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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Rest of the Story, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 16

By Anna Von Reitz

So we covered the Law of the Sea, both Maritime and Admiralty, and you know now that Maritime Law is also called Commercial Law, Roman Civil (or just "Civil") Law, Maritime Law, and Law Merchant. 

You know that Admiralty is distinguished from Maritime in that Admiralty pertains to military and governmental affairs on the High Seas, while Maritime concerns itself with civilian transport of goods, services, and "persons" on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  This is the same difference as the difference between the U.S. Navy and the Merchant Marine Service.

All these activities fall under the Law of the Sea, which is a very ancient venue of the law that first arose thousands of years ago and which was based on pagan religious beliefs and ethical principles.  The most recent overhaul of Maritime Law ---also known as Roman Civil Law --- took place in the Second Century BC.

So, no, Dorothy, when you step out into international jurisdiction, you are not in Kansas anymore, and the rules and standards of behavior and the guarantees you are owed on land no longer apply.

Satan, aka, Poseidon, was the original "God of the Sea" known as the "Father of All Lies", so you can pretty much figure out what his "Law" is like and can now understand why the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure demand an "appearance" of Justice, and not the actual thing. 

This foreign, pagan, Satanic form of law governs worldwide shipping to this day and  its "legal" practices are often "unlawful".  Only corporations can form the maritime or admiralty agreements known as contracts and only corporations can be held accountable for contracts.

So how is it that you, a living man, are being "held to account"?

It's largely because you have an ACCOUNT----and you have what is presumed to be a "Legal Name" and a "Signature" written in "Cursive"---- as in "curse of the Sea".   

Normal average land-lubbers have no such things, so when a judge sees an ACCOUNT and a legal name like "JOHN M. DOE" and receives paperwork that is "signed"---- as in American Sign Language--- in cursive writing, he has to assume that you are acting as a corporation operating under the legal name "JOHN M. DOE" and that you have an ACCOUNT as a franchise of a federal corporation (a Federal Reserve Bank) and that you have entered into "legal contracts" --- that is, Maritime contracts of some kind--- and that you are to be "held accountable". 

Now, none of this is true.  You have--most likely--never knowingly, willingly, nor under conditions of full disclosure entered into a Maritime contract in your entire life, but the way the rats have set things up, you are automatically presumed to be operating in this venal, foreign, pagan system and to be voluntarily subjecting yourself to the Law of the Sea----either Maritime or Admiralty. 

And you can scream and shout until the cows come home about your rights and guarantees owed to you on the land, but none of that counts at sea.

You have been press-ganged. 


"Illegally transported".


Your identity has been stolen along with your money and your credit cards.

And the so-called "beauty" of the scheme is that nobody told you or your Mother or anyone that had a legitimate interest in you what was being done behind the scenes.  The entire "transport" took place under color of law, silently, when you were only a few weeks old, and nobody was the wiser except the Bar Association crooks and the feckless politicians responsible for this outrage.

Their excuse?  Oh, it was all for the war effort.  It's always a war effort in which you are called upon to defend them from their well-earned enemies and wind up fighting the people that are at the very least your natural allies.

The perpetrators have given you the "gift" of a Legal Name and an ACCOUNT as a presumptive "ward" of their state.  Wasn't that nice of them, to claim ownership of your name and steal your identity and misrepresent your political status, so as to take you into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea and "legally" rob and rape you? 

So they press-ganged you into their service and claimed that you were a "citizen" and subject to the international law of the sea.  And you let them do this to you, because you were deliberately dumbed down, misinformed, and left as prey to these vile monsters when you were just a baby in your cradle. 

Well, as it turns out, your ancestors "reserved" all "non-delegated powers" in international jurisdiction to the states and the people (Article X of the actual Constitution) and since you were born as one of the "people" owed the land jurisdiction of this nation, you can kick the ever-loving Bejeezus out of these vermin using those reserved powers. 

For starters, you own and control the Federal Postal Districts, which are land-based and which underlie and occupy the same space as the "United States Districts" ---- only this is your international jurisdiction on the land as opposed to their international jurisdiction on the sea. 

You can now discern the difference between a "Federal Marshal" and a "United States Marshal".

The men and women responsible for this criminal scheme and treason against you stopped hiring Federal Marshals a few years back, because, after all, there are so few people left who are still claiming to be American state nationals--- that is, knowledgeably claiming their birthright as Virginians, Californians, Coloradans, and so on.   And because it doesn't suit their agenda against you to hire men and women to fill those peace officer slots, they've just neglected to fund them.

Ah, but as the source of all money and all credit on this planet, you can fund those positions.  You can fill those positions with volunteers, too.  And you can actually serve as a Federal Marshal yourself, if you have the time and the expertise and desire to make a difference in this situation and put an end to the crimes being carried out against Americans.

You can assemble your jural assemblies at the county and state levels throughout this once-great nation and you can make it great again, to borrow a tag line from Donald Trump.  You can start by recognizing the venal crimes that have been committed and you can start by objecting to any claim that you are any form of "citizen".  

Most of all, you can realize that the "federal government" is a foreign entity with respect to you and your states of the union, and that it has committed crimes against you and your states under the guise of serving you. 

You can "surrender" the PERSON they created for you a few days after your birth --- the legal name they substituted for your proper English name---
and "assign" its assets to your benefit and the benefit of your country.

You don't have to act as a "citizen" of anything and you don't have to live under the venal Law of the Sea.
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  1. Sure, GREAT. But, like I've asked many times before, HOW do I begin to form county and state governments exactly so it's done correctly? I've corrected my status as an American state National in the public record. How do I become a Continental Marshal? A federal Marshal?

    1. Jason, there is a very specific remedy and you have not followed it I assure you. Until you do you are flapping your wings into the air. There is no law today. It is all 'Public Policy', democratic in nature. It exists in this country right along side the Republic. We get to choose which one we live in. It is a very specific remedy available stemming from the bankruptcy debacle foisted on us in 1933. You're not going to get anywhere looking to Anna. As many new people who follow her, the same amount of existing followers leave. Why, because she is about knowledge, not remedy. She has no clue? If you did what she is insisting needs to be done they'll throw your ass in prison so fast it'll blow you away. She has no clue what the UCC is truly for. Her assertions about various law serve only to increase the size of her own head. If it is so true why does it not work for her either? Get a new plan.

  2. To Jason and any other people, not persons

    There are previous articles from Judge Anna about those processes on her website @ U can more likely get some answers just by typing those questions in the Google search engine too. Much success to u

  3. Also, Since everything I have is tied up in this "system" (house, vehicles, etc. with "loans" agains them, etc. . .how can I divorce myself from this "system" without being kicked out on my ever loving arse?

    1. Doug, you NEED to change your status and become an SPC (Secured Party Creditor).

  4. President Trump needs a one on one with one of his learned and trusted advisors and Judge Anna+aid(or fascimiles) for the space of two hours with all necessary indexed paperwork laid out sequentially in the basic terms- with a question and answer time that will awaken, inform and advise.
    Then 2 special people w/numbers to call 24/7 for Q+A if need be.
    IF Trump can see his way into this needed understanding he has the male parts to see to it the right people are put in place to blow this thing up and will be informed and updated and given to inform the public thru proper channels.
    This to roll right over all and any opposition out of fear of "WE the People". And this time to really take OUR nation back; tho this will take seriously capable and dedicated people- much like OUR Founders did in delberating the 3-Founding documents.
    Democrat/Progressives who promote a statist oligarchy run by elites must be banned from any interference if not already jailed first then jailed if they do interfer- for collusion in un-American and anti-Constitutional activities, ie- traitors to the American Republic.
    However if this truth gets out to the majority who have ears to hear- any opposition to reclaiming the nation from fraud will and should be terrified of a well armed public realizing they've raped for over a hundred years- with all the 100's of thousands of lives lost in senseless orchestrated wars for proffit and control.
    Starting with WWI-WWII-Korea+Vietnam- all set up by these badtards and complicit U.S. politicians= Democrats everytime.

    As far as the Islamic terrorist's- that needs to really be looked at closely as I feel the Globalist plan is using them to help break down the West to submit to the bankster monetary "saviors" ultimate plans as carved into the giant stone tablets in Georgia U.S. and laid out in warning thru-out both the New and Old Testaments.
    It's Faith in Christ and belief in the Scriptures that IS their main enemy in their getting control of mankind- because they are the anti-Christ "vehicle" that Satan rides in ~!

  5. Hi Doug,

    There's a video on YouTube about the assumed name, check that out and again Google it and find lots more on filing the assumed name. We the people are the creditors and the so-called government doesn't own our property or us. Our all caps is considered an disregarded entity by the IRS and therefore not taxable. It only becomes taxable when we do these so-called gifts to corporations by contract allowing them to raid our trust which we are the beneficiaries of. They were already paid when u signed, except they pretend u are an accommodating party to their fraud via their statutes. Lots of info out there!!!

  6. I posted this before about judge Anna contacting Donald Trump and offering her to be a historical expert of our political system, and how it got that way and how to correct it...maybe if she would post a letter to that affect that we could all sign online somehow that we all can endorse her without reservations as testament to her absolute dedication to the truth of America that can educate you, Mr Trump and your whole staff to fill in any holes in history you still havent figured out, she can fill you in completely. In other words, please consider her as our link to your cause and ours...The People who need a Remedy for the fraud and dishonesty we face everyday and being treated as "Debtors" when the truth is we are the real "Creditors" who have unlawfully be deprived of through semantic deceit and identity theft. Our signitures can verify and guarantee to you of her true and honest character and a great asset to not only you, but to America in general. If judge Anna is up to the challenge....if you are, then we will be more than willing to endorse you. What do you think???

    1. Trump is mr. corporate president who is owned as deeply, or deeper than previous presidents. And by the way, they got Anna right where they want her, acting tough and spewing insults. Whats with the stop being stupid ad campaign. Talk about a fast way to reduce your audience. Why don't you look into reorganizing the constructive trust created by the corporation for their own benefit using your Certificate of Title, into an Express Trust solely for your own benefit. This is the remedy available through HJR192. Drawn out process but works without fail. It is the exit from the democracy to the Republic, if you will learn of it. It's not that difficult.

  7. This was a very good article, and I'd like to add one more thing. My husband, while researching on a way to use the present courts to act as courts of record stumbled upon (just type that in) administered by Bill Thorington in California. Bill has discovered, and used many times, and showed others how a plaintiff becomes the sovereign in a suit and he himself establishes the court of record. He does this without jural societies, or setting up formal common law courts, or anything like that. He uses methods, such as citing a judge for contempt of the sovereigns court, that forces the pretenders to follow the law. I would encourage everyone to check this site out, it would be well worth the effort. Establishing a court of record is more than one would think it is, and is key. Right now, until a real common law system can be established, this is the best alternative I've found.


    1. Mahalo Margy for the tip. Will check this out because diverting these corporate employees into doing their job and upholding their Oath in protecting the People rather than robbing the People is the KEY to our success.


  9. Anna is a leader. Brave and true. She has brought thousands into the light of knowledge. She will deliver many more souls to the path before us. Thank you Anna.


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