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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Land Justices, The Bundys, and Pesticide Spraying of Azure Farms, Oregon

By Anna Von Reitz

All those exercising the judicial function can be called by the generic name "judge"-- like calling it "cereal" instead of calling it "Rice Krispies". 

Land judges are more properly called "Justice" as in "Justice of the Peace" but that is  a nicety and a greater degree of specificity.  It shows that you know the difference and is certainly appropriate, but, as a practical matter Land Jurisdiction Justices have been rare as hen's teeth for a long time and it is more conducive to communication to just use the generic title.

Read that: I don't want to have to explain such details for an hour before I get down to business every day that I live, so I use the generic word "Judge".  Doesn't mean I am not functioning as a Justice.  Doesn't mean I am ignorant. 

Land Justices (since you all know the difference now) are tied to specific geographic boundaries.  A County Justice from Macon County, Georgia, can't just pack up his robes and go sit on the bench in Jackson County, Wisconsin.  Same thing at the State level. An Alaska State Justice has no authority in Utah.

Everyone needs to remember that our "States" are nation-states, just like Denmark or France.  Your nationality as an American is truly based on your state.  You are a Washingtonian or a Virginian or a Texan, etc., at birth.  

We have treaties and accords and conventions and agreements in place that allow us all to travel freely from state to state and to form a common contiguous "international border" outlining the geographically joined states of the Union, but never forget that the "nation" everyone perceives as "America" is actually fifty separate sovereign nations acting as an alliance. 

So now it should make perfect sense that our justices operate only within their stipulated geographic sphere and cannot operate outside it and why as an Alaska State Judge I can't address things happening in Idaho.

I can go to Idaho in a private capacity and I can talk to people there about their law and I can consult with them about their law so as to stimulate discussion about topics of concern to them. I can share insights and information and history galore--- but at the end of the day, it is their law and their responsibility and they have to elect their own sheriffs and justices and research their own Session Laws and history. 

They have to exercise and enforce all that for themselves. That is what "American Self-Governance" is about.

It all begins at the local level. 

In many states that means the Township or Parish where you live, but in the more sparsely populated western states the county is often the smallest unit of land jurisdiction government.

Each county is a little fiefdom ruled over by the people who live there, howbeit, within the confines of the Public Law as a whole.

For example, a county government can't pass a local law allowing murder or trespassing upon the delegated authority of the United States.  It can, however, exercise vast control over land and property issues inside its county border.

This topic has been brought to the fore in the pipeline disputes that rocked the Midwest this winter and again is in the news with threats to force chemical pesticide spraying on Azure Farms, a large organic farm in Oregon.

In both cases "the county" was supposedly the culprit, demanding that the pipeline progress and the spraying take place, but in fact, the so-called "county" was an incorporated Territorial United States franchise, not the actual land jurisdiction county at all. 

The people living there hadn't bothered to reclaim their birthright state national political status and hadn't organized and operated their unincorporated land jurisdiction county government in years.  As a result, the foreign incorporated Territorial "County" was "speaking for them" in default---- and taking actions against the actual will of the people living there and certainly against the will of the landowners being impacted.

Use your power or lose it. 

In both cases people have been beating a path to my door, all the way up in Alaska, wanting me to help them, wanting me to take action, wanting me to issue a court order.  And the answer is?

I can't do anything about Oregon.  The people of Oregon have to take action and deal with Oregon.  If they want this upside down government corrected, they have to correct it themselves.  How? 

First and foremost by correcting their own political status records.  Follow the instructions given in "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" posted on my website: (April 2017)

Then hold your Land Jurisdiction County meetings by calling together your local Jural Assembly composed of you and all the other people who have "returned home" and corrected their political status.  The Michigan General Jural Assembly has been up and running for decades and they will help you do it right.

Now you have restored your actual County and resumed government of the people for the people and by the people; in doing so, you are now operating in your so-called "sovereign capacity".  Your County outranks the incorporated Territorial "County" and is in fact supposed to be bossing it around and telling it what to do.

The reason this country is so !@$#!@-up is that you've been letting your hirelings run rampant and haven't been operating your lawful land jurisdiction government and haven't been giving them any instructions.  So what happens?  Nature abhors a vacuum.  They suck up the power by default and "represent" you because you haven't been there "presenting" yourself.

You want to stop a pipeline from crossing your county?  You want to stop all inorganic pesticide spraying in your county?  You want to operate one room schools instead of school districts?  You want your water rights protected?  You want county parks instead of State Parks?  You want local control of waste water management? 

Wake to glory up!   The power is in your own hands. 

You've given it away by default and let incorporated Territorial Counties and incorporated Territorial States of States and foreign Municipal Governments loyal to other countries come in and do your work and make all your decisions for you so long that they have forgotten who is Boss around here, but if you want to, if you are willing to cut the cheese and make the bread and restore your own lawful government---- you rule.

You have to get up on your hind legs, take back your birthright political status, exercise your authority, do the work, and communicate with your hirelings. 

Here's how it flows downhill:  California (actual state and people) > California State (unincorporated land jurisdiction business operated by, for, and of the people) > State of California (incorporated Territorial franchise business - foreign hireling providing government services) > STATE OF CALIFORNIA (incorporated Municipal franchise business -- foreign hireling providing government services).

At the county level it is just a much shorter chain of command:  Macon County (unincorporated land jurisdiction county operated by American state nationals) > County of Macon (incorporated foreign franchise operation operated by US citizens).

Now, obviously, you cannot stand on the land and be on the sea at the same time.  You have to choose. 

If you choose to live your life as a free man, you have to take back your birthright political status, organize your lawful local county and state governments, and give a good goddam about your town, your neighbors, and your country as a whole.

If you choose to live your life identified as an unpaid government employee and to subject yourself to every whim of whatever "majority" shows up to vote and otherwise subject yourself body and soul to every whim of Congress---- and have these "US citizens" vote themselves salaries from your earnings and have them decide whether or not you have pipelines in your backyard or Round-Up on your organic farms--- well, just stand there and be dumb, driven cattle, and stay where you are. 

I've put it on the line for you all and told you the facts and now it is up to each and every one of you to make some decisions about your political status and how you want to live in your own township/parish, county, and state. 

A lot of people are scared.  They see what happened to the Bundys and to some of the State Judges in Colorado and they are wondering what happens to them if they take my word for it and do what I tell them? 

Please note, the Bundys and the State Judges in Colorado didn't listen to me, didn't do what I told them to do, and they are suffering for that reason.

The Bundys and those particular Judges didn't follow the steps to change their political status, post an indemnity bond (or use mine) at the U.S. Treasury, expatriate all their Names/NAMES back to the land jurisdiction state they were born in and do the rest of it. 

They assumed that, hey, I was born here and that's enough.  Obviously, I am an American..... and they went forth without understanding the plain ugly fact that they have been deliberately misidentified as "US citizens"--- either Territorial or Municipal or both. 

As a result, the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States still have their foreign corporate claws in them and are able to make excuses and claim that these people, the Bundys and the Colorado Judges, are subject to them and their laws, and are in fact employees of these foreign corporations dba STATE OF NEVADA and STATE OF COLORADO and COUNTY OF THIS AND THAT.

The rest of us have put in place the claims and court actions and complaints that prove that the actual American states still exist and are still running their unincorporated business, and still claiming all their land assets, thank you very much. 

Unlike the "State of......" and "STATE OF......" corporate franchises that are in business to sell "government services" and make a buck, our unincorporated state governments have an interest in protecting and preserving every one of the people. 

Get your own ducks in order.  Get your county jural assembly organized. Elect your land jurisdiction Sheriff, your Justices, your County Clerks. 

And put your power behind The Living Law Firm's team of non-Bar Attorneys and historical researchers -- the men and women who are bringing America home.

Very soon, we will engage these issues on a broader basis. Soon, there will actual bricks and mortar facilities, and people hired to staff them. Soon, there will be help to explain, to process paperwork, to right wrongs, stop foreclosures, false arrests, unlawful detainment, and so much more.

We will need your firm support, your understanding of these issues, your prayers, your local action, and whatever spare cash you can send.  Nobody pays us to defend America. It is all made possible because Aunt Jenny sent us $20 from her pension and Cousin Buck shared his Rippee winnings.  There are no deep pockets--- yet. 

We are on track with our quest to reclaim America and every man, woman, and child will benefit from our success--- even Territorial and Municipal "citizens".

Literally everyone reading this---even people in foreign countries --- we all have a dog in the fight. We must forge a far better future for us all than Corporatism and enslavement to a central government can ever offer. 

My PayPal is: and the mailing address for checks is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

Help if you can.  I should have an update from Cookie, who is doing much better, later this week.  

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  1. The MONEY...what about the MONEY!!!!
    The MONEY is the key...the banks are the key...
    Don't we first and foremost have to figure out the MONEY???

  2. What impact has the Michigan General Jural Assembly had on everyday operations of the corporate political franchises? My suspicions are NONE! I cannot conceive of those pretending to be our representatives EVER conceding one damn thing! Please reply and answer how the Michigan General Jural Assembly has made any difference?

    1. From Anna:


      It's because of the Michigan General Jural Assembly and other organizations like it that this country, the actual one, is still alive.

      As for the "State of State" and the Municipal Interlopers, there are ways to deal with them. It has taken time to dig and sift and find effective means of bringing them to heel, but we are having success and we are doing it.

    2. How is the country, the actual country still alive? What indicates it's doing anything? You said "..we are having success and we are doing it" but, specifically what does that mean? I appreciate all the articles but what evidence is there that anything has made any difference?

    3. From Anna:

      People like you make my rump ache. I don't know what you expect as "proof" and I am not here to exhaust myself in the stupid effort to convince anyone else of anything. Not now. Not ever.

      I have given you the information you need to make changes happen. If you want change the tools and the knowledge are in your hands. If you don't -- as I have said before--- just continue to sit there like dumb driven cattle in a feedlot and wait for whatever your Masters decide to do with you next.

      I am obviously successful or I wouldn't be here. If I didn't know what I am talking about I would have been rounded up a long time ago either by the Territorial government or the MUNICIPAL government. Just like the Bundys. Just like those Colorado Judges who decided to go their own way and ignore what I told them.

      Maybe you aren't skeptical and looking for "proof" without having to make the effort to look and see for yourself. Maybe you are lazy or cowardly or a troll or all the above-- sent here to cast doubt and fear? "Oh, what's the use? (That is an excuse for sitting on your butt and do nothing to help yourself or anyone else.) Nothing ever changes. I want proof that it does. (Just the fact that we are exposing the Truth and having this discussion is proof of a helluva big change! To say nothing of the court suits and criminal prosecutions that have already gained traction and began all over this country. Have you read the Lufkin case? Proof that the entire judiciary is being operated in fraud by a foreign Municipal Government that isn't supposed to even be here?) I might get in trouble! Whine! Whine! Whine! (Yes, it is true you might get in trouble if you get egotistical or self-righteous or confused about what jurisdiction you are in. But you are already in deep KimChee, a sitting duck, a bowling pin set up in order to be struck down, a slave, a patsie, a mark, a cash cow, a victim for the taking where you are now--- so tell me what all you've got to lose?)

      Here is how it sits folks:

      In 1907 a governmental services corporation calling itself "The United States of America" went bankrupt and named your states as the sureties of its debts. This was done by the foreign Territorial Givernment that was under contract to serve your states and provide 19 enumerated services.

      It was done without ever telling your grandparents, parents or you.

      When that first bankruptcy settled in 1953 the land held as surety was released. But the vermin responsible said-- we can't identify who the owners are that the land titles should be returned to. So we will roll it all over into a giant land trust and see who "returns" to claim back their assets.

      Pretty good trick, since we were never told about the bankruptcy nor its settlement, right?

      So the bastards stole title to all our land and named themselves -- their "State of State" corporate franchises the "presumed" beneficiaries of our states and our land!

      All these claims were made and we were never told about it. We were deliberately left in the dark so that we could not refute it.

      Now you are standing here like a dumb post whining and saying, "oh, dear, what's the use... Let's just let them keep all that they have stolen by deceit and go quietly into the night...."

      Sounds like you are one of them, or such a gutless wonder that you don't deserve to have a pot to piss in or a country to call your own.

  3. The Original 13th Amendment MUST be put in the Constitution! No man can serve 2 masters and those in Congress for years have been trying to serve multiple. The recent events of the Bundy's and Terry Trussell in FL are perfect examples of a government gone rogue. Our governor, to keep the truth silent, moved prosecutors and judges around and then in his list of Executive Orders blacked out what he did to get the rulings he wanted against a man who had done absolutely nothing wrong. A 70+ man is sitting in jail for doing his job as appointed head of the county's "grand Jury". When the school board found out the governor was trying to bribe the school board with one million $$, they went to Terry to call a grand jury and investigate. (the county had elected to NOT participate in the Common Core scam as they are almost the poorest county in the state). The bribe was to participate in the CCSS so that he had a state with 100% participation. Hence the movement of judges and prosecutors and finding this man guilty of doing his job. This for the governor was the icing on the cake to all the lies he had told the people of this state regarding the CCSS. He is a crook - look for hi to run for Senator next year to replace Nelson. UGH!

    1. The Original 13th isn't lost and didn't "go" anywhere. People are still being confused over this and it absolutely fries me.

      Our actual Constitution is called "The Constitution for the united States of America". Got that everybody? Read it over a few times and THINK...... see the difference? The word "for"? The fact that "united" is not capitalized? This is our constitution and it is the one that still has the so-called "Original 13th Amendment" in it.

      The Territorial United States issued its own kind of "constitution" in 1868--- called "The Constitution of the United States of America"---- deceptively similar to the real thing, but not the same. Notice the word "of"? Notice that the word "United" is capitalized and made part of the name to make it "United States of America"???

      These are two different documents, different kinds of documents, and they pertain to completely different Body Politics.

      The first one applies to people who are American state nationals.

      The second one applies to persons who are United States Citizens or corporate PERSONS called US CITIZENS.

      I wish and hope and pray to God that people will wake up enough to truly grasp the enormity of the fraud that has been staring them in the face all their lives.

      The Original 13th is right where it has always been and it still applies to our lawful government. Lawyers can't hold office in our government. Period. The problem is that the people haven't had sense enough to see through the fraud and operate their lawful government. What in the Hell do you all think I am talking about?

      Why do you think I keep telling you that you have to declare your political status as an American state national-- a Texan, Wisconsinite, etc? Why do you think I keep saying you are NOT naturally any kind of "citizen" and that being a "citizen" makes you the servant of the government instead of the government serving you? They live and work under a different "constitution" because they are foreign with respect to the rest of us and always have been. Are you all aware of the fact that someone from Puerto Rico doesn't have the same political rights and standing as someone actually born in one of the states? Hello?

      I get so flaming tired repeating myself on these topics day after day after day. It's like everyone has rubber for brains. It hits and then it bounces off!

      Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!!

  4. Agreed with Jack Hamilton's post as nothing changes no matter what is done and as for Gregg Scott's post about the money, it has already been "figured out" as the Constitution is very clear that our Lawful money is gold/silver coin and we all should know that all of these Federal Reserve Debt Notes are illegal fraud. All of this goes back to what a bankster stated: Yes we know what we are doing is wrong but we are not going to stop until we are FORCED to"!!! And that statement sums up everything we need to know about all of this, nothing is going to change for the better until the rats doing this are FORCED to stop. Anything else is just farting into the wind!!!

    1. Our money is the American Silver Dollar and always has been and still is. Wake to F up.

      It's the Territorial United States that adopted fiat money and caused the problem for itself and everyone else, not us.

      WAKE UP! You are still very confused. See comment about about the "Original 13th Amendment".

      As for forcing them to stop, now that we have corrected our political status and done what I told all the rest of you to do in April --- see "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" -- we haven't had a lick of trouble and have discovered effective means of dealing with the rats.

      What remains is for all the naysayers like you to get off your rumps, declare your political status, return your PERSONS to the Treasury, stop letting the rats "presume" that you are "citizens", organize your local county jural assemblies, and restore your own government.

      Do it or don't run crying to me about how badly you are mistreated and how the government interferes with you and bosses you around and taxes you blind---- if you are content to live your life as an unpaid government employee and serve them at their beck and call--- then they have the right to demand such "service" from you. And it is all your choice.

      I have told you the facts and if you don't care enough to get off your butt and act upon them, that's YOUR fault.

  5. Of course they have no relationship per se with the "Governor" of a State of State. You aren't getting it, Bubba. If you were, it would be obvious that the only relationship the lawful state has with the Governor of a State of State is to given him marching orders.

  6. Yep, however he need a notice before he let's the feds or in state cops.he just might give so slack or assistance .

  7. We do get it judge Anna. But come to the State of California and see if one judge cares about your paperwork here. And if you insist on standing your ground here against the Corp. State by claiming your not a US CITIZEN the judge might just find you mentally incompetant and order you confined(in jail) until you can be examined by one of their psycologist, who of course is paid by them and therefore biased. You dont think that happens here....theres enough fraud in this one state to rule the world. You wonder why people always plead to a crime they didnt commit. Come to sunny Calif. and you will get your answer quick. I get the sense that you have never spent one day in jail your entire life. In fact, i bet you have never did one thing wrong your entire life, not even a speeding ticket. Your record is squicky clear. Not even one altercation with one of these idiots. And your a woman. Law enforcement over here is gender harsh. Look at our jails. There are at least 3 times more men than woman in this state in jail. The officers are just waiting for some sort of disrespect from a guy pulled over so he can use intimadation or leath force in necessary. Ive seen my big friend and strong, and bullies everyone in the house we all lived in, never backing down to anyone, except someone with a badge.....all of a sudden he becomes a srinking violet...."Hi officer". Do you know you registration has expired?? Yes sir. Im so sorry. Honestly im trying to get it fixed as soon as i get the really, really sorry." He turns into a complete "wimp". Ive seen woman with more balls than him. He over respects them to the point of being blatanly transparent. Just before that he was bitching at me about something stupid. I cant win an arguement with him, but put a badge and uniform on someone and he acts downright childest. We have learned to call him "baby huey". My point is that not only im i dealing with the Corp. State, im dealing with idiots like him that would take the officers side, instead of mine anyday and tell me im stupid and that none of your law works. You tell us your fed up. Well so are we. Because ive been trying to tell you im 10 times more afraid of the millions of US CITIZENS than i ever will be of "City Hall" and all its officers.

  8. Our governer is JERRY BROWN. I rest my case. These US CITIZENS consider us either stupid or crazy, and thing we are con artist trying to get out of taxes, when they all have to pay them. Why should we..!!! Why should we get away with no DL or paying for Registration when all of us do... All Corporations have one thing in common, including the Corp. State. If just one of its employees(Persons) trys for remedy and gets it, then there will be 20 seeking it, then 100, etc until we have lost total control, leading to anarchy. No Corp. can exsist without complete compliance with their rules if they want to survive in a competative world....thats the typical mentally of any Corp. And if you work for Home Depot, ther're right. First and most important rule of all is "show up in time without excuse". People in this state can find the least excuse for not being resposible. Ots too nice a day to work. Im calling in sick and going surfing. Corp. in this State cannot stand Californias. People coming from the East coast notice it immediately...doesnt anyone in this state want to be responsible is always there response.....and the answer is..NO!!!! Thats why law enforcement is so strict out here. They see the same thing...lazy, spoiled, entitled children, who never want to grow up and on top of it, arrogant and disrespectful to ALL AUTHORITY, not just law enforcement. And you want us to form jural societies here. How!! They are illiterate and uneducated, along with being lazy. And if your a parent in this state, they see law enforcement of any kind as their messiah. "Hello, this is 911 operator. Whats your emergency. Im calling about loud noices from my neighbor next door. Can you come out and tell them to be quite. Did i aslo mention that they are all cowards out here. Just call 911 and your problem is solved. California is so damn "liberal" and defiant, that even Trump said why dont you just join Mexico and we will start the "WALL" at California. We dont need fifty states. Good luck!! Thats the way he feels. I think hes right.

  9. Re bundys
    Looks like maybe jeff sessions is doing his job ????

  10. Re bundys
    Federal land grab - bombshell news of panic


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