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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Comment on Fulford Report of October 3, 2016: FED v. IMF

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been inundated with people wanting to know what I think about Fulford's report yesterday on the Federal Reserve.  There seems to be some confusion over what his report means.

It means that the Federal Reserve was involved in a gigantic counterfeiting scheme and that the United States Army is for reasons unknown (but which we can guess) standing around letting the Federal Reserve shred the evidence.

The facts as Fulford presents them are these--- a relatively small gold hoard's actual asset value was grossly inflated and then translated into "dollars" by the Federal Reserve.  This had the affect of counterfeiting 23 trillion dollars based on negligible assets.

This is similar to what they have gotten away with on a much smaller per transaction scale for many years using relative small bank deposits as the basis to loan several times that amount as new money backed by the deposit--- so-called "fractional banking" which was legalized counterfeiting, too, and just one of the many ways the banks have benefited themselves at our expense.

This practice guaranteed that it would NEVER make economic sense to save your money for any rainy days because it enforced constant devaluation of the currency and created constant inexorable inflation.

What the Fed did this time was outright crime, far, Far, FAR in excess of any chronic inflationary gambit.  This was one gigantic bite worth the entire United States National Debt, plus interest, and by doing it, the Federal Reserve cheated everyone everywhere who was holding Federal Reserve Notes by devaluing them and flooding the world market with worthless counterfeit paper.

Most likely they did this to make up for the "missing" National Credit money owed to the American People--- which these same banks siphoned off as "abandoned funds" over the years and exchanged for other international currencies.  They had to "expand" the currency in circulation to  hide the fact that our National Credit was stolen and that it is still owed to us. 

We have had crooks in charge of our money and banking institutions since 1913--- and it hasn't mattered much whether we were dealing with the Federal Reserve or the International Monetary Fund.  The overall program agenda of pillaging and plundering the clueless Americans has remained the same and aside from counterfeiting so have the means: unlawful conversion, deliberate inflation, false claims on abandonment, and failure to re-convey property assets.

The impact of this counterfeiting  by the Fed is potentially catastrophic and needs to be addressed as a crime of the First Order, but bringing the criminals to justice will require a coordinated international effort and a widespread understanding of what they have done to America and the world.

The IMF must similarly be brought to justice for crimes that are in their own way even worse.  While the Federal Reserve has grossly abused its position of trust and mercilessly bilked the American People via currency manipulation for more than 100 years, the IMF has been doing the same thing using commercial paper of a different sort.  

Just as the Federal Reserve has counterfeited the currency, the IMF has counterfeited our signatures to create "derivatives"---- basically, creating false contracts and bogus unregistered security interests based on copying our signatures without our knowledge or consent. 

These criminal counterfeiting practices, one based on counterfeiting currency and one based on counterfeiting our signatures on contracts, have given rise to vast private trading platforms to deal in the illicit goods thus produced.  And this has gone on for years under the noses of Interpol, the FBI, CIA, SEC, IRS and every other regulatory agency supposedly on our payroll to prevent such things from happening.

The short explanation is that the banks bought all these alphabet soup agency subcontractors lock, stock, and brand name, and placed them under the ownership of holding companies that are owned by the same banks that are doing the dirty work.  Via manipulating the management of the holding companies the banks could then manipulate and control the management of the regulatory agencies that were supposedly riding herd on the bank.  

Thus, the FBI---just for example--- which is supposed have the lead in detecting and preventing interstate bank fraud, has instead been tasked to act as an enforcer for bank-sponsored land grabs in the western states.

The DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is supposed to be riding herd on all these agencies, but has been tasked to defend them, instead. 

 All the State Attorney Generals are supposed to be acting as the People's Advocates against the State bureaucracy to keep it in line, but have  been re-tasked by the banks to defend their local state franchise operations instead.

So what we have here is a very cozy little crime syndicate ménage et trois  in which the agencies and departments which are supposed to regulate the banks are working for the banks instead.

The people are being robbed, defrauded, mischaracterized, and abused without shame by their own employees who have been misdirected and commandeered by these foreign bank interests. 

We are in terrible need of truly independent criminal prosecution and enforcement of national and international law, but this is becoming increasingly difficult owing to the ability of the banks to fund or defund the enforcement agencies and to buy-off and threaten politicians.

Instead of enforcement of the banking and securities laws we've had FED v. IMF fights in which one gang of criminal bank thugs have attacked the other gang of criminal bank thugs and this has been the only thing holding them in check. 

It is long past time for the people of this world to wake up and grab an oar and for the military and the police to address the real problem----and let's take a hint, the problem isn't a bunch of people innocent enough to call themselves "sovereign citizens".  
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  1. A mouthful- and every word of it
    "on the money".
    Just little play on words there.
    I've been preachin this now for yrs and it goes rightover folks heads.

    Yes criminal elements were intentionally installed over the U.S. monetary systen hence OUR economy 113yrs ago and is still there Peole.
    Time to wake up- if you dare ~!

  2. What is waking up going to do for us? I did not read of a solution in the post. Other than doing a military strike and eliminating those in charge of our money what solution is there?

    1. As to "other than......what solution is there".
      God would be the only one Cliff = II CHRONICLES 7:14
      And- "My people perish for a lack of knowledge"

      As both Charles Finney + Alex de Tocqueville stated-

      If America faulters or fails it will be the fault of her preachers = ie- Being from the peoples Faith where true called preachers emanate out of under God's conviction.

      There used to be lots of'em- as de Tocqueville said American pulpits were "hot" and Bibles where everywhere and at the center of everything as- "Fear of the Lord is the- * beginning of wisdom".
      Tho now being we all spontaneously errupted(generated) as only an accidental-misfortune and there now is no God- hey anything goes and has been validated by SCOTUS.

      It's diversity you know- you ladies get to share the rest rooms with bearded men in dresses next you can marry your dog etc.
      Where exactly does "diversity" end folks.
      It did end in Sodom+Gommorah where folks wanted to rape angels and God said "enough" as before with the flood ~!

    2. It is imperative we keep these lessons on the front burner. Always and forever. I thank you.

    3. Truly it boils down to "The Love of money being the root of evil."

      This from the top to the bottom in human involvement.
      Pointing to "You can't srve both God and mammon."

      This is the point of "returning to the God of OUR fathers as the foundational point of "making it better".
      Shooting these people won't change the underlying problem of greed and monetary entitlement rampant in America today's materialistic code...
      An awakened and aware 10's of millions of American's can get anything done ~!

    4. From the top down it is-
      "The love of money" with the entitlement mentality and Let someone else do it attitude that allowed this all to creep over us. Politicians were never to be trusted was the motto and warning the Founders made clear- but WE have done that when 1/2 didn"t bother to even vote for decades.
      WE must be informed and involved.
      Iceland just arrested the Globalist bankster's- it can be done IF enough folks wake up and become aware of this Unseen Hand and say "NO MORE".
      Secrecy was their stealth weapon- just like cancer...

    5. From the top down it is-
      "The love of money" with the entitlement mentality and Let someone else do it attitude that allowed this all to creep over us. Politicians were never to be trusted was the motto and warning the Founders made clear- but WE have done that when 1/2 didn"t bother to even vote for decades.
      WE must be informed and involved.
      Iceland just arrested the Globalist bankster's- it can be done IF enough folks wake up and become aware of this Unseen Hand and say "NO MORE".
      Secrecy was their stealth weapon- just like cancer...

  3. I second cliffs comment.. it was said cry scream and whatever in another post.. but if you don't have the right words on your are screwed..

  4. Badvoc.
    If you cannot see an problem the theirs no way you going to see the solution , its just 2 brain cells with an electrical in-pules between them !!!

  5. To Cliff and Trident: YOU must become your part of the solution for ALL. There are plently of recommendations and, yes, even advice from Anna in the previous letters posted in the links, cataloged by month, to the right of this message. ~~~~>

    It will NOT be easy. But it WILL be worth it.

    PLEASE join in the reclamation of self sovereignty and change your question from "What's it gonna do for us", to "How can I begin to help this cause?"


    1. Good word+reminder as well as directionally enlightening...

    2. I told you awhile back judge Anna that because of you and others work, the central banks lost their credit rating in the international community to such an extant that the Swiss would no longer accept their bonds. So what did they do. Panic..Give in..NO, NO WAY. They immediately went to "think tank" mode. And what do they come up with. Well, if no one was going to monitize their"bonds" they just decided to eliminate the middle man altogether and autofinance their own loans using a "bond" never heard of before out of sheer contempt and arrogant disrespect for law and accountability to anyone, which i warned you was going to happen if you cornered them with no way out. The special bonds they created are called "PERPETUAL BONDS" and it differs from all other "bonds" or any other commercial debt instraments that at least "Promise to pay something back later"(IOU's). Not this one. In fact this one actually promisses to NEVER pay anyone back....EVER!!! Neither interest or principal. Now who is going to buy or insure a "BOND" like that. You already know the answer....them!! They are just going to print their own money, to insure their own money. Does that give you an idea how defiant these people are your dealing with. They are more than willing to destroy the entire earth before they give up their power. Which i think is eminate now. They cant stall this counterfieting scheme for very long though. Its a temporary fix at best. But for what...Did you know that Borak Obama passed an executive order 13603 recently..."National Def ense Resources Preparedness Act" which gives him the authority to "CONFISCATE" all the FOOD with the strict of a pen....immediately. Tommorrow if he wants too. How do i know. I received an email from Foods for Patriots site that stores and sells high quality freeze dried and specially packed food with a shelf life of 25 years for emergency purposes. His wharehouse is huge. But he recently received a very unusal order by "FEMA". They not only wanted to purchase his entire wherehouse of sustainable food, but followed up with other request, like if it takes three of your packages to feed a normal person for one day, how many packages can you produce within 24hrs of being ordered. This and other more disturbing questions about production could only be "interpreted" according to him that they are planning something very soon. I wonder how many other emergency food suppiers they contacted. The point is, when push comes to shove, its FOOD that will be the ultimate commodity, not money. Unles you think you can survive by eating it. My guess is whoever they cant kill, they will force everyone else to accept a "chip" in order to be feed. Its going to be a very difficult choice for most people, especially christians. Lets see how much "faith" they really have...!!!

    3. This is exactly why the Globalist pricks are pushing the Democ-RATS and the owned PC media to take OUR guns and ammo anyway they can- esp from ex-military.
      Because once they actually start and the still stupid "Sleeping Giant" finally awakens they know "WE the Peope" that get it- with no other way- will be as fearless as OUR God fearing PATRIOT ancestors and nothing will be easy for them esp as ex-military can run, operate or fly any thing they have. And then these rats must face the true treasonous charges they deserve- under OUR "Admiralty Tribunals" including their pseudo judges etc.
      As of now an actual witch and criminal is running for potus.
      Traitor doesn't begin to cover as a definition of that woman snd her ilk....

  6. Use the search boxes on this website, and on to find what you are looking for. Anna has written almost 400 articles with solutions.

  7. If you have not done so already, go to Youtube and search for the videos of Lord James of Black Heath, and listen closely to what Lord James reports to the Parliament. He literally tells them that the US is being run by imposters and has been taken over by a fraudulent group claiming to be our government.

    1. Thanks for this info! Hopefully, it won't fall on deaf ears!

  8. Might I rudely explain your final sentence. Sovereign citizen is an oxymoron.

    1. Thank you Coach. That stood out powerfully to me too. Word play can be tricky though I thought and re-examined the phrase. Being that it's in "quotes" makes it seem like a declaration of those people who label themselves sovereign citizens to be naive. Their naivety is without the ineptitude to wholly research and assimilate what this knowledge means to them.

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