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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Attention, Please. The Answer to Standing Rock. Again.

By Anna Von Reitz

When there is an argument about money, don't try to make it into an argument about morals.  Reply in kind. 

Some corrupt federated and incorporated fake "county governments" have seen a way to line their pockets with money from pipeline company and oil company profits.  So they cut a deal allowing these corporations to put a pipeline through.

The problem for these corrupt "county" organizations is that they are just franchises (like Dairy Queen franchises) of parent corporations in the governmental services business.  They don't actually have anything to say about it if the people form their own unincorporated land jurisdiction country assembly and say otherwise.

We dealt with this same problem in Nebraska, but did it intelligently.

We called public meetings in the affected counties.  The people came from miles around.  The options were fully disclosed.  The people said--- hey, okay, you want to put a pipeline through our land?  First, we want $800 million as an Accident Insurance Fund, deposited in these local banks under the control of these three designated Insurance Fund Trustees appointed by us to provide immediate clean up and spill control in the event of any accidents.  Second, we want another $500 million infrastructure improvement fund deposited in these local banks (X, Y, Z) to pay for all the infrastructure that needs to be built in support of the communities impacted by these activities.  Third, we need a PILT, a Payment in Lieu of other Taxes, to pay for public education and ecological monitoring and increased county services.....

The oil companies and pipeline companies don't understand morals or ethics or the need for clean water or peace or decency or anything else.  All they understand is money.  And when the people who actually own the land stand up and make them an "offer" that they can't swallow---an offer that costs them too much to make their pipeline profitable--- they readily back away and find other ways to transport oil.

The problem with Standing Rock is that people aren't using their common sense and aren't replying in-kind to these weasels. The oil and pipeline companies are talking oil and the people are talking water. 

The other problem is that the people in these counties are letting fake counties--- incorporated "counties" that have only a "proprietary"--- that is, "caretaker" role and interest, to make deals "in their behalf"---- which are contrary to what the people who actually own the land want to have happen.

This like hiring and paying somebody to run your cattle ranch, then having him decide that he wants to raise sheep instead, and you not having brains enough to correct your own employees. 

Hello?  These people work for you.  You are paying their paychecks.  If you don't want to raise sheep on your land --- or in this case, don't want the profit from letting a pipeline cross your land--- tell the pipeline companies the truth. 

The land belongs to the people, not the County Commissioners.

So the pipeline companies made a deal with the wrong folks.  Turns out the actual entitlement holders of the land don't approve of what their hired help agreed to.

Hold a public assembly of the unincorporated county in each of the impacted counties, that is, the actual counties where actual people live, not a "county" that exists only on paper.   Describe the options. Put it to a vote.  Make the pipeline company an offer that it can't possibly make money on, and watch them re-route their operations.  It's simple. It's easy.  There is no reason for all this drama and people getting hurt.

So stop this stupidity, please, or don't complain to me.   All the oil companies and pipeline companies want to do is make money off your resources.  Deny them that opportunity by making the price of doing business too high in your area, and they will happily trot off into the sunset and go elsewhere.

These numbnutz want to make money off of resources that belong to you, and to some extent you may need or want to develop those resources---- or not.  It's up to you.  So instead of milling about like dumb cattle going to slaughter, or sitting in front of bull dozers howling at the moon, get up on your feet and call a lawful assembly of the people living in the impacted counties and take care of your own business the way you want it taken care of.

It's only your inaction and your seeming inability to direct your own employees that is causing this problem--- plus the lack of a little practical savvy when it comes to dealing with business offers that you don't want to consider. 

When a commercial business makes you an offer and you don't want to accept it---- (as in, "I'll build a pipeline through the middle of your sacred ground and pay these other guys a lot of money for the privilege.")  there is no need to be ugly or impolite.  Just make a counter-offer.  (like, "Sure, you can build your pipeline through my sacred ground for a trillion dollars, payable immediately.")

Can the pipeline company complain that you have done anything wrong?  No.  Can the "county" complain that you don't have the right to put any price you want on your own property?  No.  Can anyone bulldoze even a blade of grass without your consent as the entitlement owners of that actual property?  No. 

So learn how to deny your consent. 

Those county officials are pretending to "represent" you and your best interests.  They aren't doing the job, are they?  So hold a public assembly, say so in public, and either reprimand them as your employees and demand that they withdraw their offers made in "your behalf" or fire them on the spot. 

This is not rocket science, but it does have rules and procedures that are obvious and easy to follow.  Post Notice of a Public Assembly of the land jurisdiction County open to all living people and lawful residents to be held (where) and on this day and when.  Whoever shows up, rules. Whoever stays home and watches re-runs of "I Love Lucy" drools.

No protests required.  No attack dogs.  No stun guns. No commercial mercenaries or other thugs.  Just put your demand on the table as the actual entitlement holders and make the cost of moving through your county so stiff that the rats suck wind clear back to Boston.  Faced with a few billion dollars additional cost, they will vanish like morning mist.

And as for the "county" that isn't a county and all those "federated" county officials, they have nothing to say about what you do with your land once you speak up and tell them what you want done. They are just employees, caretakers, on your payroll.  If they don't do exactly what you wish, you go tell their Congressman----- the King Rat responsible for their misbehavior and misadministration of your property and resources while they are "residing" here and pretending to "represent" you and your best interests.

Demand that he or she straighten this mess out tout de suite. 

Tell them that you held an assembly of the actual land jurisdiction county and the people living in the actual county said----hell, no, we don't want any pipelines here.  We entitlement holders took a vote and told the pipeline company that it would cost a trillion dollars up front if they want to cross our land.  They haven't paid up and your local yokels are trying to go forward with this nonsense.  Time for you, Mr. Congressman, to get involved and administer this yourself.

And, by the way, you are under contract to do exactly what we say with regard to our land and our resources, without argument or question.  Once the local unincorporated land jurisdiction body politic has spoken, there is no higher authority and nobody to appeal our decision to.  

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  1. I understand the logic but there is an order of respect due here. You are explaining this as if the indigenous people know exactly what you are saying and some may be aware but others may not, to assume they know and understand is quite unfair. This is in essence talking to my great grandmother or father and trying to lay down a foundation for a land structure which is quite difficult.
    They have no one else to explain to them what to do, and assuming they SHOULD know is totally insane. They don't know.
    You are talking Greek to a society who speaks a different tongue.
    Break it down so they may understand and say it in a respectful manner. These are our Elders and if I can respect them, so should you.
    They have limited representation which is disappointing to say the least.
    Thank you for the advice, in all that you do, there must be respect.
    Brawny Day

    1. i am pretty sure after hundreds of years and them speaking the language perfectly well by now they would make the effort. problem is now they are taking public money and receiving benefits, opportunities and privileges from the corporation under BIA; NOT attempting to resolve this properly. i am also pretty sure everyone keeps insisting anna do something about this and her tone is more for those people requesting her assistance incessantly than anything else. if we wont govern ourselves properly they surely will do it for us and have..

    2. I am by no means as experienced a writer as Anna but here goes.
      I know she means no disrespect and I'm positive of it.As I was reading the article it is exactly the position we all as individuals, groups, the general public needs to take when facing and corporation challenge. And these corporations have employees who try to act and posture themselves as our boss. These employees are clearly soulless, spineless, disrespecting 'employees' working for this corporation. And as employees are empowered by their boss, bosses boss, and all the way up to highest courts, but this is simply wrong and yet it is exactly what they want. They are not except with their guns, they press forward. This 'posturing is meant to frighten you/us away and is grossly illegal. do not back down, but equally important is to counter the situation in a way they will listen and only understand. otherwise, You are at a prolonged stalemate. Use what Anna suggests above, insurance that will (cost) them, things that must happen, be met entirely, before you will agree) think of it going home thru the woods and he comes to a river he must cross to get home and a tiger appears on the other side, the tiger is only thinking about food because its very very hungry but the man is thinking about his safety and getting home...the tiger is only thinking about a meal...does the man sit down, and dare the tiger to move on? Or let him pass? No. The man throws a bigger deflection in a different direction and distracts him away, and the tiger recognizes the odds are against him, its a language the tiger understands and tiger moves on down the road, the man gets what he wants.from all you have experienced and suffered, you and they are not speaking the same languages nor are being heard, think of what the tiger wants instead of your safety for a moment and outwit the tiger. one who is acting all mighty (tiger) is not powerful, it seems to have you convinced of his power, you can either react in fear, or do not show fear. You hold the power by possession, think 9/10ths of the law is possession, second, the people 'representing you' are not doing their jobs, spinning your time, they probably have their own agenda for being there, wish them well and send them away. you essentially hired them, you can now dismiss them. Fire them. Draw up what you want and make it so great, (not just to be left alone) make your counter offer from a communal vote (even if this is only amongst the elders) and create your demands. Think of it as a way to posture, come to the table with something so expensive (cost) and out of reach but absolutely necessary with no exceptions. Imagine the damage to you(cost), the need for insurance against their infringement(cost) add all the costs up and triple or quadruple them. Then present that and watch them choke. I'm confident they won't be able to meet your demands and will have to find some other plan, somewhere else. Anna makes several suggestions, they will not agree to, they will find too great of a (cost), and it will finalize your offer. A stalemate is not serving anyone, especially your needs and wants. Out smart the fox (hungry, greedy, non human tiger). Think of it as posting a no trespass sign that states 'you cannot pass unless you offer x.y.z. in exchange', 100 million ounces of gold, three hundred thousand heads of cattle, one thousand brand new wells for water, 50 thousand new trees planted. No one would even consider trespassing. Think like the tiger. We are with you in more ways than you know. And we are all so very sorry for your loss and what you are all facing. You are more powerful than you think. Stand strong and exercise your rights, best regards and God speed.

    3. not sure about all that but at the end of the day its organization. As long as they have the guns with a small amount of people and we dont organize properly as a large group and say enough is enough and get out of our BMW's and actually give a **** it all doesnt matter anyway.

      and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  2. Anna Von Reitz is a very smart woman and I am so glad that she is a judge for the Republic in Alaska. Everyone who reads her words should at least spread the words to as many people as possible. You should also sign up for her news letters and by all means donate as much as you can for the purpose of freeing American people and setting an example to the rest of the world.

  3. Yes Judge Anna, I read many of your emails and I don't quite understand what they mean as you write them in your Judgeship language. Please try to explain what you mean in layman's terms so that we know what you are talking about. I agree with Brawny Day about this subject.

    1. With all due respect Anna did write them in layman's terms. In fact, she wrote them in terms that a junior high student should easily be able to grasp. This is the degree to which we have abandoned our sovereign rule over own lives and affairs.
      All Amerindians must educate themselves to what has been taken from them by the corrupt 'UNITED STATES' federal services corporation. It is never too late. Their leaders should book flights to Alaska immediately, learn first hand all that has been taken from them and how, take the sample paper work they receive in 'Anna's College of Land Jurisdiction' and get it on the table. It will be an example to the world of just what an indigenous nation of beautiful people can do rightly educated. It certainly is not an issue of bravery, it is purely lack of knowledge and Anna is offering it. Avail yourselves of it! NOW!

  4. Dear judge Anna, I think your smart enough to know that barring some miracle of devine intervention, this can only end one way...."CIVIL WAR". The only difference is this time, our enemies are the slaves themselves who have been sufficentcy brainwashed now into believing they are truely free and believe we represent a bunch of rebels trying to overthrow a lifestile they are used to, no matter how flawed we think it is. One thing this election proved is that America according to the voting polls shows America is split right down the middle. History has showed us that when half the country has the backing of force through its law enforcement agencies, while the other half is only armed with the "TRUTH", there can only be one outcome. The powers that be are already thinking of ways to reverse the election of Trump by any means possible including creating an intentional "food shortage". Some sites online that specialize in long lasting freeze dried food, with a shelf life of 20 years have been approached already by FEMA requesting to buy their entire inventory, and asked how much more they can supply on a daily basis. Food will quickly become the new "gold". You cant eat gold. All this info would have been benificial if it came out 40 years ago when we still had a chance to change it. I dont see it happening. Not with a country split exactly in half. The bankers purposely choose America as their base for "globallization" because they knew we were not only smart, but committed to preserving freedom even if it meant rebellion to Britton and the Queen. They needed to harness that committment for themselves to achieve their ultimate goals. So they set out to make America the greatest country on earth. And they did in the beginning. Everyone who grew up in the 50's enjoyed a good life and high standard of living, until the pigeons came home to roast. Not everthing can be handled diplomatically, especially when we have all turned a blind eye to gut instincts that something was changing here. We cant expect to get anywhere now with a totally entrenced legal system that treats us like terrorist. Since our problem started with our "servicing company", the solution has to be solved by them too now. Hopefully they will realize it with Trump, but theres nothing left to do until we see what he will or even can do....!!!

    1. good lifestyle in the 50's for who? white people in america? sure on the backs of the poor, indigenous and blacks? and the list goes on and on. the country was taken over back in the 1800's with lincoln and the lieber code/war powers act brotha haha

  5. I disagree that the USA is decided exactly in half. You know that Soros and the demonstrators are all paid to protest and you know that most of the votes for HRC were from dead people and illegal immigrants! This is fact. Time for you to wake up. This argument is reflected in the amount of ppl that attended HRC verses Trumps rally's. This is also why the media would not show the crowd of people at these events. This is also why HRC had to get music stars to appear at her rally's just to get ppl to show up. How pathetic is that. The ppl are fed up with the criminals I charge of this country and the ppl want to make America Great Again! It's time you wake up and stop listening to the lies put out there by the left wing media and stupid rich ppl like communists George Soros who should be arrested and charged with all this protesting and distraction of property and lives lost because of his actions. Make him reside in maximum security where he can't communicate to anyone and freeze his accounts. Oh yea his son can join him as well.

    1. dont think trump and the jesuits/knights of malta are going to be much better. haha

      you see his cabinet picks recently? haha dont get caught up in the hegelian dialetic

  6. I would argue that "employees" do not attain the status or ability to make decisions for their "employers;" however, agents do. This is a considerably different form of relationship and related authority. Agency law and vicarious liability are at work here. As is typical though, the principal(s) (the people)have no idea that these criminals are acting as (and "acting" is what they're doing) their "agents" they are responsible to, are supposed to work for them, not the other way around. They fail to confer with their principal before acting, in violation of that purported agent/principal "relationship." "Ostensible" or any other authority without responsibility or accountability is a very dangerous and tyrannical thing.

  7. Somehow we have wandered from the subject Anna has been talking about and found ourselves bantering about an election that really has nothing to do with us, which had the lowest "voter" turnout in over 20 years. What Anna says is absolutely true, however I question the effectiveness of her remedy...i.e. taking it to the local corporation representative and putting it in his hands. In my opinion, this is the crux of the matter....we have no where to go for remedy. No matter what lawful action we take, they have the muscle and the might to "overrule it", for now at least. Some of the respondents to this post have spoken of civil war, which will crush the truth seeker, so I'd like to hold out one other, even more effective option, and that's reformation, which I believe God will bring about in His time, and not ours. It's out of our hands and totally in His, as it always is, and He's more than willing to act when the time is right in accordance with His plan. I also liked the post by Charles Cox...never thought of these affairs as being ostensible agency or authority. Good point, and I'm going to address that issue when I try Anna's remedy, to see how it goes over.


  8. Im simply being realistic. If you really wanted to end this tyranty, all all of you have to do is stop paying your taxes even if you do owe them. You think the have the time and money to go after 300 million people.???? Quit making them powerful. Send all their paperwork back...."REFUSED". Sender is trying to commit the crimes of "personage"(identity theft) and "barratry" (using the law of the sea and not the law of the land as we were promised). Sender is intentionally committing fraud throught semantic decite. I send everything back now unopened with that statement right on the front of the letter. Guess what? They never bother me again. And even further, they dropped their levy against my social security too. They were starting to take 15% of my SS. Within 2 months they stopped, and im getting my full SS again. Quit empowering these people. And if you need further help, go to your city hall like i did and talk with the person in charge which in my case was an assemblyman. Even at that low level of govt. he was able to get an instant response from the guy i was dealing with at the FTB who kept telling me he would look at it and get back to me. But he never did, after leaving 3 messages. But as soon as the assemblymans secratary called for me, she received a call within 30 seconds from the same person i was trying to reach for a month, right while i was still sitting in her office. He was visably pissed that i went over his head and got my representative involved. They are nothing but bullies behind a phone. He was worried about something or he wouldnt have called back with an attitude. Quit giving these people money. Thats the fastest way to expose this nonsense. But all of you are to afraid. You talk the talk, but you wont walk the think i have less to loose than you. I dont think so. All i had was my SS check. Enough is enough. Start today. Thats your remedy!!!!!

    1. very true everyone is afraid of ruining their status quo. the only fear is fear itself. like the wizard of oz behind the curtain.

      The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  9. Defeat is not the worst of failures, not to have tried is the true failure....


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