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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Bundys - An article by Anna Von Reitz

Many people have asked me what our Living Law Firm has done or is doing for the Bundys and others involved in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Stand-Off.

Even I have wasted time and money writing letters and making phone calls and posting on Facebook to no avail---- and just like Thomas Deegan in West Virginia, you can't help Stubborn and Wrong.

Just recently I have had word that one of the Bundys might be starting to listen, but only because they have run out of money to pay "real" attorneys.


The Bundys are being prosecuted under the false presumption that they are
 "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States" when they are not. 

United States Citizens have never been protected by the guarantees of The Constitution, so, as long as you agree that you are a United States Citizen--- guess what?
There's no use arguing any "constitutional" defenses.  And there is no use arguing that they are being wrongfully prosecuted, because as "United States Citizens" they are subject to every little jot of Federal Code and Statute. That includes "federated" State Statutes, too. 

Now, have you ever seen a snake try to eat something grossly much bigger than itself so that the intended food gets stuck on its fangs?  Unless some kind soul comes along and unlocks its jaws, the snake will thrash around and starve to death. 

What should happen is that the Bundys and their friends should go into court and say, "Your Honor, there's been a mistake here, and we made it.  We were misinformed about several things.  We were told that we had to sign up for Social Security, that it was mandated for us by our government---- and that turns out not to be the case.  We were told we had to have Driver Licenses, too, and that turns out not to be true, either.  We aren't United States Citizens. We are United States Nationals so far as international affairs are concerned, and here at home we are what you call American State Nationals.  We are sorry about the confusion. 

Here's the Social Security Cards we were given and the Driver Licenses, too.  And here's the Birth Certificate our parents were given as the insurance indemnity receipt guaranteeing the well-being and safety of our "cargo". We were never told what it was until very recently. We thought it was just a record of us being born."

All that should take about 30 seconds, cost virtually nothing, and requires only three documents.

"Now, your Honor, this has all been a big mistake--- a case of mistaken identity. We must be set free and our losses made whole."

Remember that old snake trying to eat the world?  That's the look on the judge's face right about now.  He and his cohorts have knowingly prosecuted their employers under false presumptions.  Their court and the corporation they are working for are on the stick for it.

Unless they want to commit war crimes in open court---- crimes that carry the death penalty--- they truly do need to do a double flip spin in the air, 180 degree flip-flop in front of God and the whole world--- and release the Bundys and their friends and return all their losses, plus damages.

The Bundys and their friends actually are the Landlords who are owed the Wildlife Refuge and every other particle of land in the western states.  The Federales are just employees, working under contract as property managers.

But as long as you put up with this crappola and let the Feds pretend that you are one of them and subject to their rules, you look like a small and tasty bite.

Let's take this a little bit farther---

What if there was a man in your community who was known to be a murderer, a bully, and a thief?   What if he was also so slick, so cunning, and so adept at pressuring people and buying them off and threatening them, that no matter what he does---- even murder in broad daylight--- like Waco and Ruby Ridge
he continues to get away with it? 

Okay, what if it isn't a man?  What if it is an organized crime syndicate, set up like the mafia, operating as a corporation?  And what if that corporation is operating under color of law, pretending to be part of your legitimate government simply because they have a contract to provide "governmental services"?


That's what we've got here.  That's what we are dealing with. 

The private, for-profit corporation literally calling itself the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES"  ---- this is no joke----is listed on Dunn and Bradstreet. And under "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" you find numerous subsidiaries including the "BLM" and the "FBI". 

"NORTHERN TRUST" is listed as the owner/operator of the "IRS" and the "AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION". 

Now, you can go up against these groups of criminals with fists and pitchforks, or you can object to their criminality and liquidate them----expose them for what they are and how they are operating, bring charges against them, and "pull their charters".  Suddenly, they have no funding, no way to pay for their mercenaries, and no way to harm anyone, unless their shadowy bosses have grit enough to go one on one with Clive Bundy. 

And I really don't think they do.  That's why they are hiding behind legal pretenses and false fronts in the first place. That's why they are so scared of guns.

So what I am very broadly suggesting----again----to everyone concerned, is to take a bit of advice from George V, the British Monarch primarily responsible for this latest round of thuggery on our soil-----don't get mad.  Keep calm and get even. 

If any of my readers have direct contacts with the Bundy Clan, or Thomas Deegan, or Schaeffer Cox   or  others facing federal prosecution, please forward this blurb to their attention. 

It's a very simple, direct, and effective solution.  It costs virtually nothing.  It's peaceful.  Almost effortless.  What more could you ask for?

And what do you have to lose? 

If I am right, you get your freedom--- freedom like you have never had before; you get your losses repaired, plus damages, which after what you've gone through would be very nice, indeed.

If I am wrong, well, there will be some British Subjects set up for the gallows of the new Nuremberg Tribunal, and you can hardly be worse off than you already are. 

If you have already been tried and convicted "by mistake" submit the paperwork for a mis-trial hearing based on new information and challenge the court's jurisdiction.

Please note that this will not work for people who legitimately are United States Citizens or "citizens of the United States"----- which includes federal civilian and military employees, African Americans, federal welfare recipients (Retirees--- remember you are retired and those aren't Social Security "Benefits" you are receiving if you paid in and were vested in the Social Security System.) or political asylum seekers or if you are knowingly and willingly operating a federal franchise corporation.  
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  1. Looks like all or nothing a foot in the door any federal money your one of them. It's choose a side.

  2. Actually, sometimes it can even be easier than that, without any paperwork being filed at all with the court. Why show your hand(like in a card game) by filing anything with the court before you show up. I recently found out that one woman went into court(i forgot the charge) and when her name was called she simply stated...The WOMAN is here your honor, and she is dragging the LAND with her. The judge actually ordered her not to cross the "bar" and immediately dismissed the case..with predudice!!!! These judges seem to know they are "liable" and have no immunity if they just happen to come across one of us. Like any job, theres becomes monotonous when all they are used to dealing with all day long is the brainwashed masses. They are totally taken by surprise when someone out of the blue steps in frount of them with the truth. Its not as easy as you think for these judges when all of a sudden they have to think on their feet in seconds. Ive done it myself. Now if they truely had all the immunity they claim to have, why not just be a dictator and tell you everything you do or say is frilious in this court. But they dont...they have to bring there best game with us if they want to win. Thats my experiance. Sometimes, they will just excuse themselves from the bench for a minute, and come back, just to reset the court back...nunc pro tunc(to the beginning) which is on the court record if you guys ever learn to always get your court case when it is finished, instead of just leaving it with the court, you will see all these tricks they are pulling behind your back. So whenever a judge pulls something out of the ordinary like that, you have to assume he did it for a reason. So when it happens, you simply tell the judge... I hope you understand that we continuing where we last left it, and not starting over again Nuc pro Tunc your honor. Make him answer....always. Never be the last one between you and the judge to answer a question without giving him back one to answer. This is the stupid game they play. But they are allowed to always take.."Silent Judicial Notice" that whoever is the first one to answer....loses. Once the judge sees your confidence and and can tell you know at least some of the puzzle, he has to assume you know a lot more and be very careful how he treads on you, because he has no way of knowing how determined you are, and just get rid of the case anyway he can without looking stupid.

  3. To the author named as "Unknown" who posted the following above:

    Looks like all or nothing a foot in the door any federal money your one of them. It's choose a side.

    I have this to say:

    Your grammar is so atrocious it makes me wonder if you are just trying to be clever or confusing or if you are really that ignorant. Based on the conceptual content of your comment, I'd choose to leave you on the outside of anything important or meaningful in life until one of the last if at all.

    1. TimO; I couldn't agree more with your observation regarding "Unknown". Unfortunately, illiteracy runs rampant in the USSA. Americans have been systematically "dumbed down" to the point where the concept of a jury of one's peers is absolutely impossible for anyone with an IQ above room temperature!

  4. Ill give you one more example. And this is about a kid that was only 18 years old and wet behind the ears yet. He didnt even know any law. All he did was caught the judge completey off guard in traffic court. The judge asked do you plea. To his complete amasment, the kid actually ask the judge a "question" i have to plea your honor?? Bamb..The judge was so rattled he made some lame excuse and dismissed the case. And the officer was in the courtroom that wrote him up. Can you image his expression. Heres our real problem in court...we are scared and for the most part, they arent because they live in that forum everyday while most of us spend our entire life avoiding it. But they are certainly right about one thing...the study of law and the actual practice of it in a court are two entirely different things. And like anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you become at it. Unfortunately they arent there to teach us. Which means if we really want to learn anything about court proceedure, you have to run the risk of possible doing some jail time. Ive done it three times. But no more than 90 days ever.. But i had the advantage of having a good father that bought my condo cash and anything else that i couldnt handle financially he would take care of. And i have been single most of my life, with no kids. The perfect situation to learn from my mistakes. Believe it or not, some judges may not like us but they do respect us because they have too much at stake now to loose and actually know that without us nothing will change. I always respect the court by showing up like any other court officer, with a suit and tie, and a briefcase. Ive already gained some respect from everyone in the court, including the judge. Ive actually been referred to by some judges as conselor. And that judge knew i wasnt just there to win a case. He knew i was genuinely interested in knowing and studying the law and not just there to win. I lost the case but hes the one that instructed me that your case is on file with the court mr pansini, and i highly recommend you getting it...that bit of advice was worth all my time and trouble. He was basically telling me if you really want to know what happened and the reasons you lost 90% of it is in that file. Boy, was he ever right. Ive told you guys this before, win or lose, never, and i mean never leave that court without getting your whole court case no matter what it cost. Dont let or trust anyone else to do it for you. Its too important.

    1. It has been my experience when you ask the pretend judge if you have to enter a plea the pretend judge usually states; "if you refuse to enter a plea I will enter a not guilty plea for you!

  5. Justice is beginning to be informed, knowledge is Power. Take the time to be informed its your freedom at stake.

  6. Northwest Liberty Radio online just recently had a lengthy interview with Mrs. Bundy. 
I would think that the interviewer would have the names of the people Judge Anna is looking for. 
Mrs. Bundy's was very upset and frustrated because she was not getting nowhere and has no idea why she is getting nowhere. Now Judge Anna has provided the answer and we must provide Mrs. Bundy with this information. 

    There are four Bundy families with their ‘bread winners; in prison awaiting trial for a deliberately prolonged for doing nothing wrong to begin with. She is financially supporting the families in her clan until their ‘bread winners’ are released from prison for doing nothing wrong. She ran out of money.
These are deliberate tactics from the government. 
These are Jesuit absolutism tactics designed to irritate agitate and wear their victims down with fear mongering and intimidation so they can avoid going head on with the Bundy's, for if they did, the Bundy's would decimate them in short order and the 3% Patriots would do the same to the ‘sissy’ boy FBI!
I can prove my statements are correct; 
Luke 10 18;
    behold Satan as lightning fall from heaven
I give unto you power to tread on serpents, scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you. 
Exodus 22 18; thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. 
- combine this with the second amendment of the American constitution based on the word of God and victory is yours, it always has been yours. 

    All that is required now is to repent and forsake all of your sins, accept Lord Jesus the Christ as your saviour, read your KJV Bible everyday, get in good with God again, talk to God, walk with God and let God lead the way once more as he did previous and make America 'great' again - Trump nor Hilary can not do a damn thing for you.
    God through Lord Jesus the Christ is the only way. 
Judge Anna is presenting her case from a legal perspective. 
I am doing the same with scriptures. 
We are talking the same language.
    Ephesian 6 12
    For we wrestle not against ‘flesh and ‘blood’ but against;
    Principalities, against Powers, against The Ruler of Darkness of this World, against Spiritual Wickedness in ‘high’ places.
    Ezekiel 11 2
    Then said he, unto me, Son of Man, these are the men that devise mischief and give wicked counsel in the city.
    Ephesian 5 11
    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them.

    If you apply these scriptures to the Jesuits, the Pope, the Catholic Church, the Government, the Court system, the FBI, then you have the truth right in front of you, this with everything that Judge Anna has stated in her well written truthful with correct grammar and spelling.

  7. if someone's only source of income is Social Security, they have no way to declare themselves as American State Nationals?

  8. NO, They owe you, because you were never eligible to be a part of the social security program unless you were working for government etc. They conned you into it, and they owe it to you. You were a US Citizen according to them all the while they were taking the money from your paycheck, so regardless of your status now, they owe it to you.

    1. Why does Anna always say there is nothing that can be done by African Americans but sit and wait for what happens but yet she is not trying so find answers to help us free ourselves. A lot of us support here work through PayPal but we never see any remidies that can help us change our political status from us citizens, she would rather worry about mortgages then finding remidies to help the other American nationals that were born on this land Texas specifically

    2. This is a very important point for everyone to understand. The key to this IS identity and more importantly, identity theft. This is why I have told everyone they need to change their name back to the Upper and Lower Case form and to "re-convey" it back to the land jurisdiction. We have been mischaracterized as "vessels" in commerce instead of being "tradesmen" on the land. This basic theft of our identity and mischaracterization of our nature creates the presumptions that are used as a "handle" to defraud and harass us: the "Strawman".

      That basic remedy has already been given, but not a great many people have made use of it yet.

      As for African Americans they are in a particularly tough spot, because they were never brought "home" to the land in the first place. Their status was deliberately left in limbo after the Civil War, which facilitated a new form of enslavement--- enslavement to the government. Public enslavement instead of private enslavement, but enslavement nonetheless.

      It is against this that we all must protest and must all seek freedom from before a new Dark Age of Feudalism descends.

      Because African Americans never had access to the land jurisdiction to begin with, they have no means to go back to the land and instead have to rely on "Equal Civil Rights" claims.

      But "equal to" what? If the Americans drop the ball and lose their Natural and Unalienable Rights, there will be nothing to compare to and the whole concept of "Equal Civil Rights" will cease to have meaning.

      Thus it is of vital importance to work together, all for one and one for all, to asset our rights and standing and to look forward to correcting this whole mess left over and still "pending" ever since the Civil War.

    3. You and I are free sovereign individuals, not beholden to any other(excepting our dependent children), or state or crown. Know that! What some corporation presumes only has relevance if you're not willing to fight to the death against any other's initiation of force, threat of force and fraud.
      Peace to you.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why??? She posted one right after it that was posted

    2. Im only asking the author to understand why some things are removed, so we dont make the same mistake. None of us, i hope, has an intentional disrespectful attack on anyone they..???

    3. Sorry, I realized I didn't hit the 'reply' button, which I've done before and I never heard back if there was a response or not. So, that's why I deleted it and then resent it, plus hitting the notification box. Sorry if there was some confusion.

  10. Paul or Anna, could you please explain this last paragraph a little better, since I do receive Social Security as my only income...."(Retirees--- remember you are retired and those aren't Social Security "Benefits" you are receiving if you paid in and were vested in the Social Security System.)"

    Thank you!!

  11. If you really want to know the truth of that statement about our juries, take a simple traffic ticket all the way to trail so at least you arent facing jail if you lose.But in order to do it, either you or the prosecuter has to raise the infraction to a misdemeanor. Dont worry about that. It usually wont cost you any more than the original ticket if you lose , but you couldnt replace the experiance or the knowledge from one case taken all the way to trial with 4 years of law school. And your first surprize comes when both sides pick a jury..."voir dare", which is the only part of a trail that is not public. Watch how clever the prosecuter is at this part of the trial. And copy her too a tee. She is aimed at removing anyone that is baised in any way toward cops or the justice system. And she is so cordual, nice, and professional about it....i want to thank mr/mrs so and so for coming in but summerily dismiss him. Wow, can you get any more condesending. But copy her every move. You couldnt have a better teacher than that prosecutor. Picking a jury is an art. And she is an artist. Paint just like her. I finally caught on to how she was handleling the jury after about half were already picked and started acting exactly like her. Trust me when i say, the judge immediately took notice of my desire to be just as professional as her. He was determined to help me as much as possible at that point. But here is the point about our juries. At one point i finally got pissed about the questioning of how i was going to determined who was there that was going to understand anything that i was talking about. So i addressed the entire potential jury at that point with only one simple constitutional question(remember this jury is made up of people ranging in age from 18 to 80). All i asked them is there one person out of the 12 of you who can tell me what the first 10 amendments to the constitution is called....Silence!!! You have got to be kidding me. This was 20 years ago. Image how much more ignorant they are now. Right then and there i should have "OBJECTED" to this jury as a jury of my "peers" your honor. There is no better friend to you in court than the word.."OBJECTION". Once you pass it up, its entered into the record as non opposed. Watch how often the prosecution uses it. Everytime i opened my mouth, the prosecutor was quick on the draw with.."OBJECTION" your honor. She had me so rattled i couldnt think straight anymore...which is what she wanted. I lost my edge right there. But this is how good and decent that judge was to me. I finally had it with the "objections" and asked the judge for a SIDEBAR which is usually reserved for attorneys only. But he considered me an attorney at that point and told me to approach the "bench". A sidebar for those of you who dont know is a "private" discussion between the judge, you, and the prosecutor only. I asked the judge one question...whats the big deal your honor with all the "objections". He said, jim all your questions to the officer are about which point all i could do is put my head down realizing that the law had already been determined by the time you reach a trail. Which i already knew. Thats what preliminary hearings are for to determine the law first before you even go to trail or even have to. When you get to trail the inly thing left is "the facts" and thats it. Never ask for a trail wuthout a preliminary hearing on the law first. I was never prepared to fight just the facts because that is a much more difficult task for us. But the judge already knew i understood exactly what he was talking about and simply walked back to my seat. By this point the judge was actually routing for me, and allowed me so much flexibility that it bordered on being illigal. I finally realized i was looking foolish and tild the judge, im finished questioning the officer your honor.

  12. Some of these judges are actually on our side for some if this issues and unlawful acts and just as tired of it as we are. But they cant just roll over and do something that will cost them their job. What the are looking for is the same thing we are looking for...a "hero" that knows enough law that he can get behind him without looking biased. An example of this came to light in califirnia when a toll road at great expense to private investors, supposedly, to relieve the conjestion on the regular freeways. Well some clever investigator found out it wasnt built on orivate funds at all. It was built on public funds using taxes which they had no right to charge drivers using it a toll. The judges knew about it eventually and even commented that he wished someone would come in with the law into his court to change it. You see, they need "heros" too. But not belligerent bastards who completely disregard all judges and courts showing absoluty no respect for anyone or anything. How does that help our cause. We have to assume that at least 5 to 10 % of them are honest enough to help us and that we are lucky enough to come across them. Until then, as they always say in the corp. Business isnt personal, its only business. But i honestly believe time is so short now that something has to happen for our side befire the end of the year. I think thats all we have left....

  13. This is all too complicated for me. I am a disabled senior on Social Security Disability income, food stamps, and an tiny Social Security Check each month. Am I still a United States National?

    If I let my drivers license expire and stop paying car insurance what will happen to me and can you respond by writing me directly at:

    Please put UNITED STATES NATIONAL in the subject line so that I don't deleat it by mystake thinking it is junk mail.

    Thank You


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