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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Red Alert! Shout Out! from Judge Anna Von Reitz

Judge Anna here---- I need your help! 

The rats are trying to tell the rest of the world that we no longer exist as a political reality.  Because we haven't convened a Continental Congress in over 150 years, they think that that gives them the excuse to claim that our property is "abandoned" and our States of America defunct.
This is nothing but an attempt by the bankrupt house cleaning company to place a false claim of ownership against our estates.  

They tried that last fall and the supposedly dead man sat up in his casket at the funeral and gave them all a big "Huzzah!"
We beat them back at the national level, so now they are attacking at the level of the individual states. 

I want you all to know that thanks to work done by Pennsylvania and Michigan, your states have the basis of an Equal Footing Claim.  That's the good news---- but we need actual bodies with "an unimpeachable claim" to come forward.
I need at least two native-born men from every state in the Union to stand up and lay claim to their heritage in behalf of their state and the people in it.
To have an unimpeachable claim you must, according to the terms of the agreements and treaties in the time frame they were made, be able to prove that you are:
(1) a male Caucasian above the age of 21 years;
(2) that you were born on the soil of the state you are claiming;
(3) that one or more of your Grandfathers was born either in the state you are claiming or in another state of the union prior to 1888.
(4) a properly witnessed----that means three living men above the age of 21, a Common Law Justice, a Common Law Clerk of Court,  or a public notary acting as a witness without claim of jurisdiction-----Act of Expatriation.

This is just a simple statement:  I, John Doe, a living native-born Texan, hereby expatriate from any assumption of United States Citizenship or any presumption that I am or have ever been a "citizen of the United States". I explicitly claim my birthright political status and heritage as an American State National and native son of texas.
You print this out by hand ---not typewritten---and affirm it by printing your name in Upper and Lower case as indicated below:

So done and said this day by:  John Doe (thumbprint in red, touching the letters of the last name), with all rights reserved.

Just plug in your name instead of "John Doe" and the name of your birth state instead of Texas, and you are ready to go.  Please note that for the purposes of this paper chase, the name of your state is not capitalized----- you are a "native son of texas.....or wisconsin....or ohio."

Please double-check the list above to make sure you can meet these requirements.

It's okay if you don't immediately have proof for your grandfathers, just so long as you know their names and where they lived and the general family history.

In the vast majority of cases we can lay hold of public records such as land claims, wills, and other records to show that they were living in one of the states of the Union prior to 1888.

A special request to the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) among us---- we will need volunteers to help trace the family trees and collect the records for these claimants back to their grandfathers.

Also, those who can afford a few shekels: Caesar continues to claim his due in the form of court fees, expert witnesses, accountants, airline tickets, hotel rooms, and other expenses.  Those who have brought the cause so long and so far are not rich people and many are retirees, lawyers who have given up their Bar Cards, and young people just getting started in life who are donating their time in defense of this nation.
If you can help with funds in support of this effort please go now to PayPal and make a donation to:
Those who can act as claimants, please send your contact information, information about your grandfathers, and your "Act of Expatriation" to:
Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska [99652]
I will be the contact person for this project and can be reached at: (907) 250-5087.
Because of the heavy workload I ask that people not call me unless it is absolutely necessary.
Thanks to all of you who have already done so much to reclaim America.  We are headed down the home stretch and on the right track!


  1. Replies
    1. Due to the written language of the laws that were, and in reality still are in place since the United states we think we know was shanghai by political pirates. I think it was around 1886. At the time only established Caucasian males were allowed to make political decisions. Unfortunately to conform to the original written law we must comply with its wording. Otherwise we may not seem to have a legal claim. It gives us white guys no added perks these, only a way to ensure our legal authority over the ones who have robbed us all blind, and worse. Today, our unity is the key.

    2. Thank you for sharing now we know and why.

  2. what if you have moved to another state, can you still do this

    1. My grandparents and parents are African American and Indian decent. They have property ownership for the past 60 years or so. Why do you only ask if they are Caucasian white males?
      Does this have to do with color and gender??? It's property on land, I'm confused, please explain.

  3. what if you have moved to another state, can you still do this

  4. Many so called African American men were here on this land, long before a Constitution was thought why not the people of color, we are all the Creators people., lets get it done, period!!

    1. Damn straight, same for women...and men...of ALL colors, but time's a-wastin' and as you say, lets just get it done. We will need to remember to get the applicable BS changed in the future, but first we must take care of having a future to accomplish that in. I'm a woman and I'm gonna remember. As they say, it takes the whole village, or in this case, the whole nation! We are ALL each other's strength and we must never forget it. The same folks who made a mash of our Constitution are also the authors of divide and conquer.

  5. So called African American you have already established an identity as a National. I think our good judge is appealing to those eligible Caucasians as citizens of the States to counteract the rats trying at coming in on Admiralty.

  6. I wanna be a common law judge in Michigan anna so I can help clean the corporate clock lol...teach me the ropes I know & understand all ur work

  7. I could claim Philadelphia Pa. but I'm to disabled and poverty to do so.

  8. I could claim Pennsylvania being born in the town of Philadelphia having my father and grandfather and great grandfather born there in Pennsylvania,
    but I'm to disabled and poverty to do so.

  9. To keep in mind;
    All people, creatures are born of nature, no race, religion or nationality, period. The Registrar creates the person, American National, you have the right to be protected using the person. This, is not that. The county Registrar admitted all this, then was removed from office after 10 years! The state creates a state within a state and bestows (rights) to its creations which is unlawful without authority which basis of operation Constitutionally. When we reach a critical mass of knowledge, this fraud will be exposed in a way obvious to all.

    1. Exactly, however the potential problem, is that what you have just stated, and appropriately so in my opinion, is the very reason the rats are now scurrying to eliminate the majority of the world's population. They know that the critical mass is awakening to their fraud, and in order for them to maintain their stronghold of control, they will have to eliminate anyone who will speak out against them. I thought it a travesty that the recent Bilderberg meeting in Dresden Germany was able to continue uncontested in secret without a hitch. These people are beyond arrogant and do not represent the populous with any degree of integrity, or concern.The reason for their success?, they are organized, protected by the world's militaries, and they couldn't care less what the concerns of the general public wants or needs. They only care about domination, and enslavement.If you want to kill a snake, you have to cut off it's head !!!!

  10. Maybe we can get a state tally going in this comment section. I've got myself and another Washingtonian working on this tonight. I have a Montanian working on his with us as well.
    Potential state claimants;
    Washington: II
    Montana: I

    1. Thank you! This is exactly what those of us who do not meet the requirements can do in support--help find those who do.

  11. Anna , I can help you. My Grandfather was born in 1884, Tustin (Lake Poygan),Wi.My Grandmother was born in 1886, Little Wolf Township, Manawa,Wi.Both of there parents immigrated to wisconsin in 1882 and 1883 respectively. On my Father's side I am still researching it. I have my original birth certificate. My name is in upper and lower case. Also I have the original WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH,Bureau of Vital Statistics .Showing my name in upper and lower case. I will contact you next week because I have a few questions ?

    Semper Fidelis- Always Faithful to Our Constitution

    I am Donald Joseph Brickham
    Email -
    Tel# 608-477-3996u

    1. I have been following your website and 5 other's .
      I appreciate everything you have endured to complete this goal.

      Semper Fidelis

  12. minnesota - may have several but need help (below).

    Where do i find:
    (4) a properly witnessed----that means three living men above the age of 21, a Common Law Justice, a Common Law Clerk of Court, or a public notary acting as a witness without claim of jurisdiction

    in minnesota?

    1. You need any one of those to function as a witness . Not all of them. I'm sure you can find 3 men over 21 years old to autograph the expatriation notice as witnesses. If not you can take it to a notary to act as a witness

  13. What if you "legally" changed your name in the courts...and your name is now different than your birth certificate? I changed my name on their social security card thingy, and their license, but never on the "birth certificate". What does this mean?

  14. What if you "legally" changed your name in the courts...and your name is now different than your birth certificate? I changed my name on their social security card thingy, and their license, but never on the "birth certificate". What does this mean?


      Read this whole article and digest the information carefully. A legal name change is functioning as a new dba for a PERSON.

  15. Great Question...awaiting reply as well.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. In The Action Of Divine Creator Source of 1st Eternal Life Creation.
    Thanks LUV! And So It Is...Nomi

  18. I would love to be part of this, but I was adopted and have not been able to trace my true heritage, though I am a native born colorado'n. I do have some knowledge of my adoptive parents and their heritage. My adoptive mother has past on some years ago though and I left home when that happened, because me and my adoptive father didn't get along. I was 16 at the time. I have traveled around and "cowboyed" most of my life, from colorado, wyoming, to montana and back. I wish i knew someone who could help me figure and straiten all of this stuff out so that I could not only help this cause, but help myself as well. I claim to be free and have always believed in the true Constitution and what this country was supposed to stand for but all of the "legal" hassle in my case is kind of beyond me. If anyone could help me figure all of this stuff out, I would deeply appreciate it.


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