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Thursday, October 20, 2016

More to Know About Your Name

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we touched on the fact that you are not your name, that it is a "thing" separate from you, akin to a tool, or a conveyance like a bicycle, that you are given and that you hold as a possession. You are its first "Holder in Due Course" and nobody using your name at any time after that can claim a greater claim to it.

But there are some difficulties.....

For example, what if you have a common name like, "John Robert Brown"? There can be real confusion about who is who and even, as we shall see, what is what--- associated with a name.

Let's go back to the Bible where most conundrums appear in literature. God gave Adam the job of naming things and animals. That much is clear and clearly stated in the Book of Genesis, but, although naming people is not forbidden, it is not mandated, either.

Hmm..... that, together with the odd nature of names gives rise to a certain amount of trepidation and even superstition regarding names applied to people and also some long-standing questions about the Mark of the Beast. Obviously, names are a "mark" of beasts, because animals are supposed to be named. 
When we adopt a name, do we necessarily also diminish ourselves to the status of beasts?

And what about "nicknames"? Those names that we give each other like "D-Day" and "Sparky", as well as "assumed names" that we use as "noms de plume" as writers and "noms de guerre" which people sometimes adopt to escape detection or carry on business in wartime? Isn't "Nick" another name for Satan---the Father of All Lies? 
Are names applied to people essentially all lies? -- A sort of "convention of falsehood" that is convenient, but imperfect, and not to be taken seriously?

In America it is common to say, "I'm John Smith from Abilene." --but in Germany and most other European countries and languages, this same information has to be translated as "I am called John Smith from the town called Abilene."
Both the Germanic and Romantic languages make a clear distinction between the man and the thing, the name, by which he is called. They recognize that the man is not the name and vice versa--- a point that Americans need to remember and note along with everyone else on the planet. 
As we have learned thanks to the diligence of friends in Australia and thanks to the Great Researcher, Frank O'Collins, the NAME that the governments use is not a name. It is a sign. A mark like a brand on an animal, in the literal sense. It is called a "dead ledger"---- or an "account" that hails from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and even farther back.

The ACCOUNT is not a name.
It merely appears to be your name written in all capital letters, which is a form of corrupt Ancient Latin. This use of all capital letters has been adopted as "American Sign Language", but is also known as Glossa, and as "the poisonous text", because while it appears to be your name, it isn't, and it is commonly embedded into English text in ways that seem to use it as your name.

See the definition of "GLOSSA" given in Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition.

So you have a name that isn't you and you have an ACCOUNT that looks like your name that isn't your name. 

The plot thickens....

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  1. Some take this knowledge and when the government sends a letter in the mail in all caps . Strike it out and write on top write I do not contract, I do not consent . And return to sender.

    1. I believe there are other things you have to do in order to be able to do this, according to what I've read. You need to have declared yourself a sovereign person and cannot participate in any government programs, such as Social Security, etc.

  2. I have also heard this referred to as a "straw-man" account, effective the day we are born, as it is used on our birth certificates, and follows us until the death certificate is issued. We are little else but collateral to the current government. I'm going to adopt the separation habit.

  3. It is literally a State Agency or Organization created at your "birth" similar to the name your mother gave you during your nativity. Dont be afraid of it learn about it. Like the matrix we are all Agents until you become unplugged. So as anna asks why arent you being compensated for running the State Agency? Werent you given a certificate of proof? A receipt? I think Hillary did :-)

  4. Very interesting, and so is the info just released on It appears Paul Ryan was just sworn in as president of the Republic of America if this is fact.


  5. Thats what i heard too. Along with General Dumsford. Wheres his father, Ron Paul, who has been the only senator trying to expose the FR for years now. I guess his son didnt inherit the "honorable" gene from his dad.

  6. I found in DoD 5114.04 vol 1 enclosure 6, preferred writing styles, it says to use all capital letters for military operations like Iraqi Freedom and for military commands and refers to the Chicago Styles Manual. It does not say however why. You can see from the publication all capitals are used for emphasis yet names are to be written in proper English if someones name according the the examples provided for writers.

  7. For information on entrapment by "middle name" check out
    For information on "last name" entrapment contact given.Cynthia at yahoo dot com

  8. For information on entrapment by "middle name" check out
    For information on "last name" entrapment contact given.Cynthia at yahoo dot com

  9. About my statement above, i had the name wrong. It should be paul ryan. Sorry. But the site you gave as reference for that info has a waiver of liability, and that the info may not be relied on as written in stone. Especially the date it is supposed to happen. So far they have changed the date of this "NEW REPUBLIC" at least 5 times. Everytime the date comes due, they put it off by another month. Whats the hold up.???? It can only mean that the contract hasnt been totally negotiated yet. And there are some serious questions i have a issue with about this NEW REPUBLIC that claims to be a humanitarian plan for Mankind. Just like all contracts that attorneys write, i can already see at least two of the 13 or so mandates to be implicated is that there is a return to the "constitution" for the USA. Isnt that the one that left gaps in their purposly as a means for the corp. elitist and bankers of the world to get through the back door to take over America again. Which brings up the next suspicious mandate.....calling for all judges and attorneys to be "Retrained" in dealing with the law of the land. WHY.????? Our constitution never called for attorneys, EVER. It only allowed for "Council" which is not synanomous with a bar licenced attorney.These attorneys cannot be retrained. In fact, they should all be in jail, or forced to return to their alligence....Great Brittin and the "Queen". If they are left to stay here, this nation will revert back almost immediately to what it was before. They are all blacked robed deceivers of truth.....Nobility. Thats why Mr. Rothschild only wanted to keep those 19 delagations of authority. With those 19 delegations of authority and attorneys left to stay here, it wont take long before he gets control of America again....No Thanks.


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