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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Settling Some Intel Hash

By Anna Von Reitz

Re: What I Know About the "Reign of Heaven Society" and "The United States of America" Part 2
I am a Hapsburg and a von Mecklenburg and a von Strelitz and Grimaldi and von Liechtenstein and many other "bloodlines" run in my veins, but as with all things, we all have free will.  If you bother to look you will learn that I am connected by blood to all the ruling families of Europe and that my particular bloodlines go back to very ancient times.
Think of it in terms of dog breeds--- Dachshunds are born to hunt badgers and retrievers are bred to fetch. The bloodline families were bred to rule-- but what we rule is, for most of us, a choice. I have chosen to rule myself and find that a profound enough challenge to consume a lifetime, so that I have no wish to control or rule anyone else, nor any need to be ruled myself by others--- which is perhaps also very much to the point.
Too many people refuse to rule themselves, and so wind up being ruled by others.  They avoid the rigors of self-governance, and so fall under the domination of tyrants and con artists. And liars.
Hello?  Earth to Richard?  I am an American, born and bred in Wisconsin, to parents who were also born and bred in the Midwest.  My Father served in the 8th Army Air Force in WWII.  Got the picture?

These suppositions and rumors and gross assumptions that I am some kind of foreigner are nothing but ignorant slander and here I find more of this nonsense posted on Intel----- when you absolutely should know better and have no excuse for not asking.
The Supreme Allied Commander in WWII was named Eisenhower.  Ike was German. Wake up and smell the roses.
Same thing with all this stupid old lady gossip about the Vatican, the Vatican, the Vatican.  I am convinced that hardly anyone here has any idea what the "Vatican" is, and nobody is bothering to find out. Let's start with the fact that it came into existence in 1929.  It's an international city state, a tiny little postage stamp country, where the Pope is king. The Vatican isn't the problem and never has been, so you can all stop ranting about "the Vatican".
Blaming the Vatican for the actions and inactions of the Holy See is like blaming a dog for the sins of its master. It's just as off-base and nonsensical as trying to make something "evil" out of my name and heritage.
If an Eisenhower could lead this country through the darkest days of WWII, I am certainly good enough to lend it some pointers now.
And no, I am not a "lawyer for the Vatican".
My unpaid mission in behalf of Pope Benedict has been simple---to demand correction of federal and federated state government operations to bring them back into compliance with The Constitution for the united States of America.
If you ever took an oath to protect and defend "the constitution"---- please wake up and be aware that the actual and only constitution that you are supposed to be defending is "The Constitution for the united States of America" not "the Constitution of the United States of America" ---which is a look-alike, sound-alike fake.
The first pointer I want to give you and anyone who will listen is that the American military has been a big part of the problem, not the solution.  The Reconstruction Acts are still in effect.  And so is the Lieber Code.
The US Army has been directly responsible for guarding our money for 150 years and they have done a wretchedly poor job of it.
Want to be angry about the "Federal Reserve" and all its abuses?
Want to complain about the devaluation of your money and the corruption of the banking system?
Want to gripe about the corruption of the court system?  Taxes?  Brutality?  Foreclosures?  Child custody abuses?
Lincoln left the US Army in charge and they are still in charge and they are still getting it wrong, from Ulysses S. Grant to General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.
Now you think--- and you tell others--- that General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. is stepping up and in to act as Vice-President and that Paul Ryan is supposedly slated to take over as President of Le Neu Republique----but even if this were to happen, it's not actually change.
It's just business as usual that you can see, as opposed to business as usual that you can't see.
The military officers have colluded with foreign bankers and politicians for six generations to defraud and ruin our country ever since the Civil War. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.  Le Neu Republique isn't the government we are owed; it is just another private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation masquerading as the lawful government that the actual Constitution requires and which these men are supposed to uphold.
We wouldn't be in the situation we are in except that the US military has served and sought after other masters and has allowed the corruption and suppression  of our lawful government. Exactly as Eisenhower warned--- the greatest danger to our peace and prosperity is the "military industrial complex"--- a nexus of self-interest and greed that enslaves the people it is supposed to serve.
There is only one Republic---- and its the Old Republic that is owed to the people of this nation.
The second pointer I will address, is that your crystal ball doesn't work.
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  1. OKAY YOU WHO WANT TO POINT FINGERS!!! Anna is exactly on point with this what are YOU going to do about it? I wrote General Dunford months ago when Anna first informed us of this, did YOU? If not, WHY NOT DO SO NOW? It's the least YOU can do. Sorry if this sounds offensive, it's not intended to be, but WE must act NOW!!!


  2. So why do we go on paying taxes to the tune of $3 trillion annually to a "government" that always fails to serve us, and often enslaves us? Couldn't we find a better use of our hard earned income than paying for a crime syndicate to oppress us?

    1. good point why do you? why do we do this to ourselves? we are all just little tyler durden's from Fight Club arent we ;o)

  3. If you have ever worked with someone who has been in the military and now works in civilian life, youll recognize the mentallity difference immediately. Most of them despise the civilian side of the work place, because they see it as unstructured with too much freedom. The military represents the "perfect" environment that all corporations would love to enforce because it functions under the purest concept of the "elisist" desires without the annoyance of attorneys and peoples rights....."ORDER". The "perfect order" with a distinct "chain of command" that is strictly enforced and never questioned by lower officers...ever. If a command is given to a lower officer, the only response of that officer is..."yes sir". Corporations love the concept of military discipline and control through "order"without question and without "political correctness" and without the one thing they despise...."free will". There are NO CHOICES for anyone in the armed forces. You cant just quit because you dont like a commanding officer or anything else about your environment there...In other words, the perfect worker(ie SLAVE). Theres no "free choice" in the military. Unfortunately, it works like a well oiled engine, unlike civilian life which is at constant war through division and competition. Dont get me wrong, I hate the military mindset and the chain of command they adhere to without question. However, they are the only ones capable of keeping secrets if it deals with things concerning "National Security". All military personnel are united as one to accomplism a specific task when ordered to do so. In civilian life, its every man for himself. The civilian isnt dedicated to anyone, except themselves. Free Will and "choice" , freedom and liberty are terms that work in theory as long as everyone(all men and women) are willing to be honorable and trustworthy. But if only a fraction of the population will not abide by simple rules of common decentcy to each other, they become nothing but a bad "virus" quickly infecting the rest of mostly decent people if the virus isnt recognized and removed immediately. Those people have the need to create deceptions in order to hide their evil deeds against their fellow man. The trouble with "viruses" is that most of the time there is an incubation period in which the infected person may not even know hes been infected until symptoms appear somestimes weeks later. By that time its usually to late to do anything about it. Do you see the analogy. I hate the military, but the order it creates is undeniable. Who else was Lincoln going to trust with the last of the nations gold supply....a bunch of That money would have been spent that very day if he did that. He should have never been duped into that war in the first place. It wouldnt have taken much longer for them to get their rights anyway through the legal system and "civil rights" movement. He was to smart not to know that all wars are "bankers" wars.

    1. Great point, hasnt the prussian system of education been great for the little war and business robots. looks like its succeeding quite well. they have it fine tuned...

  4. As usual, Anna gets most things right; but she always misses the beat at least somewhere. This time, i only skimmed the article; so i have only a small tidbit to correct. Ike was Swedish, not German.

  5. That would be the military industrial congressional complex.

  6. That would be the military industrial congressional complex.

  7. Can i see a raise of hands of everyone out there that loves their corporate jobs anymore...!!!!!


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