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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Was Done For You --- 2.0

By Anna Von Reitz

It is apparent that many of you didn't quite grasp the importance of our announcement in the article titled "What Was Done For You", so let me expand upon it for a moment in words you all can grasp.
According to the Roman Catholic Church, Jesus died for your sins (another word for "sins" is "debts") 2000 years ago and he purchased the entire Earth and all that exists on Earth with his body and his blood.
This is the basis of the Roman Catholic Church's establishment of the Unum Sanctum Trust dba E Pluribus Unum, and their claim to be the Trustees of the whole planet----air, land, and sea.
According to them, Jesus paid for absolutely everything and everyone, from the fish in the sea to the stars in the sky, and as his appointed (through Peter) Stewards, they, the Pope and the priests, are responsible for caring for, monitoring, and husbanding everything until his return.

That's their entire schtick.
So, if Jesus paid all the debts why are we still paying them?

You can have it one way or the other, not both at the same time.
Either He did or He didn't.
Either He did, and there is basis for the Roman Catholic Church's claim to own everything in His name, or He didn't, in which case it makes sense that we are still being abused and laboring like pack dogs in the Arctic.

So, realizing this, I placed the infinite Credit owed to Jesus on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court, in accordance with His Will firmly recorded throughout the New Testament, and I redeemed as Jesus' bondservant the Kingdom of God ---- that is, the "Kingdom of Gold, Order, and Dominion" and all the Names and NAMES which are debt ACCOUNTS associated with it, in the name of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And in keeping with Scripture, I bound Satan for a period of one thousand years with the Payment Bond provided to Cardinal Mamberti.
January 6, 2017 to January 6, 3017.

Satan has been bonded, that is, "bound" for 1,000 years, precisely as Scripture requires.
It's pay up or shut up time for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, and especially for the pagan office of the Roman Pontiff which FRANCISCUS occupies, and which has benefited itself from the Death for Profit insurance fraud schemes we have described.

Look closely at the Payment Bond posted at the end of "What Was Done For You" at

The debts of all Names and NAMES are redeemed. Paid off. Not just in the past, but for the next thousand years.

After all, if Jesus paid for all debts and that's the reason that the RCC claims to own everything, then they need to be paying for everything and everyone, too.

This is both "Checkmate" and "Endgame" for the world that men have created. Either do what is right and bring an end to the Satanic "Death for Profit" system or be revealed as a complete fraud.

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  1. not all people are meant for this anna. this is not something you can do for them, they have to get it for themselves. please everyone peruse this site and i think you will get a better idea of what is going on nad why. of 7 billion, possibly only 144,000 may understand truly what this is all about and deserving on a grand scale, repent now or be baptised by fire.

    1. Though I agree few will have the eyes to see and ears to listen, the 144,000 (aka Tribe of Israel) as I understand it are the Elohim Lords of Light scattered throughout the cosmos, who will one day return to Earth -- they are not of the kingdom or estates of men, as is commonly believed. This is revealed in J.J. Hurtak's book YHWH, The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, a truly awesome read.

    2. possibly my friend it was only meant to show few will have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the word. none of us know anything for sure, i just do my best! ;o)

    3. chris and abby let me know what you think of that onshaluk website it moved me greatly

    4. Penny, I don't know what website you are talking about.

    5. the one i posted above

    6. Penny, ok I went and read rather quickly through it.I have previously read other such essays, and always come away thinking .....why should we have to go through so much to receive what was all deliberately stolen from us. Secondly, I just cannot fathom actually being allowed to get it done, and to implement any of it.
      David got a lucky shot off at goliath, but I don't think I would be so fortunate. Besides, I'm already exhausted, lol.
      Kudos to those that have the stamina and wherewithal to accomplish it.
      As for money, I do not see it as evil and scripture does not say it is evil, but rather, that it is ''the love of money' that is evil. (I know several people whose aim in life is to stash away all the money they can, and their kick is totally in just seeing it pile up! They just love watching the numbers go up,yet having no end-game for it. Don't even have children.)

      Whatever affect these fiat dollars have on the debt or the economy, is not of my making. This is what we are given in our paycheck, so thats what we use. There is no other choice. Very soon in the near future I'm quite sure it will be all done away with, cash already being poo-pooed, and they want to put everything on digital (so they can control everyone and keep track of all that we do). That is what the mark of the beast is all about. (no one will be able to buy or sell unless that take the 'mark') This mark is going to be a chip as small as a grain of rice, and will be taken by injection, same as a flu shot is.
      But that's another story for another time and place.

  2. Many of us know much of the dirty deal we have been living under, and we understand Anna's work. Unfortunately if we tried to implement any of it we would quickly be ordered to be committed for mental problems. So what good is it then, I wonder. Now, when Jesus died, there was NO catholic church. The Pope's claim to be the vicor and owns everything is their own self-appointment. The vatican is just about the most ungodly place/thing on earth. They are as far removed from God or Christ as anyone can get. Also satan is still very much active and he won't be put out of the picture till Jesus returns and puts an end to him for 1000 yrs.
    Lastly, The Church is not a building or an organization. It consists solely of people; those people who are the born again, converted, dedicated ones who live by His Word AND are doers of His Word. Jesus referred to his Church as 'his LITTLE flock' few they are.
    This is one place that majority does not rule. And if people do not believe there are few, the remember he said 'why do you call me Lord when you do not DO WHAT I SAY'. 'Going to church' does not make one a part of that Church. If one is a 'member of some church organization' then what they are is nothing more than a member of THAT organization; it doesn't make one part of His Church Body.

    1. true actually probably the opposite and on purpose.

      unfortunately, we are them and they are we. no difference, we need to look inward NOT outward and point fingers. look what WE are doing, allowing millions of children via abortions, wars, pedophilia; slaughtering millions of animals per day, all in UN-Godly ways, spending debt notes we dont own, using the mark NAME and number SIN# of the beast, walking into court as surety for that NAME; giving THEIR CREATOR'S Creation, currency like frankenstein, cattle to slaughter.

      hmmmm wonder why these things are happening while everyone is comfortably numb driving in their beemers and houses they cant afford watching american IDOL, the NFL (people know enough sports trivia to fill a book but dont know a word of their bible or live by it) while waiting for the next cyber monday deal on idiotic, wasteful trash that we dont need; then throw in a landfill somewhere; promoting the next satanic ritual sacrifice like (Easter) Ishtar...

      buellar, buellar is anybody there???????

    2. Paul, sorry I do not have the spare time to read this long promotion of the very pagan false catholic church, but may I ask by your posting it, are you promoting it as being 'the one true church'??

    3. Penny, I agree, it is likely true that the true body of Christ has long stopped attending today's ''church buildings', but are on the outside. Every devoted believer of the Word that I know, does not attend. In fact I myself was removed from them by the Lord himself, and that is a fact without question. He took me away from all that distraction, and taught me Himself, as 'it is the holy spirit that teaches us all that we need to know'' anyhow.
      This world now is beyond description in its corruption, far worse than it was even in Genesis 6 when God decided it had to be destroyed the first time. What is interesting to note, is that during the following 120 yrs. while Noah built the Ark, STILL no one got saved; only the 8 in Noah's family. And after a 40 yr. trek led by Moses, only 2 ever entered the promised land. So many of the numbers are very small.

    4. interestng the "division" that occurs. the second coming is here and it is US, not U.S., christos in greek means love and i personally am a minister in christos; in Christ, we are the second coming of christ and we must get it NOW. Love is the only answer.

    5. Understand I intend no argument, just discussing on my part...but I believe Zech. 14 tells us that Jesus will come again (to earth, as his feet stand in that day ON the mt. of olives) and in v.5 'and the Lord my God shall come and all the saints with him'. (the saints are the previously raptured church body). So when He comes again, so do 'we' who are part of that obedient church body of Christ.
      When Jesus first came, it was not to bring peace, but a Sword. A sword is a sign of division. He is a divider, having said that upon our salvation, he ''set us apart from the world; we are still in the world, but we are no long part of the world'. So division is from God Himself. 2 Cor. 6:11-18 He makes it an admonition to the church body, through the apostle Paul as he instructed the church. (be ye separate)
      The world today has all sorts of ideas about what love means. But to God, the greatest love is to speak His truths to people, saying that 'the Truth shall set us free'. All else is to mislead, and misleading is not love; misleading is actually lying. Yet we know all too well that the real Truth of God's Word is very much hated along with the truthtellers. "you will be hated for My Namesake'as scripture tells us.
      Galatians 1:8-10 issues a strong warning to not preach any other gospel but the one the apostles preached; not to aim to please people telling them what they want to hear (but what they need to hear).
      Interesting discussion.

    6. agreed sister

      thank you for sharing your thoughts

      peace & love


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