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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Key Information---Everyone Read This

By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, the alternative news world has been awash with talk about "Human Rights" and "Natural Law" and quite a number of people have been misled about this and are parroting it as the Next Great Thing.  In fact, it is old as the hills and nothing you want to be involved in, much less subjected to.  Let me explain.....and bear with me. 

Bankers and lawyers don't like the Ten Commandments, the Bible, or the Land Law that goes with it.  They may individually subscribe to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam --- all of which are supposed to function under the Law of Moses --- but for very practical reasons they want to waffle and weasel around the requirements of Land Law when it comes to business dealings.

Land Law doesn't allow binding contracts.  It respects the Law of Free Will.  It forbids usury and insurance.  And it is frustratingly local and subjective in nature.

That, in a nutshell, is what has driven the wholesale shift into Admiralty/Maritime Law.

The bankers and lawyers and their servants, the politicians, want binding contracts that can be insured and guaranteed, they want profit on whatever risk is left, they don't give a crap about free will and they want something that is "standardized" to work with as a form of law so that they don't have to cope with any irritating local laws or restrictions when it comes to administering the courts----and shoving all this down your throat.

And so, that is what has come to be in this country, despite the fact that virtually all the men responsible for this travesty know full-well that the American people are owed not only Land Law but the Law of the Land, and even though at least 90% of them confess belief in Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. 

It appears that our hypocrisy knows no end.

Land Law functions on covenants, like marriage, and good faith agreements---neither of which are contracts. 
Covenants are of a sacred nature, because they are entered into with God as a Witness and Party to the agreement.  It becomes a sacred matter as a result and no man may change or abrogate or interfere with it as a result.  Covenants are binding for that reason, but they are not contracts.

Good faith agreements are exactly as they say--- agreements made between men, either verbally or most often in writing, which may bear an appearance similar to contracts, but they are only subject to "good faith performance".

Jeremiah as in "Book of Jeremiah" is very instructive on this point in two respects. As the prophet laments, it is not given to man to know or control even one step.  We don't know and can't guarantee what happens to us or around us for the next ten minutes, much less the next thirty years, so it is apparent that we cannot reliably make contracts promising future repayments or performance of service, either. 

Jeremiah, the prophet, also does something peculiar that sheds more light on the topic.  He buys a plot of land that he has good cause to think that he will never be able to enjoy in his lifetime. This is instructive, too, because it highlights the "faith" part of "good faith agreements". 

Good faith agreements rely upon our will and good intent to carry through and do whatever it is we agree to do, perform whatever service we agree to perform, and to do so without fail to the extent that we are able.  It also implies our faith that God will allow us to carry through on our good intentions, subject to His Will.  That in turn implies that we can't make Good Faith Agreements to do things that are immoral or unlawful or just plain bad.

These "moral entanglements" are bad enough, but it is the "to the extent that we are able" portion of Good Faith Agreements that hangs up the bankers and lawyers to a point of apoplexy.  

They don't want to accept the limits of human abilities and the unknowns and variables of all our lives, even though they know full-well that these are the conditions we actually live under.  They most certainly don't want to rely on the honesty and good faith of their customers and neighbors and they don't want to admit that we all need the support of what our Forefathers called "Divine Providence" to make good on our agreements.  That makes things too uncertain.  Too variable.  Too....well, dependent on luck, faith, good weather, God, and other things that lawyers and bankers and politicians can't control.

Worst of all, in this shifting, changeable, stubbornly willful world of external realities, Land Law doesn't allow usury or insurance.

Usury is the profit made off of lending. Jews are forbidden from making profit from lending to another Jew, but not from lending to Christians, Buddhists, and so on. The same basic kinds of considerations extend in Sharia Law. You can cheat an infidel if you want to, but not another Muslim.  Actual, sincere, observing Christians can't practice usury at all against anyone.  We are not only called upon to lend freely and without profit to ourselves for doing so, but to give freely with no thought of return.

So that is why certain "Christian" kings during the Dark Ages and Middle Ages forced Jews into the banking business, to do the dirty-work of usury for them against their own Christian subjects.  Got that?  "Christian" kings can't profit from lending money to other Christians or anyone else, but Jews can lend the King's money to anyone but another Jew and profit from the transaction and divvy up the proceeds with the King. No problem.

The Jews didn't get into the banking business because they wanted to practice usury.  They got into the banking business because the so-called "Christian" Monarchs of feudal Europe wanted to profit from usury and needed agents to do their dirty work.  These Kings and Queens didn't want their only hands dirtied with usury --- though they wanted the profits--- and they didn't want to be besmirched with the gambling aspects of insurance schemes, but they wanted to be insured....

So all these people running around blaming Jewish and Muslim bankers for the situation need to look deeper and higher, and realize that it is their own "Christian" leaders and politicians who have failed them.  If the so-called Christian Monarchs and politicians were actually acting as Christians and according to the standards established by Jesus, none of these evils would exist. 

All Christian banks would function as non-profit institutions and Good Faith Agreements would be the only rule.  Insurance wouldn't even be necessary. 

When disaster struck, the worldwide Christian community would pull together to repair the damage and make good the losses for free.  And because there would be no usury allowed, only service fees, banks would be capitalized by governments and by donations from philanthropists who were willing to accept the risks of lending in good faith with no profit to themselves.

This change, in turn, would bring back morality and nobility to Mankind, and a sense of community and "joint venture" --- where each man and each woman would feel the desire to succeed, to hold their head up high and contribute to the best of their ability --- and when they were defeated in that effort by time or fate, would equally feel no shame about turning to everyone else and saying, "Please help me!  My daughter is sick.... I need a car so I can join a car pool to get to early frost wiped out my crops in the field.....a wildfire burned down my home....."

And as for the Jews and the Muslims? 

If Christians actually lived up to being Christians, the Jews and Muslims would quickly observe the health and love of the Christian community, the good service and kindness given to everyone---including Jews and Muslims-----and they would think: well, I can practice usury against people of other faiths, but there isn't much market for it and I don't feel good about it. It's dirty somehow.  Not worthy of my soul's highest calling.... I want to be free and big enough in my soul to lend without profit and give without taking back.....

Land Law is an attempt to bring these three great faith communities together under a common standard that all can use and thrive under.  Land Law is the only truly fair, truthful, and realistic form of Law that there is, other than the Law of Heaven.  Yet, for six generations, our governments have avoided and weaseled around using Land Law.

How have they done that?  By impersonation.

The corporations providing us with government services have arbitrarily given us a "PERSON" so that we can operate in commerce (business conducted between incorporated entities) as their very own franchises and share our profits with them as taxes and mortgages and licenses and fees in exchange for the "privilege" of being able to borrow money at interest, obtain insurance policies to cover our risks, and secure bankruptcy protection under their limited liability provisions.  Also in "exchange"--- though we are never told any of this --- we become subject to them and obligated to obey their every law and statute. 

Which points up the tip of the iceberg.

Maritime and Admiralty Law deals exclusively with unincorporated businesses known as "Persons" operating in international trade and with "PERSONS" which are incorporated businesses operating in international commerce.  There isn't a single provision anywhere in Maritime or Admiralty Law for any judge in that entire system to address a living man or woman.  That's why the perpetrators and proponents of Maritime and Admiralty Law have to distribute all these "Persons" and "PERSONS" named after us, and get us to accept them and assume that they are our responsibility.

They literally cannot address a living man or woman as a living man or woman, because living people don't exist in their court system.  That's why they get so testy when you show up claiming to be a living man or woman and talking about the "Constitution" which has nothing to do with them.  What they call ---when forced to do so--- "private natural persons" -- are not subject to their jurisdiction and, what really frosts their cake, neither are the assets of private, natural persons. 

The Territorial United States shanghaied the lawful Trade Names of Americans and arbitrarily redefined them all as Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts.  This happened under FDR in the single biggest act of treason, unlawful conversion, Breach of Trust, and brute criminality in human history. 

In a twinkling, with nobody's understanding or consent, the Trade Name of "John Henry Markham" a farmer from Purdy, Ohio, was magically redefined as a "vessel" in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service also, by coincidence of course, named "John Henry Markham" --- and what happened to the living man? 

He was also redefined as an unpaid volunteer Warrant Officer known as a "Withholding Agent" responsible for paying all the upkeep on "John Henry Markham" and collecting taxes from "John Henry Markham". 

Besides giving the rats a claim on all of the "John Henry Markham" assets, including his name, body, copyrights, home, and land, this action by FDR subjected "John Henry Markham" to the statutory law of the Territorial United States.

FDR had absolutely no authority to do any of this, granted or otherwise; apologists have tried to excuse him and the Democratic Party and the King of England by pleading "emergency powers"---- but in fact there are no provisions for the existence of any emergency powers then or now, and it just comes down to Breach of Trust, embezzlement, betrayal, and treason.

A few years later, the Territorial United States allowed the Municipal United States to similarly impersonate the living people and states of the union, to create "Municipal franchises" operating as "JOHN HENRY MARKHAM" and now, most recently, "JOHN H. MARKHAM".  These various incorporated entities can represent almost anything--- Cestui Que Vie trusts, construction trusts, cooperatives, LLC's, or Mr. Obama's favorite, public transmitting utilities. 

The important take home point is that these "NAMES" are all being used to impersonate you.  They are reducing you to a Territorial "Person" or a Municipal "PERSON" both of which are subject to foreign statutory law and which operate in international jurisdiction and neither of which are owed any protected status or constitutional guarantees at all.  These "persons" are all operated under the Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land. 

Not being alive, these "persons" are not subject to the uncertainties of life. Known as "legal fictions" they only exist by a form of mutual consent akin to the suspension of belief required by Walt Disney animations. Also unlike you, these "persons" can enter into binding contracts, unilateral contracts, implied contracts, commercial contracts, maritime contracts, admiralty contracts galore--- which is what the lawyers like, because contracts generate controversies like cats generate kittens.  There is far more work and finagling available under Maritime and Admiralty Law and less risk of hanging, so attorneys love it.

Unlike you "artificial persons" can be guaranteed and insured and licensed and bonded--- which is what the bankers and risk managers like.  They can also be subjected to usury and taxation, which both the bankers and the politicians want. Such persons can be murdered, raped, robbed, defrauded, keel-hauled, kidnapped, press-ganged, and tortured without mercy----and all without accountability---and they routinely are subjected to such gross mistreatment.

Last but not least, the laws governing such "persons" can be standardized and made into a Uniform Code, so that the corporate tribunals responsible for administering such persons don't have to know any actual law at all.  The vermin responsible can hire executive managers, teach them their own statutory law and code, and live totally outside the Public Law in a virtual kingdom created of pirates, for pirates and by pirates.  This all enables a "judge" in their system to move from one state or county or even country to another, stealing homes and picking pockets as he goes, without the bother of learning a whole new system of local law.

Obviously, for many reasons having to do mainly with robbing you senseless and doing it safely and conveniently, criminally inclined interests have removed you from your native birthright political standing as an American owed the Law of the Land, and by force, fraud, and deceit they have entrapped you into "accepting" their gifts of "PERSONS" and have subjected you to their foreign Territorial and Municipal "law".

They use the process of impersonation to mischaracterize who and what you really are and also use it to hide behind themselves. Behind the mask of "personhood" the perpetrators can seek bankruptcy protection when they get caught poisoning the apple fritters for profit. 

No honest man having good intent and being in his right mind would ever freely choose to operate under the Law of the Sea and that's why our Forefathers stipulated that we and our states all function under Land Law, and specifically American Common Law. 

This is also why when employees of the foreign Territorial and Municipal governments "come ashore" they are required to observe what they call "The Law of the Land"---- that is, The Constitution, with respect to us and our property interests. 

It is far more convenient and far more profitable for them to "mistake" us as either Territorial "Persons" or Municipal "PERSONS" than it is for them to deal with their obligations owed to the living, breathing people.  So they put on their blinders every day and mount the Bench and act as criminals against us and they pretend that we agreed to this. 

We've been trusting and gullible enough to let them get away with all this impersonation Shinola--- especially since they have operated under Color of Law, and have pretended to be or to "represent" our lawful government--- and have, thus disguised, been able to impose and presume upon us and also to liberally engage in extortionate racketeering against our states and people.

So--- bringing it all full circle with regard to "Human Rights" and "Natural Law"....

Look up the legal definition of "human". 

There you will see that a "human" in legal terminology is not a man or a woman, but an animal or a "monster". 

So if you allow the vermin to call you a "human" you are admitting to being far less than a man, and owed only such consideration as the King in his Mercy might grant a farmyard animal and such law as the SPCA might lobby for. 

As for "Natural Law" that is another name for "Law of the Jungle" wherein the strong are allowed to mercilessly prey upon the weak and the only the tooth and the claw prevail and only the very fleet-footed escape. 

Gee, we object to being impersonated and treated as incorporated legal fiction entities, so now they offer us the status of animals and monsters as remedy?  We object to the despicable Law of the Sea, so now they offer us "Natural Law" instead?

I have a counter-offer for them: 

We are living people, men and women, and we are owed the American Common Law. 

Please take your Territorial and Municipal "law" along with your "human" rights and your "Natural Law" and shove all these up your butt, sideways, like an insurmountably large suppository. 

Thank you, very much.

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  2. Maybe the law defines "human", but not the scientific college biology classes i took at cal poly, pomona. Its patently simple to me. Blacks law dictionary has to go. Then id like them to see how hard it is to deceive people when we only have one definition of words. How in the world did people allow that book to exsist. Are you saying that not one single person during the last 2000 years ever questioned why the legal profession has their own dictionary...??? But standing back just a little from the problem, i can honestly see why it could reach these level of despotism. Most people deserve it because there are people who never intend to ever give one penny to anyone, but they cant wait to ask for it constantly frim friends and family. They are the takers if the world...never giving anything back except misery and lies, just to get what they want. Everyone i have known has done nothing but take, take, and take somemore...It never ends. Somehow they have reconsciled in their own minds that they were always entitled to everything simply by asking or demanding it or im going to cry. Give me my rattle...!!! Have you ever considered that some people are "animals". Simply hear to please every desire they want and leave the leftovers to the vultures(the rest of us). My friends have never spent one minute of their lives in a library or any institution of higher education.... WHY!! What makes these people so special. They never pick up a book and read it. Yet they can always out argue anyone with a PHD that they are right. We are in this postion because of those people and we always will be because, because some people are born to let everyone work and slave over them just so that one individual can be happy. Thats the way it has been my whole life. Can anyone say im wrong...???

    1. I will not say you are wrong but you are observing from an unwholesome perspective. I read many of your writings and you are smart and wise, a leader and a teacher but you cannot change nature for others. Some are born to be servants. Some will lead and some will follow. If one does not learn to defend his liberty someone will take it for their benefit. If you are experiencing mooches you may, at times, choose be a servant. I do as well but I have a few rules that help me. I avoid loaning more than I am willing to give and consider if the recipient would do the same for others. I wish you well

  3. Hear, hear, Anna! And, that may be the "legal definition" of human, but the cosmological definition is H(igher) U(niversal) Man. It's further proof of the nutcases who are defining "legal" anything in our judicial milieu. Invoke the cosmological, divine definition of HU-Man, invoke Yahweh, Moses, Yeshua, and watch the cockroaches tremble and scatter...and if that doesn't work, administer the suppository of their own B.S. forthwith!

  4. What evidence exists that the Jews were forced into lending at interest? And, if I'm not mistaken, Islam is the only monotheistic religion that still forbids lending at interest.

    1. Just look. You will find. And now, think.

      Have you ever read the New Testament?

      If so, you should already know that Jesus was not only an observant Jew, he was beyond being a Jew. He forbade all the cruelties and injustices we daily perform against others by thought, word, and deed. His teachings are not small-minded or rooted in regulations, but broad, open pathways to do what is right. No usury. None. Not practiced against each other and not practiced against anyone else. Greed is greed and injustice is injustice. No excuses. An upright man does not look to justify evil or try to weasel around what is right by thinking to himself, "Oh, but that only applies to us, not to them".

  5. Thank You Anna, you are an angel

  6. I worked on Wallstreet. I can honestly say the average person working there has no idea how the entire banking industry works. I don't think anyone except for the higher ups know the industry is doing anything negative to the average person. The average banking person thinks they are just doing a job, similar to doing a job working for a store. They work and get paid. But they don't know how the system pulls money out of thin air and how this creates inflation and increases the cost of living. People work their jobs innocently, for the most part, and just don't know how the whole system is setup to create inflation. I worked in that industry and I can assure you that we didn't know. Now I understand how it's setup, but the average person thinks they are just doing a job. It's very compartmentalized, no one thinks that they are doing anything that effects others negatively. Only the real controllers at the top know that they have setup something to fail, but the average banker does not know this. Just like when you sell goods from a store or a bakery, you make a sale. Well, the people in the banking industry don't see it any differently. The average person is not going to knowingly take a job that is going to harm others, in fact, they think they are helping others. So people who get angry at bankers, you are getting angry at people who are just cogs in the wheel. If we are going to get angry at everyone then you can get angry at the people who work for Monsanto making gmo and supporting them, people who work for the police and turn on innocent Native Americans, people who work as internet cointel pro agents, the average farmer who sprays Roundup on food. People for the most part are just ignorant. We can get mad at the whole world, but all in all, we have all played our own parts in this ignorance and every single one of us has been ignorant during their lives as some point. As someone has said, he who is without sin, cast the first stone. And everyone backs away, because we are all in this together trying to figure things out. And we let it happen because we were too busy with our own selfish interests and debauchery. And now we are facing the consequences.

    1. Yes, compartmentalization--- strict compartmentalization-- is necessary. Otherwise people would figure it all out and tell others and the crooks wouldn't be able to get away with it. That is why it is so vitally important for those who do discover the rot to report it and share it and tell everyone else they possibly can. And keep doing it. Keep spreading the word. It's the only way to make sure these vermin are caught and flushed out.

  7. The only bank that is going to work for us is one that involves "cryptocurrencies", like "bitcoin" and others. There are already dozens of these currencies right now and all of them are increasing in value and causing more problems for these "international bankers". And they all exsist under the radar of the "Corp. State", including there terrorist collection companies...the IRS and the FTB. People are swearing by these currencies.

    1. No offense, but if you think they aren't somehow in control of that too, you are not awake enough yet. They are the instigators of great deception, enough to get the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 through fraudulently (among many many examples) and you think they would let Bitcoin or any other form of currency escape their grasp? I do understand how Bitcoin works, and they may not be able to manipulate it - if they can't yet, they will soon. They were screaming about Bitcoin years ago.. now they are silent and have been for a long while.. their fingers are in it.. I don't know how, but rest assured, they are.

    2. Yeah, well, the way BitCoin is structured makes it just another Ponzi scheme of a kind popularized by IPO traders. I am not against the development of structured cryptocurrencies, but someone has to be responsible or they will be abused to bilk people and manipulate the currency just like every other system of money ever devised. You have to remember that money is an idol and as such is false from the get-go. This fundamental fact keeps eluding people.

  8. So Christians held to a higher standard jews and muslims have an escape clause hay he's not one of us it's fine .bankers are predators
    (Predator banks).hate to say it Christianity has been almost exclusively white Anglo Saxon Achilles heal. You can't do that how un Christian admit it were not compatible stop thinking we are all one multicultural think segregation .

  9. Good scientists don't belive in (GOD)
    they see systems in nature golden ratio
    , applied to geometry spiral then Meg entropy collapse into a new shape
    Morphed creation.
    Birth of a star yet the spirit is pure energy as is your auras . You need to think life force energy pyramid power amplify your aura not trap it in steel boxes like cars and metal building .
    A child standing in a puddle of water is capable of steering a hurricane .

  10. Thank-you for the insights Anna! Very useful!
    Here's a clue folks: Lack of precision technology on what the human mind factually is & what life energy actually is & how the human mind mechanically works & how life energy truly functions.
    In all the ages that body of information had never been isolated or compiled.
    Remedy that and we will sort the rest out. Perhaps even create a civilization that won't go "BANG".
    Another clue: The work has actually already been completed within this past century without fanfare or superstition. One would simply need to LOOK for it.
    All The Best, Wirkin

  11. Love Anna's authoritative lack of historical knowledge, it never ceases to amaze me how much of factual history she doesn't know but tries to make everyone think she does!!! "Christian kings FORCED jews to go into banking to do their dirty work..." REALLY!!! The KAZARS of the 600 AD era that 95% of todays Azkenazi jews come from were specializing in selling slaves and charging interest LONG before "Christian kings" ever arose!!!!!! GOT THAT!!!??? Anna PLEASE stick with the gov't subject you actually know about and leave all of the history stuff you are woefully ignorant of to someone else. Better yet, let someone that KNOWS a little history write for you so you don't look and sound so ignorant, no matter how "authoritative" you try to sound about this subject. GOT THAT!!!???

    1. From Anna:

      ALL the ancient people of the Mideast kept slaves and practiced usury except that the Jews limited their practice of it to non-Jews.

      I am afraid it is you who are both woefully ignorant and in error both about your pitiful assumptions about my knowledge and about history and about Judaism. You are evidently a small-minded and hate-filled and irresponsible individual who simply doesn't want to admit to your own dirty historical laundry.

      Too bad that people like you continue in your errors and beliefs because that is exactly what blocks people as a whole from making progress.

      By the way, there is no such thing as the Evil Khazarians who supposedly converted en masse to Judaism. Just stop and think for five seconds about the likelihood of a large group of indigenous people converting to Judaism? Thousands of adult men whacking off their foreskins in public and embracing over 600 dietary and conduct code laws in the middle of the Dark Aged???

      Where is the proof of any such thing ever happening, Mr. Expert?

      No, I am afraid the Khazars were just Russianized members of the Ten Tribes moving West from Assyria after their captivity there ended--- "Israelires" by heritage and Genesis as much as Jacob's other children.

      And you've been duped by more propaganda designed to create a new name and label for the old Jewish Bogey Man who has been used to frighten weak minded people for many hundreds of years.

    2. Wexler, Paul. (2002). Two-Tiered Relexification in Yiddish:Jews, Sorbs, Khazars and the Kiev-Polessian Dialect. Trends in linguistics / Studies and monographs: Studies and monographs. 136. Walter de Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-017258-4. Retrieved 10 February 2013.

      I think you will find that your theory doesn't get much support from "those who know" either, so. . .

    3. Russianized Jews is all that comes of this. You are talking about a group of people moving West and the traces of their passing both linguistically and biologically will be noted. So there it is. No surprises.

  12. Toleration Is Compromise - Ignorance Is Complicity - Inaction Is Approval
    To live at this time is an inestimable privilege, and a sacred obligation devolves upon us to make right use of our duties to GOD, Family and Country.
    Divine Law trumps human ones- Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates

  13. Talking about these banking systems reminds me the article was emailed to me last night for what's coming down the pipeline in end of 2017 7 beginning of 2018. Do you know that Trump's secret plan While Everyday Americans Are in the Dark, the Big Banks Are Already Preparing for This New Financial System rolls out in January 2018? This will effect all of us. I am hoping it is part of RV/NESARA/GESARA. This is Huge and may be Anna probably knows about it. Anyway, thank you Anna for the article, appreciate you, thanks.

  14. Trivia is great for a coffee chat debate . However, it is the useful /practical information that sets one free that matters. Or at least gives the man or woman a fighting chance when confronted by the 'the wretched hive of scum and villainy ! You can't change history. However with the right information one can change the way they respond to historical precedent.

  15. This article brought back memories of discovering unbelievable shocking moments when we discovered reading in the Talmud about how the goyim could be treated in such ways as mentioned in above article and shocked again when realizing the ALL CAP NAME= Confirms Goy Status. Let this sink in for awhile.
    The system has been rigged all along with no acknowledgment other than its the humans fault blame game which is not true. Fallen Angels/hybrid-human illumanati invader races were created to decimate humans and love slicing the human genome into the pig. Unacceptable~Lila

  16. The primary earthly human lineage is an Angelic Human Christiac Grail Line the carries the dormant 12-Strand DNA Template potentials; certain portions of earth human Grail Line population carry the 24-48 Strand DNA Template of the Rishi and Yani (Yanas) “Eieyani Grail Lines.”

    The Eieyani Grail Line humans presently incarnate on earth are known as the Type 1 and 2 Indigo Children.

    Other portions of the earth-human populations carry the 9, 10 and 11-Strand DNA Template mutations resulting from ancient race hybridization with Anunnaki and Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions.

    All humans can reverse-mutate DNA Template distortions and bring dormant DNA template potentials into activation through self-generated DNA Bio-Regenesis technologies, through which the 12-Strand DNA Angelic Human potential can be progressively restored and reactivated within the operational DNA. – This is precisely what visiting Fallen Angelic Legions do not want contemporary humanity to accomplish.

  17. First of all, i do realize that most people are innocently being taken advantage of because of their ignorance. But they lose all credibility when someone points out the truth to them and they simply reject it instead of investigating wheather its the truth or that point its a "choice"... The person either chooses to make a effort to follow all paths that lead to the "truth" or he is living in denial and has no interest in the truth. At that point he/she loses their innocent stance and choozen to be one of "them". A person who insist on being ignorant is just as evil as the ones who created this system. I dont care what there reason is. Ive tried to enlighten these so called honest people you seem to think are all innocently doing their jobs, only to be told im crazy, without proving me im wrong. Sorry, but thats not an excuse anymore. Because most of them are theives themselves....never good on their word. As for all the other evils of this world, especially here in America, it could almost be reversed just by doing one thing....arrest or force every single attorney out of this country, including all judges, and even the playing field by having you case go to your so called "jural assembles" for justice....mano e representation at all. And only using "common law" as a guide. Meaning there had to be a true(real) injured party or else whoever arrested someone where he claims the state was the only injured party,will lose everything he ever worked for and face prison time. Too bad if he has kids and a wife....tough shit. Consider it a life leason.

  18. First of all, i do realize that most people are innocently being taken advantage of because of their ignorance. But they lose all credibility when someone points out the truth to them and they simply reject it instead of investigating wheather its the truth or that point its a "choice"... The person either chooses to make a effort to follow all paths that lead to the "truth" or he is living in denial and has no interest in the truth. At that point he/she loses their innocent stance and choozen to be one of "them". A person who insist on being ignorant is just as evil as the ones who created this system. I dont care what there reason is. Ive tried to enlighten these so called honest people you seem to think are all innocently doing their jobs, only to be told im crazy, without proving me im wrong. Sorry, but thats not an excuse anymore. Because most of them are theives themselves....never good on their word. As for all the other evils of this world, especially here in America, it could almost be reversed just by doing one thing....arrest or force every single attorney out of this country, including all judges, and even the playing field by having you case go to your so called "jural assembles" for justice....mano e representation at all. And only using "common law" as a guide. Meaning there had to be a true(real) injured party or else whoever arrested someone where he claims the state was the only injured party,will lose everything he ever worked for and face prison time. Too bad if he has kids and a wife....tough shit. Consider it a life leason.

  19. The Declaration of Independence used the word human once' In the course of human events" and apparently in the monstor sense. I have come near to cringe and refrain from using the word to refer to any man woman or child. Seems if it is going to be used interchangeably though shouldn't there be a huwoman as well? And what of humanism, isn't that some kind of group from the past that spawned all this human termanism? It ought to be more like deer when referring to the species and bucks and does. So many words like man that could be mankind meaning everyone like species or a male like one man. Then it appears women are often cut out when they may not have been as the word meant man and not man. I have been using people lately when possible to avoid leaving anyone out or boys and girls. Guess it is a bit late now to fix he language but man on the land also means woman on the land, and is important status wise to "person" on the land not even possible. This land is your land, this land is my land" as Woody sang at Grand Coulee Dam not "this corporation is my corporation, this corporation is your corporation" We the people not we the persons...

  20. Unless ANY/ALL individuals secure their identity via SPC (Secured Party Creditor) process one will remain SLAVES in commerce. Becoming an State National, Sovereign, SPC, only then will man truly enjoy his/her Freedom to its fullest. God created man to be Free, so die Free!


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