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Thursday, September 1, 2016

"I Don't Know, But I've Been Told"

by Anna Von Reitz

I don't know, but I've been told.....when God made you, He broke the mold!  Keep on marching right along, even weakness makes you strong!

Remember the old boot camp favorite, "Sound Off"?   This is what I got in my email box this morning. A whole choir of men singing me a song. Thanks, guys. That would have to make any girl's day.  I am still laughing.   

I've been "told" a lot of things in my life, and if I had to sort through most of it, I'd be wagging my head and both index fingers like Will Rogers and saying, "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see." ---- Still, when I hear good news from good people, I have a tendency to believe.

After months of wrangling and furtive attempts to move forward into the modern era with "Products and Publications" to back up the effort, I am told that my website, will soon have an order page and be offering ebook versions of "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and as soon as it is ready for release, The Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement Handbook, too.  These ebook versions will be available at much less cost and immediately available for sharing, though hard copy is always nice, too, and will continue to be available for those ---like me--- who continue to enjoy the solid comforts of a book-book.

I also hope to be offering a brand new set of DVD's from Down Under, going over the use of "GLOSSA" in legal documents as a means of fraud.  This is a very important point of information, because it means that from the very start of every legal action there is a purposeful, provable effort to defraud the victims. It is direct proof of a crime of "personage".  The more people who understand this and who are able to prove and argue it, the better.

There are other free, downloadable products being readied, too--- an illustrated chart showing the structure of the present government, a blow-by-blow flow chart of the mortgage fraud being committed against millions of Americans every day, handy do-it-yourself materials to help share facts and spread the news.

This will, hopefully, make it faster and easier to share the information with millions more people.  Thank each and every one of you who is "Passing It On" to other Americans and people around the world who need to know.
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  1. The flowchart of corporate "ownerships" is a great idea. It is very difficult tripping over this information, again and again, and confusing who owns what. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this. Looking forward to it.

  2. Hope the Mortgage fraud info is released soon. I am in foreclosure and trying to fight them off by NOT entering their civil court hoopla.

    1. Maybe you need to remove to your states superior court, constitutional get it out of the lower admiralty criminal courts, it is in a trust you signed over to them unknowingly but never the less it is in a private trust maybe do a RESPA and get the info necessary to fight their constitutionality.

    2. Penny4yourthoughts, I dont know what state you are in but in Calif. there are no more lower courts. All are courts are Superior Courts. I thought they all were by now. The whole reason your losing in court is because there really isnt any constitution courts anymore, not even the supreme court. The "United Nations Treaty" is the Supreme Law of the Land(ie. the UCC), not the constition. If we still do have Common Law courts you will only find them in the courts of "ORIGINAL" jurisdiction...UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS. Thats where you Common Law Courts are hidden. But your only going to access that court under the proper "wording" or heading on your paperwork(and grammer again)..."united states District Court". And it has to be in Admiralty, because that is where you Article 3, Section 2 bestowed oringinal jurisdiction Admiraly Maritime Law on the District Court on all federal and Maritime claims, under the constitution, Title 28, Section 1333(Saving to Suiters). This was done under the "Truth in Admiralty Act. And the only way to win in Distric Court, or any court for that matter, is to come in as a "third party intervenor", making a "Special Appearance"(not a general one) and making a very important "first statement"...that you are here without prejudice,without waiving any rights or remedies,statutorial or proceedural. Under the rules of Admiralty, no one now has "ANY" Immunity(Qualfied or otherwise). When you move in Admiralty, everyone in that court, just lost whatever immunity that thought they had...and they generally know it. Unforetunalty, Godsend, you already gave up "Venue"(which is the military territory you live in with a zip code under the guise of the IRS) when they sent you paperwork without marking it REFUSED and sending it right back. Now all they need is jurisdiction, which the court usually gets if all you make is a "general appearance" and the judge gets your name. In superior court when they ask you for your name, you should be asking or telling the judge "the man is here your honor, and the man is dragging the Land with him." Watch the judge make any lame excuse after that to dismiss the case immediately. Especially, if you follow it up with "Im here without prejudice, without waiving any rights,remedies,statutorial or proceedural. By the way, if you do happen to open the letter just to see whats in it, thats fine... But, then put everything back in the envelope it came in, mark it REFUSED, then put the letter and all contents into your own envelope with there address back to them using postage stamps. It acts as a counter-offer. And if you use a return address make sure you dont use a zip code, spell out your state completely, and either put underneithe that either "without the US" or "Not witnin the Forum State(or State of the Forum). That seals the deal. I had a bank i was dealing with that sent me 15 identicle letters, hoping someone would open at least one of them without returning it. The attorneys for these banks and big corp. are very clever. We are the stupid ones. You cant play fair with these guys.

    3. By the way, even though i love what judge Anna and her hard work has accomplished, but changing our name isnt going to accomplish hardly anything, because we have way to many "adheasion" contracts now with the Corp. State. They left us no way out except complete expatriation from The United States.It is found under Title 8, Sec. 1481, sub sec 6 which says you have to do a formal renunciation of your citizenship under the war powers act. If you read Title 50 sec.7c, your sole remedyis under this section and you have to do it with the Attorney General because he is the proper custodian of Title 50. Did you guys know that anyone that sits on a bank board are required to give up your citizenship. Im telling all of you right now, the courts are too complicated , they waste to much of your time and money, and you are never guaranteed of anything, especially now. And we are trying to deal with armies of people against us every step of the way. The bottom line is , that in the end, the court order, no matter how illigal or criminal it may be, there is only ONE PERSON that can enforce it...The SHERRIFF! And he is only one guy. Hes a much easier target to focus all our attention on , making damn sure he knows the COMPLETE LIABILITY he is taking if he blindly obeys a forecloseure order that we will teach him are all fraudulent and that if he does it anyway he is going to be liable for a million dollar bond, that we are going to file on him at the county recorders office after giving him 10 days to respond to a "letter of understanding"(which is actually a stipulation bond or will act as one when it is recorded). Then the Sherriff will be in a rock and a hard place. Does he carry out the foreclosure order, or lose $1,000,000. I would be begging him to obey the court Screw the courts, ive been through them and a forclosure. Its too much work and time and you wouldnt believe how many people and companies are involved. You will never know who "The Real Party Of Interest" is....the only lawful party that even has the standing to foreclose. Dont even bother going to court until you find that out first. Its FRCP 17(a)..."Radification of Commencement"....your honor who is the Real Party of Interest bringing this claim against. Dont i have the RIGHT to know who is bringing a lawful claim against me, who has the only lawful right to foreclose on me. Im I allowed to face my accuser or not?? If not, why not. Did i lose that right too. If he even tries to point out the plaintiffs tell him you want them to sign something saying that, and that they agree to take full liability under penalities of purgery for that statement and that you demand a $1,000,000 bond be placed on the record of the court to prove them all turn into shrinking violets.

  3. To Godchild....and others. I know that when you know who you are and learn to be confident in that understanding, you will be able to "fight" "them" off by not entering into their civil court hoopla. It does take a 180 degree mindset change. Grab some of the information and sit with it, study it, and AS KING do some asking.

  4. also to Godchild, Unknown is right. You can't fight them off if you haven't corrected your nationality...then hit them with the FACT that their courts are not courts of record. Because they take minutes and can give you a transcript doesn't make it a court of record. there are 4 specific things a court needs to do to be a court of record, and none of them do all of them, and can't and take your house at the same time. Look into these then you have a basis for challenging jurisdiction.


    1. margy what are the 4 things dont leave everyone hangin like that ;o)


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