facsimile representing the name and persona exists. After a bit of discussion I was asked to return to my body and complete my mission. Those were his words (represented as a male figure) Since then many magical events have taken place in my life. SOMETHING is there! Next. What if reality and the perception of everything is a matter of consciousness? Say for people who claim there is no heaven there may not be one. For people who do not believe in a builder, creator or the commercially acceptable "God" there may not be one. Perceived reality is reality ! Everyone sees, feels, tastes and interprets this experience differently. There seems to be an always bigger, better, religion attempting to claim the understanding of an energy that cannot be explained. And that energy is above a human definition. ! Maybe it/life is just a series of coincidences. So who created the possible sequencing of the coincidence to be able to be a meaningful coincidence having a structured outcome? How can this energy / god be a religion? Religion is defined and created by the limiting terms of men? John Shelby Spong discusses this in a couple of You Tube presentations. The Big E G O's are here ALL wanting to be right ! And what if you all are? By the way did anyone check with God to ask if he likes what we call him ? Is God always a him? Claims & proof anyone ? No proof! Just EGO venting its meager self on a society full of sphincter ports and exhaust opportunities !

  19. Yea. But you said it yourself, that you will never be the same again. Almost no one can really explain a NDE in our significantly deficient language living in only one dimesion of reality. When you died, you had access to all dimensions at the same time and felt the "LOVE". One more thing about these NDE is that almost always, you are given the choice to return or go back to complete your mission. Rarely does the "SOURSE"(LOVE) tells the person you have to return to complete your mission....have you figured that out yet.......?????

  20. There is another perspective on government. It begins with the Declaration of Independence and the rejection of government foreign to the people and their own self-government. The perspective continues with the Articles of Confederation where the status of the "free inhabitant" is duly recognized and honored. I am a free inhabitant living on the land in California. I am not a citizen of any government.

  21. I have no aguement with that...I have been accused now several times by people of religious nonsense just because i mention God in some of my post. And i thought it was time to finally clear the air. I gave Greg a chance to explain any other theory than the ones that currently exsist...there is only two on how man arrived here on earth....creation or evolution. He never offered any other theory. Point made. He has no theory. At least i can back mine up with simple logic and evidence or lack of it. And there is only one True God. Not 50. Thats where religions come into play, confusing everyone so they just get frustraded and say, the hell with it. Man is constantly trying to make God in his image, when its just the opposite. And thousands of NDE all over the world confirm my belief, like the one above from unknown....


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