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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery:

Introduction by Anna Von Reitz:

Many years ago I started wondering about the all capital letters names employed by the military.  I noticed that all names in the military were written in all capitals: LIEUTENANT RODNEY KNOX, for example, as were all the stenciled words plastered on packing crates and vehicles belonging to the US ARMY.  I even tasked my poor Father about it, and he mumbled, "When you are in the military, you are a slave, and all that you have as property does not belong to you."

This cryptic reply made no particular sense to me, nor did the idea that those putting their lives at risk to defend us would suffer the status of slaves?  He was busy and the sun was hot and the road before us was dusty from the wheels of the endless military convoy passing by on the old US HIGHWAY 12.  I noted the answer and let it slip into the category of "things you will understand when you are older"---where it remained until my twenties, when I began seeing my name written in all capital letters on Federal Student Loan paperwork. 

I eventually tracked this odd style of name back to Ancient Rome and Roman Civil Law.  I even wrote a studious Memorandum of Law about the use of peculiar naming conventions in the Roman Civil Law going back to 200 B.C.
I discovered that noble Romans used names written in all small case letters: flavius gallus aurelius, while indentured servants used names in Upper and Lower Case: Flavius Gallus Aurelius----and just as my Father said, slaves used names in all capitals: FLAVIUS GALLUS AURELIUS.

This did not bode well for whatever poor creature might be named ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER nor did it adequately explain how or why or by whom my given name would be so abused on government paperwork.  I never volunteered to join the Army.

I knew that names written in all capital letters were "slave names" and that it was not proper Latin, but as to what it was?  Well, I combed dutifully through dictionaries and style guides and the Government Printing Office publications but the entire net of this effort was to define what the NAME was not----- not proper English, not used officially, not proper Latin, not, not, not.... but precious little came forward to enlighten me any further on the topic of what it was being used for, or who or what was mandating its use?

The answer--- that it was being used by private mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporations for the purpose of defrauding and mischaracterizing me for their own profit --- is not the kind of thing that these organizations nor their employees would trumpet from the rooftops, is it? 

The Secret of Glossa--the use of Dog Latin embedded in English documents-- has finally come to full and glorious light thanks to the efforts of a team of Australian researchers who have delved into this vicious fraud and breach of trust that has been perpetuated against humanity for many generations. 

Please read the information carefully and grasp the immensity and longevity of the enslavement and abuse that has been exercised against innocent people, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, by the Roman Pontiffs and their bill collectors, the members of the Bar Associations worldwide.

A name written in Dog Latin, for example, JOHN MARK DOE,  is the equivalent of a siphon used by vampires to quietly, sneakily, with little risk to themselves----suck away your life's blood and energy for their own benefit. 

In itself, the mischaracterized name is a tool, lifeless and inert--- like a siphon, a door handle, a rope, or a poppet--- harmless until and unless it is used for the purpose of committing personage against you and providing access to your assets, including the value of your labor, your land, your businesses, and your very bodies.

The use of these false foreign names, embedded in any document written in English, is prima facie evidence of a crime.

This fundamental crime of personage must finally come to a halt, must be recognized for what it is and brought to an ignominious end.  The fruit of many years of research has now come into your hands, for you to use in your own defense and the defense of others--- all thanks to men who live half a world away, but whose dream and need for freedom is the same as that that lives in every human breast. 

I understand that there will be a complete set of DVD's available in the near future detailing the full extent of the research and the experience and thoughts of the researchers.  Both to support their work and to undergird your own knowledge, I heartily recommend that everyone secure a copy for their own families and communities and share the information as widely as possible. 

JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION: (HIDDEN-FOREIGN-TEXT-KNOWN-AS-DOG-LATIN) The Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery: 

By: Romley Stewart.


  1. I bet chinese colligraphy didnt have that problem. But now they use a form of cursive . If the govt. and our courts were forced to use "cursive", instead of our printed version of English, the could have never gotten away with this deceite....try using cursive to capitalize an entire word...its not possible, and would immediately be recognized by anyone. Before i read this article I was just telling my brother that from now on im going to use ALL lower case letters only. No capitals at all. Especially in court. In fact i may just break every known rule of grammer we have ever been taught. Lets see how they like it when they have to interpret my language. I might even use "dangaling participals" regularly.....if i knew what they Two can play this game...!!!! Im sorry your honor....its your language i dont understand... Mine is correct. So either get on my page or dismiss this case, because there is no way to communicate unless you use my language and grammer....RIGHT!!!!


    2. david wynn miller put it to rest, the "Dog" is only waiting for the good grace (us) to help it lie down

    3. I was served a summons and simply wrote a testimony in the form of an affidavit to the secretary of the state of CA and said I could not read the packet because it was not in english. I sent registered mail with my 928 s

  2. Hello!
    I would like such a DVD.
    Will we be notified when it is available? Or, Should we be looking for it elsewhere?
    All The Best,

    1. i believe i got my own kwestyun answered. Feast on this:
      Thanx Anna!

      Got half way. I think I'm in a swamp. Any help here?

    3. Some good stuff, but lost among Adam and Eve, Genesis, and trust law. Will proceed further. Hope for opening.

  3. Its obvious that hardly any of our states and counties across the land will never organize their own jural assemblies, and lawful constitutional citys and counties. The burearcracy is too big and to firmly entrentched to change it now. What we do need is a well educated and strong willed leader like TRUMP to do the hard work for us and support him any way we can. Whats the difference if he works for the CORP. STATE, as long as he also fights for the people more and America as a whole. He is much closer to the problem than we will ever be, especially since all we get is "FAKE NEWS" from our entire Corp controlled media. The oringinal constitution and our forefathers realized that even back then. There was never supposed to be a popular(public) vote for that reason. The lay public is just too far removed to know anything about Nation Law, let alone International events and commerce. Thats what our "electors" from each county were supposed to do for us. Our constitution never made a provision for a public vote for that reason. Thats why the Bankers made sure that sufferage was ended and all men and women of legal age could vote, knowing that they could be controlled to vote they wanted by using the best brainwashing tool ever invented for their use....TELEVISION. The "internet" worked exactly opposite to that which has been their achellis heel ever since, leading to the "eletist" worse nightmere and hopefully undoing. One good president can litterally undo almost 200 years of fraud if hes educated enough and not afraid of anyone. No one ever thought that could be Trump... God really does work in strange ways...!!!

    1. What will it take to get out of America's mess?
      It is a matter of disclosure to Americans.
      How much does America still believe the urban myths of its public education?
      Disclosure come from asking questions. Here are a few.
      Is Manhattan Island owned by the Dutch Monarch?
      Is Washington D. C. under Manhattan Island jurisdiction?
      Is the star and stripes flag a pre-1600 version of a Dutch East India Trading Co flag?
      What foreign entities own United States, Inc?
      Do or did the Dutch East India Co own the British East India Co at the tea party?
      Did BAR lawyers (British Authorized Registry) murder Lincoln?
      Did the CIA murder Kennedy?
      Who owns the Federal Reserve?
      How many trillions of dollars has the Federal Reserve printed since 1913?
      What happened to America's gold? Where is it now?
      Why are the federal reserve banks worth more gold than the national debt?
      What foreign entities own the federal reserve?
      Will Trump be a good president? How much will he disclose?

      These questions are just for openers.
      America is just getting started asking questions. What then?
      Once America sets its course: So it was: So it is.

    2. Very interesting questions indeed. And now a follow up question based on yours. Did these East India Trading Companies presume jurisdiction and land ownership of all Indian lands? Is that why Chrisoph Colon ( Christopher Columbus) declared this land India and the indigenous people thereon "Indians"?

    3. Trump is one of them. Also look into This website uncovers another game played on the public!!

    4. Yes, he is one of them, Columbus came to America started genocide of the Indians and also the white man, killing of the Indians and Indigenous people. JFK was killed by CIA on orders of LBJ on orders of the Jesuits. Twin Towers went down on orders of David Rockefeller Bushes,Clinton's, Cheney, Powell, Condalesa Rice,Prime Minister of Iseral beBe and a guy from DHS and obbummer

  4. I belive we will prevail this game is just starting we will dismantle the judiciary Colorado is doing it we all can easy no but possiable trump only has much political capitol.we have to do our part .
    Anna ' s article is one lug nut of an entire machine .we need all the pieces to say look a car.can you see the fraud now?

  5. Right James. But while you're handing the ball to Trump to carry for you, sooner or later you'll have to carry your own ball or resign yourself and your progeny of slaves to the corporate entities that know full well what the lower case usages does to their supposed superiorities.

    AZLew an internet addy, not a name

  6. I love this document. I send a copy to all my banker, lawyer, government, insurance, and utility friends.

  7. The Dumb-ass Paradigm

    The cabal-dumb-ass-paradigm divides humanity in two parts:
    The cabal-master-sovereign and the citizen-slave-dumb-ass.

    The cabal-dumb-ass paradigm keeps humanity divided.
    The spherical earth is a dumb-ass paradigm.
    Check out Chicago across 60 miles of Lake Michigan.
    Does dumb-ass NASA get it?
    If the lie sticks, use and propagate it.
    This gives the liar the advantage of truth.
    Everyone else is just a dumb-ass.

    The dumb-ass paradigm in law:
    Color of law is a dumb-ass paradigm.
    If the act sticks, use and propagate it.
    BAR-lawyers get it.
    Administrative-judges get it.
    These actors have the advantage of truth.
    The dumb-ass just gets fleeced.

    The dumb-ass paradigm in banking:
    GLOSSA title manipulation is a dumb-ass paradigm.
    Many dumb-ass bankers don't get it.
    Many dumb-ass lawyers don't get it.
    Dumb-ass realtors don't get it.
    Of course, the dumb-ass borrow doesn't get it.
    The liars end up owning it all.
    The dumb-ass gets fleeced.

    The dumb-ass paradigm in medicine:
    Pharmaceuticals are a dumb-ass paradigm.
    Dumb-ass doctors don't get it.
    If the medicine sells, it's good medicine.
    If the procedure sells, its good medicine.
    If the patient gets sicker, who's responsible?
    The corporate institutions make money.
    Doctor compensations never go down.
    The dumb-ass is sick and bankrupt.

    The dumb-ass paradigm in education:
    Dumb-ass teachers don't get it.
    If the lie sticks, use and propagate it.
    Those who know the truth, keep the advantage.
    The dumb-ass gets fleeced.

    The dumb-ass corporate paradigm:
    Dumb-ass CEOs and investors don't get it.
    Corporations shield liars from responsibility.
    Corporations lie as much as they get away with.
    No one ever is personally responsible.
    The corporation gets wealthier.
    The dumb-ass gets fleeced.

    The dumb-ass paradigm in the military:
    Isn't it a bit dangerous to combine:
    Roman Empire legal and social structure with:
    Third millennium weapons systems?

    The dumb-ass political paradigm:
    Dumb-ass RED doesn't get it.
    Dumb-ass BLUE doesn't get it.
    Dumb-ass voters don't get it.
    It’s a government secret.
    It's an intelligence agency secret.
    It's an international cabal secret.
    A secret keeps the advantage of truth.
    Why disclose the secret to the dumb-ass public?
    The government gets more powerful.
    The dumb-ass public gets fleeced.

    The dumb-ass paradigm divides us all.
    The cabal worships this paradigm for power and profit.
    The dumb-ass gets fleeced.

  8. Chuck Baldwin on Trump appointees

    The Left-Right Paradigm Is Back
    By Chuck Baldwin

    Truth is dead; objectivity is dead; honest journalism is dead. Truly, “fake news” is found on both ends of the political spectrum.

    The fact is, Donald Trump has made and is making many decisions that should deeply concern constitutionalists, conservatives, and patriots.

    Over Barack Obama’s eight years in office, he appointed twenty-one members of the globalist CFR to his administration. In just the beginning stages of Trump’s administration, he has already appointed four individual CFR members (Elaine Chao, Robert Lighthizer, K.T. McFarland, Robert Wood Johnson IV). Then count the companies that are CFR affiliates and the appointees from these companies that Trump has selected, including Rex Tillerson and Robert Harward, and that adds 15 additional CFR globalists to his administration. So, in reality, Trump has already appointed 19 CFR globalists to his administration--and he is only a few weeks into his presidency.
    Donald Trump’s CIA chief, Michael Pompeo, wants no interference or prohibition upon the federal government’s collecting “metadata” information on the American people. He wants to ignore or eliminate the USA Freedom Act that limits such data collection and resume the government’s collection of personal data on the American citizenry unimpeded. In other words, Pompeo wants the federal government to have complete freedom to spy on every American citizen, no exceptions and no limitations. Does that sound pro-constitution and pro-freedom to you?
    Speaking of Pompeo and the CIA, Trump’s CIA chief just awarded Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef the George Tenet award for his work in “fighting terrorism.” I kid you not. Look it up for yourself.
    Without a doubt, Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of terrorism in the entire Middle East. The Saudi government’s fingerprints are all over Al Qaeda, ISIS, and even the 9/11 attacks here in the United States. And Trump gives the Saudi deputy premier and interior minister an “anti-terrorism” award? Are you kidding me?
    And talk about conflict of interest: here are the Zionists that Donald Trump has appointed to his administration so far: Jared Kushner, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Steven Mnuchin, Stephen Miller, Carl Icahn, Gary Cohn, Boris Epshteyn, David Shulkin, Reed Cordish, and Avrahm Berkowitz. Try to find that many people of virtually any other single persuasion that Trump has appointed. But appointing this many Zionists to his cabinet is not supposed to concern us?
    And did I tell you that Trump’s choice for Secretary of the Interior, Montana’s Ryan Zinke, was one of the most liberal Republican State legislators in the entire State of Montana? Well, he was. Oh, and did I tell you that Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, wants to INCREASE the size and scope of the Internal Revenue Service? Well, he does. And did I tell you that Trump’s choice for Labor Secretary, Andy Puzder, is a disciple of Jeb Bush and Eric Cantor and that he has made a living out of hiring cheap labor and immigrant employees and that he has promoted illegal immigration during his entire career? Well, he is and he has.
    Plus, as we speak, the Trump administration is already making excuses as to why Obamacare won’t be able to be rescinded or replaced “any time soon.” And, of course, after saying that NAFTA needed to be shredded on the campaign trail, President Trump is now saying it needs to be reworked. But it’s uncertain at this point how or even if that will be accomplished. (Thankfully, Trump did put the whammy on TPP.) Oh, and the promise to put Hillary Clinton in jail: forget it. Trump has made it clear that the Clintons are “wonderful” people and that he has great “respect” for both of them.

    1. Trump is the CEO of United States (inc) a foreign corporation.

      He may be POTUS, but his platform is Manhattan Island doing business as United States (inc), a Dutch corporate platform. "POTUS" is the title, like "Federal Reserve" is the title that is supposed to reassure Americans everything is just fine. Behind both titles are foreign entities with foreign agendas. These agendas steal their way into, and enslave America.

      The revolution, the civil war, WW I, WWII, and the parade of wars later were the agenda of foreign entities. This is not changed. Voting for RED or BLUE doesn't change the de facto seats of power. We live in a hurricane of propaganda, ruled by we haven't a clue, who.

      There is no conflict of interests. The interests are simply those of the foreign owners of United States (inc). No conflicts exist at all.

      Trump made the sale. He is "POTUS". Now he is assembling his team. I am sure you're reading this correctly. Americans will get their way strictly at the level "POTUS" can manage by least offending his real bosses, in sight of a 2nd term. This modus operandi is cheap, cheep, cheep, indeed, the needs of America. It is simply the cabal dumb-ass paradigm, in "Trumps".

      This has been going on for 150 years. Americans are starting to get it. The final proof is close at hand, and I mean final. Trump is likely to be the last foreign "POTUS". If it wasn't him, it would have been Hillary Clinton. She dodged the embarrassment by losing the election. Trump steps up to an embarrassment he did not count upon.

      The 150 years of disappointment is running out. The dumb-ass paradigm is over in America.

  9. Seriously? Romans didn't have a concept of upper and lower case, these were like fonts. They would carve and engrave in what were now call upper case, and write in lower.

    So that makes this theory completely wrong.


  11. The underlying law behind the FBAR requirements is the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), which requires you to annually report foreign financial activity to the IRA through the TD F 90-221 form, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. guarantor loans

  12. Cheers and thanks all for the incredibly hard and good work, especially Romley Stewart and Rohan Lorian.

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  14. I like what I read. Stand straight and firm for we are surrounded by satan and his band of snakes.

  15. was the author of the above comment

  16. All the dots are connecting! I was blind..but now I see!!! Glorious Truth reveals darkness and GOD WINS!

  17. i was served a summons at my domicile . i wrote a testimony in the form of an affidavit expressing i could not read the packet of paper as it was not in english. i sent it registered mail to the secretary of state of CA with my 928s


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