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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Pope and the Pontiff, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 28

By Anna Von Retiz

How many times have you heard references to "the Pope"?  All your life there has been a Pope, right?   And right along beside that, how many times have you heard references to the Pope as  "the Roman Pontiff"----?  

I think I was five when I crawled up on my long-suffering Father's lap and asked, "What are they talking about when they say the Pope is the Pontiff?"

He rolled his eyes heavenward with an aggrieved expression on his face.  I am not sure if it was the result of his reflections about the Pope and the Pontiff or the ongoing ordeal of having to answer my questions every day.

"The Pope," he explained, "is the leader of the Catholic Church.  He tells people what to believe about God and Jesus and the meaning of the Bible.  But he has another job, too.  As the Pontiff,  he decides who owns what and how people do business."

Good old Dad. That's what the Pope does, that's what the Pontiff does. Make what you like of it.

Nothing much has changed in 1200 years.

For those who bother to poke into such things, it is no news that the entire concept of corporations was invented by the Roman Curia, the juridical body serving the Roman Pontiff. 

The Curia invented all the different kinds of corporations you are familiar with: trusts, C-corps, S-corps, non-profit corporations, cooperatives, foundations, LLPs and LLC's and every other permutation of "business structure" you can think of except partnerships and sole proprietorships.

None of these corporations we take for granted actually exist.  They are all figments of the imagination and always have been, no matter how solid Exxon and the USA, Inc. and GE may appear.

Just like Bridge and Pinochle and Hearts and Poker are all card games, trusts and C-Corps and cooperatives and foundations are all corporations.  Just as the card games are defined by their cards and playing pieces and the "rules of play", so corporations are similarly defined by their structures (like Boards of Directors and Chief Executive Officers) and their rules of play.  

The Roman Curia, under the leadership of the Roman Pontiff, creates and defines and sets up the rules of play for all corporations worldwide.  That's why the Pontiff retains the right to amend or repeal the "laws" of any corporation. It's his game, under his copyright, and he can do what he likes with it.

Governments in the modern world are all corporations, too.  So guess what?

That's right.  The Roman Pontiff gets to repeal or amend any law made by any incorporated government or business. 

This has nothing to do with the Pope's role as the head of the Catholic Church. It's a separate office and a separate roster of functions and it always has been.

Of course we all expect this one single man to be fair and do what is right by everyone, but past history has shown that expectation to be unfounded.  Many Roman Pontiffs have been greedy and self-interested and venal and many corporate government CEO's have ignored the direction of the Pontiff even though he literally owns the game they are playing.

This results in constant wars and economic hardships and vicious market manipulations and the Pontiff stands there, as Francis is doing now, looking very stiff and stern and tight-lipped. 

It's his game, after all.  If we want to play his game and use his corporate structures to define our governments, then we should live by his rules, right? And if not by his rules, then whose? 

Americans like to think of ourselves as special and Independent and so on, but our government from its infancy was dependent on the "greater government" of the world beyond our shores.  There were certain things -- nineteen of them to be exact--- that we were ill-prepared to do for ourselves. So our states contracted with the Roman Pontiff and the British King to provide those services for us.

That is how we wound up with a Constitution that allows the  foreign federal government corporation the delegated authority to control our money, our trade policies, our relations with the rest of the world, our commercial operations, and our military. 

We might as well have included the key to our bathrooms. 

And that is the way it is and the way it has been from the time the ink dried on the actual Constitution.  It was a flagrant give-away of much of the power and responsibility that is naturally ours in exchange for peace and "good faith" service from the Game Masters.

I leave it to you to figure out to what extent their responsibilities have been honored and disregarded, and also to discern the motives behind the great veneration given to the Constitution.  So long as we mindlessly cling to it without insisting on the terms of it being honored by the Federales and their Handlers in Britain and Rome, we enslave ourselves very neatly. 

As long as we allow ourselves to be mischaracterized as "citizens" of any stripe and allow our states to be "represented" by incorporated "States of States" like the "State of California", they have free reign over us without the need to honor the actual Constitution at all.

Remember that the Roman Pontiff and his vassal Monarchs control everything that is incorporated.  To be free of them and free of their system of things requires operating your own government as an unincorporated Body Politic--and that is precisely what we are meant to do in this country.   

Given this dose of reality, it should not be any mystery why I and other Americans dissatisfied with the "service" we have received, would go to Rome to visit the Roman Pontiff.  Upon being presented with the evidence of multiple betrayals, gross Breaches of Trust, and overall mis-administration of the "federal government" it is no wonder that Pope Benedict XVI was overwhelmed and little wonder that Pope Francis is dissatisfied.

What remains to us, as Americans, is to wise up and bring forward our claims against the Federales in no uncertain terms and before the entire world---while restoring our rightful unincorporated government at the county and state levels. 

The world that the Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch create and control is a world of lies and half-truths that only Satan could inspire, but it is also a world that depends utterly upon rules and contracts for its existence. 

The Roman Pontiff(s) and the British Monarch(s) have, over time, been caught red-handed, pants down around their ankles, operating in gross Breach of Trust, neglect, and dishonesty with regard to the only contract they have with us.  Their duplicity, deceit, profit-mongering, and dishonor has turned the entire world into a slave market and been the cause of two World Wars.  It's time for it to stop.

All Americans are called upon to demand that the Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch and their Successors at the UN and in FRANCE, honor our agreement known as The Constitution for the united States of America and withdraw their interference against us and our lawful government --permanently-- and cease and desist false claims against our people and our assets.

All people worldwide, most especially the Catholics, are called upon to stand with us and exert the necessary pressure to bring about an end to the sale of bonds based on the assets and labor of living people. This secretive form of enslavement being practiced by the Roman Pontiff and the incorporated governments that serve at his pleasure is a gross affront to decency and Law.

The worldwide prohibition against slavery stands and adding to one's sins by practicing personage against the innocent and pretending that enslavement of PERSONS is allowable when it results in the enslavement of living men and women, is nothing more than the sophistry with which Satan's kingdom abounds.

These and similar matters are the content of my communications with Benedict XVI and with Pope Francis alike.  To the extent that they accept the necessity of reform and do in good faith, in spirit and in truth, honor their obligations to America and the rest of the world from now on, I shall be their willing servant; to the extent that they continue to avoid the moral and contractual obligations that go with their authority, I shall not lift voice or finger in their support. 

Those of you who think that you can avoid dealing with the Roman Pontiff in his role as the ruler of the incorporated world, or persist in the childish idea that the Pope has authority only in the Catholic Church, need to wake up and smell the java.  Pope Francis holds two offices which together serve to define the circumstances of our lives---whether we are at peace or at war, live in plenty or in poverty, are enslaved or set free.  That being so, it behooves all of us to pay strict attention to everything the Pope/Pontiff says and does---and yes, to hold him accountable.

It also behooves us to hold our incorporated governments feet first to the fire and to -- in the case of America -- operate our own unincorporated government in a responsible fashion. 

Here's another quote from Dad--- "Rights go with responsibilities.  You can't have one without the other."  
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  2. Judge Anna you never fail to amaze me!!! SIGN ME up,,,



    1. Donald definitely won't like the idea that the Pontiff controls all his corporate holdings!

    2. Who would believe Trump got where he is and wouldn't know this? If you do, I've got a bridge to nowhere for sale...interested?

  4. Thank you Anna, you are the smartest person in this world and can see the truth through the woods. I will support you in every way that I can.


  6. Its to late for me the NWO has taken over and its time to die no one to help me they stole my house and now my life disabled and no place to live the stress of me just trying to find a place is overwhelming let alone moving if there was a high income housing yes its not low income its high payments to them if i only had a lawyer pro-bono 7 days until the streets if i only could take my life no one to help me im being thrown out by a 3rd party dept collector that didn't have the note or mortgage in court.

    1. Have you filed for bankruptcy protection for the U.S. person?

  7. @bear NorthPole please contact the housing counseling of your county. They can help you immediately today. I pray for you for immediate assistance.

  8. "The Pope," he explained, "is the leader of the Catholic Church. He tells people what to believe about God and Jesus and the meaning of the Bible. But he has another job, too. As the Pontiff, he decides who owns what and how people do business."

    Anna, If your father told you an untruth then and you believed him, how are we to trust YOU with truth today? You have many good ideas and history, however the biggest lie yet you are missing...

    1. Blasphemy is the word for this site! All of the references to an "all consuming God" are taken either out of context, misquoted, or not even there. To me, an appropriate Biblical quote is found in Proverbs 26:12 "a fool is wise in his own eyes" and I'll let it go at that, praying that holy cross is made to see the truth.

  9. Anna, this is one of your better ones. As God can be equated with a Master Builder, He has His master plan for His Creation, and it all will unfold accordingly. In His time the pendulum takes its course and it is in His time that the eyes of the people will be opened to the truth, and not before. That time hasn't arrived yet, but I can see the beginning of an awakening.


  10. We have to remove the Pope from our dealings in America. Our forefathers came here to get away from Church, State and the Monarchy. How on earth did this nasty Whore of Babylon get it's hold on our corporations? To realize the answer we have to look at the Jesuits and the Black Pope who is the real ruler of the Catholic Church.

    1. Just more heresy. You continue to repeat the vicious lies of the protestant revolution against God. There never was a "black pope". And there isn't a true Pope now. You are looking at Rome, and Rome has lost the Faith and become the seat of Anti-Christ. But the true Faith is still the Universal Church Jesus founded when he walked this earth, and if you were ever a Catholic you have throw the baby out with the bathwater just like all the modernists who still call themselves Catholic and are not.

  11. Novel Idea for American
    (link: )

    Police broke how Many Laws
    Makes better sense

  12. This simple skit: the officer of the law and chief of police created so many rhymes upon themselves it was unbelievable: no complaint on file with the affidavit the truth, please officer acting with no separation of powers, search and seizure without or consent or warrant, defaming the public, conspiracy against the law (God only makes law: man-made rules regulation statutes and cold which are in conference: the only persons in commerce were the police officers) chief police going into court behind closed doors to several of conspiracy against the law second charge.

    these are just some of the these two police officers have committed I don't have time tell you more.

  13. This is all redundant!!! These fictitious persons have no honor or respect for life and other people's property. My only hope is that this doesn't end in bloodshed but with them as a three headed monster vs the people we don't stand a chance without a uniting of all nations. There will be a third war and it will be the people vs the persons, yes there will be bloodshed. They will not see or hear us, so we shall unite and offer them the same. When will the people overstand they will not comply, so we have no duty to comply with their fictitious bull.

  14. I do not understand nor shall I ever understand: I have a language of my own and that language is interpreted by my creator.

    I am a nation unto myself a state of my own!

    Give anyone permission to use my name, my mother not my father for my father is in heaven my dad is on earth: our Constitution is built on the law of nations the law of nationstate that your citizenship is where your father is from: the Bible states no call no man father except the Lord God. my citizenship is in Philippians 3:20 "heaven".

    Did my mother know she was committing crimes when she's on my birth certificate: NO. Was she given assistance of counsel to let her know that she was committing crimes against me herself and God. NO…

    Did the people from the birth state have authority to involve himself in child trafficking slave meant and slavery: no very true criminals

  15. you at least have a vechicle, like a van designed for physically challenged like you, with electric lifts, etc. Are you saying you have absolutly nothing to your name. Or are you even allowed to drive at all. What exactly is your current position. And how much are you cabable of doing. If we knew that, maybe we could all pitch in financially to help you. The very least you need is a vechicle, so if worse comes to worse you can at least have shelter, and the ability to get around, like my brother and I had to live for 2 years before we finally got a nice place. Lets face it, no one on this site is rich. Most patriots arent. But maybe if you could give us an idea of what you need or if you have family or friends that will let you stay with them, we could at least pitch in for a plane ticket or something to get you their. Your going to have to give up everything except what you need to live on. We did. You cannot afford to hold things in storage. Storage will just be a noose around your neck, constantly paying on it. Everything can always be replaced. And the Dept of Agriculture has a special program that will give you an incredible deal and provide a subsidized loan through them, as long as you are willing to live in rural areas around your city or any city. My friend got one in florida after he lost his house. You still have to have income to qualify, like SS or SSDI/SSD. He only had an SS payment of $625/month. And he got a really nice home(foreclosure) which was only $40,000 and a little over 1% financing, with 50 years to pay. So his payments are only $150/mo. The home was originally listed at $115,000. Hardly anyone knows about these loans from the Dept of Agriculture. They have homes in every state. Call them. The "real estate offices" know about these loans. You can call them to for info and how to get started....Good luck. Dont give up. Social Security acts like gold in these cases.

  16. Now here is my two cents worth on that doctument , or should i say instrament of peoples destruction, again created by man. Even if we accept that it was nothing more than a contract between "the people", collectively and our elected officials to make sure our rights under a republican form of govt. are never to be infringed on, but protected, than it was the worst contract ever written compared to the ones we are compelled to sign today by govt, and the banks, and Corp. The "Constitution" makes nothing but statements about "how a govt. should work" ,but never once mentions a penalty for each and every admendment if they are either intentionally or deceptively broken (breached) by the very officials who were supposed to gaurd our rights, not take them away using semantic deceite and barratry. What contract is ever written up that doesnt spell out penalties, right in the contract itself, imposing very strict punishment , both monitary and jail time, for those breaches, so their is no room for interpretation by courts and attorneys,as to its intent. They all do today. In fact 80% of most contracts today deal with only the breaches. And you cant tell me they were stupid back then. All you have to do is see how they talked and wrote back then to know that we dont even recognize that as the English language that we speak today....No wonder there was such heated debates about it in the 1800's, between Federalist and anti-Federalist. Somebody realized they smelled a rat. After reading all these post now and the true history of what happened, ive come to the conclusion that the "Constitution" was nothing but a very well written and thought out device as a symbolic gesture to the masses creating a "very strong" delusion, while creating the real illusion that people were actually going to get "freedom" at last. There was never ever the intension of those people to give us freedom. Like Neo said in the "Matrix", it was just another form of ...."CONTROL". This is why so many people never search for the "TRUTH". Because more often than not, the TRUTH usually ends sadly depressing. People would rather live a lie, than believe they have been deceived by their own country and for this long. We bought into the very deception the bible said was going to happen. We accepted the "illusion", lock stock, and barrel. And most Americans to this day, falsely believe we have the greatest Nation in the world, trying to spread democracy all around the world, since we are blessed with the truth, and so much prosperity,that we are willing to go to war to give those same freedoms to everyone else in the world. What a legacy we have left future generations. I wonder if anyone is going to forgive us when they find out....???

    1. War is obviously about spreading democracy around the world. Ain't it grand?


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