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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dear Vladimir: It's Not Us

By Anna Von Reitz

We are going to say some things that you, Mr. President, are already aware of. We say them because the American People are tragically unaware of these facts and they need to know:

American foreign trade and foreign policy have been controlled by Britain for 227 years.

This is one of the results of the original states contracting for "essential government services" from the United States, which is a British-controlled corporation headquartered in the foreign international enclave known as the District of Columbia.

Most Americans have never read the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, which shows that King George remained the "prince" and "Arch-Treasurer" of the "United States". Most Americans have never read the actual Constitution and grasped the fact that this agreement gave Britain control of American Trade and Foreign Policy.

We can now see why we have been kept at nearly constant war for most of our history: Britain has used us as its Bully Boy to cause trouble and engage in war for profit throughout the rest of the world, just as it is trying to do now in the Middle East.

As a spider at the center of its web, Britain pulls the strings and through its agencies---the United States and British Crown-- wrecks havoc calculated to fill its coffers with no risk and no exposure to itself. 

While directing a US foreign policy that is plainly self-destructive and insane from the American standpoint, Queen Elizabeth pretends to have clean hands and so does the Lord Mayor of London--- but the historical documents and the facts are the facts.

All the trouble we are having in the Mideast is caused by Britain, not America.

And it always has been.

The Americans want free access to the Persian Gulf, unmolested by anyone, for the purposes of Free Trade.  And that is the only legitimate interest America has in the Middle East.

We trust that the EU is competent to solve its own gas and oil supply problems with no assistance from us. 

They could embrace and use free energy technology to solve a great many dependency problems.  They could use LNG and ship in supplies and develop storage capacities like Japan and China.  They could direct their re-investment capital to their already existing oil development projects in the North Sea.

Instead, British Intelligence is working to influence the outcome of US elections and trying to start WWIII.  Their recent exposure of CIA false flag activities is especially ironic, since British Intelligence controls the CIA and mandates all its actions. 

If you dig deep enough, it is always Britain at the bottom of the dog pile, causing war and destruction for the entire rest of the world. 

They have never been willing to live on their own talents and resources and have chosen to be parasites instead.  They have built their successive empires on fraud and human enslavement and legal chicanery.  They have never given up feudalism.  They have never given up colonialism. 

Most recently, they have moved their financial operations to China, with the result that 800 loyal Chinese Generals have been purged, and Russia and the "United States" are being pitted against each other at every turn while China sits smug and brags about all the gold it suddenly has. 

And nobody questions this?   

Britain disrespects the Constitutional agreements it has with the Americans on one hand, and on the other, abuses American trust.  They have used us as the front-men for British aggression and self-interest for generations,. They have deliberately confused their own puppet, the United States, with America and the American People, so as to blame us for their treachery and wrong-doing.   

Let everyone always remember that the "United States" is not America.

Let us also plainly state before God and everyone, that Britain and its corporate shadow government doing business as the "United States" is a problem for the entire world, including the Americans.

This time, if anyone goes to war, let's make sure we get the real culprits and address the actual problem once and for all, instead of stupidly bashing each other for their benefit.

Rumors are circulating of a "tactical nuclear exchange" between the British-controlled United States and Russia.  Let us observe that there is no such thing as a tactical nuclear exchange and that if such a thing happened, it would rapidly spread to global destruction--and that destruction would be the result of British meddling, guile, and greed. 
Instead of targeting the hapless Americans whose worst sin is gullibility, please focus your fire power on Britain?  And ask your Chinese allies about their new Best Friends? 

If the Earth is to be destroyed in a firestorm of nuclear bombs unleashed because of the endless dishonesty and greed of British commercial interests, at least let's all have the satisfaction of taking the actual perpetrators down with us? 
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  1. Brilliant! Brilliant! Anna`s thinking and writing is simply BRILLIANT. I wish I can write near like Anna. I have forwarded this letter to the President Putin Cabinet.

  2. It does appear Anna has selected the bits that suites her ! . I have a lot of respect for what Anna is doing BUT please don't insult our intelligence.
    All documents need putting into context .
    Keep it real please other wise you will lose people's faith on you .
    Good luck and keep the fight going

  3. In my opinion the British hand in early america,however as America and the world appears a coalition of Rothschild owing the bank of England and British CIA. Jim Garrison DA in New Orleans got a conviction on a British front company in the assination. Of JFK. he was on Johnny Carson show.

  4. Come on guys/gals, don't shoot the messenger. Perform a little diligence yourself. It took less than 10 seconds to perform a web search to get the results you're asking for.

    Your not going to be sovereign if everyone has to hold your hand and do every little thing for you. She's providing some valuable information. Take the ball and run with it!

  5. Definitive Treaty of Peace between the United States and Great Britain, 3 September 1783:

    In THE Name OF THE MOST Holy & UNDIVIDED Trinity.

    It HAVING pleased the divine Providence to dispose the Hearts of the most Serene & most Potent Prince George the third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France & Ireland Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick & Lunebourg, Arch-Treasurer, and Prince Elector of the holy Roman Empire &ca. and of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to forget all past Misunderstandings and Differences that have unhappily interrupted the good Correspondence and Friendship which they mutually wish to restore; etc. etc.

    1. Yeah, it does. You are not reading through lense of an open mind. Take off your antagonistic glasses and reread this part from the above post:

      Prince George the third, by the Grace of God, ... Arch-Treasurer... and Prince Elector of the ... and of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...

      Now, YOU show us, by historical document, when the most Potent Prince George, was no longer the Prince and Arch-Treasurer as clearly stated above.

    2. I don't know what kind of glasses you are wearing, but I placed the text to acknowledge what Anna was saying.

  6. Oh dont worry about putin he is well aware. Worry about the american people that have been so numbed and dumbed down. We are the united states anna. Its the people allowing it. Its the people pushing their paperwork and funding their exploits. Its the people and if we dont all take responsibility soon you see whats knocking at the door people. WAKE THE **** UPPPP

    We are they and they are we there is no them without us think fight club the movie with brad pitt we are fighting with ourselves, corportions are only paper, only WE give them life with our split personalities

    1. OH and as an addendum, i think if you track down the ownership of the maritime courts on the american land you might find a little company called Interpol. Ever heard of them?

  7. Evil I spread ? I have been to Isreal friend
    trained with Israeli troops know history .
    as here America gets blamed yet we can't controld an out of controld government .
    I know but also its unique that collaboration
    is so prevalent among a race.
    We trust it's a blessing and a curse.exploited by manipulators.

  8. Good Stuff, But We The People Are Tired, Of Sitting Bye, While Everybody Plays The Blame Game. But As For Me! We Must Forgive Each Other, About This Global Reset For Give All Debt & Let's Wait On The Gold & Silver, That Will Expose The Cabal In Their Deeds, Forgiveness Is The Key Not Gold & Silver This Can Wait Amen.

  9. Thank you Anna for writing to Putin. I have done enough research on the AshkeNAZI Zionist etc., control over U.S. citizens to know Putin is very aware of how dumbed down the American People are. He does not blame the people he blames the AshkeNAZI Zionist New World Order Leaders and their parent company in England.

    Unknown this response of for you. The AshkeNAZI Zionists and the Sephardic Jews along with the Merovingians (ASM's) are what ancients referred to as the "Serpent and Reptilian Bloodlines." They have always been the controllars of events that affect the Free World.

    Yes the Jews are the Serpent and Reptilian bloodline descendents of the ancient and prehistoric world but that does not mean that they are involved in what the AshkeNAZI Zionist, Sephardic Jewish leaders are going behind closed doors. The average Jew is as innocent as any other American who has NO IDEA WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.

    You are correct the blame goes to the ASM leaders but all of us are also to blame because we have ALLOWED THESE EVIL LEADERS to engage in these activites. We are not guilth by association we are guilty because of our ignorance and appathy. All of us. I am not a descendent of the "Serpent and Reptilian Bloodline" but that doesn't mean that I lack the responsibility to FIX WHAT'S WRONG. All Americans, red, yellow, black and white need to WAKE UP.

    Putin is even willing to help us if we ask for his help. Thank You Anna for writing Putin on behalf of all Americans whether they are the "Sleeping Sheeple" or those of us who are exposing the ASM's corruption.

  10. From Princess:

    He, Putin, is ousting the ISIS terrorists in Syria at the ruler's, Bashar al Asaad's, invitation and now Lybian parliament has invited him in to help them get rid of their United States installed puppet ruler. I don't know his name.

    Who in America, but the people, has the power to invite him in to oust the puppet ruler, which is doing business (isreal and kazarian banker's business) from the White House?

    Although it is changing, most of the people are too stupid to realize that foreign bankers and Hillary's (and the Clinton Foundation) donors are ruling the United States; and the United States and its bribed congress is writing laws for Americans.

    Americans are on the Law of the land jurisdiction. They call themselves New Jerseyans, Ohioans, Texans. They, Hillary's foreign donors, Kazarian (jewish) bankers, sit in the Law of the Sea jurisdiction (The District of Columbia in White House and Capital Building) and write laws from the Law of the Sea jurisdiction for those really in a Law of the Land Jurisdiction (the united States of America, New Jerseyans, Ohioans, Texans) and they are allowed to get away with the people believing they have the authority to write laws for New Jerseyans, OHioans, Texans, because they also control the public school education from the Law of the Sea (District of Columbia) jurisdiction ; and therefore the people have never been taught, what Anna is trying to teach us, that writing laws from one jurisdiction has no authority in another jurisdiction. If the French come and over take the District of Columbia and begin writing laws for the 50 states, Ohioans, New Jerseyans, Texans, the uninformed people would obey maybe. Why? They are kept so dumbed down in the foreigner's school system by not teaching American's New Jerseyans, Ohioans, Texan's children the truth, ever. They probably don't understand the word jurisidiction. I know I didn't really.

  11. Continued from Princess:

    Therefore, Public School graduates have no idea what has happened to their once great America.

    Question: If they did know that foreigners are in, or, controlling the White House and the goings on in the capital building, would they too invite Putin in to oust the United States puppet ruler in the White House like Syria and now recently Lybia's parliament have done?

    United States bought and paid for mercenaries, aka ISIS, have been trying to de -thrown Syrian president Asaad for 5 years now and pretending to kill ISIS terrorists. Yet the people don't ask questions of why it is still ongoing?

    Are US military weapons that poor that in five years they have not been successful in defeating ISIS and the other terrorists?

    Putin has done a great job in so doing in a very short time and only from air strikes. He began last september 30 and in a few months time was almost done. Then a cease fire was called except for continuing to bomb the terrorists.

    Are US military air force so incompetent that they strike a hospital or school or Syrian people instead of their bought and paid for mercenaries aka ISIS, ISIL, IS, Daesch?

    Is it that their Target practice didn't work? They say it was a mistake when then hit and kill Syrian civilians. Sure. A mistake? And you believe it?

    They (those running the US pulling the strings of Obama, the puppet) only get away with these lies he is forced to tell, because the American people have, until now, believed these lies were coming from their elected people, Americans.

    It has become clear that our elections are rigged and the people are waking up to who is really ruling the US only because they are now reading the internet independent media 's stories and their news videos and not the CBS, NBC, Fox news.

    Is it Isreal (not the people of course) and the Kazarian bankers aka Federal Reserve Bankers or some other foreign CIA installed ruler in the White House, which is also in control of the Republican and Democratic elections?

    Are the election protester's riots also paid for actors by foreigner George Soros?

    Are these protests by black lives matter aka false flags?

    Now that I have that off my chest, I will now read what Anna has to say to Putin.

  12. Jealous Don, is your real name Larry, Bob or Luis...peut être?

  13. I dont get it. Are there two "unknowns" on this blog or one. Why cant people use their real names. Wheres the "transparacy". There are better blogs than this, where people are actually getting along becausebtheir energy is focused on real solutions and helping one another. No wonder David Merrial left this site. He is truely gifted whem it comes to law and solving our money problems. But i found him on another site. Thats where i got that info on "demanding lawful money using 12USC411". Its working...!!!!!

    1. The idea is to find new people to read the information. Sometimes the best way to do that is with some controversy.
      We don't need trolls using up all the bandwidth however.
      It's a fine line. It's one thing to try to persuade people on the issues at hand, and quite another to name call people for their views without getting at those issues in a civil manner.

    2. Who is David Marrial? I don't remember him ever posting on this blog. Can you send me a profile?

  14. I spelled his name wrong. Its david merrill. He consistantly post replys on a site called "saving to suiters", which is a refference to 28USC1333, that is filed in "united states District Court in Admiralty, which is where they HID our True Common Law Courts when you demand an article 3 court of record. It might seem strange, but Admiralty, in that case, works to our advantage because their is no "immunity" for anyone in that court under that jurisdiction. But you have to have a controversy of at least $75,000 and a mandatory "counter claim" in order to have standing, because they assume to have a lein on us.

  15. Here is his › welcome-...
    He has another partner , michael joseph, who together in my opinion , are truely gifted both spiritually and intellictually. He constantly blogs on different forums on the "saving to suiters" site, along with other people extremely knowkedgeable in law and all offering very good solutions for different situations right now, not later. His been through the mill also and immediatiately recognized my comments on this site as his own at one time, and hoped i got it right before it really cost me. Hes the one that tried to tell us what we were doing wrong. But then just dropped out, probably because he could see where this site was headed. Everyone one this site are easily disstracted from problem solveing into religious bashing which solves absolutly nothing. People come to those other because they have "Real Problems" that need to be solved with "real solutions". And people usually get them from more than just david. Everone on that site is a problem solver. Theres no petty and cheap religious remarks. They never deviate from their goal....trying to navigate through the "commerical matrix".

  16. Judge Anna always referrs to the CORP. STATE as The United States(minor) or US INC. But judges do not understand that language. They were taught to understand words and phrases using law dictionaries...which they immediately understand when you refer to corp. State as the "FORUM STATE" or "STATE OF THE FORUM"(where contrats are formed). So, when you are forced into one of their courts and whether civil or criminal, and the judge is asking questions and ask you if you understand the charges against you, answer him with a question back...I think i understand the "letter of the law" your honor, but its the "NATURE" of the LAW IM having trouble with. Maybe you can help me understand that by explaining "What my Nexus is with the FORUM STATE that created the "presumption" that gave rise to the liability of some benifit of an undisclosed contract which I never knowingly, or volentarily entered into with full disclosure that created the disability of me being here today....could you please put that into evidence right now so i can review it ,before i make a plea..

  17. .In open court, they will never answer a question like that. Usually, their pat answer is , i im not allowed to give you legal advice mr. Pansini. You might want to hire an attorney. Why, so i can create another "liability". No thanks. Are you planning to represent yourself. Actually, i think it would be more accurate to refer to me as a third party intervenor on behalf of the "person" i assume your talking about. Unless, your ready to address the MAN standing right in front of you who is dragging the "LAND" with him into this forum. Who do you prefer to deal with, your honor..??? And is there anyone in this court that actually has a lawful "claim" against the MAN. (A charge is not a claim. You dont care what the charges are or the facts, until the "law" is proven first. A "claim" is synonomous with "title". How did someone get title to your name and when. In essence they are "claim jumpers" stealing your name(the fiction in all CAPS). No one in that courtroom has a lawful claim against you because they all work for the Corp. State(Forum State), and fictions cannot own or deal with real men and woman. If no one has a claim against me then im requesting for dissmissal of this case "with prejudice" in the interest of law. This is the kind of stuff we should be talking about on this site. Judge Anna is working at the "international level"(global), far removed from our problems at the local level where we all live. Most of us, including me, need answers to our problems right now. She and her law firm cant fight the entire world and solve everyones problem here too. I only come to this site now just to get updates on world events according to Judge Anna like reading magazines like "TIME"or "THE WALL STREET JOURNAL". But for solutions for problems at hand , you need other sites that have real successes in courts that work. I went surfing the web the other day and came accross a normal legal site where normal people are asking questions about the law that are desperate for answers from someone that can give them a woman who was asking if she could get child support from the state if her husband was in jail. Everyone on that site said No Way, and added insult by saying how can you collect anything from him if hes in jail. And she said she gets along with him very good. So she didnt put him there. But the truth is she can collect from him if she understands that their is no money...only accounts.. and they are using his account right now using his signiture and the "bid bond" they posted as soon as he plead.. "Not Guilty". Now all he needs is that letter that says how much he owes in child support, and Accept it for value and request to "DRAW DOWN" on his account to settle and adjust this account for full settlement and closure of this account. People have done this in jail, guided by knowedgeable patriots in jail also, and were contacted by their spouses that they were getting their monthly child support payments and thanked him. I love those stories.

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