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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Me and Walter Cronkite

by Anna Von Reitz

We got a real television (not the hopelessly grainy eyeball model) when I was four years old.  This black and white picture was also grainy, but you could see the faces clearly.  One of the first faces I became familiar with as a toddler and young child was Walter Cronkite. 

While other four year-olds were watching Huckleberry Hound and Mighty Mouse with religious devotion, I watched Walter. Every night.  Without fail.  I'd put on my Dale Evans cowgirl hat and red leather cowboy boots and mount my hobby horse sitting in front of the television and watch with morbid fascination.

I remember the Nixon v. Kennedy Debates and there aren't too many people my age who have a clear recollection of that.

Like many Americans, I loved Walter. He had such a comforting voice and his dark, serious, but often gently amused eyes seemed to be looking straight into mine on many important occasions.

Of course, I trusted Walter.  Who didn't?  So it came as a terrible shock to learn that he was lying to me!  Yes, Walter Cronkite was lying about all sorts of things and when I first discovered that, well, it was worse than learning the truth about Santa Claus.  Much worse.

It was worse because Santa was just a fictional character. Walter Cronkite was real. 

And he was lying about what happened to President Kennedy. 

Any fool, even a seven year-old, knew what happened in Dallas that day in November,1963.  Anyone who saw the television footage of the assassination knew what direction the bullet was coming from and nobody needed the Warren Commission to tell us any more lies about it.

We didn't need the scapegoat, Lee Harvey Oswald.  We didn't need Jack Ruby doing his final mafia hit. 

LBJ and his cronies killed JFK to make way for the war profiteering of Vietnam, the seduction of the States with "federal block grants", to spool up the reign of the oil industry, and keep the central banks happy.

And there was Walter Cronkite, speaking in his calm, deliberate, serious, caring way, lying through his teeth about what was perfectly obvious to the naked eye. I was confused.  Heart-broken.  Severely disillusioned.  I was seven and one of my heroes was revealed to be a fraud.

So when 911 happened, the first words out of my mouth were, "Where is this Techni-Color Hollywood - quality newsfeed coming from?"

If 911 wasn't a set-up, we'd be seeing jiggling shots taken by astonished tourists from three blocks away, grainy security camera footage from banks and hotels up and down the street-----but no, we saw 911 happen from every possible angle, in high definition color.  It was a set-up.  It was obviously a set-up.  Just like the Kennedy murder.

And just like the Kennedy murder, Bush assigned a "Blue Ribbon Committee" to white wash it and come up with fanciful excuses for it, and because the American People have trusted what they thought of as "their government" instead of their foreign vendors, they choked it down.  They were confused. They were patriotic.  They didn't know what to think.

Well, I am telling you what the evidence shows.

The private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation run by G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney murdered 3,000 innocent people from around the world with malice aforethought.  Their pals collected billions of dollars of insurance money instead of having to pay for the demolition of asbestos polluted office buildings.  Tons of gold bullion were stolen to pay for quasi-military black ops, mostly in support of the oil industry in the Mideast and the whole crappola war and take over in Iraq.  And hundreds of millions of records proving that the "government" corporation defrauded Americans were destroyed.

So you see, I knew 911 was a fraud and a false-flag and a set up from the first moments of news coverage I saw, and I didn't need any scientific evidence, no thermite residue, no architectural and engineering analysis.  All I needed was the memory of Walter Cronkite shining me on about the Kennedy murder, and the fact that the 911 event was covered from all angles by professional movie crews.

I already told you all about why I stopped watching television news altogether (except for the weather report) in 1989 but let's repeat.  I did a little experiment and kept track of how many stories had to do with sex and how many had to do with death and how many had to do with sex and death, both.  And I concluded that the actual useful news accounted for only about 5% of what was presented as "news" every night ---- mostly the weather report. 

So my advice to everyone is --- don't believe a word the talking heads say and don't be surprised or disappointed when Tom Brokaw admits that he doesn't know a thing about the news stories he is parroting.  Journalism in this country died with the gag-orders imposed by the federal government corporation during World War II and ever since, with very, very rare exceptions that always result in lost careers---we have lived with a government controlled news media that is essentially just a giant propaganda machine designed to scare us and sell stuff to us by turns.

Turn the knob, push the button---- "Off!" --- and start looking with your own eyes and listening with your own ears. It's the only way you are ever going to know what is going on.
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  1. Oswald was a CIA asset sheep dipped to go into Russia KGB.knew.
    Kennedy was cutting out the fed and promised to get out of nam.

  2. Same here Anna.. exactly. There is one show Walter did on an interview saying to the person he was interviewing.. so mr so and so, your saying it's by the corporations, of the corporations, for the corporations. ~1985 ish. My tv has been off for 6 yrs. :-)

  3. Wasn't that professional video of 9/11 beautiful? I must admit that on that day I was duped as I watched it on live television. I especially liked seeing building seven collapse behind that British reporter as she reported on it's destruction. I didn't get into researching what really happened until 2004. Who can say what videos were real and what were doctored later. In one hour documentary I found on the Internet said that CNN had pre-loaded videos of the Towers and showed one being hit before it was. I don't know if this is true. That documentary soon disappeared. How can we know what is true in this age of video manipulation? One of my sons is a professional web developer. He tells me anything can be done and his brother who is a Director at Dell says the same. Take be back to the fifties when being an American still was the greatest thing on earth to be. Some of you may disagree. Perhaps I was blind then, but I loved it.

  4. I would like to add to Anna's piece if you do watch the MSM for news be on the look out for oft used phrases. These repeatedly used phrases are purposely used to get you believing the narrative(s) there selling...In the past examples would be, "WMD" "They hate us because of our freedom" "It takes a village" "Health care is a right" to name just a few...

  5. Most people that i have tried to tell, won't listen and don't care. They think we are crazy conspiracy people. I have given up after 8 years of trying to wakeup people. The powers that be have already turned the population into zombies. The black char they are spraying in chemtrails is nanotechnology implant devices, that are connected to a giant supercomputer as told to me by a former high ranking military person. I remember in the 1980's seeing some charcoal dust on my mom's face, it was under the surface of her skin. I didn't know what it was. Well soon after that her face started contorting looking like she had a stroke, but did not. She went from being a normal mom to Mommy dearest. She is now decades later so far gone, that i don't think she's totally human anymore. She has made mommy dearest look like an angel. I believe they have been spraying us with nanotechnology (carbon nanotubes) for decades, and they have turned many people into zombies who do not care about anything but their entertainment. This world is not going to change with the people living on our planet. They are gone. The Powers that be have technologies that can disintegrate people in seconds. The only thing we can do is try to help those who are awake and those who are struggling, even if they are asleep. Our spiritual evolution is at an individual level. There is not going to be some huge planetary change with the current people on it. They are just too "i don't know what..gone...i don't want to say stupid" to wakeup. They just don't care. And those that are truthers, are just making the same mistake as people in the past - throwing hate and blame towards entire races or countries based on what the small group of evil are doing. I think this entire planet is a mess. The answer for me to is to grow spiritually. I believe Paramahansa Yogananda has the teachings of jesus from before the powers that be changed them. I study his books and his advice is that this world is an illusion and will never be a place without darkness. It's dark on this planet. The answer is to rise up like spiritual warriors, like Anna, and help as much as we can but also not spread the darkness that many truthers are spreading with their blame of countries or races. This is the darkness that has happened throughout history and at this point in time we need to think like a Master, like Jesus, Ghandi, Bhudda, Yogananda, Dalai Lama etc. The "Mandella Effect" changes (see youtube videos) prove that this world is holographic, and it's created by energy. The darkness will always be on this planet because the human race is operating in materialism, service to self, lower level sex, cruelty and hate. So this world will always be dark because the human race is in alignment with darkness. To rise above it, do what you can, like Anna Von Reitz and help out. Our way out of this mess is through out hearts together with action and a love for our world. When thinking what to do in our every day lives, think what would a Master do. Since we can't take out the whips like Jesus and start wipping the illuminati, we have many truthers doing this spiritually. But think like Jesus too, and only spread love to our fellow human beings. Do not get caught in the hate for other enslaved beings or start slandering people of other races, for the actions of a few. That is wrong and i see many or most truthers going in that direction. This is our spiritual test, can we rise above the darkness and become like the Masters.

  6. To "Unkownn":

    Jeus is not "a master" He is THEE MASTER.
    As in the- "Alpha+Omega" = period ~!

    1. Thank you mtman2 but which Jesus are you referring to? Remember we haven't just been deceived the last century only? Maybe the imposter (body double) Jesus that we were told was real who was killed at age 33 - (a masonic number if there ever was one) was not Deum Jesum Christum and was the avenue to lead billions away from the Truth? Maybe the Acts of the apostles were just that - Acts of theater? The deception is mindboggling but don't worry I am not going down the new age alien path either. By the way - Deum Jesum Christum is not The Master - HE IS GOD!

    2. Many so called "Christians" have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. In other words they have thrown true Faith out the window because some Christian or Catholic set a bad example somewhere. Are you one that no longer has Faith in the Son of God, the Word of God made man, the Redeemer of us all? Do you think He was some fairy tale? That is the Devil's greatest trick. Don't fall for it.

  7. Is it any wonder why the TV movie series.."the walking dead" is the number one watched seriers in the history of telivision..??? I see them walking around every night. Holliwood is very clever at getting people to watch themselves without recognizing that all they are doing is "mocking" us all. It must be quite a laugh in the editing room...lololol.


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