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Monday, December 26, 2016


Watch The Final Press Conference From Sheriff Joe Arpaio Maricopa County. That Took Place On December 15, 2016 4PM MST

Obama's Birth Certificate And Other Documents Are Criminal Treasonous Forgeries


  1. Only if we had enforcement, I pray for it. But no want to pursue getting it.

  2. Paul, you may know but do your readers know, no living and most dead human-beings have never taken the oath to the organic Constitution repeating the words within that title "the constitution FOR the united States of America"
    This is something Holder and Obama knew and most incumbent members in the Senate and Congress. This why they do what they want against the will of the people. The Silent People.

    1. I hear the slow but steady rabble ever increasing. There are fewer and fewer "Silent People" now.

      I, myself, found my voice, and courage to shout these truths from sea to know. I have a year, hopefully more, in this diseased-beyond-repair body...then I too will pass on and hopefully, up. So I really don't give a hoot what or who tries to take my voice in THIS now. And, ya know what? Even adding the influence of even one more voice of truth to the mix makes it all worth it.

      Salud, Anna and Paul. Keep on keeping on. :)

  3. Since Obama and his followers venture a heavenly control over individuals. We may have The Anti-Christ strolling the halls of energy in America today. Great fair individuals are lost for words against the Devil,the incredible Deceiver.Thank you for the post

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