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Friday, August 26, 2016

A Heart-Breaking Call for Help

by Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday I got word that approximately 6,000 homeowners were hit with gigantic tax bills and --- along with the bill --- eviction notices, out of the blue. 

We are not talking about normal tax bills.  We are talking about tax bills equal to or greater than the entire value of the homes and property---- plop!  Good ole JOSEPH RALPH DOE owes $135,095.00 in taxes on a $100,000.00 home.  Pay up, or else your place will be sold two weeks from now on Saturday.....

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? 

It is a nightmare.  One that people somehow have heard about for months from me and from others, but they still don't grasp the meaning of my words.  Let's try it again.

Your identity was stolen by FDR.   Your natural Trade Name on the land jurisdiction of the United States is styled like this:  Joseph Ralph Doe.  And since you aren't a Merchant Mariner, you never had cause to know that Foreign Situs Trusts used by Harbormasters the world over, are also named and styled like this: Joseph Ralph Doe.

One name, two completely different entities, operating in two different jurisdictions.

One is the natural Given and Family Name of a man standing on the land.  The other is the name of a Foreign Situs Trust operated as a franchise of a bankrupt government services corporation in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

Which one are you? 

FDR just pretended that you were a "vessel in commerce".  He stole your name and your identity, redefined you from being a living man on the land to being a Foreign Situs Trust on the sea, and used this fraud as a means to bring false charges against you and your assets.

You were never told about this name-identity switch con game, but you paid the price for it from 1933 to 1999, because you were "presumed" to be a willing surety backing the debts of the privately owned bankrupt governmental services corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc.

When the bankruptcy was finally settled in 1999, the "US Trustees" responsible neglected to re-convey your name and your property back to the jurisdiction of the land.  They could no longer bring charges against  Joe Ralph Doe, so they cast him adrift, as a derelict, bankrupted, "disregarded entity".  They did the same thing with the State of Wisconsin and the State of Texas and the State of Montana, too.

They had a new con game going.  They brought in a new management company--- the IMF----and booted up a new governmental services corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES (INC.) and named a new legal fiction after you: JOSEPH RALPH DOE.   He's an ACCOUNT attached to a public trust run as a Cestui Que Vie Trust.

You see, since you never came home from the "sea" jurisdiction, you are presumed dead, missing at sea----and that's where you will stay until and unless you wake up and seize hold of your Trade Name and re-convey it to the land jurisdiction you are heir to

Meantime, the JOSEPH RALPH DOE ESTATE has been milked and bilked by "his" presumed Beneficiaries---- the STATE OF MAINE and the STATE OF FLORIDA and the STATE OF OHIO  and the UNITED STATES and the CITY OF NEW YORK and the COUNTY OF MACON have been merrily spending money loaned to them against the value of the assets of the JOSEPH RALPH DOE ESTATE and the MICHAEL GEORGE BROWN ESTATE and the JEANINE JOSEPHINE MCGILL ESTATE and so on.   

And now that they have run up stratospheric debts against the assets supposedly held as public trusts in your name, they are bankrupt---- and they are not "just" bankrupt.  Thanks to Mr. Obama, they are under liquidation.

When a corporation goes bankrupt, it is under bankruptcy protection---and no creditors can bother it while it is in bankruptcy.  So long as a corporation shows reasonable good faith, this protection is extended, but when the management of a corporation is completely irresponsible and goes on overspending and fails to take the actions needed to recover and pay its bills, it is forced out of bankruptcy and into liquidation.

There is no protection in liquidation.  The bill collectors just come and demand your property.  Abruptly.  Without warning.  Boom. 

Let me say this again: the UNITED STATES, INC. and all its franchises are under liquidation.  That means the STATE OF MAINE and the CITY OF NEW YORK and JACKSON COUNTY and JOSEPH RALPH DOE are under liquidation.

Even though you were never told any of this and even though it is all based on fraud from the beginning and even though you did not benefit from any of this chicanery, all those "Secondary Creditors" are going to show up on your doorstep and they are going to do it in the guise of being the STATE OF MAINE or CITY OF NEW YORK sending tax bills to JOSEPH RALPH DOE---- horrendously huge and sudden "tax bills" that are actually owed by the UNITED STATES, INC. 

And if these Swindlers can get away with it, again, they are going to put you in a position where you can't possibly pay off the debts of YOUR NAME and they are going to seize your home and everything else they can steal by claiming that you, the actual owner, "abandoned" the property, and that your ESTATE owes the debts that they ran up against it as Secondary and  merely Presumed Beneficiaries. 

This is called "bilking the public trust" by creating an "odious debt".  It is completely unlawful and illegal and they are fixing to shove it down your throat.

Now that you have had it explained to you and you have the historical proof in your hands thanks to "You Know Something Is Wrong When......An Affidavit of Probable Cause"----what are you going to do about it?

Well, I have suggested that you seize your battered, derelict, disregarded entity Name that your parents gave you, and re-convey it to the land jurisdiction of the actual State on the Land---- the State of Maine, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of California----and sue the bastards in the Federal District Court owed to the land jurisdiction, which is the Postal District Court.

These so-called "Judicial Districts" overlay the actual Postal Districts.  If you live in the Seventh Judicial District you also live in the Seventh Postal District.  The Judicial District operates under the jurisdiction and Law of the Sea and is only competent to address corporations and sailors.  The Postal District operates under the jurisdiction of the land and the Law of the Land. 

So they will be bringing their charges against JOSEPH RALPH DOE in their corporate courts and under the Judicial District, but you, Joseph Ralph Doe, will be bringing your charges against them in the Postal District Court, instead.

If they refuse to provide the services of the Postal District Court you are owed, you are well within your rights to provide your own.  Get a research group together, look up the Session Laws that established the courts in your state and you will see that there is a Montana State Superior Court provided for as well as a State of Montana Superior Court and you will also see that the thing sitting in your courthouse is something calling itself THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF MONTANA. 

Are you waking up now? 

The men supposed to be your judges are actually working for the entities that are creating this entire fraud---- "FOR" THE STATE OF MONTANA.  So while they wear their robes they are in hopeless conflict of interest.  Their jobs depend on raising funds for THE STATE OF MONTANA, and the same STATE OF MONTANA is the entity in liquidation that is trying to foist off all its bills on you and cheat you out of your homes, businesses, labor, and everything else in the process. 

You are the actual and rightful Beneficial Owner, the Holder in Due Course of your Given Name, the Priority Creditor of these con men, and just as their dishonesty and "presumptions" are leading to a nightmare scenario for millions of Americans, Americans armed with the facts are preparing to be their worst nightmare in return. 

There's only one way to peacefully settle this--- and that is for all of you to come home to the land jurisdiction and exert your status as Priority Creditors of your own ESTATES.  Along with this, you need to scream "Fraud!"  to every politician, every pastor, every community leader, every friend here and abroad, every other American--- yes, including members of the Bar.  You need to scream it loud enough for Pope Francis and his "Lord High Chancellors in Equity" to hear the story and get it straight. 

Exactly how to counter-sue is being worked on by our Living Law Firm now, so get ready. 

We are also working hard on an end run to try to avoid all this nastiness and fraud impacting Mom and Pop at all. 

If we succeed, all this "debt" will get wadded up in a ball and tossed out like the worthless paper it is.  If not, be prepared to receive an absolutely huge, totally bogus "tax bill" addressed to YOUR NAME, with or without an eviction and sale notice. Get your ducks in order, your Name back on the land jurisdiction, and keep your ears tuned. 

I have, obviously, seen this crappola coming and have raced as fast as I could to repudiate the debt and expose the fraud and raise counter-claims at the highest levels.  Please get off your couches now and add your voices and whatever pesos you can send to support our Living Law Firm. Use PayPal at or send checks or money orders directly to me, Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

Our law team is fully engaged, fighting battles all across America. 

Our effort to establish the American States and Nations Bank is also taking large amounts of time and effort and is the "other side" of the issues before us. The actual American States and Nations are owed a great deal of credit and assets, more than enough to pay for all public services, but we need safe depository banks and means to provide banking services in all fifty states.  This is a daunting task and we are facing a lot of public ignorance and opposition from the rats. Vast amounts of correspondence, including foreign correspondence and foreign travel have been necessary. 

And for each step forward, there is a cost--- someone has to go on the journey, someone has to go to the library, someone has to go to the Post Office and pay for the mailing costs, someone has to file the counter-suit and pay the bond, someone has to keep track of the records and files, someone has to pay for a Lexis-Nexus account for the paralegals, someone has to pay for hotels for conferences, someone has to pay to make thousands of copies of documents and public records, someone has to do it all---- and while they are doing it, most of the members of the Living Law Firm who are all working for free-- are also struggling to pay basic bills. 

I am lucky that I am a Retiree with an independent income, but a lot of the younger folks, including our best educated, most productive, and most ardent non-Bar attorneys are in their prime working years and have families who are suffering and risking because these men and women have chosen to take a stand against this abuse and fraud.  We can't move forward without them, and they know it, so they are here---- at the risk of their own homes, their own relationships, their own well-being.

One of our young lawyers called last night and said, "I have eighteen bucks to my name."  He's a tough guy, so he didn't whine or cry.  He just stated the fact.  I was able to send him enough to buy food for himself and his wife and two small children, plus keep the lights on and pay for printer ink and postage. That was made possible by all of you.

I can't do it alone and I can't do it without men like him. He has conducted a fabulous single-handed investigation of the State Bar Associations and discovered many amazing things.  None of the State Bars are licensed to do business in any state.  Instead, they are operating under a Treaty, the 1947 Bar Association Treaty, which they have breached. They are operating courts as closed union shops in violation of the Taft and Smith-Hartley and other Congressional Acts. They are using GLOSSED text when bringing charges-- deliberately making ACCOUNTS expressed in DOG-LATIN appear to be names and embedding these foreign ciphers into the English text with the deliberate intent to deceive and defraud.  They are routinely committing both personage and barratry against Americans. They are required to file Foreign Agent statements and register themselves as such, but they never do. 

Step by step, he is building a case that will sink the State Bar Associations and open them  and their members up to execution of the commercial liens that have already been prepared and perfected. He is working full time to put the Bar Associations out of business. 

Considering the fraud, breach of trust and treaty, dishonesty, damage, and misery these men and women and their private clubs have caused, putting them out of business and placing effective commercial liens on their property seems like a sacred mission to me, and one that everyone in America (except the rats) has a reason to pursue.

Without the iron fist of the Bar Associations forcing men to be dishonest and to support this corruption, and refusing to let non-Bar lawyers have access to the courts and facilities that our money paid for, a new era will be born in which attorneys will have the exercise of their own conscience and will be held liable for their own acts. Imagine that?

Each member of the Living Law Firm is engaged in topics and research and court actions that are absolutely mind-bogglingly huge in their importance and implications and they are making headway despite every obstacle.  They are doing it on shoestrings and outrage and donations and somehow, by the Grace of God and help you send, the work goes on, the light bill gets paid. 

Thank you, for making it possible for me to help him, and realize that he is working his heart out for all of you.  Nobody could ever pay for the dedication and passion this young man has shown. 
See this article and over 300 others on Anna's website

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.   


  1. 6000 people received tax bills greater than the value of their home??? When and where did this happen? I'm tiring of hearing half the story, like a bank owns our bank account but we don't have concrete info as to how that happens. Do we go to the bank and make demands and tell them "Anna says"? If information is posted, it should always be documented or else it's hearsay. If you want to help people save their homes, why not have the lawyers work on the land patent, which is evidence of allodial title? A lot of banks, when they foreclose, and claiming the patent in their names which indicates they have value. We claimed our patent 7 years ago, and since no one rebutted our claim, are taking steps to get it out of the property tax system. Will go as far as we need to on this as allodial land cannot be taxed according to the original treaties and land grant acts. Also, what's a postal court...never heard of it? Do you refer to a district court of the United States which is a constitutional court according to Mookini v U.S. and others? They don't exist anymore and title 28 replaced them with US District courts which are territorial courts. I've tried to get a USDC to act as a constitutional court and was ignored, but then, as they are private, sort of expected that. Several of us are working on using the International Court of Trade to take our land patent claims should the STATE OF ...refuse to take them off the tax rolls, as we are a sovereign nation with a controversy with another jurisdiction. Also, you would do well to publish a copy of the habeas corpus you claim has 165 wins as a habeas can be used for more than just getting out of jail, and we could use that as well. It's good to ask for donations for work to be done, but it would be better if you released work already done along the way too. I'm not bashing your fund raising efforts, just letting you know that you need to stop with the statements with no backup, and clue us in on things that have worked.


    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz

      Dear M---

      You seem to have your own ideas on how to go after these schmucks. Good luck. Cause them all the trouble you can. I must note that allodial title has not proven to be any Magic Bullet in dealing with these grafters, because your identity has been stolen and misrepresented, so you have no natural standing to pursue any claim or complaint. But, go ahead and ignore me and ignore all that and hope that the COURT will hear you, even when it is inconvenient and unprofitable for them to do so.

      I am talking about the Postal District Courts owed to the land jurisdiction of the actual States--- period. Nothing more to say about that. If the "United States District Court" ---- which actually translates as: District of Columbia Municipal District Court----cannot or will not act in proper jurisdiction, as I have already pointed out, you can look up your own old State Session Laws and operate your own Postal District Court to resolve issues of property ownership.

      That is what we are supposed to be doing.

      From your comments and questions it appears that you simply haven't bothered to read the information already available on my website.

      For example, the Habeas Corpus was published weeks ago. Here it is again, attached. I don't need you ignorantly attacking me for not doing something I already did.

      I also don't need stupid complaints about only getting "half the story" when other people's privacy prevents publishing that other "half". Here's the non-private part of the message I received yesterday:

      "They are now using private personnell to post homes. She told me that this constituted service of process.

      6,000 homes are going up for tax sale in Sept. in my area. SIX THOUSAND!!!!! LOOK AT THE AMOUNT PLEASE.

      The home is assessed for $113,500.00...."

      All the rest of the message contains specific, private information about individual homes and home owners. What do you expect me to do? Blat that across the airwaves to 15 million listeners??? How would you feel if I did that to you?
      As long as you are clearly at least beginning to think about all these issues--- think some more. Think about what it is like to be me for five minutes and have 6000 people begging for help to fight bogus "tax bills"? At the same time you are building a bank and corresponding with world leaders and fighting ten court actions in four states and helping manage the Living Law Firm and answering vaguely derogatory questions from people like you?

      Final note--- with regard to the Habeas--- I don't recommend using the included in Pauperis paperwork unless the people involved really are paupers.

    2. Is there a link to a site listing some of these homes?? A site link would add 'reality' to this occurrence. Maybe you could post it and you would deal with fewer 'doubting Thomas's. Just a thought

    3. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

      If we don't stop this at a high level and soon, Paul, there won't be anything to doubt. It will be taking place all over this country and a good many of the doubters will have horribly real first-hand proof.

      They need to read what I have already provided and think and look for themselves. I am not here to "prove" anything to anybody ever and I am sick of explaining this point.

      My advice to you is to learn to recognize Trolls and propaganda spin. Their Big Stock In Trade is doubt. They come in and do nothing but cast doubt -- which is their JOB. Doubt keeps people from taking action-- even the action of researching things for themselves.

      And keeping us all paralyzed and undecided and "stuck" between the stockyard and the cow barn is all these jerks are after. So from now on when these vermin appear in the guise of being "concerned readers"--- kindly hit the delete button and don't even let them start? Maybe post a "standard" comment from me?

      I am not fool enough to try to prove anything to anyone, ever. Period. Everyone reading this needs to read and study and think for themselves and there is no substitute or quick fix or magic pill otherwise. You are responsible for your lives as I am responsible for mine. I have shared what I have learned about history and law and current events. You can like it, you can lump it. I know what I know because I have gone down many rabbit holes and I invite all of you to do the same.

    4. Well, if this is what it takes to get information, then it's worth being referred to as stupid, a troll, and a jerk. Thanks Anna for the habeas, now I can get it to someone in need. BTW, I read all of your posts and have NEVER seen this, and have asked before with no response. As for the land patent, when we did ours, we had corrected our status and weren't U.S. citizens, so lawfully have standing in a court of law which is non-existent. But, if hundreds of thousands of us did it, more pressure would be exerted. As for the 6000 people being foreclosed on...they are all in your area?? My friends and I were wondering if they were all in one area or spread out over the whole geographical U.S. Being in one area they will talk, and with that many, others will listen and know it can happen to them, and there could very well be resistance. Keep us posted, and there are no hard feelings on my end. I know I'm not stupid, a troll, or a jerk, but do like to know the whole story when I hear something>


  2. I live in Eastern Canada in the Province of Nova Scotia. I am on old age security and IF I claim the lower case name, will I loose my OAS ? I have no other income.

    1. They addressed all on a pension
      You earned it you have a right to it no matter what.

  3. I live in Ohio. I went to the County Probate Court yesterday and attempted to file the Adult Name Change application. The clerical worker made me wait to see the Magistrate for the purpose of setting the date of the hearing. The Magistrate summarily REJECTED my application saying, "You're changing nothing." "How the NAME appears is the same name. You're not making any change." Is there no remedy in my county?

    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz

      Take a copy of Black's Law Ductionary Fourth Edition with the definition of "GLOSSA" marked and a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition with Section 11:147 marked and go back to that Magistrate and have him explain why your Christian Name which is properly written in Upper and Lower case is being misrepresented in sign language?

      Go to and read all about this abusive mischaracterization so that you are prepared with the whole history of it firmly in mind and object to his refusal.

      If he won't do it, appeal to a higher court.

    2. Thank you for your additional information. I was completely caught off guard by the Magistrate's response. I went unprepared. I intend to follow your suggestion and commit the whole story to memory and object to being refused.

  4. THE BIG SHORT it appears they are making so much money they could be foreclosing on 25% of us. my house is now goin and the 3rd party dept collector had no note or mortgage easy as 1-2-3

  5. In response to margy serre : Dear margy, i know you are frustrated but you habe to realize you are dealing with "LIERS". Judges all over this land will still tell you that a "WRIT OF ERROR" has been abolist. You cant abolist a writ ever. But you can place it somewhere else or call it something else, which every court does now. The only way around it is to tell the judge i am objecting to your judgement and my formal objection will come in the "Nature" of a "Writ of Error". You have to say "in the nature of" because they will lie to you saying it was aboloist, when in reality all they did is unlawfully renamed it something else. Each court has a name fir it, and you have to ask them fir it or just leave it as " in the nature of". One of those names is called..." Supervisiory control. Theres anyone but i forgot it. The portant point is the LIE to us constantly so we give up. That writ is hated by judges so much that anything about it has been removed from all librarys, especially law librarys. Its called a "Corum Nobis". When they tell you the "united states District Court dont exsist anymore, thats just anyother lie. You need to tell them this is a "DIVERSITY" case under 28 USC 1333 Saving to Suitors Clause and demand an Aticle 3 common law court. They arent going to just give it to you. It has become such a game now that we can no longer get remedy all by ourselves. Are there any more Davids to take on "Golithe"... NO. That was the old testament. What we need and i keep saying on this blog is a "UNITED" front of people willing to back up an "American State National Sherriff" wearing a different uniform , fully armed like them, backed by a militia and tons of people like us to enforce laws for all of us at the county level, starting with the county recorders office and forbid any agents working there they are no longer to accept leins by federal and state agencies, and immediately stop all filings of foreclosures. Isnt that a good start. Why should we all fight individually in court....totally ridiculous and a waste of time now. Ive said it before and ill say it again...we have no time left for nonsence like that. We all need a "SHERRIFF" for us with more authority than the president himself. A "HERO" for the people... Screw the courts. If we get a sherriff like that, who cares if the courts are corrupt. Because none of their orders will be carried out. Unless they are real crimes, like murder. But that will still be up to the Sherriff...Lets get together on this guys....Whos with me on this...all i want to hear is yes im with you jim...

  6. Im in. . .I'll help create a counter-intelligence and counter-protection measures if need be. I am very creative. My IQ is slightly higher than the avg lawyer enforcer agencies. So. . .Now sounds like a good time.

    1. Justin, do you live in california and if you do, where. I live in riverside county...hemet, to be exact. Where are you.??

  7. I keep spreading the word. Tho poor now like I told Anna if I get published- I'll happily give most away to good organizations+ministries.


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